Tuesday, December 31, 2002

-->> ..take enough Ex-Lax after all these Holiday Festivities ..Food-ings and Gorging.. & you'll start the New Year off with a bang!!

WELP,folks.. ..it's that time of year again..where we end 'IT' !!
Gee..where did the time fly..?? Well let me tall ya.. it flew right down
my throat..out my p00 hole & down the crapper..
~~ !!

But i'm not complaining ..(but i am).. we all had a great year..right??
Well NEW TMNTs are moving thier way back on to the little screen
and onto the pokey pegs at the toy isle of your nearest Kmart.. plus ..
by this time in 2003.. there'll be some new Vid games as Konami relaunches
thier Shtick with the Turtes.. yeah..it's gunna be swell.. ..now excuse me..
i'm gunna go drown my WhoAs ..in a quart of Mickey's Malt Liquor..
.. see ya later.. in 2003!! .. .. .. eeehhh.. w00ppee d00.. >*{
.. >v<

Sunday, December 29, 2002

-->>"Ultimate Ninja Turtle Site" ?? HA!! ..I have'nt seen such a mockery of the green teen terrapins
scince the pre-collapse of the Komodo Empire in "TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES" volume 3..
#4 and 3/4ths.. ATTACK OF THE CLONES!!"

.. Worst Fan Site,EVER!!

Not Actual cover.. the real cover will be fatter,greesier,have 2 geeks,and more boobies

..as fate would allow .. the upcoming issue of 'ToyFARE' #67 (srp.$4.99) will feature a..
'Special Price Guide Spotlight' and focus on the Classic TMNT series of toys..

..this issue is ToyFare's 'Best Toys of 2002' issue and will have a special alternate cover
featuring the toysfrom the upcoming film 'DAREDEVIL' starring

Ben Aflac!!

Yeah,kids!! Recreate the scene with your toys where i harrowingly save a blind man from his doom by bumpin' him outta the way of an out of control TCRI truck,go blind myself,and knock a kid's bowl of pet turtles into a sewer drain..Hey,WAAAIT.. i'm not 'Matt Murdock!!

WAIT..N0t 'BEN AFLAC' !! .. ya know.. the Other 'Ben'!!

Damm..i hate my 'REAL' Job.. .. ..AFLAC!!
AFLAC!! .. >v<

Saturday, December 28, 2002

-->>Not Actual cover.. the real cover will be ickier!!

..while i was busy p00ping this morning.. i was reading the January 2003 'Previews'

.. i was thrilled to see that in March 2003,'ToyFARE' #69.. the new TMNT Figs will be featured with all the particularsof the toys & the 'LATEST' pix..
..this issue will also feature an alternate TMNT cover you will want to pick up..(i will prolly pick up the issue simply to wipe my
bunghole with that cover). After i was finished readin' the specs of the upcoming issue.. i tore out the page and continued to
wipe t0Kkticular bungholes with said page.

Also..in case you missed out the first time..look for 2nd printings of 'TMNT' Vol.4 # 1 & # 2 from 'Mirage'..(wiping optional there).

Ya know..i was thinkin'.. the cover of 'ToyFARE' is not as soft as the pages of

Charmin..CHARMIN?? Squeeze this,BeY0tch!! ..WHAAAAT.. come on,baby.. it's 'THE FORCE'!!
-->> They Call me 'CRYIN HOUN'!!

..ok,kids.. if ya ripped yir new TMNTs outta the package X-mas morning
are hankering to wrassle.. may i suggest a slightly off-Turtle yet none
the less.. Compatible accesory that brings back YE ol' days of
..gooey ninja Turtles and odd ball slime times of play with ::

Hi..remember me?? I'm the Sh7t that turned 'Turtle pets into Turtle Teens'.. if it wasn't for me..those shell brains would now be more than 1/2 way flushed with all the other crocs n'  T.P. wads in NYC's stench ridden wasteland known as 'The Sewers'!! ..those ingrates..!!

..May i suggest JAKKS Pacific's WWE Ring Gear Series 8 'Septic Sludge'

YuMMY in a tummy!!

"Jakks Ring Gear line comes back with a
brand new look, feel, and smell? That's right figure fans, the newest
series of Ring Gear features an oozy slime, with it's own distinct
smell. Each slime and smell, are related to the name of the set they
come in.

Included in Ring Gear 8: Septic Sludge are "Stale Water: Messy
" (Toilet, sink and green slime), "Burnt Rubber: Oil
" (Toolbox, barrel, lid and black slime), "Body Odor: Lazy
" (trash container, broom and yellow slime), and "Dead
Fish: Gooey Garbage
" (Trash can, lid, pale, shovel and blue slime)

Look for this new, unique set to hit your local retailers .. street price of around $6.99."

..from Wrestling Figs..

..My Favorite is the 'Messy Bathroom'

O' come on..Lift the seat,boys!!

..it has a break apart toilet..w/ working lid and busted sink.. the slime is green..
just like the Green Teen's 'OOZE'..and smells as rotten as the Turtle's attitudes..
.and it's alot of fun to mangle the 'F00t' or VICA-VERSA in tOkKa's case)
with a toilet seat..whatever ya wanna do.. this is just an odd suggestion.. cuz..
..i just got the 'Messy Bathroom' Set..n'..the Raphael i set ablaze a few
posts back is lookin' quite ill.. n' i don't think he's had quite enuf ' abuse..
.. >8} . . .. . >v<

Wednesday, December 25, 2002

I just wanted to say, besides sorry that this is late... (but then again, it seems to be my style, no?) that I hope you had a Merry Christmas, or a very Merry Holiday in fashion you celebrate it as.

If that didn't make sense, happy holidays! :-)

-->> We'll see ya there!!
.. >v<

Monday, December 23, 2002

The newest strip has been posted!

Also called by myself, "It's about friggin time", I hope you enjoy the new strip!

This goes outside the continunity for a brief second and once this puppy is taken down it's down!! So.. enjoy the strip while you can! Ciao!!!


(drooling over the new TMNT toys he wants...)

Sunday, December 22, 2002

Happy holidays,everyone..when i get out of this package ,I am going to mame you ..one and ALL!!..
..if you are still searching for that perfect gift.. which for me is the tight new
SHREDDER figure.... WELL.. YOU STILL CAN!! If you haven't been
able to hook up with the latest TMNTs..it is not to late..!! !! !! !! !! !! !! !!
..i am now in possesion of the entire line thus far.. thanks to one real cool
guy who told me to pass on this great EXCLUSIVE deal to you folks
right here on Mikey's!!
.. the Fellah will gladly sell you the entire new TMNT set:instantly.. vehicles n' all..

