Thursday, March 29, 2007

tOkKa & Rahzar..

-->>.. special thanks to anzyAprico & mntkondr for the lead & shot..8)


- official note from d'boss:: ..Mikey..

"..Okay... the contest is in fact closed. I never put up a notice because darn school and work got in the way. But yeah... Thanks to those of you who entered!

I will be sending the entries to a non-biased judge. I'll give you the results as soon as possible!.."

..more in a bit..

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

-->> Waitin' on Mikey again .. mean time i got the go ahead on a special spotlight Retro Rev- !!

My pal Leif stellar artist,designer,story boarder,fine artist and cartoonist blastin'outta Hamilton Ontario in Canada !! Pretty freekin' amazing and inspirational..he's a one-man factory for design. Safeway,Quaker,Post,Kraft,Sugar Bear, and Cap'n Crunch.. just name a few of his crazy clientele ..among his earliest works include..Ahem** Nabisco's Canadian TMNT cereal box design !! (Yeh right up my alley.. just ask Mikey !! Ya like it ??)

Leif Peng !!

**Canadian TMNT cereal box ..Illustrated by Leif Peng/Nabisco 1991

Leif Peng !!

**Canadian TMNT cereal box pencils..Illustrated by Leif Peng/Nabisco 1991

You can catch more of Leif **here on his personal site ..but only if your prepared for something amazin,Raisin !! Whatta' guy !! Whatta nut .. and one slick artist !! WOWWOWOWOW !!

Thanks,Lief for lettin' me share some of your most classic of work !!


- Thank youzzzzz to GW for this important scoop on the TMNT movie release date on DVD..

"You might have this already, but the release date for the DVD is July 10

**Click for source..

Scroll down to the second to last comic cover."

'TMNT - The Collected Movie Books

Ship Date: July 7, 2007

Format: 216 B&W pages, full color cover, trade paperback format
Retail Price: $16 US $19 Canada

Cover by by Kevin Munroe’s CG crew; Stories by Murphy and Jake Black; Art Diego Jourdan, Juan Saavedra, Cristian Gonzalez, Fernando Pinto, Andres Ponce, Dario Brizuela, Jim Lawson, and others.

To coincide with the July 10 release on DVD of the blockbuster and cutting edge TMNT movie, this special trade paperback collects all 5 movie Prequel comic books along with the official movie adaptation! '


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

For those like me who have been unhappy with the later released due to missed episodes, etc, seems that 4Kids is listening, finally! While there is no other news just yet on part 2 of season 1, they are re-releasing the first few seasons in seasoned sets! Yay! Let's pray and hope for extras, eh?

click here for a bit more 'official' tv dvd-show-like news coverage.
Aaron Knight of LiningUpTV gives us the heads up on his awesome video Turtle Soup -- A tribute to the TMNT!

Another great music video from the artist behind the sensational tribute "Bay's Touch"! LiningUpTV pays tribute to twenty years of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with a kick ass musical medley of classic movie, television, and video game themes.

Visit LiningUpTV's booth at this year's San Diego Comic-Con! Aaron Knight will be performing live each day, and it's the only place where you can grab your copy of the new LiningUpTV CD!

And make sure to check out the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cg animated feature, now playing in theaters!

Monday, March 26, 2007

A message from TMNT Artist Rick Remender!

Tales of the TMNT #4 cover art by Rick Remender and John Beatty on eBaywith absolutely no reserve. Grab it up for cheap.



Sunday, March 25, 2007

-->> ..!!


You've been waiting for it...

Click here for details!

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One Mock Turtle Deserves Another..

-->> Hey ,Mikey ..everybody .. look what caption snapped on the March 22 edition of C.S. Indy's Movie page ..

.. some Mighty Morphine Power Stranger n' smart arse really thinks their funny. Yeh they know what they're talkin' about , huh !!

Meh .. maybe they should be uh writin' for Family Guy er summin'.

Yeh another real 'punny'-funny Coloraduh Springs hipster !!

Gee.. a 'Focus on the Family' feud ?? Some Mutant Red-neck gone amok at the Indy ?!

Maybe somebody snortin' that funky 'Pizza Powder' ??

Hmm .. dunno.. can't blame 'em too much i guess.

Spending 'nuff time in this gewfy city'll do that to people.

But eh..yah know.. little do they know that one of the most controversial & chaotic TMNT fans ever, and a second up on a crazy TMNT fansite ..just lives down the ways from their downtown offices there !!

..yep ..::tOkKa..

Yeh like they'd know some of hard-cores' been waitin' for this show for freekin' 14 years !! Or how much all this means to us..and the people behind it ..

Hmm.. gee.. i mean heaven forbid i sabotage their next pizza order from Papa John's or Poor Richards with the tainted mushrooms.

Naahh .. i'm kiddin' !! Eh yeh sure i am .. !!

But uh .. ya know.. someone's gotta protect the Turtles' honor round these parts & these people with that 'Rockey Mountain Fever'.

And as a near full-fledged member of the 'Foot Clan'.. i can tell ya ,sometimes it's good bein' the Bad guy


Vengence is mine sayeth the Snapper !!

Or as they say 'round these parts "Cowabungaluia,Dude.." ..

