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UPDATE regarding the leaked pix ..::

From Cyn (thanks..)

"Apparently they were from a 40 minute presentation for the “in-house” crew (like 4kids and the toy people), but someone “in-house” must have decided on his or her own to “share” with the outside world. On one hand, I think that THAT particular person should lose his or her job. I’m dying to hear what Kevin Munroe thinks of the whole deal-- several people have asked him at the Drome, but so far he’s not responded."

..Further amending of this post - ..

..get a clue !!

.. between Mikey,Nitro and myself.. keeping this site up and running requires alot of hard work sometimes we just don't even have the time for. Requiring to make the time is exceptionally difficult ..but we pull it off cuz it's a labour of love. I can only speak for myself tho'..but the chaotic balance i have to maintain to help keep fellow fans in the know is not easy..not one bit !!

A ghost that's haunted me ever since i started on this internet thing and joined the Turtle fandom collective in 1999 is being extremely misunderstood. That ghost has reared it's head again the past few months on other websites and places on the net i once rather enjoyed frequenting. For whatever reason people have set it up in their minds that i am NOT communicable,that i cannot compromise, or be reasoned with. Or so it seems. Some people are vague or don't even communicate with me at all no matter how hard i try,beg,or plead with them.

This needs to stop. Especially in this instance. This site is a small news source and takes so much effort to keep going. I don't ask for much but to treated reasonably. Instead of coming to me as i requested..powers that be once again threaten those who i care about instead of coming directly to the source of the issue: Me!!

The point of this report was to share in the excitement of the information i found out 3rd and 4th hand and share it with others. I am not a bad person and i was not trying to exploit anyone or hurt anyone. Bottom line .. i was doing my job here !!

Whoever you are ..please do not further continue to harass my friends thru' this website. Please come to me..
send me a Email**
at the very least !!

..i have been honest and open to all critics over the years in various forums,sites,chats, ect. ..and NOT ONCE have i EVER meant any harm to MIRAGE,4kids,WB, it's people,artists,writers,workers..ect. That being said.. i am not open to all out attacks on my friends especially if it's from a choice i have made on info i have shared with others !!

I wouldn't be doing this if i wasn't a TMNT fan .. and wasn't excited about new Turtle bits,news,media,comics,events ..ect. !! My god.. get a f6ckin' clue!!

COME TO ME..**EMAIL ME if you have an issue
with something i have done !! Attacking other fans for my decisions is not only f7cked ..up it's wrong !!

..i am truly sorry for any issues this may have caused those that may have been hurt by this.


Friday, December 29, 2006

Nitro did some snooping and he found the TMNT trailer in quicktime.

Who loves yah, baby?

Monday, December 25, 2006

Saturday, December 23, 2006

-->> As i suspected !! TMNT Movie figs are out THIS WEEKEND !!
Special thanks to Roseangelo for the tip off.. she found these at Wal-mart for around $7.00 or so. The Nightwatcher Bike w/ Raph ..was around $16.00 .. she said she also saw the 'Cowabunga Carl Van' and a 2 Pack with Mikey and one of the Generals..

Size comparison to classic,current, and F.F. TMNT figs !! New Movie figs are a bit taller than 5" or so .. !!

..O' ,Santa baby !! Put a Movie Turtle under the Tree for me !!

Thanks Rose M. !!

- Official TMNT points to Gamespot some slick info and screens from Ubisoft's new TMNT movie game !!**Click here !!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

-->> ..special thanks and note from Cyn, A.Modeen, and Dark Horizons for shining the light on the right 'USA Today' article..

"Slow to return, teen Turtles are back!" (**Click here ..!!)


Dark Horizons::"A huge cast has been lined up to play supporting characters in the upcoming CG-animated Ninja Turtles movie "TMNT".

In an extensive two-part article in USA Today, it has been revealed that the likes of Patrick Stewart, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Chris Evans, Zhang Ziyi and Kevin Smith are all playing roles in the picture which is due out March 30th.

Stewart is voicing the film's villain Max Winters, a tech industrialist who is amassing an army of monsters in the city, whilst Ziyi voices the villainess Karai who leads an evil army of Foot Ninjas.

