Saturday, January 31, 2004

Cowabunga doods and doodettes, a little surprise for some of you.

As things are picking up here at Dribble For Kids I realized that working a head is a nice thing to do. So, I began to work a bit on some of the covers I mentioned to you all eariler.

I promised you all in a month or so, or maybe even sooner, un-veiling the cover I drew for an upcoming storyline which is gonna be big for the D4K gang. The cover is, in homage to the Mirage TMNT comic book, from covers # 1 and # 50 (part 1 of City at War). This is an exclusive that only you all at Mikey's TMNT are allowed to see, and so... because I promised it... BOOYAH!

Here's Part Two of "The Lord of the Sweaters" entitled "Fellowship of the Sweater".

I can't say enough how excited I am. And yes, some of the characters will get to go "Ninja Turtle" on a few characters. ;-)

Okay, moving along to actual TMNT news... As Tokka reported eariler... we got Official TMNT Updates O'Plenty!

And for all those who saw Secret Origins Part 3 today, how KICK @$$ was it today? I think it was. Kudos for Peter and the gang at Doggie Woo for re-inventing the Turtles while yet remaining true to their roots. And even props to them for being able to sit back and laugh/joke on the past. (For those who've not seen it, let's just say... "April in a Yellow Jumpsuit." and that should be enough. ) Anyone who saw the episode and wanna chat with yer fellow Turtle fans, or if you haven't and you want all the poop and scoops on what yah missed, join us on the "Episode Discussion" topic in the forums!

Friday, January 30, 2004

-Official TMNT d0t com updates aplenty.. Mr.B gives ya scoops on some awsome toys.. including a new Water cannon.. back-pack squirter to soak the FOOT and bad guys.. sure to knock 'em off their wet feet..
.. some new Mini-Plushes of the Current 'Super-Posable' plushes are out.. and include a little added treat on their tags.. "Includes a secret comic strip label that's tucked into the compartment in the shell. The strip was written by Steve Murphy, penciled by Michael Dooney and inked by Dan Berger - and it's tiny!"

- Houston Chronicle chronicles an actor who turns out to be 'Shredder'.. !!


Thursday, January 29, 2004

Man! I wish I had the money for towels and DVDs!! I am way behind on the new TMNT DVDs, as I only have Vol. 1 & 2. There's never enough money or time in the day to get the money, no?

At any rate, this week's 2nd comic is up. It's full of intriuge, mystery and more importantly... I'm building it up way to much. So if you'd please, give a look-see at "Denial". :)

Enjoy, and I hope you have a good weekend!
-->>..wipe the crap off..'s a crappy picture of a not so crappy TMNT Beach Towel ..poppin' up at stores now for about 10 bucks .. it's a little early for spring breaks and summer time travels.. but still Beach Towels are the best !!
.. even before ya hit the beach or never at all.. the best bath towels are BEACH TOWELS !!
Nothin' like swabbin' dry after squeaky cleaning from the shower or tub with yir favorite TMNTs on a big fat fluffy towel..(even better if it's fresh and Downey smellin' from the dryer..!!)..thanks,Mawm!!

-T-Drome's 'NTurtle' notes on a little note..::
"Just a little note: DVD Volume 7 and 8 are scheduled to be released on March 23rd.
No box pictures yet either, but it looks like Volume 7 will cover the three "Return to New York" episodes and Volume 8 will cover the "Search for Splinter" episodes. .."


Tuesday, January 27, 2004

..mysterious Matrix and Ghosts in a Shell.. strange things amidst on the 'Blockbuster' computers.. or so says Sanjuro ..bad arse Ronin of the Mikeys TMNT Forums..he sent me some info that may help solve some more of the release date mystery of 'TMNT -classic' on DVD.. and hopefully he won't mind a direct quote (just short of me loosing an ear or 2 to some stray daisho slash..)


I work at Blockbuster. As I was watching the TMNT
at work I wanted to see the status of the two new DVDs that were
backordered. * But BEHOLD this new item came up. ..
Well its the "Nija Turtles" but I think that is good enough.
Our computers are usually DEAD on with release dates and we dont get any titles in there until they have a solid release date.
The price is sometimes off, however that would be an amazing price $14.99. $9.99 is the used copy price. Looks like 420 has a
good meaning again after those stoners ruined it.