.. >v<

- Thanks to Lexie ::

Lex::.." anyway.. great story on MSN!

i just saw TMNT for my second time today - and i'm STILL lovin' it.
here are the pics - one of the entire group and our bandanas, and one of me and my best ninja buds. don't ever watch TMNT movies with us, we know every single line, and we're always quoting TMNT movies. ;)


so anyway, that MSN article! TMNT tops the box office, eh? awesome!

LOS ANGELES -- The ninja turtles are back, and they're winning. The Warner Bros. adventure "TMNT," a computer-animated update of the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" comics, cartoons and 1990s live-action movies, debuted as the top weekend flick with $25.45 million in ticket sales, according to studio estimates Sunday.

way to go guys! ^_^ "

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Mikey featured in a story by the Associated Press!!
Check it out:

In this asap podcast, DERRIK J. LANG talks to "TMNT" writer-director Kevin Munore, producer Thomas Gray and Michael Perez, the 26-year-old superfan behind Mikey's TMNT Web site, about bringing the franchise back out of its shell.



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles find welcome return to the big screen
A column for The University Star (Texas State University - San Marcos) by Mikey!
Check it out:

Everyone has their little obsessions: fine wines, expensive shoes, social networking sites, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Wait. What? Seriously — Ninja Turtles? Well, you may have MySpace and Facebook, but I grew up with a different sort of addiction.


Friday, March 23, 2007

-->> ..!!


You've been waiting for it...

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-->>..ya think i'm ready ta go, Mikey?? Ya think i'll do my mama proud ??

N' boy that movie was fun !!

..N' don't kids yourselves..

THIS IS TMNT 4 !! TMNT II and 3 Count to the turtle canon so HAHA !! >8p

..well whatever.. while Mikey's enjoyin' the lime life.. bein' the lemon on this site means i'm #2 .. and well #2 is crap ..but uh.. somebody's gotta do all the dirty work n' clear out the septic tank. So i'll grab some toilet paper ..n' while we're waitin' for Mikey's next big report .. i might as well get this big fat round-up on the road here. .. .. ::

- Check your local McDonald's restaurant ..TMNT toys are in now !!**Click for the site !!

- Thanks to Lex for the followin' spat !! ::

Lex .." ..this gave me a good laugh, and gives our guys some exposure!
i did my daily what's going on in the world according to MSN check and lo and behold saw a cute little 80s mikey with a pizza smiling at me!

the headline reads - cowabunga! a brief history of the 'mutant ninja turtles'.
at the end of the article is a little questionarre you can fill out. do it! :)

here's a link to the story, otherwise, go right to!"


- Courtesy of Cyn..

..last weekend's premiere review from IGN ..**Click here ~~!!

++ Official site stats from Danny B. !! ::

- The May issue of Starlog contains a four page story about the new TMNT film.

..spidey's got company !!

- Trey sent in this report - check your local listings to confirm:

"I thought I'd let you and the fellow Turtle fans know if it hasn't been reported that this Satuday (3/24) in honor of the movie 4kids will air "Membership Drive" of the brief Ninja Tribunal Season which features The Justice Force and The Nanotech Monster. The other episode will be the next Fast Forward episode "Graduation Day - 2105".

-Metal Mike sent in this snippet:

"It appears that the classic NES TMNT game will be hitting Nintendo Wii's virtual console!!!"

-Jorhan sent in the following info:

**Here's the link to the new TMNT figures!

Toy News International

-Ross sent in the following info:

"I just saw **Navarre has posted the season 1 Volume 1 DVD on their site, it is saying 13 episodes: Concurrently, ** has Box Art for the set and the art says 12 episodes."

-**Posted the extended synopsis (with screenshots) from Episode #101 "Adventures in Turtle-Sitting".

- "USA Today has a story about the TMNT movie voice actors on their site. (**Click) "

- ** .."pix of the TMNT movie toys display at the Toys R Us in Times Square, NYC"

**Photo 1

**Photo 2

**Photo 3

**Photo 4



** @ CLICK HERE !! **


Thursday, March 22, 2007


You've been waiting for it...

Click here for details!
Here are several random pictures that are just complete nonsensical TMNT funness...

The first three are at SXSW in Austin, where they were handing out free ice cream. That's me, Vicky and some fans waiting in line for a show.

There's one from the Hot Topic storefront at Barton Creek Mall in Austin, where the TMNT screening was held. Then, there are theater line pics of fans at the advance screening.

Finally, there are photos sent in by Warner Bros. in honor of the TMNT's outing in NYC during the debut of their soundtrack album to the new film!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

-->> New Leo Wallpaper Graphic & cast info on TMNT Movie site ..!!

Deep thanks to Roseangelo ..::

"Oh, you've probably seen already .. but finally updated the site and I made a new Leo wallpaper from the graphic on the cast page. .. "

**Click here to check out the jist on !!

..more l8R .. >v<

Monday, March 19, 2007

A message from Warner Bros. ...

See the Turtles live on Tuesday, March 20th at the Virgin Megastore in Times Square (1540 Broadway, New York) or a special TMNT soundtrack release party from 1:00 to 2:30 PM.

