Friday, April 30, 2004

-->> ..after ya chomp on pizzas.. be sure to brush for shiney ninja Choppers.. !!
.. yeh.. you can deff tell it's a pokey week in TMNT-ville .. when i'm left to report on toothpaste..
sure it's cool Zooth is offerin' oral ninja hygenics to keep yir turtle choppers in ship-shape for Shredder Bitin' and Pizza poppin' ..

.. but we want some action !!
Luckily..for us..
..huh?? you gonna punt dah ball?? gonna punt dah ball.. huh ..are ya?? .. i can't see!!
..fightin' GEAR TMNTs come in 12 inch size.. Action figure d0t com.. these guys look ready to bust some teeth !!
.. >8]+]

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Mammy! Mammy! Say it isn't so, Mammy! Another update you say, Mammy? You BETCHA!

Enjoy it and have a good weekend!
-->> !!

..fairly fresh from the the Artzilla Sewers :: comes your 5th Turtle winner!! quote main-man..Gannon..::
Turtles WINNER! MAN was it close!

Is it you? CLICK!

Caravaggio by creon!

Haven’t seen his entry yet? Check it out:

If you forgot what the prizes are, here’s the rundown:

1. An armful of TMNT toys
2. a TMNT kids t-shirt
3. a LeSean signed TMNT comic and finally
4. a LeSean TMNT sketch and an Original TMNT Page!!! Wow!

-Click to view LeS's prize:
Here !!

& Here !!

Lets all give Creon a pat on the back, and special thanks to our official sponsor KONAMI for contributing the prize pack, LeSean for his incredible generosity, and especially ALL OF THE ENTRANTS! Good LORD, ARTXILLA has more up & coming talent then most comic book companies have pros! Don’t kid yourself when I say the final decision was the HARDEST yet. With entries as incredible as this:

Dah Winnah!!

Our decision wasn’t made lightly. Creon, simply, had it all. A very creative, unusual design to the 5th turtle, great back story, fantastic weapon, clean art work that made all the details visible to the judges (went as far as doing 3 PoV’s). But it was a close race. Jimmy Joe’s was insanely cool. As was Proph3t’s Warhol. I really want all of you to hold your heads up high.


..lots of great Turtles from what i've seen.. awsome work all of y'alls!! The TMNTs now have a fleet to take on the Foot!! 8)


Wednesday, April 28, 2004

-->> ..Pizza helps build strong turtles!!
.. Strange new info on an obscure ..(i assume) 'Ninja Turtles: NTM' Video Starts updated by Mr.B ..on the official TMNT d0t com..
..(pictured above is the U.K. release of the same video on PAL was released on VHS in North America..) ..
..while if your not a fan of the Next Mutation.. ignore this news.. but if your like me & into the TMNT as a whole and dig all the odd and end videos you can get your grubby,geeky hands whet with.. this may be a real cool addition to your video library of one of the coolest of the 'Next Mutation' sets of episodes.. as well as the introduction od possible the sexiest TMNT villian ever.. VAM MI !!

-- Speaking of 'Next Mutation.. from,Kali ::..
Hey all!

For awhile I've been mentioning a little project I've been planning. A rewrite of the NT:TNM pilot miniseries (the first five eps) in comic form. Well, I'm only a little more than halfway done, but this project kinda made me forget to do a page for my regular webcomic. Oops!

So, since I felt like I had to put something up, I give you the first three pages of "Ninja Turtles: Dragon's Fire" for your viewing (dis)pleasure.

I'd like to say before hand that this was never going to be a great work of art. Relatively little effort went into these pages. I inked in BIC pen to avoid messy and time-consuming pencil smudges. Colors are Crayola-student quality pencils, one layer for the most part.

I'll accept comments and questions, and critiques will be dealt with in the same attitude in which they were received. And before you ask, I'm not giving away spoilers.

Kali's Story starts here!!

-- !!
Again..Nick's newewst 'D 4 K' please refrain from chuckling to hard and having the milk shooting from your nostrils.. and short curcuiting your monitor.. that'd just be a big mess for everybody.. maybe you better grab a bucket..

-- N.V. .. Has a new 3-d rendered Shredder from the new TMNT up at N.T.N. excuse me.. this is more fan excitement than i can handle ..i need to hit the Maalox .. oi..


Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Check out the new wicked comic, comic strip 91 to be exact!

Nuff said!

Saturday, April 24, 2004

-->> !!

