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-->> ..quick notes on news in the TMNT biz .. ;]

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-- Thanks to N.V. for the tip ..

**[ TMNT ] Director Kevin Munroe Talks 'Gatchaman', 'Dead of Night' on Newsarama ..( life after TMNT !! ~t )

-- Dan Berger & the official TMNT site !! :: ** has a little article about the NECA B&W TMNT figs here.

- Chris from 4Kids sent us the following two images of Casey Jones for the upcoming "Back to the Sewer" season along with this info about 'em:

"The difference being that the second version is how he will look if there is a spontaneous fight and he just throws his stuff on - and the black t-shirt design will be his gear when he knows he's going into a fight or going on patrol etc."

** Casey Jones version 1

*** Casey Jones version 2

-- TMNT Entity.. killer Comic Archive, directory, and reviews.. !!

** ( Check out Mark's really informative and fun blog here especially if your a newbie to the TMNT Adventure - verse or want a cool TMNA Refresher !! ~ t )

Mark: And if you want to just look at the reviews issue-by-issue instead of scrolling back through updates, check out the Archie Directory.

So since I finally completed my Archie collection, and I own practically every other TMNT comic in existence in one form or another, I figured I'd put my resources to good use and put together a comic guide with individual reviews for each issue.

What I hope to do that'll eventually set it apart from the guide at the official site is to have a hell of a lot of cross-referencing. That way, if you're wondering how one event connects to a previous or future one, or when a certain character appears again, it'll all be handilly located in the "Turtle Tips" section.

I figured I'd start with the Archie series, since I haven't read most of those issues, particularly after #25. What I also hope to accomplish is fit all the specials and minis in-between the issues of the main title where they belong, ordering a coherent timeline much in the vein of my Mirage Continuity Timeline. But that'll have to wait until I get to those issues.

I also intend to add scans of selected pages and panels later on to add some *oomph*, but that'll have to wait since scanning is time-consuming.

For now, I've completed the first TMNT Adventures Miniseries and the first 13 issues of the on-going.

.. "

**Check out Vaugn's Toon accurate Zak the Neutrio custom (( He sez he's workin' on Kala and her little pal next )) !!

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"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Volume 1. #1 / Fourth page :: "Ninja - April " by Ryan Brown (( 1985 ))

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Volume 1. #1 / Fourth page :: "Ninja - April " by Ryan Brown (( 1985 ))
Originally uploaded by tOkKa

♥ ♥

-->> of the earliest ( if not the first ) depictions of April O'Neil as a fellow master-fighter among the rest of the team.


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-->> The Terror Bears Return .. !!

7 months in the making & dedicated to the work and memory of Erik Wujcik !!

** Click it here, for those who dare .. !!

.. for Tokka's next big awful adventure !! ..

(( Also included on the page is a gallery of the mostly ' pre- digital ' preliminary work for the characters. I get complaints from time to time that people want to see the work outside the context of the story i am trying to tell, so the raw work is there in a gallery. [[ As well as a suprise for those who can last the terrible adventure !! ]] .. ))

Alternate viewing available on ::

>* FlickR

** DA

*** FA


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-->> ** NECA'S OFFICAL ACCOUNCMENT and Word on ::

TMNT Black & White Box Set Comic Con Exclusive  4 pack with ALL accessories & Stands //  Preview [[ NECA ONLINE PIX ]]

Revisit 1984 with The Turtles
NECA Releases Images of TMNT Series 1.5 Action Figures

"Last week, NECAonline revealed the highly anticipated San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Edition Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Black & White Box Set. For those who can't get their hands on one of those 500 sets, don't despair! Today, we're releasing the first official images of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Series 1.5 Action Figures! The single-carded release, due out this August features all the extras found in the Comic Con set, including core weapons, alternate hands, and detailed interlocking bases. Plus, all figures and accessories feature dynamic new Black & White paint and deco, capturing the look and feel of the original 1984 Eastman and Laird comics. We'll reveal more images, including accessories and packaging, as release date draws near, but for now take a look at all four Turtles with their fully assembled display bases. Make sure to check back at NECAonline for the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles updates and more!"