For more Turtle madness, be sure to catch the Turtles on the Early Show on Wednesday, March 21st.

Movie Star TMNT - Movie Star RAPH CARD  backer (1991)

-->> Movie Star TMNT - Movie Star RAPH CARD backer

Movie Star TMNT - Movie Star Mike backer  (1991)

Movie Star TMNT - Movie Star Mike backer (1991)


-Fast Food Mutation Nation ..

Get a peek at McDonald's New 'TMNT' Happy Meal promo due later this week..(8 figures in all !!)

..** Click here for Mickey D's TMNT site ..and demos on all toy action !!

Remember can also purchase the toys separate from the Kids' Meal, all ya have to do is ask the clerk.

Raph's Milkshake brings the boys to the yard..

- Official site stats ..from Danny B. ::

"..Howdy folks - the site may be very slow at times over the next few weeks because we're getting tons more visitors than normal due to the imminent release of the new movie.

**Click - Posted the extended synopsis (with screenshots) from Episode #100 "A Tale of Master Yoshi".

-Mirage Studios artist Ryan Brown will be appearing at the Wayne Center for the Arts in Wooster, Ohio on March 31. Call (330) 263 - ARTS for more info (and check out the poster below):

-Paul Acevedo (EastX) sent in the following info:

The original TMNT arcade game is now available on Xbox 360. You can download it from **Xbox Live Arcade for 400 MS Points ($5.00). This is a perfect emulation of the original arcade game! The version that was included with TMNT 2 on GC/Xbox/PS2 had glitchy sound, but all music and voice samples are in tact on the 360. New character select graphics and a border for HDTVs have been added which use the new CG TMNT movie artwork. When playing offline, all four players have unlimited continues. Online, each player's lives are limited so it's a nice challenge. The game's **Achievements can be viewed here (Click-).

We've gotten sales reports in from the first 12 hours that the game was released and it's selling phenomenally well - thanks everyone!

-Adam sent in this news:

I found this page today with 11 clips from the movie and 2 trailers:

** Click-

- Marcos reports that has posted 11 clips as well (possibly the same ones - maybe a useful mirror).

- Star sent in this report:

On Saturday, March 17th there was an advance screening of the new TMNT movie at the AMC Barton Creek Cinema in Austin, Texas. Attached is a pic of the free pass I'd nabbed the weekend before. It was one of the most efficient sneak peeks I've ever been to. They took our passes, stamped our hands with a GREEN bingo marker (appropriate for St. Paddy's Day & the movie!) and seated everyone fairly quickly. Aside from a problem where the projector went out a few times about 1 hour into the movie, everything went well. I guess I'll just have to see it again (yay!) to get the part we missed - which was probably less than 1 minute of screen time total.

- Stan Sakai has posted his thoughts about attending the TMNT premiere on the Usagi Yojimbo web site.

-David wrote in to let us know that he heard from Playmates Toys that the following items have not been released yet: Purple Dragon, Inuwashi Gunjin, Paleo Patrol Sabre Cycle with Raphael, Paleo Patrol Helicopter and Movie Splinter with Bigfoot. Hopefully they'll be available sometime in the next few months.

-John sent in the following info for toy collectors:

"Playmates Toys never released the Sidewalk Surfer vehicle. It was released by Playmates but under the Toxic Crusaders toy line as Toxie's Turf Surfer."
.. ..


Saturday, March 17, 2007 frosted lucky charms..

..Jersey the Leprechaun (See,Mikey .. good luck was with 'ya after all !! 8D ..)

Just saw TMNT... BEST MOVIE EVER!!! You will laugh, you will cry, you will be amazed at the action, drama, and beauty of this film. I will post more later!

Friday, March 16, 2007

-->> ..ROUND-UP STAMPEDE .. oii !!

- From da boss ,Mikey ..

"..I couldn't wait until I finished the page to post this, but I have created a page specifically for video promos for the TMNT film. These are all the official videos that are available from Warner Bros.... INCLUDING A BRAND NEW FEATURETTE WITH VARIOUS SCENES FROM THE MOVIE!!!

Please forgive me if you can't access ALL the videos at first. I'm still in the process of building the page. But like I said, I just COULD NOT wait!! "

Enjoy! .."


- Official Site update for this week from -Dan B. !!

-Updated the "Books of the Future" page.(**Click)

-** Posted some new movie-themed desktop pictures.

- **And now for something totally different, it appears that some of the TMNT are asking for advice over at This is not Mirage affiliated, it's for amusement only.

- ** posted their review for Lionsgate's "Season Four" DVD release of the original TMNT toon.

- On Saturday March 24th (the day after the movie opens), Cartoon Network USA plans to run a Turtles Marathon from 12 PM to 5 PM featuring episodes from Season 1 and 2. Check your local listings to make sure it's happening.

-Here's the TMNT movie soundtrack press release:

Atlantic Records has announced the upcoming release of "TMNT - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Music from the Motion Picture." The album will be released for online purchase on March 13th, followed in stores a week later, March 20th.