.. so unless i'm stoned..(which i often get accused of anyway)..
..'APRIL 20' is the magic Tuesday to mark you calenders and deffinatly a thing to look forward to when the April Showers hit.. and maybe they'll show the deleted scenes of April O' Neil hitting the showers.. won't that be a DVD extra!! 8)

.. i'm kidding.. .. uuhh.. THANKS a HEAP,SANJURO!!

Monday, January 26, 2004

hey TMNT fans.

While tonight is the same ol', same old... I do have some interesting news.

A while back, I promised you, those on Mikey's, that I'd do a tribute to the TMNT. Well... soon coming up, D4K is gonna try to do a massive storyline. Each cover has been a pain, and always one to look for guidance from the great comic gods of yore, Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby... I found Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman's redo, or re-mix if you will, of the original cover of TMNT 1. For those of you who know what I speak of, it's the cover to issue 50, part 1 of "City at War."

Being I forgot not my promise to you guys and also as a loving tribute to the fab four, I did a concept sketch for the cover of part 2 of the 4 part series. So.. I just wanted to throw a be prepared out there to all of you. :-)

Oo and don't forget to check out the webcomic. And vote for us too. It'd be appreciated.

Sunday, January 25, 2004


Okay, after about two and a half hours of downtime, the forums are back.
We now return to our regular TMNT chit chat.

Thanks for your patience.

In my quest to get the forums up to par, I have yet again royally screwed up.

The forums are down for the time being.

I'm working on getting them back up ASAP.

Friday, January 23, 2004

-->> ..pow-AAHH to the LOGO!!..
..N.TRON of Syk0grafix ..sent this link:: ..
Broken Frontier's Pat Lee (of DreamWave)'s mainly about Transformers..DW's seemingly flagship titles.. but there is a little blib on TMNT..
:.."There has been a lot of questions about Turtles. We do have some new plans for Turtles and will be launching information about it shortly. .."
.. DREAMWAVE and TMNT.. it seems are still grinding.. but there is still some gum in the works.. stay tuned!! and thanx ,NTron !! >8)


- Mr.B.. of official TMNT d0t com.. gave us the link to more info on the upcoming ..
TMNT :classic cartoon re-release ..but for the first time on DVD..:
Artisan Home Entertainment does not inform us of their plans, so we don't know anything more about it. We're as curious and hopeful as you are about this news. :)

..this little blurb.. tells of some un-aired eps featured on the disk..

w0w!!.. i'll keep up on this.. fer sure,dudes!! 8)

Hey gang.

Another new update is headin back atcha.

Also just a reminder, (as if you guys need one!!) Part 2 of Secret Origins is on this Saturday (or Sunday, depending on where you live...) where we hopefully we get to learn who or what, Shredder really is! Definately a must not miss!!! And if you may miss it to other circumstances, get your TiVO's and VCR's ready! It's turtle time! ;-)

Thursday, January 22, 2004

-->> tales.. keepin Turtles on their tails..
.. it's almost time.. official TMNT site has some odd updates that are really cool::
- TALES of the TMNT #1 vol.2 ,Preview..

-Basic TMNT updates and TMNT # 14 preview..

.. the odd thing is .. Mr.B is saying TMNT (animation)# 7 is last book from DreamWave.. i'm getting feedback that # 8 is the final.. yet.. #9 was in the 'Previews' book a few months back.. so .. all i can say is wait.. I've not been to the Comic shop myself scince earlier last week.. so.. i'm very confused.

- ..THE Burger King TMNT promotion ends February 1st.. so get in there while ya can..
.. i've managed to snag the toys.. all of them But the Leonardo.. while there usually is plenty of TMNT toy fondue to go around to the kids.. i've been havin' trouble myself snagging axactly the ones i want and getting more than a few doubles .. it's all good by me.. i like to have a toy to open and play with.. and one to save. And at a buck a peice.. they are a great deal..!! But again.. get yir choppers on some burgers.. and get your toys.. cuz when February hits.. it's all over.. (well for the most part.. n' those of you watching your figure.. remember you can buy the toys seprate from the Kid's Meal) .. ;)


Wednesday, January 21, 2004

-->> ..!!
T-drome's :N-turtle.. reports,
Artwork from 'LeSean' is for sale on on his personal site.. the dream guy & penciler for Dream Wave's TMNT fame.. also has work on Arkanium, Street Fighter ..amoung others.. and is just the damm coolest work DREAM WAVE ever saw ..this is a great chance to pick up some sketchy master peices by the animated stylized hand..that only the master ..'LeSean' can deliver!!