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 VIRAL Wallpaper [[ Courtesy 4kids TMNT Blog ]]

-->> Fast Forward Forms in 'Back To The Sewer' Style are the focus of 4Kids' latest TMNT Blog Post. Also the return of an enemy who really Bytes !!

(( ** CLICK HERE ** ))


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Erick Wujcik  .. January 26, 1951 – June 7, 2008  [[ Courtesy of TMP & Kevin Siembieda ]]

Erick Wujcik .. January 26, 1951 – June 7, 2008

** SRC ..

'Erick Wujcik .. was an American designer of both role-playing games and computer role-playing games, and co-founder of Palladium Books.'
♥ ♥

"Beloved roleplaying game designer Erick Wujcik passed away Saturday evening, June 7, 2008. He died from complications related to pancreatic and liver cancer. Kathryn Kozora, his sweetheart of nearly 30 years, and other loved ones were at his side.

Erick was diagnosed with cancer in late November 2007, and was given 6-8 weeks to live. True to Erick's indomitable spirit and zest for life, he proved the doctors wrong by lasting more than six months. Most of that time was spent with friends and loved ones.

Erick Wujcik's accomplishments are many.

To the roleplaying game community, Erick is best known for his many RPG games and contributions to Palladium Books, including The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles RPG, several TMNT sourcebooks, After the Bomb RPG and sourcebooks for it, Ninjas & Superspies, Mystic China, Rifts China One and Two, Revised RECON, Wolfen Empire and many others. He is also famous for Amber Diceless, the first truly "diceless" roleplaying game, published under Erick's own label, Phage Press. Erick also published Amberzine and founded Ambercon, a series of conventions celebrating gaming, friendship and the world of Amber, hosted at numerous locations around the world.

Erick Wujcik was also the founder, heart and soul of the Detroit Gaming Center, served as Adjunct Assistant Professor of Game Design at Hong Kong Polytechnic University (2003-2008), and worked in the videogame industry for the last several years, including UbiSoft China and most recently, as Senior Game Design/Writer at Totally Games, Novato, California.

Erick Wujcik's greatest accomplishment, however, is his contagious joy for life and love of ideas and imagination that inspired people around the world. Whether they were one of his students at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, fellow game designers, or fans sitting in the audience at a convention or seminar listening to Erick speak, to those who had the pleasure of gaming with Erick (he loved to run games at conventions and everywhere he went), to those who knew him best, they couldn't help but to love him. Even the millions who only knew him through his published works or communicated with him online, considered him a friend.

Erick is survived by Kathyrn Kozora, Kate's granddaughter (his beloved Sara), mother Nora, sister Peggy, his Aunt Mary and Uncle Sam and Nancy, along with dozens of aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews.

Erick's last months of life were the same as he had always lived, full of friendship, joy, grace and beauty. He went quietly into the night, like a snowflake falling gently from the heavens."

-- Kevin Siembieda

♥ ♥

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Gutwallow Returns !!

-->> Official Site .. :: TALES 51 CHECK IT OUT ON THE BOOKS OF THE FUTURE PAGE !! !!

- ** Posted TMNT Volume #11 on the site - read it here.

- Dan B :: " Peter Laird, Jim Lawson and Eric Talbot began the long trek via car to Charlotte, NC this morning to attend the Heroes Con. Michael Dooney and I (Dan Berger) will be flying out tomorrow. We all hope to arrive safe and sound and shoot the summer breeze with those of you who can attend at the show. It's gonna be a blast! "

-- ..Paleo - POWER Vaughn has a review of the latest blast from the past :: Paleo Mini - mutants !! ( ** CLICK )

..also in case ya missed it, the latest in fo on SDCC NECA Exclusive ' NON - CHOMPING ' Mousers.. ( ** CLICK )

..Thanks, Vaughn !!