"TMNT - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Music from the Motion Picture" features contributions from a host of recording artists, including new songs written expressly for the film by three of today's most exciting new rock 'n' roll bands. Decaydance/Fueled By Ramen recording groups Gym Class Heroes and Cobra Starship each contribute TMNT-inspired tracks, while Atlantic's Big City Rock offers up an "animated" rendition of the Lead Belly classic "Black Betty." Other acts featured on the soundtrack include Jet, Cute Is What We Aim For, Pepper, Meg & Dia, Billy Talent, This Providence, Amber Pacific, and others (cover art and track list is here **-Click ).

The iTunes release of the album will also include an exclusive bonus acoustic version of Amber Pacific's "Save Me From Me," along with video of the band in the studio recording "Fall Back Into My Life." Additionally, "TMNT - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Music from the Motion Picture" includes excerpts from the film's score, composed by Klaus Badelt ("Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl", "Constantine").

- Recent TMNT Movie related links (WARNING: some of these sites use pop-up ads and other annoying stuff):

**WB UK Movie Game

**4Kids TV's Movie-Mini page

** - Final TMNT Onesheet

** – Final TMNT Onesheet

** - Kevin Munroe on TMNT

** - Lotsa images and video clips

-Quinn sent in this info:

FYI, besides EzyDVD, you can also order the Region 4 "TMNT Season Five" DVD set from

- Be sure to also check Dan's main news page for some slick Picks of the boys at a Philly 76ers game !! **Click

- Quick spots from Jake Black ..TMNT Prequal extraordinaire ..::

- "Heard back from Mirage. The TMNT Prequels are in fact being delayed another week. So, it looks like the first two will be out March 21, with the rest (hopefully) on the 28th. Sorry gang. But hey, when you go in on the 21st to pick them up, you can also grab WYRMS #2, which also ships that day! :-) ..

MNT, WYRMS, PWI, and STAR TREK All Next Week...

Well, the next seven days or so are pretty big as I have a bunch of stuff hitting newsstands and comic shops. Some of it (one of the Wrestling Mags, and Star Trek) are out already, but I haven't posted their covers yet. So, what follows is everything that you should be able to find at your local comic shop and/or newsstand over the next seven days (**src.)...

Inside Wrestling/The Wrestler Special,Pro Wrestling Illustrated,Star Trek Magazine,TMNT Movie Prequel Comic -- Michaelangelo,Wyrms #2..And possibly, though not probably...TMNT Prequel -- April,Meanwhile, still in stores...,Leonardo Returns Kids' Book,Wyrms #1 .. "

- Update info on the 'TMNT' Premiere showing at Grauman's (Mann's) Chinese Theater Hollywood courtesy of Reinbeauchaser !!::

"..Okay, peeps, just got the lo-down on the TMNT premiere for this Saturday for the Hollywood, Ca location.

Here tis...

Warner Bros'

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"

(Starring: Patrick Stewart, Sarah Michelle Gellar, et al.)

Saturday, March 17, 2007 - 10:00 a.m.

at Grauman's Chinese Theatre

6925 Hollywood Blvd, in Hollywood

Retrieved from


Not sure what else to say. Not sure where to park. Not sure if we could even get within reasonable walking distance and - for me - that's about 2 blocks.

So, whoever is local, anyone game? I would think we'd have to be there at least an hour early, just to get even reasonably close to the red carpet. I have an e-mail sent to the blog-owner, to see what he has to say.

Well, sounds like fun, but - just for those who can't make it - Grauman's has a live webcam of the main courtyard and the area just outside the theater grounds. Yeah, ya can watch ala voyerism. :0) Here's the site addy -


This is what I found re: parking in Hollywood, gleaned from this site -


Parking: Parking can be a real problem on Hollywood Blvd. There is some limited free street parking on the residential streets just south of the boulevard, such as Hawthorne. There is a one-hour limit on these streets, but not if you visit on Sunday. Parking is now available in the garage under the new Hollywood & Highland project, for $2 with validation - enter on Orange Ave. There are also paid lots south of Hollywood Blvd (and east of Orange), with rates ranging from $2 to $6, and there is a paid parking lot on the west side of Highland, just south of Hollywood Boulevard (with a maximum charge of $5.) There is also a lot behind the Hollywood Galaxy complex (a block west) which charges only $2. .."

Thanks to ,Dierna again ..for the following !!::

-On March 24th Cartoon Network will be doing a marathon
from Noon - 5pm. Here are the eps they'll be doing:

12:00 PM - The Shredder Strikes Part 1

12:30 PM - The Shredder Strikes Part 2

01:00 PM - Shredder Strikes Back Part 1

01:30 PM - Shredder Strikes Back Part 2

02:00 PM - Return to New York Part 1

02:30 PM - Return to New York Part 2

03:00 PM - Return to New York Part 3

03:30 PM - Hun on the Run

04:00 PM - Same as it Never Was

04:30 PM - Bishop's Gambit

More info can be found here:


-I am subscribed to the build a bear newsletter and get
it whenever they have new stuff.

Well...starting tomarrow they'll have a brand new
turtle!! He's called Trekkin and looks SOOO different
from the previous turtle that I know alot of you have.

His er fur colour is a bit of a lighter green, his
shell is more of a tan colour. He's only $20!! ..

Here's a pic of him:

You can buy him online and there are a couple outfits
for him too.


