Friday, October 18, 2002

Road Rage: The Apology is now available.

Many thanks to Tokka for his kind words!!! YOU ROCK DUDE!! You know, being a TMNT fan and being on the TMNT Mailing list (TMNT-L) for quite a while, it's nice to actually be mentioned by Tokka. I don't know why, but it is a complete and total honor. (It's the way he talks... it really is cool... )LOL. Sorry for the rather late post gang, but I've been really busy doing some 'secret projects', which means next week's Tuesday post may be my final post for a few weeks or two. (it sucks... cos i was finally being 'responsible' by posting on time...) but when I come back posting, it will be in a big way, and hopefully it will rock all your socks off! (plus it will be on time! :-D ) At any rate, Tokka, everyone, I hope this makes your week a bit more better. ;-)

The news below about the toys simply KICKS BOOTY!!!! (and you thought i was gonna say ____.) Gosh, lately so many things seem to be going right for me, and the TMNT coming back is definately one of them.

Now only if we can get Godzilla back into gear after the crap de filme which is Godzilla 98 (the Devlin/Emmerich version) we will be on a roll....

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