'Diamond's May 2004 'Previews' Mag..
(remember stuff in this book comes out 2 months from now).. us a quick lo-down on Tales of the TMNT #4..

by Stephen Murphy,Rick Remender, & John Beatty..

"The Worms of Madness" part 2

..the conclusion to our most possibly discussed-- and possibly most discusting --TMNT story EVER!!

The Turtles and Splinter face off against the shambling Lovecraftian horror that was once the Shredder !
With stunning artwork by penciller Rick Remender (od Ruule,Avengers) and inking legend BIG JOHN Beatty!!

.. sounds creepy.. this has been your Un-loved Lovecraftian toddler Reporter.. ,tOkKa..


Friday, April 23, 2004

-->>We are not 4-LOM for this world..

Pictured here ..with the loverly '4-LOM' is ..'Space Hoppin' Mike.. this is
'World In Advance' Exclusive(you can order These figs here.. )
..there is the fancy 'Peter Laird' sticker on the back to show that this is a special edition TMNT toy..

..the problem i have is.. I WANNA OPEN THE TOYS!! O' well.. pure torcher i tells ya!!

..PHOOEY !!. Yeh..just hang them on the wall.. and have them space you out and goad ya til' the regular editions come out.. grrrumble~~** i don't know what to do..

-- N.V. of 'Ninja turtles Network sends'::

" report on the Original series DVD info, and the first to run a Petition to get the series on DVD in 2002. Wether that had any ef fect or not, who is to say, but it's out in stores now and it's our job to support it!

Tthe quality on the 1996 episodes is Super clear. It's almost like you a re watching each Cell being photographed individually rather than watching the final moving image. I seem to remember the audio being a bit sharper on my TV Taped Hi-Fi episodes, but maby that's just me. I'll have to do a tape to DVD comparison later.

The original 5 episodes from 1987 look decent enough on DVD, definetly better than VHS quality. No tracking problems, no black slits appearing randomly on the screen, and no audio skips. THe Introduction sequence has a few video problems. For instance, whenever blue appearrs on the screen, it gets really blurry atthe top, but other than that, it's definetly better than VHS quality.

I'll try and get a VHS to DVD comparison picture setup tonight so you can see for yourself..."

..we'll keep an eye on that from the main master Turtle Meister N.V. (aka.. Shredder) ..8)

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

It's been silent on my end of things but... here is last week's comic strip...

And here is this week's.


Monday, April 19, 2004

-->> sis picked me up this Leo pillow at Wal-mart last night..
..i know alot of folks are pickin' up the latest TMNT decor to make thier beds all nice n' plastron purty.. but not all the Walley Worlds and Khols stores are sellin' em yet.. but keep an eye out and keep keen..the TMNTs are out to make your bed room a Brawl Room!!
That pillow plush will run you a little over 12 bucks..

--hey..remember the '80s ??
It's time you guys.. !!
.. TMNT the original series.. "featuring the first season of the show and four bonus episodes ('red sky' episodes) are out TODAY!!
..get to your fave DVD hot-spot today and pick it up!!

..remember.. Cartoon Network's Miguzi block starts today with the TMNT playing at 6 p.m. E/P ..
..Miguzi's official site and info start here!!
..toon in!!

From Mikey n' the main artist lady set om makin' the Forums a better place !!

-- Ready,set,learn!!
Where should a 300-pound Utrom go?? .. --On a diet!!

.. plenty of TMNT reading.. for the younger turtle tikes.. and the appreciative Turtle freekie-geekies!! 8) mentioned weeks back.. the new TMNT books have been leaking into stores. lucky for me the other day Media Play had all of them..

-"MEET Casey Jones"

-"The Secret" ..(featuring..not Kilink.. but herhaps his mother.. a cat named 'Balloons' 8P)..

-"The Green Monster"

-"Look Out ! It's Turtle Titan!"

- and the really cool ,"Jokes from the Sewer" featuring really sweet artwork illustrated by Mirage Moogle google 'Eric Talbot''s so neat to see some fresh TMNT work from a fan favourite and if you're new to his art style.. you're in for a fun treat ..sides..the book is real Zany!! !!

..what you can't find at your favourite library,book store, media store.. book broker..
Amazon should have all of what you're looking for..
.. take it from tOkK's been years scince some non-comic related TMNT lit has been published.. and these fun little books are well worth it, bop on over to where readin' is keen and get your Turtle share today!!

..dang.. i'm good..
yeh ..i'll keep tellin' myself that.. >v<

Friday, April 16, 2004

-->> ..hey,guys.. you think it'd be ok if i squish Mikey's head with the manhole cover here?? Thumbs up for 'aye' .. thumbs down for 'nay'..