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Friday, June 13, 2008

TMNT Black & White Box Set Comic Con Exclusive  4 pack with ALL accessories & Stands //  Preview [[ NECA ONLINE PIX ]]

**From NECA online..

The Turtles: Back in Black & White
NECA Releases Images of TMNT Black & White Box Set Comic Con Exclusive

This year, NECA took the New York Comic Con by storm with one of our most popular convention exclusives yet, the New York Comic Con Exclusive Edition Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Box Set. All 500 exclusive sets are long-gone, but today we're unveiling our latest San Diego Comic Con Exclusive: the San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Edition Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Black & White Box Set! Much like the New York exclusive, this set contains all four Turtles, their complete accessories, and detailed display bases with all-new highly anticipated Black & White paint and deco! San Diego Comic Con will be the first place to pick up the Black & White Turtles anywhere, so be there! As a special bonus, the set will feature a 4" x 6" certificate hand-signed by Peter Laird.
NECAonline is also proud to announce that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman will be appearing at the NECA booth to sign the San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Edition Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Black & White Box Set! Just like the last exclusive box set, this edition will be limited to 500 pieces. We'll be unveiling more details, such as pricing, signing times, and when you can buy your set, as we get closer to San Diego Comic Con's start date of July 24, but for now, take a look at the first images of the Black & White Turtles and the Peter Laird Certificate! As always, make sure to check back at NECAonline for the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles updates and more!


..guestimation of cost :: around $ 50 ..stay tuned for details

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TMNT: Back to the Sewer  :: Hun back [[ Courtesy 4kids TMNT Blog ]]

-->> **..LARGE and now in CHARGE .. :: Hun takes the big bit out of the 4kids blog this week, check out the skinny on the big hulk as well as his new BTTS design !!

"..Michelangelo and Raphael are here to answer your questions from the Buzz. Click below to listen to what they had to say. Then let us know what you think and if you would like to hear another podcast."


..more later..


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Early 'Pizzaface' one-up   [[ Courtesy of Art Hell inc. ]] (( 1990 ))

-->> Let's spotlight an artist, sculptor, and model builder Vaughn M. introduced me to months ago.

Art Hell :: "..I was first hired by Playmates to help conceptually visualize the Turtles line. I was already an underground comics reader so I was framiliar with the characters. .."

..some of the most classic & fun TMNT characters in your collection have prolly eminated from the work of A.H. .. !!

Check out more of his multimedia work here and the expansive body of Toy related sculpture here @ ** Anaglyph Scupture !!

So fuggin' RAD !!


-->>Part iii of Benjamin Ong Pang Kean's TMNT 25 interview set is up.

This time with the low-down from the big man himself:: Mr. Pete Laird.

(( including some interesting notes on a ' HYBRID ' TMnt movie sequal ))

** CLICK HERE for Newsarama !!

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES / 7inch ACTION FIGURE SERIES 1.5 BLACK and WHITE alternate : 4 PACK :: Medium Peek [[  Courtesy of ]]

-- Found a bit larger image of the B/W NECA Turtle variants yesterday on a Japan Toy site stating that they are :: ** Due in 2008, around July ( ?! )

.. it is possible. Stay tuned as i follow this.

-- Official Site ::

7:00 AM

Will & Dewitt = CW4Kids

7:30 AM

Magi-Nation= CW4Kids

8:00 AM

Viva Pinata = 4Kids

Tom and Jerry Tales = CW4Kids

8:30 AM

Viva Pinata= 4kids

Tom and Jerry Tales= CW4Kids

9:00 AM

TMNT Classic=4kids

Chaotic = CW4Kids

9:30 AM

TMNT Classic= 4kids

The Spectacular Spider-Man= CW4Kids

10:00 AM

Sonic X= 4kids

The Spectacular Spider-Man = CW4Kids

10:30 AM

Dinosaur King = 4kids

TMNT: Fast Forward = CW4Kids

11:00 AM

Kirby Right Back At Ya= 4kids

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX = CW4Kids

11:30 AM

Winx Club = 4kids

The Batman = CW4Kids

Josh "Turtle Kid" Rotunda sent in the following info

** Hi Guys,
Wanted to let you know if you attend the San Diego Comic Con that NECA has an exclusive that we the TMNT fans would love to get our hands on. It is a limited edition set of 3 Mousers. They also come with a base and a manhole cover that says "San Diego" on it. has more details in case anyone wants to know.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

'The Forever War'   Unused TMNT Adventures #72 cover..((TMNTA story Never released)) [[courtesy of S. Murphy]]

-->> Thanks to A.Modeen for the tip..NEWSARAMA's Part II of the big TMNT Shellebration interviews.

..this time , the spot - light is on STEVE Murphy and the FOREVER WAR.