Hey,KIDS!! Baby Jesus wants YOU to have all the latest Ninja Turtles..don't make him cry..call me!!
The guy's name is Beezle Bob..and his offer is awsome!!
..IT is a great deal.. imagine the entire..ENTIRE..
New TMNT set.. i mean you will be the First on your block!!


.. an eternity of hellfire,brimstone and..DAMNATION..is so
worth new TMNT.. don't you agree..?? ?? ?? ??
.. sure..i'm goin' ta hell but . .. . ...

Vr00m Vr0000m!!
..at least i can i can die sayin' i played with the new BATTLE SHEll ..n' you didn't,bey0tches..
..0OOoooo..it has Fire Sever Shreddin' Missiles ***Boooo00mm..~~*** ~~!!

Thursday, December 19, 2002

-->> I'm a J0lly Green giant..!! And i'm only 12 inches..Kill me!!

..Azure Turtle..this Mikey forum's own water bread wonder..
has spotted and purchased a big 12 incher mike toy at
..and it looks like K*B is getting the share of new
Turtle crap..as for Azure Turtle and his big 'MIKE' .. the 2 of them
are doing fine and are expected home by the end of the week
with a bubbly baby girl.. they have decided to name hame her..

.. no more comments from me .. >v<

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

-->> ..Direct from TMNT-hell..the TMNT list..
the very Skeletonable ..and reliable ..Skeletoncrew..
who is just the nicest skeleton lady ever.. confirmed it..

100% offish..

(..gaw.. she's gunna kill me..this is from her private stash..her own photo)
..i'm sorry,i'm sorry,i'm sorry,Skeleton LADY..please o' please don't make me CHAFF!! PLEASE!!!!

.. she says the main 4 are out.apperently..and that
no Shredder or Foot soldiers yet.. (d4mm)..and she
found them at 'Wal-Mart' for around $$ 5..

..now for the love of crack-cocaine ..please..
PLEEEEAASE go visit her site

..it's about Skulls n' bones..n' a skeleton named..
Roger.. who is a real Chatter box..and
actually is fairly JOLLY..

tOkKa gives me a boner !!

..he's a bone head who likes to have adventures .
and is a lazy movie couch potao (chip)..
..who likes to meet Bruce Campbell..
..**whew....with that plug.. maybe now..
.. she won't cast one of those 'itching and chaffing'
voo-doo curses on me like the last time..GAWW..
.. you don' wanna know.. just know that Vaseline
works like a charm in that matter.. never steal
her pen.. i tell ya.. it's the worst..oop.. hey look
..all outta time fer this blog.. wh00~~~~**::

Monday, December 16, 2002

-->> EAT ME!!

..oiii..ok.. start scrimping the bottom of the barrels
n' asking mummy and daddy fer oodles of TMNT googles..
cuz the reports are coming in.. these things have shipped..
.. as of the last Ebay post there.. it should be sometime
this week..but....seeing is beleiving.. and the holidays are gunna
turn to all the more 'hell-ish'.... in my experience..K*B
amoung the Wal-marts,Kmarts and TARGET Marts....will prolly be the best
place to hit.. but keep the eyes peeled as much as you can..i will be spying
amoung the stores the best i can amoung the tight a55 schedule i do not seem to keep..
.. if you see anything..let me know:: tOkKAb2@mybluelight.com
.. i will let Mike and you know 1st break of wind i catch of NEW TMNT sh7t stuff as well..

.. o' wait..that last break of wind .. wait.. what was that??

.. waaaaait.. what did i eat fer din-din last night??

YO QUIERO WHAT??.. don't lookit me,buddy..!! ??

Saturday, December 14, 2002

-->> ..ebay t0Kker..
..all this talk of new TMNT toys is makin ya desprate??
..as my experience with Star Wars toys..
.. the new stuff hits Ebay before
anything else.. so.. again.. if yir freakin' out.. :: ::
NEW! Playmates 2002 TMNT 4 Figure Set! LOOK!
..but if you can hang tight a liitle while longer.. i'm pretty sure
your patience will be rewarded.. these auctions go crazy..and
the prolly is more where that came from.. oiivey..
The release date of the new cartoon is posted on the FOXBOX's TMNT site. The new toon is set to debut on February 8, 2003.

Thursday, December 12, 2002

-->> Knucklehead
..has made the official update to thier site..
t0KkA'z Mouth.. what it is all about..

..all the new TMNT toy fun stuff starts here with
some things you haven't seen.. @ PLAYMATES Official TMNT Page
.. and hopefully it'll get yir Turtle hormones goin' enuf
for you to shell out the clams for more Turtle crap to
stuff yir room with.. cuz these guys are out s00n it looks like..enjoy.. .. ..


Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Wow! That is awesome! I can't wait. I may actually buy all the fab four! If not, just Raphael! ;-)

I had written a fan-fic novella a while back and I completed the novella and here it is, in all it's glory.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Clan of the Turtle The first half is featured here on Mike's site, the other half is on my site. I haven't worked up an actual set-up of a menu on the chapter pages on my site, but... that'll eventually happen. Make sure to keep your back button ready to go! LOL.

The novella takes place after the events in Ish 23 of Image Comics...
Does Raph rejoin the Foot? Why Did Donatello Run Away from home? How does Leo get his hand back? How does our beloved Michaelangel get 'maimed'?!!? Why is the FBI looking into April O'Neil's past? And more importantly... who is THE LADY SHREDDER?!?!

All these questions, and a twist ending and MORE in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Clan of the Turtle

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the project in general... write me at Nick@dribbleforkids.com

We now schedule back to our normal broadcast...!


..while no confirmed reports i can find anywhere.. it is looking official.. the toys should be popping up real,REAL soon.. keep your eyes peeled ..
.. >v<

Monday, December 09, 2002

This from TMNT Web-dude Dan Berger:

Howdy gang! Well, we've been getting a ton of questions regarding the release of the TMNT toys. It seems that several web sites are already taking orders for the new Turtle action figures and that they might be shipping before Christmas (rather than in January, as was originally reported - d'oh!).

Mirage chief Gary Richardson contacted the dudes from Playmates and they told us:

"Goods will start hitting retail shelves in the second half of December, with different items hitting at different dates, due to availability. We are not releasing a general schedule."

So that's the scoop straight from the horse's (turtle's?) mouth... it seems like some stuff will be out in time for the Holidays, but the where and when of it is decidedly undecided. Call your local retailers if you're keenly interested in these, as ya never know when they might show up (or how long they may last!)

Two online sites taking orders now are:

There's prolly more, but those are the two that people have been telling us about.

Check out the Kaybee site to see the new cards! They rock!
Good luck and happy Holiday hunting!

