Tuesday, November 30, 2004

-->>..gotta get that Brasso back from Mikey.. need ta polish mah beak !!

Info courtesy of Erik Young and the offial TMNT d0t com..

..Playmates/World in Advance is auctioning off a Signed , gold-plated version of the Leonardo Statue to benefit 100 % the Wood Turtle Conservation project run by the Massachusetts Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research unit.

..-- the auction starts here for a one of a kind Turtle collectable ..& for a great cause !!


Sunday, November 28, 2004

-->>..gee whizzz..everyone is just so  ANGGRRRYY !!

..cruisin' stores i finally found my copy of Battle Nexus (TMNT vol.13)

..the entire quintet of eps.. with Turtles versus the masters from all over the universe!!.. And an evil plot by Drako and the Ultimate Ninja to make this the one of coolest Turtle Mini-series ever !! There is also some Bushido-bunny guy and a Rhino Bounty Hunter guy.. but enuff' about them.. .. -

..just kidding..the Extras on the DVD Vid include a sick n' sweet Peter Laird/ Stan Sakai interview with some cool history on the TMNT/ Usagi Yojimbo teamups thru' the years and it even shows Stan in action !!
.. this DVD marks a slight continuity problem if you are real particular with stuff like that.. 'The Big Brawl' eps on this video take place after the 'Return to N.Y' eps do out on VHS/DVD next year. Some big marketing things i guess.. but o well.. it's still a very cool Vid..throw Miyamoto Usagi and Gen in the mix.. you got one shell of a TMNT T.V. slug-fest ! !

--..news on T-Drome..from Krang ::

"As many of you may already know, we have been planning on upgrading the forums for a long time. Thanks to the people who donated, we were able to buy a license for vBulletin, which is forum software that is much better than what we're using now. It will take a few days to upgrade, so in the meantime, the forums have been moved here:


Please do not bookmark that link, since it is only temporary and will be removed once the upgrade is complete. Also, the forums may be down for a short time while the members and posts are transferred over to the new software. Once everything is complete, the forums will be back completely and posting will be enabled on all sections again.

Update: I'm now working on importing the data from the old forums. Sorry, but the forums will be down during this time, and the downtime may last a few days. Once this is done, I'll just need to configure the settings, and then the new forums will be ready."

..shweeett.. !!


Thursday, November 25, 2004

-->>..look i was gonna save you the wish bone n' the thigh ..honest !!

..HAPPY Turkey Day to all from Mikey's TMNT !!

And remember to share !!


Friday, November 19, 2004


..building a Turtle..truck..

Last year..the U.S. Hot Rod Assocciation's official TMNT Raphael Monster Truck hit the Monster Jam with 1475 horse-turtle power and sick 66 inch terra tires !!

..all 4 Turtles are represented in 4 differant trucks !!

-- Check the making of the Michelangelo truck --starting here !!

-- ..the perfect paintjob for the perfect hot-head::.. Raphael's truck
goes under the airbrush --starting here !!

-- Monster Jam's exstensive photo gallery with sets from differant M.J. global events including the TMNT trucks in action --start here !!

-- ..and if your so inclined to be buggin' Santa for some Turtle Truck pounding merchandise you can wear and play with.. well .. look no further.. all 4 Hot Wheels TMNT trucks are available for purchase, pennants,T-shirts, and even a Plush Monster Truck are all avaialable for purchase --starting right here !!

..a Much0 Big thanks to M.Ivey for the most excellent heads up on these cool Monster Ninjas links!!

--..i always ride like this in the big parades, Malignus-san !!

-..got lucky.. Usagi and Malignus were in a batch of TMNTs at Super Target last night ..and i even found the Michelangelo Hot Wheels Monster Truck !! Keep searchin',folks.. they are out there !!

-..strait from T-drome n' Splint::
"We saw some small pictures of 'General Blanque' and 'Hamato Yoshi w/ Splinter' at the Fall Toy Fair. But here's our first look at the 'Feudal Japan Shredder' Fairly pleased with all three these. While they're not perfect, they are good represenatives of some of the better Playmates TMNT figures. Which seems to be the case with most of the non-Turtles figures. Note that these are prototypes, so the final figure and paintjob could change."..

--you can check out these very sweet figs startin' here !!


Thursday, November 18, 2004

-->> ..lick me all over !!
..it's almost that time of year again.. well at least there is a new comic from 'Spaze Caze' --starting here !!


Wednesday, November 17, 2004

No one ever said updating webcomics at times was easy.

Obviously you guys will get the references thus far. Sadly Page 2 is where the reference ends which is the most recent update.

So to catch up... here we go! Enjoy !


Page 1

Page 2
-->> ..beetles n' bunnies !!

..checkit'.. !!

-- official TMNT d0t com has a quick example on card of mad Malignus and uubber-kewl Usagi !!
Good luck in all your toy huntings ! !


Check in with the Carribean Conservation Corperation / Sea Turtle Survival League ..send an E-card and learn how you can help some of Earth's most treasured creatures - starting here !!

Friday, November 12, 2004

-->>  ..hey guys ..where's the break on this thing ?? ..And hey what's that pokin' me in the butt ??
..as long as Villians continue to pillage the planet.. Donatello and his brothers will be constantly adapting to new environments,monsters,mutants and terrorists with all sorts of gadgets and gizmos to make stompin' feet n' Foot priority 1 !!
The offical TMNT d0t com has been updated with even more Turtle technos and Monster Catchers -- starting here ..CHECKIT !!
(Those Monster Catchers are 'Ghost Buster'-ish !!)

-- ..take a peek at this months Tales.. # 6 and the vengeful Cha Ocho --starting here
(..this is the one by the Former TMNT Adventures Creative team !!)

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

..thanks again to CJJ for the little lead on this ACTION FIGURE d0t Com.. article (-starting here)..
giving a rundown on TMNT figs to round out the future in 2005 !!

Saturday, November 06, 2004

-->>..ichiban berliner !!

..Special thanks to CJJ for the cool lead on a very twisted figure ;you can spot the Fugitoid-hatin,Transmat stealin',King of all Federat RATS:.. General Blanque- starting here!!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

..amidst the official TMNT updates i'm late with..:: Karai,Planet Racers and a couple of new shots from the Toy Fair on the official TMNT d0t com - starting here !!

--..television adds about 10 pounds..

.. Spaze Caze's spending habits are out of control in his latest comic - starting here !!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

-->>..lil' freekin' fighters !!
..Family Dollar stores are the place to be..
..for the Mini-fightin' Gear TMNTs;bruisin' Baby Bad Guys in a big way.. and at a buck ( 99 cents plus one penny..) you can even out yir mini-
collecton with these bad lil' bust ups !!