Gellar is the voice of human researcher April who serves as their technician and mother figure, Evans plays the hockey-stick-swinging Casey Jones, and Smith cameos as a greasy-spoon chef.

The Turtles themselves will not have celebrity voices. New photos of the Turtles, Splinter, Karai and her Ninjas can all be found here. .."

.. more in Usa Today .. !! Checkit' !!

- **'Get under the shell of 'Turtles' (Kevin Smith <3 TMNT !!)

- **Special video clip !! Turtles in action !!

..More l8r t2z fanz and Mikey's TMNT-philes !! ..

** Update .. i just got this bit o' noose from 'X' thanxx, X !! .. ::

"Patrick Stewart is set to voice the villain Max
Winters in the upcoming TMNT movie. The new film will
be CG-animated. Winters is an insane industrialist who
sets out to seek revenge against a former employer
before setting his sights on the far more ambitious
goal of world conquest. The film will focus on the
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles setting out to stop him."


This is mostly bogus. What former employer? There's no
former employer -- Winters is the CEO of his own
company and answers to no one. Winters isn't insane,
only mostly a mild-mannered enigmatic businessman
working in exports (April's boss) until the third act,
where he's pretty much a hero fighting beside the
Turtles. He's also immortal, like the four Immortal
generals, but isn't stricken with their curse that
leaves them as immortal stone golems. The Turtles
aren't out to stop Winters at all -- never! They want
to help him stop the monsters the man's 4 Immortal
generals are trying to capture to open a portal that
will bring about the end of the world. ..'
- X

-->> Late again .. o thrown of the work horse there.. n' the jingle-jangle dingle and Happy Menorahs were very distractin' to tOkKa ..oo pretty lights !! Any way ..last minute updates to to throw some snow on the fire..::

-- Movie info courtesy of Roseangelo and Hero .. ::

..according to 411 ..and T-drome ..

..make it so Turtle Juan !!

"Patrick Stewart To Lend Voice to TMNT
Posted by Ashish on 12.20.2006

From Professor X to Max Winters...

Patrick Stewart is set to voice the villain Max Winters in the upcoming TMNT movie. The new film will be CG-animated. Winters is an insane industrialist who sets out to seek revenge against a former employer before setting his sights on the far more ambitious goal of world conquest. The film will focus on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles setting out to stop him.

Credit: IGN "

Roseangelo ::" his info is as close to being confirmed as it can be without being official. Kevin Munroe gave a non-confirmation confirmation over at the Technodrome. He also said that an article on the new movie is planned for USA Today tomorrow, in which the cast list will be announced.

Kevin said at Comic-Con that it would not be a celebrity-driven cast, but I think they got some pressure from WB to put a known name or two in there. So the Patrick Stewart deal could have *just* happened (thus, the delay in the cast announcement). I think it is Winters we hear in the trailer, but it's not Stewart. There's no rule that says the voices in the trailer have to be the voices in the movie.

.. sentiments about him being connected with this film - it's just TOO awesome!!! And he's the perfect celebrity name to associate with the movie that won't p2ss anyone off."

-- Main points of intrest on the Official TMNT updates from the past week or so include.. ::

Quotes from Dan Berger ::

- Started a new page, "Books of the Future", so you can see what we'll be publishing in the upcoming months. (~Including out pal "Diego's Jourdan's" latest Mirage work !!~tOkK) **Click here !!

- Posted the preview for Tales of the TMNT #29. **Click here !!

- Nacho sent word that (hopefully everyone) can see the new movie trailer at the Warner Bros. TMNT site. (**Click here)

- Neil sent in the following link regarding the next release of the original TMNT cartoon on DVD:

TV Shows on (** click here for info !!.. the next set for the classic series WILL BE a season set.. We're up to Season 4 now after the last volume of TMNT-TOS eps 3-d Raph artwork on the box !! Set for release March 13,2007 !! More after the jump !! )


** UPDATE.. Gordy from TVSHOWS - can pre-order from DVD Empire for $29.56 (U.S.) ..compared to the list price of $39.98 !! ** CLICK HERE for the Pre-order !!