Dan Berger

Sunday, December 08, 2002



.. the most wonderful X-mas special from hell....good ol' MATT at
good ol' X-E ..presents to you the flippy flappy fl0p
jaw maddness of the TMNT special only the purest Ninja Turtle Purists could loath..

..TMNT Holiday Special hijinx
await upon the pressin'
of this link.. p00r you,p00r Matt ,p00r.. tOkKa.. .. heh >8}

.. >v<

Friday, December 06, 2002

-->> K*b Toys is taking preorders for new TMNTs figures if ya wanna get on the band wagon early n' have 'em before anyone else..


Friday, November 29, 2002

Last Friday's but because real life got in the way it's a week late so it's this Friday's Strip is now available.

It's a little piece I'd like to call The Blackout: Part 3 - Drew's Ingenious Plan. Intriuged? Well so am I, and I drew the darn thing!

Check it out!

Also tonight, for those in the states, I think ABC/NBC is having the Very Muppet Christmas on and is being talked about as something not to miss! Okay. Well... ::sighs::

Bit tired so... I'm off!


Thursday, November 28, 2002

-->> HAPPY DAY!!
..the quality you strive for in Ninja Turtle meat.. but only 1/3 the calories..
Your family will be delighted with the quality shell n' plastrominal flavour!!
..add stuffin' n' trimmings.. n' you got yourself a holiday feast yir family will
praise .. & you'll get more 'thank you's than you can shake a shuriken at !!
Carve into SHREDDI-0 Turtle Turkey Meat today !!

..after all .. during these festive times.. don't your loved ones deserve better than..Turtle soup??

.. Enjoy the day.. .. >v<

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

-->> .. ah .. lesee..where we at here??

uhh.. er..ok..hey.. g00d ol' buddy (only cuz i like to pretend that it's true)..MATT
at X-E is still goin' strong with this lil' peice that is so Stockmanable it must be seen to beleive..
CASE of The Killer Pizzas..Ep. review.. # 5005599501 ..or whatever.. vol.6 ..it's a killer.. and shows why Irma is so whorable .. hey.. don't..what?? What?? Why are you staring at the blog like that?? What..What i do?? O'.. happy turkies!! Ehhh.. 8{ ..
i Know!! ..ehh ..

.. >v<

Saturday, November 23, 2002

..grrrumbley mumbley.. t0Kk's super slippy sleepy.. t00 tired me am to be posting such silly willy monkey juice.. but the p00py fannies need to know such willy-sillies.. HERE IS A VERY NEAT OVERVEIW OF THE WHOLE DURN TMNT t00n fom the offish TMNT site!! ..the word "UTROMS" is mentioned..
..scuse me now.. ..yir buddy,tOkKa is gunna go hit the pill0w..n' luckily fer me.. the pillow is filled with BRICKS!! .. >v<

Friday, November 22, 2002

Hey Mike! THAT is the animation I saw!! AWESOME you found the link!

I just wanna say sorry about this post, but sadly Dribble for Kids: The blackout part 3 won't be up till Sunday. Real Life has hopped in the way of things and.... well... hope to see you then!

Thanks for understanding! Any complaints you may have, send to nick@dribbleforkids.com and i'll take em head on.


Thursday, November 21, 2002

Yes, TMNT fan art is heading to every venue imaginable... Here's an awesome 3D animation directed by Floyd Bishop and his production team at Ice Pond Studio. He had this to say about it: "Here you can see a quicktime of a test we did for Mirage Publishing and 4Kids Entertainment. The test was completed from start to finish under the unbelievable constraints of just two weeks."
-->> ..just thought i'd share with the fellow 'Harry Pot-heads' ..

.. older design i think by MIRAGE/TMNT Mainstay..
Mike Dooney..

. >v<

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Along with a brand new Dribble for Kids strip, there are some updates to the site as well... I have added pics from the new TMNT toon on its page located in the screens section. I've also cleaned up a few things, and even added a page specifically for Fan Comics. If you look in the Features section, you'll see it. There's also new banners and buttons that you can use to link to us. Also got a new cam pic up... At least I was productive on my sick day... ::returns to shelter of blanket::

Monday, November 18, 2002

Tuesday's Strip is now available.

All I'm gonna say is, I've always wanted to say Humpdahladi" alot. So... why not?

Wellll I know I shouldn't do this and this is unknown to Mike, this is more for my site, BUT... this is just a sample of what kind of stuff u get on the mailing list for my comic strip. Yeeup, I'm doing a contest. A contest I tell you, and I'm gonna offer it to all youse out there in TMNT land!

You can win an Interstate: Road Rage ash Grey T-Shirt if you can answer this question correctly.

The Question: “Despite never being directly said, which of the “Dribble for Kids” characters likes felines? "

Possible Answers:

Here’s how it works! Send me in the right answer to nick@dribbleforkids.com , and the first two will win a “Interstate: Road Rage” T-Shirt. Winners will be announced next Tuesday! The latest answers can be received by Friday!

IF there is a large outpour of correct answers, then I will place the correct answers, and your e-mail addresses in a bowl and choose two!

Good luck!

Now remember Mike had no knowledge of me doing this so no one bother poor Mike and go "How do I win a shirt" etc. I'll announce the winners as soon as I get them, so it will end the confusion! Now, not to sound egotistical, but you can even get them signed by moi! :-D ANYWAYS.....
(plug plug plug)
If you'd like to be open to great contests and bonus strips, sign up to the mailing list by contating me at
nick@dribbleforkids.com if u wanna join.

Okay enough plugs. Anyway, there is a cool link out there, i'm gonna try to find it and post it, but it's a 3-D TMNT movie, of Raph running from mousers! And it ROCKS!

Until then or until Friday...


Saturday, November 16, 2002

I just want to say to whoever hacked the site and changed the index page... That was really rude. I don't like you.

Thursday, November 14, 2002

Friday's Strip is now available.

Now maybe I'm alone in the world, but most people, at least un-sheltered people have HEARD of this movie, the LAst Starfighter. In Blackout, there is a reference, to an on-line friend of mine didn't get. Her stance on things is no one really knows of this movie. But go ahead and write her at this addy here and let's see what she says.

Now don't forget to say that I sent you to her so she can crucify me not you. LOL.

One more plug for the mailing list: Hit me at nick@dribbleforkids.com if u wanna join.

Apparently my little thing with Tokka in some small way helped! Even if it didn't and Tokka stayed and kept the KriB up for other reasons, let me just say I'm very glad. Glad you stayed, buddy! :-)

Okey dokey. I need to get to bed. I'm tired.

-->>..hey,MIKE.. ..location..