Mr.B's Finally Friday TMNt baisic updates start here.. &'s almost here..
"Artisan Home Entertainment's classic TMNT cartoon DVD, featuring the first season of the show and four bonus episodes. We do not have any info on this release as Artisan does not provide us with any details. It's supposed to be in stores on April 20. You can order it online at"..
..with a really cool Price on amazon of $12.73 (excluding shipping..) 8)!!

Mr.B of official TMNT d0t Com.. has the full Cartoon Network schedule starting here..
..for some reason..sans.. Episode #16 'The King..' .. 8{


Wednesday, April 14, 2004

-->>..wait.. who the f8ck did you think i was?? What?? Rocksteady-who?? Grr.. come're.. i'll pound youse..
..more cool Usagi previews.. and a special buddy of the bushido bunny is gettin' his own toy too!!

-..check here for Mr.B's production pix and specs of Usagi and GEN!!
Hey howdy hey TMNT fans!! I hope your Easter rocked! I got to spend a bit of free time to myself, and collected some thoughts. Not as much as I wanted to, granted, but it was good none the less.

Okay so moving along: a new comic strip is up and you might notice a few things different. What could it be you ask?

No color? A full page? The characters moving outside their usual and what some may consider stiff "cartoony-strip"like poses? Maybe. Sure it's a bit more dynamic, but that's what you need to get used to seeing. Issue 3 rolls around, you guessed it, we're doing full pages.

So check out Prolouge Page 2 here, and if you want to see Page 1, then hurry up and VOTE. Now!

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

--Ok,Ok..bunny.. i can see yir pole.. now get it outta my face!! Gees!!
..kinda been a big news day.. Splint at the
long awaited new about everyone's favourite Mouser Mad Man.. and the Radical Ronin Rabbit.. ::

"Don't jump for joy yet....because the Baxter is majorly toon inaccurate. The body he comes with doesn't match -any- of his cartoon appearances. And the head looks terrible. So no hope for a headswap with a Utrom Exoskeleton. It looks more like a psychotic Krang's bubblewalker. Seriously, I'm starting to lose major faith in the line. It started so strong too, and now it's starting to stumble. I can't really say much more, the pictures speak for themselves. Playmates, you wound me. At least Usagi is cool. "

-Here's Baxter's Proto Pic #1

- Bax's Proto Pic # 2

-Usagi's priceless Proto can be seen here ..
....i'm wondering if Baxter will be a mix and match figure.. yeh.. and like Splint said..maybe he'll have an extra body .. you can prolly make a really mixed up mad doctor.. well.. we'll see.. i actually like the Baxter Proto.. ALOT!!
.. 8) and Usagi is always wonderful.. so stick some of my snapper spikes in yir pipes and smoke 'em ,Fan boys..

--..yeh..i'm sorry ,Mikey.. ya really do smell like fish.. hold on..i'll get the Glade..
Mr.B ..of official TMNT web..
..has the production previews of TMNTs that go Commando in the U.K. and Turtles all flippy and flappy and sobbin' wet in their new Scuba Gear..starting here!! well as The Space Hoppin' TMNTs 'Moc' and Fan avs on the Updates page wit' the O.C. on the flipy fly,Gee.. startin' here.. see?? dosen't grow on trees..Mighty Beanz do..
Mighty Beanz 2 packs!!
..i hit up Dollar Tree late Monday ..they have small boxes of little plastic bags
..of TMNT Mighty Beanz !!
..there were soem 'Marvel' ones.. but me n' some little kids were raidin' the TMNT ones big time..

..this is a great value.. especially if your scrimpin' and scrapin' for cash..
..the Normal 5 packs of Mighty Beans are about 6 bucks.. the 2 packs are just 1 buck!! can get 5 more Beans for the price of the 5 packs.. that's 10 ~~(durr.. you can add..) !! if your still trying to finish out your Mighty Beanz Turtle collective.. wiggle and wobble to Dollar Tree..
and possible other dollar stores in your area.. i got real lucky.. I'd een looking' for the 'Hamato Yoshi' Bean..

.. do .. there ya go.. Buckar00s!! 8P

Sunday, April 11, 2004

-->> ..happy bunny day!!
..smelly Easter egg..'s a stinky lil' little spoiler courtesy of 'Dierna'..
..regarding yesterday's Blast #88.. update
.. it's a pretty neat spoiler ..but .. i know how ya non-spoiler Turtle turdie mongers get.. ..i'll allow you some time to get away before i give ya an easter egg.. and it's a real stink
HERE's your last chance..then i'm droppin' the bomb..