- Ubisoft's Nick Harper will have a Q&A about the TMNT game posted over at - keep your eyes peeled for it! **

- Finally official's.. presentingHoneycutt's very first adventure and his bizarre escape from the Federation and the Triceratons.. classic comic action from Mirage's eldest character and coolest servo..

** Fugitoid #1 starts right here (CLICK CLICK )!!



-- TMNT Fast Forward - Future ShellShock on the DVDouble shot Format from 4kids ..amidst a few other (TMNT and TMNT-FF titles) i mentioned in weeks prior has the first 2 eps of the Fast Forward saga at a discount of $5.99 (U.S.) or lower ..this'll make a decent stockin' stuffer for last second stocking stalkers..n' shoppers wantin' to get the non-patient TMNT fan in their life a cool lil' disc !! Other than that ,tho' ..if patience is a virtue with the fan ..and Santa can hold off for a few more weeks. The First standard 'F.F.' disc set will be available the first month of the year.

Still 'Double shots' are not a bad little gift & for the price a pretty cool one for penny pinchin' elves on X-mas ground zero !!

-- Special thanks to Virtual Wenrog ..back again on-topic with some 'TMNT' movie video game bits ..ect. he sent me !! ::

"Yo tOk! ..

Found what looks like some clips from the new TMNT video game on YouTube! the person that's posting them says "This is an animation demo of the turtle jumping. We'll use this model in the online TMNT campaign."

Here are the links:




Here's something else but I'm not sure if it's really "news". I found a webpage the Imagi never included on there old website. It just has some background pics that fans did about how popular the show is." (**Click for the chart !! )

..ok .. off to dig myself outta this mountain of mole hill n' the 26 inches of snow that poured over my cage.. **~~mumble grumble.. ~~ !!


Friday, December 15, 2006

-->> Ok,green-giggle-gang bangerz .. here's the scanned box for the movie-mini 10 pack ..**Click the Thumb nails to get the big picture poppin' up on ya in a new window !!

..ok ..keep in mind ..these packs have been spotted at Toys R' Us stores stateside.. far i only have limited confirmations on people getting these.. while some walk to the TMNT isle at TRU only to leave with an empty shell.

The TMNTS, and Splinter are pretty decent on articulation,even their heads and legs move better than previous Mini figures. The Vampire Succubor doesn't move at all, The Generals move ok..except their legs, Max and the Foot Soldier only move their arms and at the waist. All the characters have their weapons sculpted to them so you cannot take them off..they are stuck on like the 'Fightin Gear' TMNT minis from a couple years back.

Not sure if these will pop up at other stores.. but i've been expecting the TMNT Movie basics least the Turtles themselves to start showing up on the pegs within' the next week or so (tho' i could be wrong).. These 10 packs may be showing up elsewhere as we get closer to Christmas so keep your eyes peeled. This set costs about $12-$13.00 bucks.. so if your allowance is a clam to shy of a full chowder.. maybe Santa can help ya out ..especially if you've been extra good this year..(not tOkKie ..he's been bad that's why he had to by the toys himself.. Santa's givin' him a Stocking full of Reigndeer poop) !!

..ok i gotta get some rest.. i'll be back before i go to work to finish my update ..have a good Morning everyone !!

..>v< nativity ..

-->> Special thanks to Dee,Roseangelo, and Jo Dawn for this tip off:: The fisrt TMNT movie toy sighting we've gotten in so far !!
The TMNT - Movie Star Multi-pack .. 10 mini-figs from the movie in one pack. The biggest Turtle mini-set ever !! Anyway .. tOkKie jsut returned from Toys R' Us ..same place the girls found the pack and i'll have full box scans n' such in my next update in a bit here along with the rest of the news.. hang tight, gang !!


Friday, December 08, 2006

-->>'s official .. despite prior being a slight rumor at first ..

TMNT will be attached to Unaccompanied Minors (December 8), Eragon and Arthur and the Invisibles (December 15th).

..frankly the TMNT movie trailer is a bit crusty in Flash ..but it is better than nothing. I'm gonna keep checkin' all weekend for a nice streaming version that isn't so rude to tOkKa's modems.