-Check it out!!! has uploaded the scenes
shown at the con online! It's also on YouTube!! OMG!
OMG!! AWESOME!!! Is it the 23rd yet?! As Leo says in
the movie "Come to daddy!" :D Seriously...he says
that... check it out here:"

**Click - (scroll

or see it on YouTube!

** -


More as i go thru' the day ..


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

-->> Ok, tOkKsters ..the news is just exploding so i'll get much as i can. Mikey may have some too .. i'll get the scoop on much as i can. Gotta go to work soon so the rest will have to wait til' after ..

Giant TMNT NEWS SPOTS from V.Wenrog !!

- tOkKa my friend I've hit the big one!

We got a brand new Quicktime trailer that shows quite a bit of the new movie! Loads of stuff that wasn't in the novelization and all new charatcers! Don's tech support line had me in tears! Very Happy


iMDB also has a load of new pictures. Behind-the-scenes, villains, concept art, promotional pictures... I have no idea where they got this stuff from!


Hope this stuff helps! I'm loving it!

..thanks so very much ,VW !!


..i guess the site is ok now ..

"Superherohype was down for a bit but it's back up now! Here's the link to the new TMNT pictures!" - VW

**Click -

- IGN SPOTS from Roseangelo ..;)

**Click -

Finally, a look at stuff more than a few seconds long, and it is FANTASTIC!!!
**HEADS UP .. tho the links may lead to adverts before the TMNT stuff for mature audiences. But that's IGN's things so .. ;/

- Good News 4 Mikey ..

Looks like he'll get to attend a special screening of 'TMNT' after all.. ::

Mikey ::"Actually, I mentioned to my contact at Warner Bros. that I was bummed about missing the Alamo show. Since she is the one who invited me to the advance screenings in New York and Los Angeles, I secretly hoped she could pull some strings to get me in here. But while she didn't have any control over the Alamo screening, she was able to put me on the list for the Saturday (March 17) morning press screening at the Barton Creek AMC theater in Austin.

TMNT - 'Stretch Shredder' backer ii (1996)

Movie Star TMNT - Movie Star Leo backer (1991)

..more news as i go..


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

-->> 'K,Mikey ..


sold my soul to those 4 green b4stards years ago ..

..m'kay ..again gonna try to steer this ship around, give myself a shot in the arm and a kick in the spikes ..

..and if Warner Brothers gets torked.. just uh..

tell 'em the Devil made me do it..

..not outta the woods yet .. but stay two-ned ..

+ + + + + + + +

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Original Series (Season 4) - (5-Disc Set) Sug. $39.98


.. >v<

Monday, March 12, 2007

Here's another article on TMNT ... This one is rather short, but entertaining.
Trailer trash: 'TMNT"
By Lisa Heyamoto - Bee Staff Writer
Courtesy of


Also, Aint It Cool News has posted the official guest list for the TMNT screening at Austin's Alamo Drafthouse on Thursday. Sadly, your gracious host is NOT on this guestlist. As Harry says, there is "some wiggle room" to possibly fit a few more into the theater, but the prospects are grim.


Please stay tuned for a very special announcement later on this evening. Believe me, you'll be stoked!!

TMNT - Pastel Set.. back (Korea 1990)

**TMNT - Pastel Set.. back (Korea 1990)


Sunday, March 11, 2007

-->> tOkKa Milkshake..

[[You don't need to read this cr4p ..just skip on down to the news.. not to many people gonna care to anyways. But here i go..]]

..Controversy seems to stick to me like a magnet.. or it gets stuck on my spikes and piles up on there til' it becomes an enormous burden and overwhelmingly so. Never failed ,huh.

Plop in and pile on what i'm already to take care own site ..updates here ..trivial or imperative. I really do my best. Come to have been known .. :: "O that's just the f7ckin' schizo-guy who works on the Ninja Turtle website" .. among many other flattering and less than flattering things i am 'KNOWN' for.

Past few months have become a landslide of activity .. and taken me to burnout ..not just on TMNT but existence and life as a whole. This is nothing new .. especially people that know me have the difficult task of sorting me out and deciding how i fit in their little cosmos. For this i am thankful and for this i am also indebted to them. I love you guys more than you could ever understand.

It had spilled a long time ago ..that there's summin' in my head that just ain't right .. 'schizophrenic' was not a term coined by me but by a doctor who'd went as far as to diagnose the illness and then dropped me from his client list the next. A rather bad situation that i've been paying for ever since. As the time has gone on since i first started here..working for Mikey's the landscape of not just of the planet .. but the nature of TMNT fandom ..the arts, and my career in all venues of art,design,visual communications,media, Ect. All of it has blurred itself.. smashed itself together for me this big bang of incredible experiences. Some i'm so lucky to have had. All the love, joy,friendships, camaraderie ,and memories.

Some of it has nearly destroyed me .. time and time again. The anxiety mixes with the chaos and trauma.. as of late. I have been having nervous breakdowns everyday. Sometimes the entire situation makes me so numb ..i can no longer feel anything. Drastic measures are usually taken in these cases's happened for a really long time now and those things shall not be mentioned here.

