Friday, October 25, 2002

-->>..oivey..hey Nick & Co. !!
.. 'TMNT' show final theme..
..from the "Booger Blogger Bugger Berger Boy 'Dan Berger' of 'official TMNT web' fame :..
You can now hear an MP3 of the new TMNT cartoon theme song on this page! This is the final version that will be used for the new show! NOTE: this version is not the same as the one that was released on the Fox Box promotional CD that was given away at Toys R Us stores! I dunno what makes it different, because we never got any of those Fox Boxes to compare. =O)
..ok fine.. 'Final TMNT 2003 Theme-thingey.. :'s actually pretty c00l.. well.. i like it.. than6 to forum's 'DT' who i stole the tip from.. !!

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