**Update ..alternative Trailer download..Special thanks to Roseangelo ::

Sorry, it's REALLY crappy. For those who have seen the MTV version, this is NOT an improvement. This should only interest the people who can't access the MTV site for whatever reason.

I recorded the trailer off TV with my DVD-R, but the DVD it made doesn't make my computer happy. The best rip of the video I could get didn't include the audio (NO idea why). I've spent over three hours trying to get it to rip correctly and I'm just out of options.

So I ended up playing the trailer on my TV and then recorded that with my digital camera.

I know, lame-o.

**Click here for Rose's You Tube Vid.. !!

- Special note & Head's up Toon-heads (this includes you, Nitro ..i know there are WB toon worshipers amidst the shell-brains and Ninja-philes on Mikey's..) ..

According to Toonzone ..

Pinky and the Brain, Vol. 2 ..has a special extra ..
"The extras (on P & B V.@) include auto-start trailers on disc four (new CGI Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailer [the previously released trailer, don’t get too excited TMNT fans!]"

..yeh don't freek out and rush to get this set.. UNLESSSSSSSSSSs you happen to be a hardcore 'Animaniacs' , P & B fan like a good chunk of the Turtle fans i know.. so yeh if that's the case.. by pure coincidence you'll get a TMNT trailer. on Disc 4 !! Everyone else can struggle with the Flash version for now or catch the trailer with Unaccompanied Minors which starts today !! I'll keep checkin' for a nice streaming version hopefully of a bit better quality. would be nice.. but all this is pretty excitin' (the flash version isn't too bd..but still) !!
..Now get ready as tOkKie craXX his knuckles n' sharpens hiz spikes to pop any critic or Turtle hater given TMNTs a bad time. We've all been waiting over 13 years for the Turtes to return to the silver screen (some of them haters out there gonna start trouble n' go in for a Sliver n' Scream !!) ..time for the guys to shine again !! .. >v<

Thursday, December 07, 2006

You know, Tokka does an AMAZING job of updating around here. I'm not entirely sure what's been going on but Tokka, buddy, I got this one for you, for now. :) Thanks for rocking Mikey's TMNT with the constant stream of updates. I am so not worthy.

Okay, I know it's crappy, cos it's small and you can't totally enjoy it, but this has officially sold me on how amazing this movie is going to be. MArch 2007? Please come much faster.

Click here to see the new TMNT trailer on

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

-->> time for jibba jabba,the holiday rush is givin' tOkKa a holiday rash on his spikies,Bob Cratchet's kids are lobbin' snowballs at me.. and the cows are loose n' raidin' Rabbi Herschel's latke harvest !! We gotta get this Round up going now !! ::

-- To top off this Round-up .. we've got a neat treat for all our Chinese reading and speaking readers.

"T'was The Night Before Christmas" (**click for the comic) is Mikey's special holiday comic upload that has good ol' Bebop and Rocksteady up to their bad old tricks. Hijacking Santa and his helpers across New York .. it's up to the Green Guys to save Santa before 'Bop n' Rock Turn the entire season into Mutant Moron Mess !!

Our pal Leonardo from China has graciously translated the entire comic for you to enjoy .. !! ::

Leonardo ::Your Comic "Twas the night before Christmas"
I have translated and updated it on the site:

.. (**Click here for the Chinese Language version of "T'was The Night Before Christmas")
(Chinese and English Version)

Thank you ,Leonardo .. and happy holidays to you !!

-- Now i'm gonna break it down to the Prickly case you haven't surfed over to the official TMNT site lately.. here's a break-down..from the past few weeks ..

--Posted the previews of Image's old "Bodycount" mini-series from 1996. (**Click here for info on the most violent Classic Turtle Masterpiece ever from Kev Eastman and the BIZ !! ~tOkK)

- The latest Extended synopsis and screen pix for the following TMNT Eps are up ..::

**Episode #92, "The Ancient One" **Click here..

**Episode #93, "Scion of the Shredder" **Click here..

**Episode #94, "Prodigal Son" **Click here..

**Episode #95, "Outbreak" **Click here..

-- Ok ..speakin' of T.V. shows let's get the Video releases outta the way ..