.. As the planet has also become more entwined in chaos has existence. Trying to figure out day to day where i belong in all this.. all the big things and little things,and just simply trying to take care of myself; becomes this enormous undertaking trying to climb to the moon and back everyday. But it's also natural for so many people to face such drastic odds. I realize i am not alone in this.

But each time i fall..i break. and i shatter.. ::

I don't know what people expect from me. Ok i come on here and post whatever i can find ..i feel that as a fan of Mirage and TMNT , i thought fellow fans and friends would appreciate every little spot of Turtle and sometimes Usagi related info i could dig up.

I am not just Mikey's Turtles News guy .. because it is required of me.. but because i had also chosen to take on the very difficult task of bein' a scoop the ever growing franchise that is TMNT. And with a the new movie nearing just a matter of days now..with merchandise,comics, and all sorts of related goodies and interest, that task has become very VERY demanding of me and my time.

But again.. i get minimal help on this.. (With the exception of some very kind people that allow me to use their information to share with the rest of the Turtle community and some that donate info to me. I thank these people whole-heartedly).. somehow .. over the coarse of doing this a number of years now, there is a system i have developed that works and keeps relative time with my chaotic schedule and the ever evolving TMNT fan-base and internet.

Last summer i was very involved with what has become my Mecca every year;San Diego..

..interacting with TMNT fans and friends,creators, the excitement and development of the movie and a general happiness overall with the entire process. As a creator and fan tho' ..i always walk the fine lines. These trips are also business trips..and at the same time i'm trying to enjoy myself at what is my only break and psuedo-vacation of the year.. it's also a tricky balance of getting portfolios and artwork shown and taking advantage as much as i can to get work. Time after many reactions to my work are very diverse and mixed..some of the people get very excited about it ..and i get lead on many what appears to very legit- opportunities;they turn into many wild goose chases with very painful results. The nature of the beasts tho'..this is to be expected in all the industries i am approaching. Still exceptionally hard to deal with.

One thing i have .. not just in Turtle Community.. but life in general is this relative inferiority complex. I mean to say .. i have allowed people to put in me in a place of 'LESS' .. as if my importance in any aspect of this life was that of something very disgusting. Horse droppings or dirt. Som3thing very low .. and that i am something very bad. It's difficult territory.. cuz just those few negative things attack me and attach onto me like anchors..and sink me. Then i get stuck.. and all the good things people show me don't even matter after that. I crash time and time again ..whatever loose sense of confidence i had or built up just disappears. And this cycle has happened countless times. To the point some have come to expect it. I hate it.

Perspective has not ever been my strongest attribute. But i knew there was problem ..especially a few weeks ago as the Turtle comics just sat there in a pile unopened collecting dust. I was buying toys and videos ..with little thought or actual care. It was just there.. it was all just there. And what once was something i was often so proud to be apart of, was a bane. I hadn't been like this in a very long time.

Again i'm not just doing any of this.. Mikey's,terrible2z, artworks,web comics,fine art designs,ect. because i have to. It's been solid proof of Mirage's impact on me. Not just Turtles.. but the company and it's people in general. How they may very well have been the single most driving force of influence on everything i do. Yeh it started with Kevin and Pete , and i know they have their differences..but all that is none of my business. Those 2 helped start and shape an organization that broke so much ground and so much territory. Changed the landscape of not just indy-comics but also the toy industry. Ok .. the Mirage's impact on the history books i have been following from near day one. I've appreciated every minute detail of it and feel rather graced to have witnessed and been raltivly involved in it. I've even attributed artists and people in the company like Dan Berger and Jim Lawson .. as some who have even helped save my life. Not just it. Even like meeting Gary Richardson last summer ,the big boss.. was like meeting a celebrity. Something very special and important to me. Farley,Dooney,Lavinge,Brown,Sakai,Bode ect ect ect ect.. ..and alot of the artists and writers that have followed in their footsteps and kept time with the Turtles have meant the world to me. A few of these people i managed to make very good friends with. Mikey's itself is such an important entity to me in it's entirety and in far to many aspects for me to list in this already long article i am sure no one is reading anyway.

My attitude..the past weeks had not not negative or positive ..i simply didn't care..

then at times it would spike.. and it would hurt me very deeply.I also was wasting time and imperative energy with some documentary people recently. People who chose to lead me on instead of being straight-up with me as i had requested of them ..added an additional sting to all this.

A mixture the entropy in my life and the seemingly increasing alienation from the community. Then my brain was thrown in the blender again with my heart. Let's hit the puree button again. Tokka milkshake..

It's been pretty disturbing. Crashing to much,burning out too much. And then the anger tips it's ugly horns. But again ..tOkKa's left on his own to deal with life's spike's.. so the evil question that comes up again and again is ::


Yep .. i've been so ready to drop all this stuff like a bad habit. When it becomes less about Turtles being an outlet, inspiration for me, and an escape .. and more of a very very painful product. I may as well be stabbing my eyes out with a switchblade. Yeh .. suicidal tendency is one of the 'tOkKa Hi-lights' that people hate about me. But it's my fight and i am unable to make anyone understand of my struggles and that need to die. That aside.. it's a dead horse i end up beating everyday. I live in a very lucid and unreal state.. and the effects of this 'illness' or whatever you want to call it ..can make all the situations(everyday ones to very important ones) absolute madness.