..but if your a Spoiler-stinker.. well

.. scroll on..

**~~~~~~~Smelly Spolier Space!! !! ! ! !



.. ok..
Ready?? turnin' back,Bucky..

O'..don't worry 'bout me..i've had this sore throat fer 5 days now..HHAACCK~~~**

Blast from the future shows an image from one of the
last couple eps of Season 3!! AAAH!!! What the heck
happened to that mirror Splinter?!
Yes... Mirror Splinter...The Klingon looking beard
gives him away as Mirror Splinter (ref. 'Star Trek :Deep Space 9') ! So is there gonna
be AU eps???
Splinter has an evil twin who wears Klingon armour!!

.. ..'s that fer an Easter Egg!! 8)
.. ain't i a stinker?? .. .. >v<

Saturday, April 10, 2004

-->> !!
..Blast it!! ..
Peter Laird's 'Blast.." # 88..'s Raphael gettin' gidy with an Utrom Blaster ..
..and a Sneek Peek a seedy new character from TMNT ..season 3 !!
..n' boy he looks strangely familiar.. yet..differant.. oii.. 8{

Friday, April 09, 2004

-->> my fingers smell like cheese-sushi..
..a few weeks back when TMNT volumes 7 and 8 came out.. the vids excluded the 'Narroration Intros' the Tmnts always give before the ep is broadcast on T.V. ..

..the Eps on the videos are without these intros and re-caps..

"We checked with the producers of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...the intros were not included on several of the episodes because the DVDs include each part of the saga consecutively (Return to New York: Part 1, 2 & 3 / Search for Splinter: Part 1 & 2) and fans could go directly to the next episode, as opposed to waiting for the TV broadcast and needing a brief recap to be brought up to speed"

.. there apperantly was even a recall rumour of the DVDs.. but i guess it's all false..

The Full story is here on 'T.V. Shows on DVD'..

Thursday, April 08, 2004

That cover looks wicked sweet! Speaking of comics, a new D4K comes at cha!

Wow, man, I've been out of date with you all! Time flies when you're having fun, and when you're busy! Sorry for those who actually do read the site. Last time I left you, we were at Strip 83.


Strip 84

Strip 85

And the new one, Strip 86!

We're slowly counting down to Strip 100! With that, comes a bit more exposition than I'd like, but every story needs some of that, does it not? Well at any rate, enjoy the buffet of D4K comics I threw at you... and remember to check out the forums on my site as there is an interesitng convo going on there about Etneral Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (and in the state of the viewers in general.)

Or not. ;-) COWABUNGA!

-->>..see ..i told yas ..we had a 'big lizard' problem out here inna garden.. but ya din' beleive me.. why didn't ya beleive me!?

Mr.B od official TMNT d0t com gives heed..
TMNT vol.4 #15 ..see the TMNTs headin' for tons of Lizard and Aztec warrior trouble especially the newly transformed Raphael !!

..due out soon.. (Check'it..'Tales..'#2 should be out at your comic choppes now!!)

-- ..from Mr.B ..
Mirage C.E.O. Gary Richardson recently took a world wide trek to the Land Down Under to take care of some TMNT business in Australia. Here's some pix of the totally Turtly tour! Whatta trip!"

The Big Boss's Trip to the land of the Dingoes starts here!! Gary gets all the fun!! 8)
..maybe i'll get luck n' this Gary will bring me back a wallabee..last time he brought me back a a lousy t-shirt.. no it was really said.. " i'm with Stupid .." .. and the arrow pointed up to the neck of the shirt..

ok..never you mind.. >v<

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

..stomp some Foot before they kick yir shell!!
-->>..hey,UK-TMNT hero buffs!! (..and Turtle fans in general..)


To celebrate the launch of the kick-ass..
UNCUT live-action Turtles movie ON 5th April :
..Raph and the brains
of the crew, Donatello..
..have designed an awesome
game requiring great dexterity and
Mondo Ninja butt-kicking skills..
Give it a go dude!! !! !! !! !! !! !! !!

20 Prize Packs To WIN!
Includes exclusive retro skateboard, Theatrical poster and more!

..hurry..contest ends on the 31st of April !!

..check out the official 'TMNT movie' site for more info and purchasing info on the new DVD !!

