Monday, September 30, 2002


'No Deposit..some Return' ..

.. Gizmo..Fluffy?? dat you?? ..
..Michael Dooney's squintey,shiney,cromey ..fuzzy,FUZZY duo return.. at least fer a quickey in December's TMNT # 7..checkit out for a 6 pager from Mr.Dooney..which marks Gizmo's first new story of any kind in near 10 years..
..on a related note..

..GUZZI LEMANS GN by Jim Lawson; cover by Michael Dooney The year 2046 is not the future that we would wish for out children and grandchildren. But rather it is a dark place. Where America's cities have been abandoned, in favor of a safer, more secure model of society –– on the government farms. However, all were not invited. The aftermath of the recent wars had left the country a barren wasteland. It is out there that the others live –– those deemed unworthy of civilization's new start. These are the deviants and bikers. This is the world of Guzzi Lemans. SC, 120pg, b&w $9.95 ..out in November!!

..hee hee.. >8)

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