Hey everyone.

Cool news to share with you all!
Dribble For Kids Version 2.0 is now on the web!
And a new comic to boot! How sweet is that!? Enjoy gang!

Monday, January 19, 2004

-->>..elusive exclusive.. the Dreamwave TMNT slowly dies down for the time being..the Exclusive Pat Lee TMNT animaition #1 insentive cover art is still very hot..
Last October the Comapny ploped out an elusive Print Litho of the same art for 30 bucks.. but not alot of fans got thier hands on the pretty poster (let alone the P.Lee cover book)..
"Wizard's Poster Mania" is out on stands right now.. next to it's Toy Fare and Wizard mags.. it's pumped full of Posters from some fave comics.. including one poster of above imagery.. While the poster is kind of less than par.. you still may wanna pick up the mag.. for 5 bucks you get Pat Lee TMNT pin-ups and over 40 other posters to deck out the pastey white walls in your room from Star Wars to Transformers.. the cover of Poster Mania has a Swinging Spider-man.. the one to look for!! 8)


Friday, January 16, 2004


--TMNT offical updates abound.. ..while Danny B. gives you the contest results,Fan icons, and cool 'TMNT 3 -Turtles ..back in time' pix.. the coolest news ??
Ready to spit Hershey's in yir Raphael boxers??
Matt R. sent in this repsonse that he got from Artisan Home Entertainment regarding his inquiry about DVD releases of the orignal TMNT cartoon:
"Thank you for your letter expressing interest in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. You will be happy to know that we are planning to release the original episodes on DVD in April 2004. Thank you again for your interest in Artisan Home Entertainment." ..courtesy Dan B. ..

.. there ya go..
-- New eps start tommorow and Sunday..(in some areas) .. of the new TMNT on FOX BOX!! horray.. i'm gonna go buy some cheese sammiches n' stuff 'em in my VCR!!
.. >v<

Just picked me up a pair of nifty TMNT sunglasses for four bucks at Wal-Mart.... They're kinda snug, so I'll give em to my cousin. But cute nonetheless.

There was also a Razor Jet package that had been ripped and was on clearance for .... ONE DOLLAR! Woo! So I picked that up too. So, like Tokk said in a previous post, check those clearance racks... they're hiding some tmnt treasure.

-- Keep it green!

Thursday, January 15, 2004

-->> .. grrooaann~~** ;}

Upper Deck Entertainment Raises Shell with New 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trading Card Game'

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trading Card Game

'Turtles' Unleashed in Stores Nationwide Beginning February 2004  
Trading card game publisher and distributor Upper Deck Entertainment, a division of The Upper Deck Company LLC; the Konami Corp., creators of the widely-popular Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME; 4Kids Entertainment Inc.; and Mirage Licensing Inc., join forces to unleash the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trading Card Game. "Turtles Unleashed" will be released in participating retail and hobby stores nationwide in February 2004.
The two-player game allows opponents to re-enact the hip and hard-shelled foursome, as they engage in martial arts mayhem against arch nemesis, Shredder and the Foot Clan. "Turtles Unleashed" is a one-on-one fighting game, in which players create their own deck by combining various characters and martial arts moves to fight against their opponent. By using various Attack, Event, Character and Item cards, the first person to have their opponent run out of cards first wins.
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Two-Player Starter Set will contain two card decks (40 cards each), one rule book, and one game mat, and the "Turtles Unleashed" booster pack will contain a total of nine cards. The entire set will consist of 55 Common Cards (8:1) and 100 Foil cards (1:1). Foils include 10 Super Rare cards (1:6) and 10 Ultra Rare cards (1:12).
Upcoming booster sets include the Swift as the Wind booster set (May), and the Still as the Forest booster set (September). Both booster sets will provide 100 all-new cards for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle players to collect and play.