..see the new TMNT headquarter hub..n' Vr00m Vr00mz..
@offish..TMNT sneek peak page

.. >v<

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Howdy... Just wanted to let everyone know there have been a few TMNT sightings in magazines these past few days. The article in Toyfare is fairly detailed about the new toys!! If you are interested in seeing the articles or whatever, check out the forum here. Discuss if you'd like. :D

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Tuesday's Strip is now available. If you wanna join the mailing list, the way to join as of right now is to e-mail me at nick@dribbleforkids.com and give me a buzz.

If you join the list, hopefully by December 1rst, every update I make to the site, you'll get a letter chock full of creamy and pure dribble-ish goodness, such as special treats only for those on the mailing list, like comic strips, links of the week and behind the scenes poop on some of that stuff, then the mailing list is definately something you may wish to join. The addy again is nick@dribbleforkids.com. If you do join, please remember that this thing won't be up and going till the beginning of next month hopefully, so... ;-)

In other news... I'm not exactly sure what happened or is going to happen if it hasn't already, but go drop Tokka a line and tell him how much you love Tokka's KriB. Seriously. The guy mentioned taking it down for some reason. Come on, Tokka, don't take it down! we love yah, buddy!

Also, the fan-art section is way out there! Major props to Boxcutter and of course, Mikey for his fabulous fan-art, and anyone else I may of not seen their name attached to!

Okay, so a quick recap.

Save Tokka's KriB
Fan Art Page
Tuesday's Strip

Awesome. Go forth into the world, young ninja padwans and fulfill your quest!


Monday, November 11, 2002

Hi all! I just wanted to let you all know that I've updated some pages on the site. Specifically, the Fan Art Page is now up and running. Considering the nominations for the Fan Art Awards are going on, I thought it best to make it easy to find the art work. It's filed under Fun Stuff. I've dissolved the Media page as that name was pretty misleading. From now on, the stuff you are looking for most will be on the Fun Stuff page, ie. galleries, music, games, computer stuff...

That's about it for now... have fun!

Sunday, November 10, 2002

-->> ..lil' gems..
TMNT hoops
Nick..what a sweet guy.. aww..
..one little small update.. but very cool.. on the "OFFISH TMNT" site..

..the TMNT handhelds..were some of the c00lest little d00-dads..
and i still pick 'em up now and then to see if i can kill Krang or save April. They just were goofy little LCD games.. but they were
actually pretty tuff.. and while.."DOO DEE DOO DEE DOO DOO".. ya kept tryin ta get past all the little repetative bad guys or basket balls.. these little games could bring you to your knees or get you so GAWDDAMM mad you's want to throw them across the room n' hope it'd hit yir head board on the bed n' shatter to a million..iddy bitty .. peices that you would maticulously pick up.. one by one and slowly proceed to the paper-shredder and make sure that every lil' last evident shard was totally destroyed cuz it was
just so durn frustrating to get thru the d4mm little things.. . . . . . .. hehheehheeh.. sh00t me.. >v<

Thursday, November 07, 2002

Friday's strip is now available.

Before I continue, thanks for the many kind words tokka! Also, I love the KriB, tokka. Can't wait till it's completely refinished.

Um, the link escapes me as of right now, but they published the new look of Baxter, Saki, Shredder and the Purple dragons on the TMNT website.

I've been so busy saying thanks and tellin yah of stuff, my main thing is... this week's strip, features a TMNT! Finally! So head over and give it a view. It starts a cool storyline I think, and it will be neat!

Okay, I need to get back to chattin away with Amandatello before I have to go to bed... so enjoy the strip and I'll see you Tuesday! COWABUNGA!

..say hull0 to Mike's ..lil' friend..
..he wants to show you his pussy.. >v<
-->> ..ooii ... .. .. ..Nick's story..Clan of..Turtle .. w0w.. Nick.. it's wonderful.. had to stop n' read again..!!
..fan fiction is hard for me.. but c00l stories like that do make things quite bearable..// ... . hochie...
K.I.S.S. nuthin as comlex as G. Simmons' make up .. .. my p0p always said..K.I.S.S...
"Keep It Simple,Stupid" . t0kK never really did.. the KriB is a good example of a Web site out of control.. ..and i'm fried.. 'tOkKa'Z KriB.. started out as a possible alternative 'Ninja Turtles' fan site from a character I greatly admired..
..that was all i guess..
..but over the past 3 years it grew into a monster and n0w it is it's own beast..
..i'm afraid the prior is no longer applicable.
If i can make it.. the KriB will be cleaning up.. the next few days are the first step.. .. while the 'Ninja Turtles' are at the heart of the KriB and t0KkA is the soul.. it's more than a fan site ..plus.. ..it's all i've really had as far as exposure to TMNT fans and just wonderful people in general. tOkK's KriB is what it is..& i will do the best i can to keep things central to the KriB and affiliates..as far site navigation ..but will keep with whatever chaotic things folks fer some reason get drawn to I can no longer maintain the pure insanity of Homestead's server and the b8ll sh2t of shotty service with a smile. I pay fer KriB with what few $$ i make.. i've not ever asked for handouts from people to support it.. .. n0t that it's a super issue ,for KriB hardly ever recieved the traffic of here at and the wondeful folks at X-E. I will focus on all the things that i have at KriB before.. but i will do my best to implore for assistance from some very special people. t0kK is extremly dark right n0w.. 3 years ago..this week..t0KkA'z KriB.. came into some sort of exsistance.. and things for me & t0KkA have not really been the same.. simple my ar5e .. >v<

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Hello everyone.

This Tuesday's strip is now available.

While I knew I wanted to do a gag/joke at a bar, my past weekend's events was partialy inspired by such.

Also, I was digging thru some stuff and found some old TMNT drawings I did. Some are sketches I did which would further lead me or help me write the fan fic novella “Clan of the Turtle” which is featured on this very site!

For those who are a bit in the dark on such, “Clan of the Turtle” is my bridge between Mirage and Image. Sort of a what if Image got their act together, and how, personally, I think they could of made good stories with the crap they sorta flung at us. (Again, this is my, one fan’s opinion, and yeah, I DO like Image to some degree so I’m not an Image Comics Version playa hata…) I clear up a few loose ends, and create all new ones, which will be taken care of eventually. (What can I say, I’m dramatic…) Learn who the Lady Shredder really is, what the cyborg Donatello really feels about his situation, and what the last brother of the so called “curse”, Michaelangelo, would expierence. (Raph got his face blasted, Leo lost a hand, Don a cyborg…)

Okay, enough plugging away there, and hope you enjoy the novella and the comic strip!

Until Friday! Later gang!


Friday, November 01, 2002

Greetings space cadets! Er Witches! Er, whatever you were for Halloween....
perhaps a turtle of the Mutant Ninja Variety? Hope so!