"Are you gonna die ,tOkKa ..are you gonna die ?? Please don't die."

I get that sometimes. And i get conflicted sometimes when it comes up. However.. it's also ever more becoming a device people use to stab me in the back with. Mixed messages is all i've ever been exposed to. And people don't ever seem to let up on them.

All in all does get down decisions that i make an ever more fragile world i don't see myself as something of importance.. at least of this moment. Some would disagree ..but at the moment i type this crap up here. I am not feeling.. and i am not feeling good about TMNT, my role in the community, and the future is just -blank- .. i cannot think to clearly

TOM GRAY (TMNT movie producer)has recently been referring to Turtle fans as 'ALUMS'. A term i had been using for along time now. But it seemed as if he was just focusing on and saying.."O the kids who liked the old cartoons,games and movies.. and they grew up with that. They are the only ones that matter. LA~~deeda."

Nope.. not his exact words but I think that also,that generalization i really took to heart. That solidified the numbness and the 'not caring'. If a Mirage Mainstay seemingly excluded such a freek of nature like me and a person who has invested so much energy and heart into all of this massive thing called 'TMNT' ..and i became just this bling cog in the machine..just some market demographic that noone will even look at. Yeh .. maybe all this wasn't about love and the power of the art and the driving factors that made Turtles so important to me in the first place.. but more an obsessive-compulsive disorder. What was the point ?? Where was the hope ??
I felt i must be a very bad aspect to persons like Steve Murphy and Peter Laird. All the pain from an incident when Laird misunderstood me actually got frightened by me because i failed to show my enthusiasm in a manner he could all came back. Smacked me in the face..punched me in the gut.. and then beat me bloody with a lead pipe and left any aspiration i had left for dead.

I was like.. "WAIT ..hold on there ,Gray !! I am Alumni too !! I matter too ..don't i ?? "

.. i got even number ..

However..the past few weeks i have been trying to care. I have a few more tricks up my beak, and the aim of focus will be on the aspects of what drew me into the community,to Mirage,and Turtles as 'WHOLE'!! Yep ..that includes all the less popular venues of Turtles like 'Next Mutation' and 'TMNT III' ..when i say whole.. i mean IT. That focus ..i shall direct right here.

No apologies.. no nothin'. Also no insults and no obligation for anyone else to share in this endeavor with me. It will be visual,simple, and straight from the heart in an effort to share that love with everyone if they so choose to partake.

Again .. i will also break a promise.. i made to Mike ..not to promote t2z here on the main page. However that was a promise i put on myself. Mike had nothing to do with it originally. and Mikey's are sister sites.. and i think i a majour problem we have had is working in tandem to the best of our abilities. While Terrible2z is very personal part of me and showcase fro my work. Both sites have crossed over too many times at this point. I need to stop putting myself and my work on the back burner. This won't mean that anyone HAS to look at my work or anything. But the door has always been open to Mike to use t2z in anyway he has needed. I'm the dude's PR guy and he's like one of best friends .. i mean why the hell wouldn't i promote him and his work on my site ?? But as a two-way street.. i gotta do my best to fight this 'inferiority' and cross that divide to show my own legitimacy not just in the Turtles community.. but as to 'THE STATE OF THE ARTS' in general.

I contribute alot here .. and i dunno. I need to stop sliding around the issue and stop putting my work in that place of 'less'. Love it or hate it.. love me or hate me. If i am going to survive in this plain of existence that few have proven to me i belong in.. then i need to take some sort of action. Or it really is the end. And i will not be back ..EVER. This is not a scare tactic or even a new statement. It's just a fact..and something i have to look at every single moment of everyday,

Life really is bitter sweet.. but that don' mean tOkKa has to keep swallowing bitter pills people and life keep cramming down my throat.

Life just ain' that simple. Well obviously..

and the gray areas will always be there. But if i can recapture some of the charm that drew me into the Mirage fold ..and made me a member of the unofficial 'Mirage Cheerleading Squad' in the first place..i shall try.

Maybe for some..there is 'NO TRY .. ONLY DO..' but ya know..sometimes TRY is all some of us have. This Snapper will continue to try .. for now.

I will implement a simple and new feature shortly. If you others can get something enjoyable and stir up some good reactions and emotions about it.. that's good to.

2 b continued..


+ + + + + + + + + + +

Now ta bid'ness.. ::

- New German poster art courtesy of Roseangelo

- From my buddy Leo in China ::

"TOkKa ..Chinese TMNT Movie official site:



8D .. Thanks again to Dierna .. for the following spots..(**Update ..apologies and extra CRED to Sanjuro M...the originator of the info. My bad ..~ tOkK)::

-More movie 4 soundtrack info::

".. u can hear 30 sec snippits of the songs here:

** (Click)

Interesting song choices...some better than others.
The "I Love Being a Turtle" score reminded me of
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon more than anything
else.... while Raphael's Nightwatcher score is
reminiscent of The Last Samurai, altho some have said
Batman meets James Bond. รด,0..