..well crap..!! .. it's official.. the TMNTs own my soul.. now i'll play ya fer it!! 8)


--It's lookin' like we got 3 TMNT vehicles on the horizon.. the 'Turtle Tracker i've already seen.. but the 'Shell Sub' , and the new 'Pogo- Copter' bring a whole new level of retro to the TMNT toy line.. tellin' ya kids, there is more than enuff' TMNT grub to keep even tOkKa on his toes..

-- The Berger King ; Dan.. updates the TMNT official site with more icons,game tricks and full box pictures of the Sub and Copter ..up there.

--..We are also looking at..::
"New episodes of the TMNT toon are slated to begin in the USA on January 17th with episode #32, "Secret Origins" Part 1. Hopefully there won't be any more repeats until mid-May." -Dan B.

.. that's saturday.. so set the VCRs..the TMNTs will be finally getting some answers.. and well .. Baxter's back!!

-- .. little side note..
..i've been getting some feed back as to why alot of the pimping on TMNT products and such & not full out updates on the actual 'Mikey's tmnt' site itself by me
.. i don't really know what to say but.. it is "MIKEY's"
I have my own web site i'm trying to contend with.. and me n' Mike have extremly chaotic schedules.. it's difficult to make connections on these little things ..cuz life is alot more complex now than it was a year ago.
Heck..poor Mikey has had a whole site re-design in the wind for well over 7 months now.

Any actual updates.. like TMNT Music files or what-not added to the site is pretty much up to Mike. I've done some things here and there on this site as far as creating referance pages on some stuff.. but a majority of this is in Mike's hands.. he's the 'boss'.
Of coarse ..if there is a certain somethin' pertaining to his site here in particular,an update he wants me to make or whatever.. i'll do it as he requests.
But generally when something is added to the website itself.. Mike will let you know ..himself ,right here. Nick keeps ya up to date on his Comics and such..
..and tOkKa here has kind of become the unofficial TMNT news hound. It's a shotty system we run here..but it works.. sorry if anyone gets confused by this.

Cowabunga dudes and dudettes! A new comic.

For those who want a bit of useless information, like the Jimmy storyline, I drew the current storyline like, forever ago. Of course, one of the choices I made as the comic became a weekly thing again for me, is that Ashley's design got a bit of an overwork, as in the braids in her hair disappeared. It was simpler to draw her, and it wasn't a pain to ink. Well being the current storyline was drawn forever ago, if Ashley's hair looks a bit weakly inked, now you know why. I had to go thru and run over the braids that I drew way back in August or so. But, it does introduce the new character into the strip.

For those wondering, I did not leave her name out on purpose, darn it. I'm not THAT stupid. But it certainly is a different approach to the situation, wouldn't you say?

Also, the D4K Forums are now open on my site, just to let some of you know.

Take er easy kids!
-->> ..beanee people bobble but they don't fall down..
..Moose's ominous TMNT Mighty Beans.. (for example here @ 'toy webb') .. are about ready to wobble all over the toy isles.. these things are crazy as hell and yeh..kind of like trading cards or yir older brother's moldy ol' Pog collection..they are pretty collectable.. there are 32 on the suckers in all.. prob is only get one sneak peek Bean per 'Try Me' pack of 4.. so ..these lil' Ninja Nutshells are gonna keep ya on yir toes.. the good thing is tho' ..they are real hot and alot of fun.. so it's time to grab your fellow TMNT bobble buds and start pickin' and tradin'.. here is the check list i managed to steal off T-drome forums..

(what we're looking at here are the standard and i am assuming more common Beanz.. that will be available per pack..::

TMNT Mighty Beanz - 1-18: Standard

TMNT #01: Leonardo
TMNT #02: Donatello
TMNT #03: Raphael
TMNT #04: Michelangelo
TMNT #05: Splinter
TMNT #06: April O'Neil
TMNT #07: Mouser
TMNT #08: Purple Dragon Leader
TMNT #09: Purple Dragon: Two Ton
TMNT #10: Purple Dragon: #3
TMNT #11: Purple Dragon: #4
TMNT #12: Purple Dragon: #5
TMNT #13: Baxter Stockman
TMNT #14: Foot Soldier #1
TMNT #15: Foot Soldier #2
TMNT #16: Foot Tech
TMNT #17: Guardian
TMNT #18: Casey Jones

(ok.. what follows are the more obscure ones i'm thinking.. these are the one's yir gonna wanna trade with your buds.. unless yir a social recluse like me.. all i'll prolly be able to trade for down here is to the rats ..maybe they'll trade a scrap crumb of stale Weat thins.. they are called 'Elite'..prolly in homage to the Shredder Elite.. and rightly so.. these guys are gonna be at the top of the bean stalk..)

