Monday, February 28, 2005

-->>..gawd this helmet stanks..!!

..TV SHOWS ON DVD & Walt Davis report..::

"Funimation brings on DVDs for the 3rd Season of the latest TMNT cartoon. They arrive starting this Spring, and we've got the the heads-up on the first two of them for you thanks to Amazon.

First up, on March 15th, is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Volume 15: Alien Invasion. It focuses on the three-part storyline "Space Invaders" that started the 3rd Season, following the "Chistmas Aliens" special episode that was the televised version of the Michelangelo's Christmas Rescue DVD. The Volume 15: Alien Invasion disc can be pre-ordered at Amazon for $10.49, based on a $14.98 SRP.Then, six weeks later, you can enjoy the April 26th release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Volume 16: Worlds Collide, based mainly on the three-part arc of the same name. It also is available for advance ordering from Amazon for a $10.49 discounted price."..

--The full report is here !!

Space Invaders ; tOkK knows all 2 WELL !! And the massive Triceraton invasion that sets the stage for the ultimate fate of the Turtles arch-nemesis..The Shredder !! Stay Tooned !!


Friday, February 25, 2005

Dan B. from the official site reports that has some pictures of Gary Richardson and Playmates Toys "staff" presenting a check to the "Save the Children" Tsunami relief fund.

>> Click here for more

Mr. B also has some cool pics that he's posted from Toy Fair, new contest winners, a solitaire game download by Absaraka and Jarrah White's update info about NT: TNM DVD availability in Australia. Check out these cool updates and more by clicking here!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

-->> !!

..gee ..the toy fare ..oi.. don't i wish i could go someplace to have that much fun w0w!! Makes me figger,next time .. i better plan on stowin' away on one of these buisiness guy's non-carry on luggage. By the time all is said and done there should be pleant more pix of TMNT goods (& non- for the more diverse toy fans). Mr. Berger of the offical TMNT d0t com is headin' out there to NYC so he should have his own kit n' kaboodle TMNT pix to add to Mirage's spectrum !! the mean time..

-- here for IGN's Toy Fair photo log which gives you some great quick-shots of the entire show !!


Tuesday, February 22, 2005

-->>..i'm up HERE ya jerk.. don't make me cut you !!

.. ok .. now the good stuff..

..gummi Mutant Makers, Karai,Yoshi, Monster Catchers,Monsters,Mutants,mechs and o' gawd!! By the end of 2005 yir gonna need a bigger toy box !!


--Toy News International TMNT Photos start here !!

--Figures d0t com has more goodies to see here in this gallery ..

..check back for more..cuz if we see it.. you will too !! oii ..


Monday, February 21, 2005

Not TMNT, but maybe the next best thing?

-->> !!

..the TMNT Toy news should be pretty hot this week..

.. i've been following the big TOY Industry 2005 show.. and special thanks to SLASH for helpin' me out.. here for Action-figure d0t com's baisic TMNT press release from 'Playmates'....

.. Quarry and her pals were just the beginning.. the TMNTs are lookin' to be facin' a slew o' more monsters beyond the 'Foot Clan', a Pizza-point type program, licensed snack products (finally),and more than enuff' mechs and Bruce Lee stylin's you can imagine !! I'll be following the show news best i can so stay tuned !!

Monday, February 14, 2005

-->>..i'll gladly eat yir heart out.. hand me da Tobasco ..will ya ??



!! terribe2z - 5 1/6 Anniversary coloring Contest --click here for info!!

Show Mikey's pal tOkKa what ya got ..With Real prizes ..this is your chance to colour up some fun with tOkKa!!


Saturday, February 12, 2005


--SPAZE CAZE returns for the new year with a comic of a differant colour ..--click here for more !!

-- Mikey wanted me to pass this note from Dan Berger TMNT's official d0t com guru::

Many people have been writing in asking why Cartoon Network USA has been showing new episodes of the 4Kids TMNT cartoon before they've been aired on 4Kids TV. From what I've heard, it appears that Cartoon Network was unhappy having to run so many repeats, so as a goodwill gesture 4Kids Entertainment gave CN permission to premiere some episodes (in hopes that ratings would increase). As far as I know, CN will return to airing repeats after this week.

Also, in spite of being able to premiere new episodes, CN has indicated that the ratings that the TMNT show has been getting lately were not up to par with other Miguzi block shows, like "Totally Spies", "Static Shock" and "Teen Titans", if you can believe it. Haven't you folks been watching? In any case, next week Cartoon Network will be moving the show out of the Miguzi block and running it at 2:30 PM every weekday instead. So get your VCR's and TiVo's adjusted accordingly. We think that CN will continue to air the show at that time at least until March 31, 2005, but after that it all boils down to ratings. If you've been enjoying seeing the TMNT show on Cartoon Network, it might be a good time to let them know, and get everyone you know to watch it, especially those super-secret Neilsen viewers

Friday, February 11, 2005

-->> don't wanna know how much poxy they had to sniff to come up with this design !!

