Thursday, November 07, 2002

-->> ..ooii ... .. .. ..Nick's story..Clan of..Turtle .. w0w.. Nick.. it's wonderful.. had to stop n' read again..!! fiction is hard for me.. but c00l stories like that do make things quite bearable..// ... . hochie...
K.I.S.S. nuthin as comlex as G. Simmons' make up .. .. my p0p always said..K.I.S.S...
"Keep It Simple,Stupid" . t0kK never really did.. the KriB is a good example of a Web site out of control.. ..and i'm fried.. 'tOkKa'Z KriB.. started out as a possible alternative 'Ninja Turtles' fan site from a character I greatly admired..
..that was all i guess..
..but over the past 3 years it grew into a monster and n0w it is it's own beast..
..i'm afraid the prior is no longer applicable.
If i can make it.. the KriB will be cleaning up.. the next few days are the first step.. .. while the 'Ninja Turtles' are at the heart of the KriB and t0KkA is the soul.. it's more than a fan site's all i've really had as far as exposure to TMNT fans and just wonderful people in general. tOkK's KriB is what it is..& i will do the best i can to keep things central to the KriB and far site navigation ..but will keep with whatever chaotic things folks fer some reason get drawn to I can no longer maintain the pure insanity of Homestead's server and the b8ll sh2t of shotty service with a smile. I pay fer KriB with what few $$ i make.. i've not ever asked for handouts from people to support it.. .. n0t that it's a super issue ,for KriB hardly ever recieved the traffic of here at and the wondeful folks at X-E. I will focus on all the things that i have at KriB before.. but i will do my best to implore for assistance from some very special people. t0kK is extremly dark right n0w.. 3 years ago..this week..t0KkA'z KriB.. came into some sort of exsistance.. and things for me & t0KkA have not really been the same.. simple my ar5e .. >v<

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