19-32: Elite //

TMNT #19: Hun
TMNT #20: Oroku Saki
TMNT #21: Shredder
TMNT #22: Foot Elite Guard (Bean is Foot Tech Ninja)
TMNT #23: Hamato Yoshi
TMNT #24: Leonardo: Street Clothes (?) (Bean appears to read Mike)
TMNT #25: Raphael: Street Clothes
TMNT #26: Casey Jones: Masked (?) (Can't make out second part)
TMNT #27: Splinter: Instructing
TMNT #28: Donatello: Welding
TMNT #29: Leonardo: Fighting Gear
TMNT #30: Donatello: Fighting Gear
TMNT #31: Raphael: Fighting Gear
TMNT #32: Michelangelo: Fighting Gear

..silly lookin'.. not to do some magic harpin on the subject.. but boy..they are funny lookin'!!
Now much anticipation has led to the mad quest for the Goose that lays the Golden Beanz.. it's a Giant quest.. so go out and and start stalking your favorite shop.. and when the cows come home.. you can tell yir mom.. you got some Mighty Beans.. and that's about all ya know,Jack!!

..ok.. i'll quit.. i think ya all get the jokes by now.. no more opening cans of worms.. i'm already opening plenty cans of beanz.. ahh ok.. ok.. i'll stop.. but that was a gas.. ok.. ok.. i'll go run out in traffic now.. i mean speakin' of gas.. -- --
..(thanks go to Vinatge Splinter for breakin' the wind on this whole speel here !!)


Wednesday, January 14, 2004

-->>..change is better..
..i'm gonna assume the 'Michelangelo/Foot Soldier' art work on the previous mentioned TMNT vol. 5 is conceptual pre-production art.. cuz.. the VHS tapes and DVD in stores now show strikingly cool new Khary Randolph / Dooney (??) art work of Mikey Vs. Quarry,Stonebiter, and Razorfist's tricky to tell on the art sometimes cuz this new animated style of work is a bit similar. Vol. 6 has the same art work as it shows in pre-production.

..i was wrong on the Peter Laird thing.. my bad.. 8(
..but there are cool new Bios.. TMNT game demo and Prima Guide previews and some cool commercials i've not seen..on the DVD.. all in all.. great buys!!'specially for Monster lovers & Shredder fans.. DVD rumblings?? coming soon..
'Return to New York' ..!!

Monday, January 12, 2004

..TMNT volumes 5 & 6 are creeping thier way into stores right now!!

..officially Due out Tuesday should most cases be able to pick them up today..if yir so inclined.. more Mutant madness in' Notes from the Underground'..
..and ol' Crome dome..sends the Turtles on the run in 'Shredder Strikes Back'.. tons of goodies on the DVD versions of these awsome shows.. including more Peter Laird!! VHS has the standard fare.. whatever the case.. they are out now!! Go get 'em!! 8)

Sunday, January 11, 2004

-->>..Certified-Turtafied.. we turtles know how to Recycle!! Hummm-VEEnus de Milo!?
-..The Turtle Tracker ..hum-VEE is out's actually a re-release from the 'Next Mutaion' line.. it's actually the exact same toy as the 'Mutant Marauder' (sp) but it spits out Ninja Stars instead of pizzas.. pretty cool!!

- 'Rose Art' is making slews and slews of TMNT activity sets with color-me posters,stickers,markers ..the works.. and i actually may pick some up myself ..i saw that there were tons at Toys R' Us late last night!!