- Live near Charlotte, Nashville, and Atlanta? I sure as
shell don't... lucky ducks all of ya. :P *mumbles*

The fine folks at CHUD (who are big meanies for only
picking 3 southern cities... I mean seriously! Where's
the love for the Northwest or Northeast?!) are teaming
up with Warner Bro's for a contest to see movie before
everyone else does.

What they need is:

1. Your name and address.

2. The city in which you'd like to see the film.

3. Your age or the age of the young person you're

taking to the screening (it's a Saturday daytime

4. The name of the next animated film for young people
you'd like to see taken from a comic book.

The link to email em is at the bottom of this page:

Note: Chud says the movie length is 1 hour 29 min." ..


Saturday, March 10, 2007

-->>Chinese solo posters courtesy of Roseangelo !!


Thanks to Dierna..::

"Welp! The Soundtrack is gonna be released onlline on March 13th and then in stores on March 20th! I'll probably just end up buying it on the 23rd :lol:

Atlantic Records has announced the upcoming release of "TMNT - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Music from the Motion Picture." The album will be released for online purchase on March 13th, followed in stores a week later, March 20th. The Warner Bros. Pictures and The Weinstein Company's all-new CGI action-adventure "TMNT" opens in theatres nationwide on March 23rd.

"TMNT - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Music from the Motion Picture" features contributions from a host of recording artists, including new songs written expressly for the film by three of today's most exciting new rock 'n' roll bands. Decaydance/Fueled By Ramen recording groups Gym Class Heroes and Cobra Starship each contribute TMNT-inspired tracks, while Atlantic's Big City Rock offers up an "animated" rendition of the Lead Belly classic "Black Betty."

Other acts featured on the soundtrack include Jet, Cute Is What We Aim For, Pepper, Meg & Dia, Billy Talent, This Providence, Amber Pacific, and others (track listing attached). The iTunes release of the album will also include an exclusive bonus acoustic version of Amber Pacific's "Save Me From Me," along with video of the band in the studio recording "Fall Back Into My Life." Additionally, "TMNT - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Music from the Motion Picture"
includes excerpts from the film's score, composed by Klaus Badelt ("Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl," "Constantine").

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles return to the big screen as never before in an all-new CGI action adventure, written and directed by Kevin Munroe.

After the defeat of their old arch nemesis, The Shredder, the Turtles have grown apart as a family. Struggling to keep them together, their rat sensei, Splinter (Mako), becomes worried when strange things begin to brew in New York City. Tech-industrialist Maximillian J. Winters (Patrick Stewart) is raising up an army of ancient monsters, and only one super-ninja
fighting team can stop them -- Leonardo (James Arnold Taylor), Michelangelo (Mikey Kelley), Donatello (Mitchell Whitfield) and Raphael (Nolan North)! With the help of old allies April O'Neil (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and Casey Jones (Chris Evans), the Turtles are in for the fight of their lives as they once again must face the mysterious Foot Clan, who have put their own ninja skills behind Winters's endeavors.

Making this new incarnation of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles truly cutting-edge, the film was created entirely with state-of-the-art CG animation, giving them a completely new look for the 21st century.

Warner Bros. Pictures and The Weinstein Company present an Imagi Animation Studios Production, "TMNT," featuring the voices of Chris Evans, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Mako, Kevin Smith, Patrick Stewart, Ziyi Zhang, and narrated by Laurence Fishburne. Kevin Munroe wrote and directed the film, which is produced by Thomas K. Gray, H. Galen Walker and Paul Wang. The executive producers are Francis Kao, Peter Laird, Gary Richardson and Frederick U. Fierst, with Felix Ip serving as co-producer. The music is by Klaus Badelt.

Opening nationwide on March 23rd, "TMNT" will be distributed domestically and in select international territories by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company. The Weinstein Company will distribute the film in other international territories.

"TMNT - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Music from the Motion Picture"
(Atlantic Records)
Release Date: March 20th

1. Gym Class Heroes - "Shell Shock"
2. Jet - "Rip It Up"
3. Cute Is What We Aim For - "There's A Class For This"
4. Cobra Starship - "Awww Dip"
5. Meg & Dia - "Roses"
6. Pepper - "Bring Me Along"
7. Amber Pacific - "Fall Back Into My Life"
8. Billy Talent - "Red Flag"
9. This Providence - "Walking On Water"
10. Ever We Fall - "Youth Like Tigers"
11. P.O.D. - "Lights Out (Chris Vrenna Remix)"
12. Big City Rock - "Black Betty"
13. "I Love Being A Turtle (score)"
14. "Nightwatcher (score)"

Note: Aww Dip was originally a song about Rocksteady and Bebop .."

Similar lines on the soundtrack follow on Danny B's official TMNT site.. ::
**"Posted info about the new TMNT Soundtrack - various sources are listing different tracks and track order, once we get our hands on a copy, I'll update the page and make corrections if necessary. ..


Lil G Martinez sent in these two promo images for the new flick:..


Weihan sent in the cover image for the Region 4 DVD release of "TMNT Season 5" that contains the 12 "Ninja Tribunal Episodes". Region 4 DVDs are made for Australia, New Zealand and Latin America so you'll need a DVD player capable of playing DVDs from that region to view this set. The DVDs are available now via ** EZY (click for info) .. "