Friday, September 20, 2002

-->> & ..on a weird related 'FOX BOX' note..
..about 2 hours ago i was in the local 'Toys R' Us' store..buyin' my neice her b-day present..i'd noticed a week or so prior they had some left-over 'Fox Box' i was able to pick up a few extra ..seein' as how the lady packed my bag with one & didn't even care that i picked up another..apperently there was some epidemic with a VHS video tape that was to be included as part of the promo & all over the U.S. were not gettin' the videos with the Promo Box. As I was checking out with my neice's Scooby Doo gift..i noticed all the registers had lil' red boxes stacked on them..bein' curious n' t00 tired ta give a flippin' fad00dle what the clerk thought..i picked up the box ..sh0' nuff.. it was the video from the promo.
So i snagged a few.. raced slow as a Turtle home (i'm tired ya know) ta fast forward to the less than 40 second TMNT cartoon ad..(the same one ya saw online) just a heads up to ya geeky TMNT completests.. yir local 'Toys R' Us' may have some videos on thier shelves just for you to complete yir 'Fox Box' set.. apperently n0 foxes were harmed in the filiming of the video. ..>v<

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