At any rate.  While I know this would of been a PERFECT time for this to
use my strip to promote my TMNT fandom, this strip was actually completed.... a
month or so ago when Kingdom Hearts
was released for PS2.  My obsession
with the game
completely took me over to the point that I didn't draw
anything for a week or so. (I try to draw all my strips like two weeks in
advance in case Real Life/RL gets the better of me... and I'm prepared.
;-)  )  So I've had this
, inked and everything waiting to be published.  And with
Halloween coming up, I thought what a perfect time to do such a thing!

In a perfect world, this Christmas, I'll be making a special edition
Christmas version of "Dribble for Kids" in which I'll tackle my TMNT
fandom head on.  cos I still get questions every once and awhile...
"Why doesn't your strip talk alot about the TMNT, or even, at
all?"  It will. It will my friends. Indeed it will. ::evily laughs::
er um, uh-hem. 


This week again really is a Video Game joke, based on whether or not you know
the designs for the Sora character from Kingdom
.  It's more a simple idea of, if you know what the original
design of Mickey Mouse looks like, and mix his clothes with a small boy, or if
you visit the Kingdom Hearts website,
it should all make sense. Hopefully.

Alright, enough of my blabbering, turtle-fans!  Let's get to the gravy,
shall we?  Here is this week's strip, "Firggin'
" Enjoy!

Can I say they look DARN AWESOME!!! (see below...)

Thursday, October 31, 2002

-->> ..Tricked 0uT..?? Here's yir TreaT!!
..super duper offish 'TMNT' t00n PREVIEW on the offical TMNT Rag Web site!!

..APRIL iz HHHHH0000ttEEEE!! w0w!!

..it's all here..@ new 'TMNT' t00n preveiw..

.. g00d way ta start N0vember eh?? .. .. .. >v<

Monday, October 28, 2002

Well, I got a few more replies on my strip from Friday, which was actually quite pleasant.

The Book of Connerisms is now available. This strip, besides to peeps I personally know, does a few things.

-It introduces completely, Drew Hanson as a character to the comic strip.
-and shows that by-cracky, the towel joke IS darn funny, if you use it to clean yourself after a mess occurs.

If you remembers those two things, this strip which could also be called "Need a towel?" yet, is not, is, personally, shows I'm improving with my jokes. But I could be wrong. If you'd like to share your opinion with me, write me at Nick@dribbleforkids.com and I'll get back to you soon as possible.

Enjoy the strip.


Friday, October 25, 2002

-->>..oivey..hey Nick & Co. !!
.. 'TMNT' ..new show final theme..
..from the "Booger Blogger Bugger Berger Boy 'Dan Berger' of 'official TMNT web' fame :..
You can now hear an MP3 of the new TMNT cartoon theme song on this page! This is the final version that will be used for the new show! NOTE: this version is not the same as the one that was released on the Fox Box promotional CD that was given away at Toys R Us stores! I dunno what makes it different, because we never got any of those Fox Boxes to compare. =O)
..ok fine.. 'Final TMNT 2003 Theme-thingey.. :
..it's actually pretty c00l.. well.. i like it.. than6 to forum's 'DT' who i stole the tip from.. !!

Thursday, October 24, 2002

Mucho thanks Tokka.

Btw, Mike is back. Just to share. Furthermore... TMNT # 6 I believe, is out. So whatcha waiting for! BUY IT! (or if you're broke like me, support the book anyway by going to your local store and picking up, reading it, while you 'skim' the book and then put it back and do the same to a few other comics as well... so when you talk to your fellow comic fans, you feel like you belong...)

Okay, seriously... BUY the book.

In other news... "The Wedding Gift" is now available. enjoy gang.

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

-->> .. that Nick.. sweet kid.. n' w0w,Nick..
.. congrats on 'Dribble.. '
fun stuff..!!

..while Mike is away..t0kk's Mind will play..

..small little 'NY POST' article on TMNT "COMEBACK" ..

.. b0neheads..
..TMNT didn't go ANYWHERE..
.. aww.. Ph00ey.. .. .. >v<
An Acquired Taste is now available.

It looks like me possibly not doing the strip for a few weeks is now moot, for my project has taken flight, and that is Dribble For Kids On-line, where it features all the comic strips. Missed one? Don't fear... you can catch up or find your favorite Dribble for Kids comic strip.

See yah Friday, gang!


Friday, October 18, 2002

Road Rage: The Apology is now available.

Many thanks to Tokka for his kind words!!! YOU ROCK DUDE!! You know, being a TMNT fan and being on the TMNT Mailing list (TMNT-L) for quite a while, it's nice to actually be mentioned by Tokka. I don't know why, but it is a complete and total honor. (It's the way he talks... it really is cool... )LOL. Sorry for the rather late post gang, but I've been really busy doing some 'secret projects', which means next week's Tuesday post may be my final post for a few weeks or two. (it sucks... cos i was finally being 'responsible' by posting on time...) but when I come back posting, it will be in a big way, and hopefully it will rock all your socks off! (plus it will be on time! :-D ) At any rate, Tokka, everyone, I hope this makes your week a bit more better. ;-)

The news below about the toys simply KICKS BOOTY!!!! (and you thought i was gonna say ____.) Gosh, lately so many things seem to be going right for me, and the TMNT coming back is definately one of them.

Now only if we can get Godzilla back into gear after the crap de filme which is Godzilla 98 (the Devlin/Emmerich version) we will be on a roll....

-->>..From the Big Mayor Mc sourcey Cheese: the Mc Bergerable Mc Danny Boy Berger Burger Mc "Dan Berger" at the
official TMNT site.... ..>v<

"Here's the latest press release from Playmates Toys. This is meant for "media" outlets, so the
quotes are definitely aimed at the business side o' things, but we figured you'd like to read it.
=O) "

New action figures and vehicles to hit retail shelves January '03

COSTA MESA, CA, October 17, 2002 - PLAYMATES TOYS INC. today announced the
"shellacious" return of the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES to the action figure scene. The
original heroes in a half-shell - Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael - are back,
bigger, bolder and badder than ever!

Playmates' Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys will hit retail shelves nationwide starting in January
2003. First out-of-the-shell will be newly designed action figure collection, each with authentic
Ninja weapons, and an awesome variety of vehicles, role-play weapons and playsets to follow
later in the year.

"Playmates sold over 245 million Ninja Turtle action figures back in the early '90s," said Lou
Novak, President of Playmates Toys Inc. "And what made the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles a
success 10 years ago is still valid today. There's a whole new generation of kids to enthrall with
the unique story of Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo." Novak continued.

