Monday, January 31, 2005


.. a bit more info and correct packaging art ; both front and back(now called Volume 2 officially) for the second vid of the original TMNT show --starting right here on 'Tv Shows on DVD' !!


Saturday, January 29, 2005

-->>..oo babebeh !!

IGN takes a peek at the previous announcement of TMNT: Mutant Melee with some nifty lookin' screens and videos showin' the bashin' bros. & COmpany in action.. n' yeh.. you getta play as yir fave red head.. n' April can bust you UP !!

--IGN's sneek peeks >>start here on the X-box version of the game !!

-- Gamespot's previews start >>here !!

..Battle Nexus in 31 delicious Fighter flavours!!

--rounding out the Battle Nexus figs are rubbery 'Dark Assasin',big battle daddy ; 'Ultimate Daimyo', and purpley 'ButterFly Swords' or Zat as his mum calls him !!

..the only battler we have missing is Gen ..hopefully our Rhino amigo is due out soon.. in the mean time..check your pegs at your favourite store..some new Figs should be out ready for a good Turtle fight !!


Friday, January 28, 2005

-->> ..back in my day i was quite the fighter with th' ol jack johnsons..that'was before i became an Utrom O'Malley..

Bust up Shredder Big time..(much sooner than ya think !!)
Some cool new TMNT game info according to Game Spot's Article --Starting here..::

Konami ..used its Gamers' Day to unveil a new installment in its venerable Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle franchise. Dubbed TMNT Mutant Melee, the new game is set to hit PCs, Xboxes, and GameCubes in March, and is being billed as "the ultimate TMNT party experience." Rated "T" for teen, it will sport over 20 characters from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle series, and will let up to four players can play in two modes, Adventure Story or Melee Match. TMNT Mutant Melee will also feature several mini-games--including King of the Hill, Last Man Standing, Knock Out and more--and will also contain unlockable content.

..kinda like the good ol' Tournament Fighter days..with big brawls and Turtle squals gettin' settled on the mean streets of Mutant maddness. Lookin' to be a March release.. t's still early but it may look like PS2 Players may have to sit this bout out ( i hope not)..
we'll see.. !!


Thursday, January 27, 2005


This info in on TV Shows on DVD .. TMNT - TOS season 2 is set to hit stands on April 26 ..while no speacial features are reported yet ,the ep list goes like ::

-Return of the Shredder

-The Incredible Shrinking Turtles

-It Came from Beneath the Sewers

-The Mean Machines

-Curse of the Evil Eye

-Case of the Killer Pizzas

-Enter: the Fly

-Invasion of the Punk Frogs

-The Catwoman from Channel Six

-Return of the Technodrome

-New York's Shiniest

-Splinter No More

-Teenagers from Dimension X ..

DVD Empire has the vid-disc on preorder --starting here for under 10 bucks !! I'll keep up on anymore info as soon as i find it ya, tOkKie-croakies !!


Wednesday, January 26, 2005

BAH !!

-->>Raph is ALL excited about his new Planet Racer Space Cycle ..on loan from Godman Falcon (#23) himself ( Just like in the 'Planet Racers' Graphic Novel)!! 0- 65 M.P.H. the front and rear pneumatic forks split open to create 4 pollution-free hover jets to rise up into the cosmos to fly n' spy on the Battle Nexus at mach 12 !! All this techn0 shpiZZ courtesy of Donatello and the brainy Utroms !! Drako is extremely unimpressed..

..stick that up yir wind pipe n' smoke it !!

..doesn't bother Raph none!! Cuz it's nothin' a spring loaded - launch missle up the Drakonian's scaley arse couldn't fix.. those missles change attitudes n' put out the fires of Dragon-size egos..

..the Planet Racer Space Cycle and the Evil Foot Moto-Psycho are out now !! Get 'em quick before they speed off into the blazing saddles of a galactic sunset !!

-- Cool DVD Info courtesy of PrometheusUFO and Splint of T-drome ::

.. -TMNT '03 DVD's Vol. 15 & 16 - 3/15 & 4/26!!

The news finally broke regarding future volumes of the new TMNT Animated Series. Looks like we're going to start getting closer releases again as well, or at least I hope so. Volume 15: Ways of the Warrior - Alien Invasion and Volume 16: Ways of the Warrior - When Worlds Collide have been given release dates according to DVD Empire. No confirmations what episodes will be included on these volumes, but Vol 15 will likely include Episodes #54, #55, and #56. And Vol. 16 will likely include Episodes #57, #58, and #59. You can preorder both of them right now from DVD Empire at the following links. No artwork available for the DVD's as of yet, but probably in the next couple of weeks some will turn up.

