Sunday, August 31, 2003

I'm in love!

Peter Laird offers some news about the new Tales of the TMNT he's working on for next year. Check out his blast from the past!

Forums are a little buggy right now, but are functional even so. Feel free to post anything you'd like to the forum community.

New toy sculpts for anyone who hasn't seen them yet (from Dan Berger) and new super sale:

Clone Shredder with Claws Initial Toy Sculpt

Dr. Malignus Initial Toy Sculpt

We've also added a new Super Sale, so you might wanna scope that

Also, anyone looking for gutwallow should probably check out the new site here, instead of I'm sure Dan would like everyone to be able to find his fine comic book a little more easily. He's also got some great articles. I'm sure this is old news. But go there anyway.

Friday, August 29, 2003

Successful migration to the new webhost!
Soon, every bit of content will be back online, and better than ever.

The forums are down right now, but all I have to do is upload the dumped databases to server and we'll be back in business.

Enjoy the rest of the site till then!
Thanks for your patience.