In a full-blown marketing effort, Playmates partners, 4Kids Entertainment and Mirage Studios
Inc., will launch an all-new, animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV series on The Fox Box,
starting in February 2003. The season kicks off with 26 new half-hour episodes on Saturday
mornings that will feature "hot" new music and all new action packed animation. The combination
of humor and action that made the Turtles so unique and successful before is now taken to a
whole new level for today's kids.

Also adding to the on-air exposure - January 2003 marks the beginning of two new Playmates
Toys kids TV advertising campaigns. Spots supporting the new TV series and products will
begin airing on January 3, and continue throughout the year on The Fox Box, and other kid

"In order to capture and communicate the essence of the Turtles brand, Playmates, 4Kids and
Mirage will deliver a comprehensive message to kids via numerous platforms including
broadcast, print, home video and DVD releases, Online, and other media." commented Jill Will,
Senior Vice President, Marketing, for Playmates Toys.

And for the collectors who grew up with the Turtles in the '90s, Playmates Toys will release a 12"
Deluxe scale, cold cast resin sculpture of Leonardo (the first of four Turtles), based on artwork
from the original comic book series. The 12" Leonardo figure will be available in December
through Diamond Comics. The figure comes with its own custom base, that is designed to fit
together to form a detailed diorama when combined with the other three sculptures in the series.
-->> .. s0rry,Nick.. this week sux.. h0pefully by Friday.. A new 'Dribble' will make t0Kk feel better..

.. between Mike's 'Fluffy Bunny Wuzzy WuzzNumms' Voicey posts.. n' Nicks' good tidin's..
tOkK's gunna keep it real surreal..nuthin' more real n' viciously fun than seein the shells fly..the money..
& the merchandise as corprate execs.. run amok..
it's"4Kids v. Nick".. no not that NICK..the other one..the network..
4Kids means buisiness.. n' you boys are the direct target.. what else is new in big munny n' merchandise??
.. funny..Turtles may have always been targeted to boys..but most TMNT fans i know are GIRLS!! oii!!

G0 yonder lil' t0KkAlites.. ..as the vilolence once again takes yir t00n tubin' by storm.. n0w.. back to yir regularly scheduled..


Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Tuesday's strip: A Girl, A Scarecrow and An Apology is now available.

Being that the road rage joke is a jab at my best friend Nate, (it's a PLAYFUL jab...) I'd figure it'd be best to at least say it in a jokingly mannor. Right?

Hope everyone's week is starting off well right now. If you haven't got a chance yet, you should definately check out the Cartoon Library with a listing of the cast from the original show way back in 1987. Scroll down for a link. It's interesting to see what your favorite voice actors look like!

See yah Friday, turtle fans!


Monday, October 14, 2002

I've updated the Cartoon Library with a listing of the original 1987 cast of the animated series (plus Tony Jay, who played Lord Dregg later in the series), complete with mugs of the voice actors and the characters they played. If you have a better pic of a certain voice actor, let me know, and I'll replace the old one. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 12, 2002

In a few days I actually got some e-mail. You have NO IDEA how happy this makes me to get e-mail from people who acknowledge that my strip exists, and further more, are fans of Mikey's Site, which Mike puts alot of hard work into. (it's nice to see yer friends get credit when it's due...)

But at any rate... I got some e-mails.

One asks me "Where the heck was Friday's strip?

Well it's late. Sorry about that. I was doing some networking which could help me secure a nice job. LOL it went well, but yeesh, i didn't forget about you guys.

And the second of of the two e-mails I recieved asked about, and this is a good question:

"you're a fan but yet it doesn't feature the turtles whats up with that"

Well to address this, as Mikey has it listed, it's the day in the life of a tmnt fan. But don't worry, I'm tryign to find a way to properly add it into the strip, but it's taking a bit long and hard to do so. ;-) And Sara, the name of the e-mailer, asks about the strip being late too.

Thanks to Sara, and 'Cheznut" for writing in to me.

And here it is, one day late. Sorry about that.
Interstate Road Rage is now available.

Also, Mike posted it on the mailing list, and in case anyone didn't see it, check it out: The 4kids Interview.

--peace out!

An updated look at the new Splinter action figure and the new Turtle vehicles, too! Check em out ActionFigure.com...
Thanks to Azure Turtle over at The Technodrome!

Friday, October 11, 2002

-->> !!
Do you all like cool little online Flash games? I do... especially ones that promote good puppy villians.. like Scrappy Doo!!
Take a gander at this site... Brought to you by the guys at Cartoon Networks!! Check it out!! I CAN BE AS GEEKY AS MIKEY.. WITH NERDY POSTS!!


If you don't want to think yir hurting Scrappy and just want to play the game, you can just pretend that yir feedin the 'Puppy Power Pal.. ' Otherwise, go buy 'SCOOBY DOO' the motion picture out on VHS n' DVD today!! ... >8)
>v< .. ..
Do you all like cool little online Flash games? I do... especially ones that promote good habits.. like good oral hygene!
Take a gander at this site... Brought to you by the guys at Electric Artists! Check it out! The Germinator!
If you don't want to create a log-in membership and just want to play the game, you can just click on the link that says "Log on as guest." Otherwise, you can earn points to win a cool prize...

Thursday, October 10, 2002

tOkKa..ebay tokker:
-->> ..a cool person went on to the NTML today with a cool auction offer..
Bob Burdon ('Flaming Carrot' ,'Mystery Men') inks.. Kevin Eastman pencils..
..here is the link to a peice i'd never seen before..(well maybe..sez it was a pin-up..but so c00l).. rare TMNT original artwork by Kevin Eastman!!..if i could get it i would..w0w..
The seller looks very legit..& this is a real nice piece.. happy bidding..n' t0kkee Poking.. >v<

Tuesday, October 08, 2002

The Love Letter: Aftermath is now available.

The conclusion of our little storyline.

Enjoy it and see you folks 'Friday'...!


Sunday, October 06, 2002

The forums are fixed up, and everything is back where it should be...

Azure Turtle has begun a new comic strip:
Random Silliness
(This is totally funny, and I bet it gets even better!)

Voting in the Fan-fiction Awards is still going on... If you haven't submitted your vote, do so ASAP!
The Fourth Annual TMNT Fan-Fiction Awards

Friday, October 04, 2002

Something really bad happened.... The forums were deleted off the server!!!!
I'm working hard to get them back up... But, I dunno if anything will be back... posts, forums, rankings... I just don't know.
This totally sucks, but I'll try to get it corrected ASAP.

Thanks for your patience.
The Love Letter: Resolution ??? is now available.

Okay, now I got the schedule on here right, (my second faithful post, as I promised, Tuesdays and Fridays) on with the show.