--(4 info here)TMNT Vol 15: Ways of the Warrior - Alien Invasion

(more here)TMNT Vol 16: Ways of the Warrior - Worlds Collide


Sunday, January 23, 2005


..little Turtle fan helps big time for tsunami victims !! short article from mid-Ohio and 7 year old 'James Mullins' who started a whole movement for his school in the truest sence of Turtle Power to raise some much needed funds for last month's tsunami disaster !!
The wonderful little story --starts here !! ..Way to g0 ,James !!


Wednesday, January 19, 2005

-->> alt="..let Dragon Lord try to devour a mega-dose of TMNT !!">

..courtesy of info from David Blythe,Mr.B and the official TMNT d0t com..'s lookin' like another Next Mutation disc for ya U.K. blokes is in store for this month care of Maximum Entertainment ..however..this is a Mega-disc of the live-jive action Shinobi 5 smashin' up the Dragon Lord in over 180 minutes of fire-breather/turtle eater bustin' action --mega-info starts here !!

Monday, January 17, 2005

-->>..i wouldn't use the new logo as a surf board,Mikey already tried it tho' n' hurt himself summin' awful on a wipeout !! Let's just say the '4' got him n' he's gonna have problems poopin' pizza for a couple weeks.. !!

If ya hadn't been on top of the FOX BOX lately'll soon find out she's gettin' a new makeover..officially on January 22 !!

4 KIDS TV rears her pretty head .. but don't worry.. you're fave shows are still all in tact.. --check Fox Box's web site, here..4 more info (isn't that cute..i used a 4 instead of a 'for'). Thanks to Dierna for the tip off !!

--Also ,help Leo in the surf on a brand new mission to save Master Splinter from the Foot Monsters !! -- Fun Flash game starts here !!

--TMNT Vol. 14 :City at War hits the streets on VHS and DVD this week..mixed up and outta order.. here's the big show everyone's been waiting for;the aftermath of the major defeat of SHREDDER !! Good luck,ghoolies !!


Thursday, January 13, 2005

-->>..big kid on the block !!

From his earliest days helping shape the licensing landscape with the amazing 1980s phenomenon "The Cabbage Patch Kids" to the insanly popular Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon ; Al Kahn is a popculture pioneer and really just a big kid at heart. He is being honoured and inducted into Murray Altchuler Licensing Hall of Fame .. --you can read more about it here if you wish ..for those that appreciate his type of work. Most notably around here.. Mr.Kahn is greatly responsible for the 21st century TMNT Re-launch !! WAY TO GO,MR.Kahn !!


Friday, January 07, 2005

Okay... the forums are back up and running.... We're a little behind (had to revert back to September).

But thanks for your patience, guys! We'll see ya on the forums.

--..Rocksteady !! W.T.F. you talkin' bout, foo' ??

Special thanks to Slash ..we have one unconfirmed but reputable sighting of Gen at an East coast Target....i'll let you know of anymore info i find out on confirmed sightings of Usagi's un-bunny bounty hunter buddy or any other Battle Nexus diehard blo-hards !!

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

-->> ..i won't be smilin' after i do an flipn'ollie out into traffic !!

Motorized Michelangelo FANS .. unite.. Crash n' Bach Mikey is hittin' store shelves now n' ..he flips n' twirls all dizzy like on his skaet board..then the whole thing stops n' the fun comes to a bloody end when he falls ..!! Look for it now!!

-- Mr. Berger at Ninja Turtles d0t com wants you to mee Battle Nexus contestant 'Zat' a.K.A. Butterfly Swords -(starting here !!)

-- ..also get to know the big boss of the Big Brawl who also doubles as Santa to the Bettle Nexus kids.."Ultimate Daimyo" -(starting here)..!!

--Forums?? .. yeh still working on it (Temp Forum is still up). I cannot thank you all for your support.. !!We're working on both Mike's end and mine to get things the way they were. It may look like tho' we're gonna have to go back to September 2004 (when the last saved database was filed..) .. meh.. we'll see.. please watch this space lil' tOkKa-toasters !!


Monday, January 03, 2005

-->>..hey ,keep it together..quit lookin' at my arse !!

..TMNT Boy ..(wait.. whom i kiddin' ..he's a MAN!!)..
Special thanks to TMNT-MAN for the cool tip-off on the new TMNT Mega Bloks sets..

The following links are to pixs of 2 of the "Shell Shock colletion" sets..:

--Space Lab / Mutations garage Front

--Space LAb/Mutations Garage Back

--Space Lab inside ( i really like this one cuz ya know Spazey tOkKa gets..)

..thanks for the tip TMNT-man..!!

--Thanks for your guy's patience in our little forum crisis.. i'll be contacting Mike today to see what's happening. I assume we'll be able to get things restored. I can't make any promises.. but Mike is so coolw hen it comes to stuff like stay tuned !!


Saturday, January 01, 2005

-->> tOkKa'z 'Up-monkey' has his own mailing list now!!
Join my little friend ..and he will be tOkKie's 'Caller Monkey' you a quick note in yir inbox when tOkKa updates terrible2z !! ,huh ??

join the Up-monkey
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