..OUT NOW !! TMNT (Original Series)V.6 ..eps include :: "The Turtle Terminator", "The Great Boldini", "The Missing Map", "The Gang's All Here", "The Grybyx", "Mr. Ogg Goes to Town", "Shredderville", "Bye, Bye Fly", "The Big Rip-Off", "The Big Break-In", "The Big Blow Out" and "Plan 6 from Outer Space"

-- Past several weeks i've been getting so many contradictions on info regarding the 'Ninja Tribunal' story arc. Pre- Fast Forward and the Tme travelin' thing.. this wraps up the Turtles adventures post Shredder's Defeat and Leonardo's return to N.Y. and the dawn of the 'Real Shredder'!! One second it's on Pay-per-view the next second it's not.. it's coming out on DVD .. the next it's only coming to Disc out in Australia.. but contrary to what i've heard.. i guess we'll have to trust Dan B. at the official site. Ok here's what i've got so far ..

- You guys in the U.S. may wanna take note of this.. and drop 4kids a line.. from Dan B. :: "As many of you have already heard, Comcast Cable has dropped the "Ninja Tribunal" episodes from its "Video On Demand" service, unfortunately we don't have any definite information regarding why this has happened at the moment. To make matters more frustrating, 4Kids Home Video has removed the DVD set comprising the 13 "Ninja Tribunal" episodes from its DVD release schedule. Mirage continues to have discussions with 4Kids about releasing the Ninja Tribunal episodes on some format. If we are successful in convincing 4Kids that there is a viable market for these episodes, we will post a notice on the web site."

In the meantime, if you'd like to contact 4Kids and request that the DVD set be released, you can write to them at the following address:

4Kids Home Video

53 West 23rd Street

Newford, NY

( Emails are great ..but good ol' fashioned letters on paper still carry alotta weight this day n' techno-logical AGE..drop 4Kids a line !! I'm gonna try !! ~tOkK )

- My sweet friends ..Amanda and Dierna gave me the heads up on the Aussie edition of 'TMNT season 5' (Ninja Tribunal)** click for info and ordering..::

For release on 07, March 2007 ..:Get ready to RAISE SOME SHELL in this awesome 3-disc box set featuring all 12 never-before-seen episodes from Season 5 of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

"Abducted by the mysterious Ninja Tribunal and separated from Master Splinter, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo – are taken to a Tribal Monastery in Japan to begin a rigorous training program involving new weapons and powers. And they’re going to need all the training they can get, as the Turtles soon learn that they’ve been drafted into a battle against an ancient evil – the long-imprisoned spirit of the one true Shredder!"


Lap of Gods

Demons and Dragons

Legend of the Five Dragons

More Worlds Than One

Beginning of the End

Membership Drive

New World Order Part 1

New World Order Part 2

Fathers and Sons

Past Present

Enter the Dragons Part 1

Enter the Dragons Part 2

..and important.. if you guys are so desperate ..outside Australia anyways.. to get this set disc remember .."This DVD is formatted for playback on PAL enabled systems (Australian Standard)." It is NOT region unless you got a way to bypass that (which many people do..durr..) you may wanna hold out a little longer for a North American release. All signs i am reading that 'Ninja Tribunal' should be released at some point. So let's get letter writin' and stay patient as we can !! I mean those of us that want an official Stateside release. Otherwise.. well you may wanna get the Aussie set.

-Back to the Future.. Danny B. also warns as far as TMNT : FF .. the first set is listed on Amazon (**click here for info)for pre-order as.. ::

"TMNT Fast Forward: Future Shellshock Season 1 - The Turtles and Splinter suddenly find themselves in a futuristic world inhabited by a "melting pot" population of humans and aliens. Who's responsible for this mess? Why non other than Cody Jones, Casey and April's fourteen-year old great grandson, who accidentally pulled the Turtles through a "time window" to the year 2105!

Future Shellschock contains 13 episodes action-packed episodes on 2 discs .."