It's a short strip, but I think it gets the point across. :-D:-D:-D


PS: A preview? WHERE!!??!I Wanna see it! I WANNA SEE IT!! ::begs it to be for PS2::

Thursday, October 03, 2002

Just a quick little update... there are a few new desktops in the Fun Stuff page of the media gallery.... I had to make a second page for em because the first page had so many on it already. :: Click here! ::

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

-->> ..the Quarky..Mc Porkies at N.T. Network.. chime in with this.. a juicy little rumor from 'Mikey Forum's' own .. ..n' TMNT-helL's ..G.W. (a.k.a. Major Mc P00fie)
****************** *** ******** ***P0000FFIEeeeSS
G4, is apparently an all Video Game Channel, basically showing previews of upcoming releases, demos, and major interviews with game creators.

Here's the skinny directly from the TMNT-L list...

~Ok, I didn't see this myself but Michael (who rarely actually hallucinates) claims to have seen a sneak preview of the new Konami TMNT game on "G4"-- an all games channel.
Anyone else get this channel?

Anyone who gets this channel able to confirm this for us?

-->> ..Yeah that would be nice.. t0kk will keep an eye out fer stuff.. .. i may not be in the l00p as NT Network's 'Shreder' ..but t0kK has connections too..i'll see what i can dig..it would be cool to see some real TMNT vid game screen shots.. but every thing is speculative right now..s0 we'll leave it at that. C U l8R ,AllY G8Rz !~!
.. >v<

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Burn Baby, Burn! is now available.

I fooled you all, possibly. Prepare for (hopefully) a double dose of Dribble two times a week! But when you ask? Not Monday, Wednesday, or Thursdays, no it's Tuesdays and Fridays!!! ::laughs evily::

Whew. I'm glad I got that settled.



Monday, September 30, 2002


'No Deposit..some Return' ..

.. Gizmo..Fluffy?? dat you?? ..
..Michael Dooney's squintey,shiney,cromey ..fuzzy,FUZZY duo return.. at least fer a quickey in December's TMNT # 7..checkit out for a 6 pager from Mr.Dooney..which marks Gizmo's first new story of any kind in near 10 years..
..on a related note..

..GUZZI LEMANS GN by Jim Lawson; cover by Michael Dooney The year 2046 is not the future that we would wish for out children and grandchildren. But rather it is a dark place. Where America's cities have been abandoned, in favor of a safer, more secure model of society –– on the government farms. However, all were not invited. The aftermath of the recent wars had left the country a barren wasteland. It is out there that the others live –– those deemed unworthy of civilization's new start. These are the deviants and bikers. This is the world of Guzzi Lemans. SC, 120pg, b&w $9.95 ..out in November!!

..hee hee.. >8)

Sunday, September 29, 2002


"..and the nightmare rides on with a december black psalm.."

Saturday, September 28, 2002

CBS Market Watch reports that "... some investors must like what they see on the Saturday morning tube. The 4Kids outfit has "Kirby," "Fighting Foodons" and other packages on the Fox Kids network. What's in the pipeline may be enticing new investors into the company's stock.

"On the spring schedule is "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," which 4Kids is co-producing. For those who see Turtles as a 15-year-old has-been, read my lips. Kids are digging the turtles today as much as they were when the concept debuted in the 1980s."

Basically, 4Kids stock is up... and for good reason. Yu-Gi-Oh, Fighting Foodons, Kirby, and TMNT are hot commodities for kids (especially this coming holiday season). The 4Kids team has video-game, licensing and toy pacts with Mattel, Konami, Nintendo and others.

"Terra Lycos, the operator of the Lycos Internet search engine, just reported the term 'Yu-Gi-Oh' was the ninth most popular across user searches for the week ending Sept. 21. The top one was - no, not Martha Stewart -- 'Dragonball.'" So, obviously, kids have a lot of power over this market. How much popularity (and profit) will it gain once the TMNT debut in the spring?!

Source: Kids have icons, too -- 4Kids shares perk up as Yu-Gi-Oh gains popularity
By Thom Calandra, CBS.MarketWatch.com

Friday, September 27, 2002

Word from Dan is that TMNT #6 is on it's way to the printers and with a bit of luck, it will be in stores by the third or fourth weeks of October!! Wooo, can't wait!

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

I got a double Whammy! I've been thinking of a normal schedule for comic strips, and it is either Monday, Wednesday, Friday; Monday, Wednesday, or Monday, Friday. But at any rate, here are two new strips.

In Part 1 of The Love Letter, someone is taking a nap and his secret 'love letter' is found.

In part 2 of The Love Letter, the same person really needs to get a life. Maybe they've been listening to "My Best Friend's Wedding" soundtrack a bit too much.

Monday, September 23, 2002

-->> t0Kka Ebay TOKKER..
..seein as how a new Star Trek movie will be pimpin' theaters pretty soon here.. TMNT/Star Trek geekies may not have had a chance to finish the collection they've always dreamed of.. d0n't lookit me..but you can bit on a cool set of all 4 M.O.C. S.T. /TMNT starting bid of $ 3..
@ THIS LINK ..right after this here semi-colon :

..welp..happy bidding & 'may the force be with .. ..' ..err.. 'Live Long and Force.. ' .. ..??
''Prosper in the Force so you Can Live Long with .. you.. ' .. .. .. >v<

Saturday, September 21, 2002

Well, hello there... I guess by now you've noticed something different about the site. Yup, the whole thing is different again. Welcome to Version 4.7!! I hope navigation is a bit simpler. There are still many bugs in it, but I hope to have these cleared up within the next couple of days. Lots of changes, but also lots of new material is coming soon! I'm working hard on adding much more to the site, to satisfy all your TMNT needs :D ... Take a look around and have fun.

Friday, September 20, 2002

-->> & ..on a weird related 'FOX BOX' note..
..about 2 hours ago i was in the local 'Toys R' Us' store..buyin' my neice her b-day present..i'd noticed a week or so prior they had some left-over 'Fox Box' promos..so i was able to pick up a few extra ..seein' as how the lady packed my bag with one & didn't even care that i picked up another..apperently there was some epidemic with a VHS video tape that was to be included as part of the promo & all over the U.S. ..kids were not gettin' the videos with the Promo Box. As I was checking out with my neice's Scooby Doo gift..i noticed all the registers had lil' red boxes stacked on them..bein' curious n' t00 tired ta give a flippin' fad00dle what the clerk thought..i picked up the box ..sh0' nuff.. it was the video from the promo.
So i snagged a few.. raced slow as a Turtle home (i'm tired ya know) ta fast forward to the less than 40 second TMNT cartoon ad..(the same one ya saw online)..so just a heads up to ya geeky TMNT completests.. yir local 'Toys R' Us' may have some videos on thier shelves just for you to complete yir 'Fox Box' set.. apperently n0 foxes were harmed in the filiming of the video. ..>v<
I know several of us have known about the video games for a while now, but finally, Dan at ninjaturtles.com has posted the official press release:

4Kids Entertainment Signs Konami to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Video Game Pact Konami Back as Exclusive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Video Game Creator/Publisher Tuesday September 10, 9:07 am ET

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 10, 2002--4Kids Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: KDE - News), the exclusive worldwide agent and co-producer of the all-new TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES animated series, today announced that Mirage Licensing, Inc., the holder of the rights to TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, has licensed Konami Corporation as the exclusive worldwide developer and publisher of video games....
:: read the full press release ::
Thanks Dave!