** CLICK HERE !! **


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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

GIANT : FOOT SOLDIER "KICK IT " - 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Retro line' [[Krang Gang]] // Tee (( 2008 ))

-->> ..GLORIOUS !!

..among one of the New Tees showing up @ Hot Topic stores now !!

A couple new Turtle designs as well .. one with Casey Jones as mentioned previously and one i noticed with Leo cutting up some Pizza for the guys ..


-->> Grr.. i'm cranky, just like Raph !!

..official site spits n' spats..::

TMNT - Back  to the Sewers : Raphael expresions  (( 1988 )) [[ Courtesy & Chris @ 4kids ]]

"The mighty Chris from 4Kids has once again sent us some images of character designs for the upcoming "TMNT Back to the Sewers" season - this go 'round we have the new versions of Mikey and Raph and an image of the gang's size comparison chart. As always, click the small image ( TEXT ~t ) to open a larger version in a pop-up window:"

**Mike rotation

**Raph rotation



**Mike heads

**Raph expressions

**The starting line-up size chart

** **

CC wrote in to inform us that the Comics Continuum site has reported that "TMNT: Fast Forward" joins The CW 4Kids lineup on Saturday, June 21st.

Ryan wrote in with this info:

' I just wanted to let you know that Hot Topic has updated their TMNT collection. They now have: TMNT key toppers, TMNT beanies, NECA figures, new T-Shirt designs (featuring Bebop & Rocksteady and Casey Jones), TMNT pins, a new sticker, wristbands and the 3-pack of the Ninja Turtle live action movies. Also, iTunes has an album by the DWP Dance Project where they have taken the TMNT theme and turned it into dance music, and a band by the name of "Horse the Band" has covered the original theme song. '


"Peter Laird found some old photos that he took back in the day of some "first strikes" (intial castings taken from a mold) of the original Playmates Toys TMNT line. This is a neat opportunity to see how much detail went into the sculpts without them being obstructed by the paint jobs (if you think that sort of thing is cool, like we do :) Also included are two really old pix of an über cool early version of Rocksteady (I think this may have been used during the initial pitch between Playmates and Mirage)! Click the thumbnail pix ( TEXT ) to open larger versions in pop-up windows."

**Early Rocksteady

**Rocky and Donny


**Baxter Stockman front

**Baxter 3/4 view

**Casey Jones front

**Casey back

**Fugitoid front

**Fugitoid back

**Leatherhead right

**Leatherhead left

**Mutagen Man front

**Mutagen Man back

**Scumbug front

**Scumbug back

**Triceraton front

**Triceraton left

**Turtlecycle right

**Turtlecycle left

e have sets of the NECA TMNT action figure four pack (the regular store release, not a convention exclusive) available for order via Paypal for U.S. citizens here. Sorry gang - international shipping is getting to be crazy expensive and a royal pain, so we don't plan to ship toys across the border.

** We also have a few sets of the four individual TMNT figures (Leo, Don, Mike and Raph) on hand that are available for U.S. orders for $15.95 each plus shipping ($4.95 shipping for one figure, $7.95 shipping for two figures, $8.50 shipping for three figures or $9.00 shipping for all four figs). If you're interested in these, please contact us via the "fanmail at" e-mail address. We'll sell 'em on a first-come-first-served basis (I didn't put them on the cart page because we don't have very many of 'em, so if there's any interest, they'll probably sell out quickly).


"Just a heads up that the "Ninja Tribunal" DVD should be available now at your local Target store. Word from 4Kids is that the Season Two Part 2 set (13 episodes) is scheduled to ship the first week of September."


- Courtesy of Steve Murphy ..

'Music' Don [[ Courtesy of Steve Murphy ]]

-- Via Roseangelo .. ::



" **Tales of the TMNT #46 Now Available

Oops, I think I've slacked on posting comic releases lately.

So in case you weren't aware, Tales of the TMNT #46, "Temps" by Dan Berger and Jim Lawson, was released to comic shops last week. This story is set in the middle of the Volume 1 arc "City at War" and is one of the stronger issues of Tales we've seen lately.

If you haven't yet sporked your local comic shop into carrying the title, you can get it direct from Mirage at"


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