- There is a 'TMNT Wall Clock' w/ sound listed in the January '04 issue of 'Previews'..the picture i took of the Previews page of the clock was just i'll try to get a nice scan when i can..
TMNT Wall Clock w/ sound:
"Look up, & see the hardshell hitters help you figure out the time of the day on this wall lock that features the Ninja Turtles Theme sonf playing on the hour,every hour! A light sensor stopsthe clock from playing the tune at night, so you don't miss your beauty sleep. Also includes an on/off switch to turn the tunes of completely,if you need some peace and quiet" ..SRP.. $24.99

.. TMNT Clocks!!'s about time!! >8]

Saturday, January 10, 2004

-->>..hey,Bean brains.. i'm nuts!!
-..i got a report of someone seeing TMNT versions ofMoose's Mighty Beans..i have no idea what they look like.. but i'd imagine they are real silly looking like the 'Marvel Super Heroes' Beanz.. and i've been keeping my eyes peeled ..the 'TMNT BEANZ' are listed to comemout on Jan.15th.. which is real soon here. Companies sometimes push up the release dates on it's already the 10th.. and this report is fairly beleivable.. but well .. i'm a blockhead.. i'll post pix or anything as soon as i get my hands on some of these lil' buggers.

- ..see spot save!!
The TMNT Sewer Playsest..kind of the ultimate TMNT Play toy out now.. when it was released last was running for about 48 - 50 bucks..
..but 5-6 months later.. clearance savings set in.. and nothing beats a 'Target' Clearance sale.. if you still haven't gotten the playset.. cuz the price was not nice.. check the Clearance Toys at your local Target now.. you may just find thr 'Sewer Playset' marked down..really..REALLY low!!.. I hit up 'Super Targets'..the playset was marked down to about 27 bucks.. even better.. at the Regular Target store by me.. ..the Playset was marked down to $$20 !! .. that's more than 1/2 off.. and not too out of reach ta thrifty Turtle fans.. checkit out !! Now's a great time to get the set at a good price.. and when Target sells 'em out.. they may not get 'em back in stock !!

Friday, January 09, 2004

Well, I really am glad they've been showing some repeats, as I had to work every other Saturday or so for a while! gives me time to get caught back up on speed on what's going down, yo!

and, because I'm a bit lazy, I posted it on the mirror site right away, and not loaded on my server yet, so I bring you more comic goodness!

And has anyone heard any news regarding Cartoon Network's run on the TMNT, rating wise?
If so, hit me or Tokka up and we'll post it.

Anyhoo... until Jan. 17th for the new episodes, or any more TMNT news develops... cheers!
-->>Hey,Babe..Pucker Up!!   ..:: Hey..back off,pal.. your not a man ..your a Mouser!!
-DROME Dome ;N Turtle sez::
"TMNT kids shoes, woo hoo!

It looks as though Dreamwave will be publishing Issue #8 of TMNT. Quite possibly the last from Dreamwave, alas.

This February give your special somebody a TMNT Valentine card! Out in stores now."

..the Valentine cards are pictured above.. heart stickers and envelopes included to send to thw whole class.. !! far as DREAWAVE goes....TMNT # 8 being the last ish?? .. maybe so.. i'm confused.. #9 was listed least i thought it was.. looks like i need to check my records..

- Dan B. Updates the main TMNT page..including catching up all the latest TMNT toys listings..including Posable plushes and Fighting Gear TMNTs other goodies..

-Mr.B also says.."New episodes of the TMNT toon are slated to begin in the USA on January 17th with episode #32, "Secret Origins" Part 1. Hopefully there won't be any more repeats until mid-May." .. so cue your VCRs again..'s time for the Turtles to get some answers.. and gees.. i almost forgot about Fugitoid!! .. sheesh.. it has been awhile.. come on,January 17th!!

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

-->>'AAAHHGG..i can't SEE!!'  'Where Are We,who are we??' 'How do i pee in this thing?? I have to Pee !!' ..'Ah f7ck.. we haven't been in these damm suits but five minutes and already we're getting space sick!!'
The TMNT Site update Slipped by me Danny B. catches us up with :
--The Next Gen of Space Cadet Turtle Toy Prototypes!!

--The already awsome Fighting Gear TMNT get some Mini Fig protos!!

--The Berger King shows ya a real good look at the 'Burger King' promo toys out at the B.K. now!!