--..avoid the Noid!!
..a was a little suprised and a Noid..
.. but all in all it's pretty cool.. the Hot Wheels Licensed 'Monster Jam ' is really hot..
.. and i got real excited when the TMNTs were getting a truck featured in their likeness..
Truck # 40 (which i guess is Raphael..hence the Red bandana on the truck's dash)..
.. well be on the look out for Truck # 15 .. Donatello.. least that's what it sez on the package.. which is weird ..cuz the first monster truck from last fall doesn't say "Raphael" ..
(..i found the Donnie truck in the picture at K-mart)
.. but.. well leaves one to assume.. that there are 2 more Trucks on the way!! (maybe.. not sure but i will find out)..

..a truck for Leonardo and Donatello .. 8)

.. i think the Noid is just upset cuz the Trucks ran over his pizza.. 8/ ..

.. >v<

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

-->> !!
..snoopin' around,snoopy..
.. Peter Laird playing around with Planet Racers d0t com.. of coarse.. sneeky-but,tOkK gunna go around n' poke!!

--..Blast 87 starts here..with Leo Battlin' a very scarey Monster!! - circa 1987-

-- More info from 'Reuters' about the up-coming 'Manjesco Videos' for Nintendo's GBA..

..oii.. creepy montser up there.. i'm off like a party dress!! 8P

Sunday, April 04, 2004

-->> What?? I was just crossin' the street.. What ..WHAT!?

..notable quotables.. and your Sunday Funnies..

--NV of N.T.N. ..::
"Could be.... Seems Mr.Grayson(Voice of Michelangelo) was able to confirm on our message board that they just finished recording a variation of it. Not sure if he can elaborate on that, but since it would probably include spoilers, my guess is no :). It also appears that Klunk may make his animated debute sometime soon as well. And with Peter Laird in charge, probably no surprise :).."

--..good ol' N.Turtle at T-drome.. with news from Mandy..
"As many Australian Ninja Turtles fans may know, only the Gameboy Advanced version of the new TMNT game is currently available down in Australia.
However next month a demo of the game will be available for XBox, included on a demo disk in the next issue of the Official Australian XBox Magazine.."

-- !!
..Protect your TMNT Tradin cards with this awsome Note Book holder !! ..way c00' .. 8)

-- ..if you want my plastron ..and you think i'm sexy..
Some Talent Show teens.. strut their Turtle Stuff!!

Friday, April 02, 2004

--..early mornin' grocery shoppin' baby Mikey a scary suprise..
.. as reported earlier.. at the local Walley-World Mart..
..that really pretty end-cap.. and a chock stock full on shiney new TMNT packs in the action figure isle..
..all your favourites were there.. Except April,Foot Fire Mystic....and the only disapointment..
NO 'Quarry'.. ..Purple girl just could not be found in any of the stacks or pegs i found.. SHE WAS NOT IN THIS ASSORTMENT.. that i could see..
.. but i did find Leatherhead,Giant Mouser Robot,Stone Biter,..

*Bonus DVDS are.. ..Darkness on the Edge of Town.. and Garbageman

..and only 1 Razor Fist .. i don't know if he's short packed..but this was the only Scorpion Freekie i found.. so..

..eeecch!! All the figs..again have the DVDs "Darkness on the Edge of Town" & "Garbageman" .. but that's it.. no other TMNT eps were available..i guess it varied which of the 2 Vids came with which figure..
..supposedly..'Wal-Mart' exclusive.. and i did see plenty of 'Toddler Turtles' ..

.. The Search for Quarry continues.. .. maybe i'll find the Grape lady she can join her creepy pals!!
(i'll try Kmart..) >8}

--..summin' creepy goin' on..

The much anticipate Tales..vol.2 #2 is due next week.. and Mr.B has the peek for all the Splinter sneeks.. !!


Thursday, April 01, 2004

-->> O' wow!!
Well,gawd.. It took some digging.. but FINALLY.. some GREAT NEWS on the movie we've all been waiting for.. it's so GREAT!! 8)

-->>lots and lots ans lots of assembly and lizard-monkey slave labour required..
..Build your own Technodrome!!
..courtesy of NV ,Shred-head and main man at..NTN!!::
It took me a while, but I finally found an easy way to make the dome portion of it, that's almost become fun. So, I thought I'd upload it and save everyone the trouble of making their own. This 3DS file was made in 3D Studio Max, although I don't know if it can be imported into other programs properly.

If you have Max, just use this file, and these two pictures to make your own Technodrom in 3D! for all ya 3-d pixel anime pioneers wantin' to conquor the universe.. ..the DL's start RIGHT HERE ON NTN !!