..ERTL known for decades as model kit extraorinairs and collecatable toy company does have a 1:25 model kit based on the TMNT Monster Jam Truck..

More info starts --here..!!

The model retails for just a little over 10 bucks..(gee guess i don't go into the models section much, i totally missed this one !!).
Remember you gotta build this thing too!! tOkK usually can't build anything unless it has the "Duplo" label so..whatever. Grab yir poxy and paints,kids and have at it.. customiZe yir funny TMNT car like crazy and have fun !!


Thursday, February 10, 2005

-->>..whuddah stud..!!

Courtesy of our very own Rosemary and the official TMNT d0t Com.. :: a sneek peek at Hallmark's TMNT - Leonardo Ornament.
These holiday decorations are usually available in the late summer so.. keep an eye out in participationg Hallmark shops and Hallmark retailors !!

-- On the same page is TMNT Tales's Steve Murphy with ::

"As you may be aware, we've been trying to raise money for UMass' efforts to study and save the endangered wood turtle population of Western Mass through contests and informational updates in Tales of the TMNT. My understanding is that we've helped raise a little over two thousand dollars between contributions from our readers and from Playmates Toys (via the eBay'ed cold cast "gold" Leo). The cost of one radio telemetry device for one wood turtle is around $150, so that two grand will go a long way.

The American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) in New York recently finished a Western Mass wood turtle film which can be viewed at the site below (the film is the one labeled "Why did the turtle cross the road?"):

--(click here)

The film will be playing at the entrance to the AMNH for the next six months, as well as at 13 science museums across the country.

Thanks for letting Tales be a conduit for helping the wood turtle!"


Tuesday, February 08, 2005

-->>'ere you.. give us a hug before we kick ya in the noggin' !!

Animated News ..--reports here ::

Dark Horizons notices that an update has been subtly made to the FAQ section of the official Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles website. In answer to the question of a fourth movie, the site responds, "We're currently working with a studio on a new film. If we can come to an agreement on the script and they can find a distributor for the movie (neither of which are guaranteed), we hope to have a new movie in theaters in 2007. Keep your fingers crossed."

The Official TMNT FAQ starts right here if you'd like to check for yourself. there is little glimmer of hope for TMNT movie fans ..!!


Friday, February 04, 2005

-->>'d be makin' funny faces too if ya had candy shoved up yir arse..

..Followin' the lead on Mr.B's offical TMNT d0t com.. ..the new face of TMNT PEZ just made my day !! I f you remember the original Turtle Pez heads ..were really cute n' styled in the ways of the original TOON.. but here we get Mike Dooney's slick styling to give the PEZ a whole new hot head set for 2005 !!

I'm real big on PEZ so i'll check in some more on this later.. !!

..WAHH-h00 !! !!


Thursday, February 03, 2005

What's That Over There? Why It's An Update, Buddy!!

No update? Is the world bringing you down, baby? How about a nice big fat update from Nitro himself to wash those blues away? Well here is Page um, sumptin er other, also known as "Page 11". Good times.

Being that we are back, sadly we hafta update only once a week. Being this story is very action packed, and due to time/schedules doin' their thing, we're back to Thursdays, once a week, and that's no. No two updates last week of the month. Sorry gang.

Until then... Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

-->>..hey's Jarrod's toys !!

..following the lead on the official TMNT d0t com ..

..the Turtles are soon headin' to the healthy Kids Pack at Subway with a new small slew of prizes ..checkit out --starting here !!

-- Konami's official TMNT Mutant Melee site --starts here .

Still no sign of a PS2 version and things aren't lookin' good's lookin' like tOkK's gonna plop down some buXX for a Game Cube or save and just get the PC version ..meh meh meh..'s politics i tells ya !!


Tuesday, February 01, 2005


..PG-13 is strongly cautioned..

..however this is the big tOkKa'z KriB exclusive you been waiting for !! Never before will you have witnessed such Exclusive Ninja Turtles Exclusiveness!! Perpare to be exclusived with a TMNT inside look !!

tOkKA'z -TMNT - 'Peanut Butter' -XxX -'clusive:

--..starts here (spread with caution)!!

The only thing more disturbing is the 3 month old jelly sammich ya left behind the recliner in the den !!