--Cool source book and V.Game info start on the main updates section..
..well,oingo boingo..after eating all this Burger King stuff.. i'm gettin' space.. noone can hear you hurl!! ~~~~**


Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Chow Down..then shape up..the TMNTs are back at BK now!! Run in for 5 coo' kid toys featuring April and the TMNTs ready for action !! ..>v<

Monday, January 05, 2004

Hey everyone. I hope your christmas was turtle-y!

Mine was, but then, it's like the Shredder got to me! Er, well Baxter did, I should say! I got that new flu that's going around, and right on New Years' Eve. Hence why the lack of updates from yours truly! First, let me say that despite the very large amount of pieces and dice (11 dice are included!!!!) the TMNT board game which comes in a nice little tin can, is a fun and adventurous little game! Definately worth the money! I don't know how much my friends paid for it, but I finally got to play it with myself when I was sick. (maybe a PvP match is on soon? ) Either way: definately worth it. The tin cans are also so much easier to put away and put everything in! It will never fall apart like the old boxes would/do!

While my new years' was crappy, I did get a few comics done. Just with the holidays and all, I've been a bit behind. So Ol' Nick's here to update yah!

First, we have the 2nd part to "How The Grinch Got His Brother Fired".
Second: We Have Jim and Nate doing a little Call and Answer on New Year's Eve
Third: A New Cover for the new year! Issue 2 of Dribble for Kids begins!

Enjoy and here's to the new year!!!
-..our loverly cover-models display for you the nice n' easy ..tipsy and tricky.. 'TMNT Yo-yo ball'.. this return toy is hittin' toy shelves all over..and will run ya jast barely a little over a ball-bustin' $$3-4 bucks..round that price range..(where's my receipt??) !!

-..Foot Fightin' ball-bashin bouncer!!
..speakin' of ball-busters.. as is the 'Donatello "Bouncing Buddy' from Hedstrom.... running for about 6 bucks.. all 4 Turtles are in 'Bouncey form' ..ready ta show all the balls on the block the bases and who the real heroes are in the park!!

- Not shown .. there is a series of 'TMNT WATCH' gift packs..
.. for about $15.00 a pop.. a bit pricey.. but they all come in a small variety of Collectable tins.. and a each set is different.. for example.. 1 set includes a Raphael watch and a set of TMNT Fleer Trading cards.. while a Leonardo watch face features a few different interchangable bands.. and another watch includes a TMNT alarm clock.. these sets are pretty cool.. and are marked 'Gift Sets'.. i did not see the manufacturer..but i'll assume it's the same company that makes the TMNT watches 'single' watches.. ..but i'm out of dinero for such delicious time-counting

.. that's news fer now.. more TMNT pumpin' pimpin' ,money wastin' and laundering as it all washes out and busts my balls..
Bounzing Buddy Balls ,that is.. ..oiii..i'm tired!!

Sunday, January 04, 2004

-->>..o' hi,kids..  ..o' no.. that's ehhh.. Brown Milk in my cart.. yeh.. from the mad Chocolate cow..yeh..!!
- MATT XE does it again..TMNT Cereal returns to XE!!
..MAT rips open the box..disses the Turtes..offers ya ol' school TMNT cereal downloads.. and Bites Shredder's head off ta boot..
..Plus..Michelangelo takes ya shopping..and turns his brother into a gravy boat..or somthing like that..i dunno.

-..ah nuts,they make turtle balls..!!
Hedstom Co. is offering 4 size play balls (2 ruff n' tumble playground balls and 2 vinyl playballs for indoors and arounf yir yard..)
..way cool TMNT dodger's will wanna pick one up to play freeze a really cool price;bouncy balls are pretty inexpensive at the shops and are alot of fun!!
..however.. not yet listed on Hedstrom's web site.. are 4 figural TMNT balls. caled 'BounZing Buddies' ..bringin' back the ol' school TMNT sewer balls stylin' .. i picked on of these up late last night.. and i'll try to post a pic of the DON ball i gots. All 4 TMNTs are fat n' round n' squishy.. and ready for a good tossin' !!

Saturday, January 03, 2004

-->> !!
..t-drome spyin'..
.. Keep spying the Trading card isles at the store.. the second set of TMNT trading cards should be hittin' it with the rest of all your fave collectable rookies and Garbage Pail Kids..
.. >v<