Release is scheduled for February 6, 2007..

- 'TMNT: Next Mutation' it or hate it..still lives.. here's a bit from my pal Hero i let slip by me..a real doozie.:

Hero: "The first 11 episodes of TMNT:TnM are now out over here for £4.99.

The track listings are shown in the second picture ^^

This is part of a series of 3-disc boxsets from Jetix that features programming not even shown on Jetix over here since the change from Fox Kids (oddly enough). Other sets include: Transformers RID, Care Bears, VR Troopers, Action Man and The Super Mario Brothers Super Show.

Next Mutation is a fabulous series and well worth £4.99 for 11 episodes. It is possible there is a second boxset lurking around since there have been two boxsets for Care Bears and VR Troopers. I'll keep you updated.

..i'll double check with Hero and keep ya informed.. especially State-side.. there is still a small but cool following for Next Mutation in North America that would love to see these Eps in disc ..(just short of downloadin',oi ).. Currently N.M. is D.O.A. in U.S. ..

-- Quick TMNT 4 movie bits then i gotta go .. ..
Dan Berger.. :: "We've received a report that the new TMNT movie trailer from Imagi will be debuting on December 15 in front of the "Eragon" film. It's not set in stone - but it's a possibility." ..

on December 1 ..Dan posted this :: "We've received a report that the new TMNT movie trailer from Imagi is supposed to be available at starting a week from today. It's also supposed to be showing with two holiday movies, "Unaccompanied Minors" and, as reported earlier, "Eragon"." ..So keep an eye out this Friday as we may have our first full TMNT Trailer to get out spikies alla flutter !!

..more as i go along..

Friday, December 01, 2006

Help tOkka support World AIDS Day !!

-->> Hey, Prickle pals.. recently your buddy; tOkKa has been doing his best to stay involved with a local HIV/AIDs organization that provides support,services,caring,education and research-based prevention programs that target high risk populations within the areas South of Denver (ect. ..). you may be aware ..December 1 is World AIDS day ..

"Human immunodeficiency virus or HIV is a retrovirus that causes Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), a condition in which the immune system begins to fail, leading to life-threatening opportunistic infections. .."

Today i'd like to share the following information with you today..

"AIDS has killed more than 25 million people, making it one of the most destructive epidemics in recorded history. Despite recent, improved access to antiretroviral treatment and care in many regions of the world, the AIDS epidemic claimed an estimated 3.1 million (between 2.8 and 3.6 million) lives in 2005 of which, more than half a million (570,000) were children. (!! !!)

"The concept of a World AIDS Day originated at the 1988 World Summit of Ministers of Health on Programmes for AIDS Prevention. Since then, it has been taken up by govenments, international organizations and charities around the world."

.."Around forty million people are living with HIV throughout the world - and that number increases in every region every day."

Help tOkka fight the prejudices and ignorance about this epidemic thru' learning,prevention and awareness !!

..Here are what i hope are some helpful links for you !! ::

-Support World AIDS Day


- Kid's Health . ORG's HIV/Aids education page ** !! (Pretty cool site for kid's to get the lo'down !!)

-'AVERT' is a U.K. Based HIV/AIDS charity with a very global view !!**

- The Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS !! **

The main theme for W.A.D. thru' 2010 is ::

Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise !!

..Help me keep that promise !! We can all do our part by learning,understanding,prevention,education,action and love !!

Kay' tOkKa Snapper-teers.. i'll catch ya in a bit.. have a good one.. luv ya !!




..for information on S-cap in the Southern Colorado area..please CLICK HERE !!**
-->> ..Hey, Spokie-tOkKies.. playing catch-up still. Been hit pretty hard these past few weeks and with my folks movin' and trying to make some hard-earned pennies has been really hard on the spikey back of the tOkKster.. !!
I'll aim to have a have a round-up by this weekend (a big one too !! Lotsa global Turtle bits been pickin' up the past few weeks.. and stuff leadin' to the big 'TMNT (4)' movie debut !! Just give em a bit a time. I'm buried deep in donkey doo-doo n' snow way up to my beak !! See ya in a bit,pals !! 8D