All links are working now! It was a small snafu on my part! Darn the joys of copy and paste! I got so into posting everything I forgot to change the code from 'post image' to make it fit to an URL code. Anyrate: enjoy!

-->> AKK!! NICK.. it could just be me ..but i'm on 3 comps here & The links are breakin'..help us to SEE the comics!! .. ehh maybe it's just this netw0rk..
>v< ..
I updated again! Well I tried to. Some template error or something is going on, but don't worry, at least take comfort that I DID publish the strip, and when the template gets fixed, all shall be right in the world.

For those who can't see it cos of blogger being stupid, here is Strip 10. It's a sequel to Strip 8, called One of the Top Ten Ways To Piss a DJ Off

Also due to some small snafu's in my knowledge of posting, here are some of the past strips I tried to update, but didn't get a good chacne to mention.

Ten Years Later:
Erika Christensen is Inside the Actor's Studio

One Out of Ten Ways To Piss a DJ Off...

Tis' The Season

The Board of Directors

Hope you enjoy! And Also if you forgot, TMNT 2 and 3 is out on DVD! While I've not seen 3 at stores, 2 is coming in the nice plastic cases and not the flimsy cardboard snap cases most New Line/Warner Bros. DVDs come in! Go get it, out on DVD now!

Thursday, September 19, 2002

-->> Hiya.. not a real big deal by any stretch just to see this thing finally workin is great th0..
t0KkA'z SpYeKAM is up..ready fer peepin Tom Cats..n' just the slightliest curiousable may like.. see t0Kk's sninnanigans .. @
tOkKa'Z SpYeKAM..
..from the safty of yir own c0mp .. .. well, enjoy.. n0t that ya will but..i TRY.. 8{

Saturday, September 14, 2002

What'z inside the F0x Box..??
..gee,everbuddy..t0Kk does not ever seem to sleep ..but my loss is a gain the Fox Box LAUNCH is today & it ain' that bad!!
I Really hope by the time the new Turte's Show plops back on the air ..it'll have enuf support n' fan base fer F0X to keep up TMNT for another 10 seasons!! w0w..can you imagine!! That'd be S0000ooo sweet!! But reality will kick in February..p00p i wish it was next year n0w!! As fer Now..'ULTRAMAN' is BACK.."Kirby" gives us Lolo & LALA as a suprise to t0Kk ..n' 'Muscle' is t00 funny.. i like the F0x Box.. i'm just still s0 very sad to say.. "WHERE THE H3ll ARE ALL THE F0xes!?" ..>v<

Thursday, September 12, 2002

w0w..Shredder is b3st toy ever.. hey everbuddy..did you know that Nick was once nice..but now he eats puppies?!
N0 i'm serious..what he does is he has this big Bucket..n' it sez.. 'Cute lil' Puppies'..then he dips his hand in there n' takes justa c00test wittle puppy youse ever seen..'baby pug..picture it' ..then he goes.. 'MMMMMMMM..puppies!! YUUMM!!'..
then he proceeds to ..bite the -- i mean..o' the h0rror.. jeez!! my l0rd..now ya see what inspires th0se wonderful cart00ns..puppies..

..it w4s a failed attempt at a j0ke folX.. s0 s0rry ,nich-0 .. >v<

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Whacha think about those new figures?

Cool beans, eh? I think so too.

I'm acutally pumped about a toy line for once, since like, I was 13 or so. Wow, I think that the new series will be great for our fab foursome! Well either way, I got another surprise! Another Dribble For Kids is here, and surprisingly enough, it's not three months between my last update!

This strip deals with my lack of focus, which we all aquire at some point, on our lack of reading through our stuff, such as resumes, or what not, before we send them out and about into the world.

Check it out here!

Sunday, September 08, 2002

Sorry I've been so late in posting this, but it looks like there are more pics of prototypes of the Brand new TMNT action figures!! Shredder over at http://www.ninjaturtlesnetwork.com/ managed to find out about action-figure.com's showcase of the new figures. Go there to see bigger pics, but here they are as well... Youll notice these guys are just really updated poses of their original models... they even have the same skin tones as before.






Foot Soldier

TMNT movies 2 and 3 are available on DVD NOW! Buy em!!

Thursday, September 05, 2002

In leiu (sp?) of me not being lazy for once, here is a dribble for kids comic strip! Hopefully... just hopefully... I can keep this up slowly but surely, eh?

The new TMNT show looks real kick ass, and I am proud to be a TMNT fan. Not to go on a tangent here, but let me just say, I've been saying do the Batman:TAS look for along time, and if you don't believe me, you can ask poor Mikey, (the charming fellow who runs this site) who I bug at around 3 to 5 in the morning, now granted this was a few years ago when Batman was still on with new episodes, but still, I grumbled, moaned and complained, this was the future of the TMNT in the cartoon world. And look! I was right! Yay! Dark, edgier, and yet, still our favorite fab four! Let's keep it green and I hope you enjoy the strip! Also, I think TMNT ish 5 came out, so enjoy that too!


Friday, August 30, 2002

For those of you who have not been able to log into the new TMNT animated series website, here is a screen cap especially for you.

Click Above

Thursday, August 29, 2002

Here's a screen cap to the new official FOX Box website for the new TMNT cartoon. The site isn't up yet, but you can try visiting it at http://www.foxboxtv.com/tmnt_p.html

Say hello to the brand new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, coming to the FOX Box in February 2003. Thanks so much to Cherubae for these pics!!





Also, you might wanna head over to your local Toys R Us on Saturday and ask for a promotional FOX BOX!! You'll find some neat surprises there...

Plus, TMNT Volume 4, Number 5 is out now. Head to your local Comic Shop and ask for the brand new TMNT... Much thrills and chills await!! ;)

Remember, next month, TMNT movies 2 and 3 will be available on DVD for the first time. The original movie will also be re-released. Look for 'em!