Tuesday, December 31, 2002

-->> ..take enough Ex-Lax after all these Holiday Festivities ..Food-ings and Gorging.. & you'll start the New Year off with a bang!!

WELP,folks.. ..it's that time of year again..where we end 'IT' !!
Gee..where did the time fly..?? Well let me tall ya.. it flew right down
my throat..out my p00 hole & down the crapper..
~~ !!

But i'm not complaining ..(but i am).. we all had a great year..right??
Well NEW TMNTs are moving thier way back on to the little screen
and onto the pokey pegs at the toy isle of your nearest Kmart.. plus ..
by this time in 2003.. there'll be some new Vid games as Konami relaunches
thier Shtick with the Turtes.. yeah..it's gunna be swell.. ..now excuse me..
i'm gunna go drown my WhoAs ..in a quart of Mickey's Malt Liquor..
.. see ya later.. in 2003!! .. .. .. eeehhh.. w00ppee d00.. >*{
.. >v<

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