Friday, November 30, 2007

S.Murphy:: .."Yes, the paint scheme on the NECA TMNT figure shown ((Leo Sculpt ~ t)) below is final.

.. Each NECA turtle will have the same body but unique faces/heads.

.. Why no secondary characters included in NECA's first wave release?
Here's what NECA had to say: "In an effort to introduce the line early in the year and to be able to ship before Chinese New Year we are going to offer the classic 4 turtles first.
We will then refresh the line in Spring with variations on the turtles along with new secondary characters."

Here's the Mikey NECA face. ;)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

NECA Leo // Front Peek ..[[coutresy of S.Murphy]]

-->> S.Murphy :: Guess it's now okay to post this seeing as how the image has shown up in Previews. (Famous last words?)

Great job, eh?

Also: Looks like NECA is only putting out the four turtles as part of their first release wave. No word on what happened to the two secondary characters that were to be be released at this time, although their sculpts have not yet been submitted to us in any form. Gotta look into it.


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

-->> .. the great Jagwar Rescue, TMNT ORIGINAL ART..& more !! ::

♥ ♥ ♥

- Thanks to Roseangelo & Vaughn Michael for this.. ::

"The picture above is a Jagwar action figure that Playmates had planned to release next year. These plans have changed and Jagwar will now NOT be released.

For info on the situation (if you haven't been reading Murphy's blog), you can **click here.

Here's how you can contact Playmates to try to get them to change their minds:


website: Customer Service

snail mail:

Playmates Toys, Inc

Attn: Consumer Service

611 Anton Blvd. Ste. 600

Costa Mesa, CA 92626 .. .. "

Murphy: "I asked my junior executive friend at Playmates why they 86'd the Jagwar figure. His reply: "Pmates puts together a line (designed, approved, etc.), like Global Mutant Missions. Once it’s given the “ok” from all parties involved (but before we cut steel for tooling), big shots look at numbers - especially at brands with history (like TMNT or Strawberry Shortcake). An important person cross references future products with what has sold in the past. Looking at TMNT for example, data would most likely indicate that the 4 turtles tend to sell the best, with lesser known villains and allies not quite as aggressively. This is reported to the Powers That Be and then ultimately what was once a line of 8 figures, now gets budgeted and reduced to be a line of 6. Somewhere between this stage and the actual cutting of steel, an exec. (from marketing, I think) chooses which figures stay and which go. My guess is in this case it was on personal aesthetic preferences alone. You’ll note that this happened to Alien Hunters too (only Thrashmor and Dumpjumper will be moving forward, not Antroid and the other one). Now, this doesn’t mean that the other figures will never get made, but my guess is that retail will have to like this assortment a whole hell of a lot before we start manufacturing unproduced styles."

Mirage alumni and Kaiju-Turtle supremes,
S.Lavigne and Ryan Brown
::"Cowabunga Dude!
If you ate Ninja Turtle pork rinds, slept in a Turtle sleeping bag or chowed down on Turtle Pez candy while playing a Turtle video game you've seen our art.

Peter and Kevin had us design,pencil,ink and color lots of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle art for a lot of different TMNT product back in the eighties and ninties. We now offer commissioned artwork for sale so if you are interested in obtaining that special piece of retro-style Lavigne Brown artwork for your home or office space just email ** for complete info. We will also do re-creations."

Following is the price-list for commissioned work by Steve and Ryan ..::


**HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT** Peter Laird & Steve Lavigne Team-Up To Bring You Original Art! Cowabunga!

Ever wanted an original turtle drawing by Peter Laird, hand-colored by Steve Lavigne?

Well, my friend, you're in luck!

Just like back in the old days, Peter and Steve have joined forces to bring you great original paintings of your favorite turtles!

Why incur all those incidental expenses of going to a show to get your special piece of Laird/Lavigne art when you can save all the time and money spent on gas, admission, food etc., and put it ALL towards that great piece of art! No wasted time standing in line, just step right up and get your art today !

These two are available for sale right now and they're only available here at Cowabunga Cartoon Classics ! Email Steve at ** for details.

**Update :: " The first two pieces of art in the new


has been sold. Congratulations to the winning bidder for snagging these two premier pieces! Keep watching here for announcements of new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles artwork for sale. Next up for sale in the series I believe, is a full-color group shot of the four turtles...stay tuned."


Murphy :: Bases for the TMNT figures, as submitted by NECA. The two uncolored pieces were approved... but then the colored version came in yesterday and was rejected by Pete. His comments: "The yellow sidewalk and blue street color concepts are too cartoony. Given the cool, graphic look of the Turtle figures we feel the bases should be more 'realistic.' Please make another pass at base colors and resubmit." Yeah, baby.

NECA's TMNT: Bases Sumbmitted for aproval  i

NECA's TMNT: Bases Sumbmitted for aproval  ii

NECA's TMNT: Bases Sumbmitted for aproval  iii

- Danny B. of the Official TMNT site ::

"** Click .. - Posted the preview of Tales of the TMNT #40."

- The odd ball figures out out : ' Secret Agent ' Fast Forward Donatello and crew !! !?** click here..


Friday, November 23, 2007

-->> Mutanimals: The Next Mutation ?? // courtesy of Ryan Brown..::

Mutanimals : The Next Mutation ? ..i ((..never before scene.::TMNT Adventures universe..)) [[..courtesy of Ryan Brown ]]

Mutanimals : The Next Mutation ? ..ii  ((..never before scene.::TMNT Adventures universe..)) [[..courtesy of Ryan Brown ]]

"Unused character designs for a proposed second team of Mutanimals. Looking back most of them are silly but I kinda like the beaver. He has a bionic buzzsaw tail. The raccoon mutant is named Ring Tone." - Ryan Brown ..

- Karai and Co. take center stage this courtesy of Jake Black..::"My Next Ninja Turtles Comic

..Mirage publishing announced my next Ninja Turtles comic today. Here's the info from Mirage, accompanied by a larger version of the cover. It's all copyright 2007 Mirage.

Tales of the TMNT 44

Ship Date: March, 2008

Format: 32 B&W pages, full color cover, standard size comicRetail Price: $3.25Cover art by Dario Brizuela; plot by Murphy and Jake Black, script by Jake Black, art by Dario Brizuela "The Amulet" - This issue features a tale of young Foot initiates, including fan-favorite Karai, and their quest to unearth an amulet of power. The newbie ninjas find what they seek through hard-fought battles with mythic creatures only to face the most deadly enemy of all - treachery from within!

Danny B. ::" "Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Original Volume 1 Series Treasury Edition" is at the printer now and will hopefully be out by mid-December.

"Tales of the TMNT #41" is almost completed and will hopefully be out in December."

- S.Burphy ::"An unfinished page by the incomparable John McCrea from an upcoming issue of Titan's UK TMNT comic magazine. He makes it look so easy, doesn't he? (Much thanks to editor Ned Hartley for bringing John on board.)

John's Wikipedia bio:

"In 1988, after a few years of drawing television and toy tie-ins, he illustrated Ennis's debut, the political series Troubled Souls, in Crisis, in a realistic style, using acrylic paints and mixed media, but its sequel, the farce For a Few Troubles More, showed him moving a more cartoony direction, a trend which continued with his occasional series Carla Allison in Deadline.

"He broke into American comics in 1993, drawing Ennis's run on DC Comics's The Demon, followed by its spin-off, Hitman, from 1996 to 2001, on which McCrea developed a versatile drawing style equally at home with goofy humour, action, and subtle characterisation. Hitman issue 34 won the Eisner Award for best single issue in 1999. His wilder, more exaggerated cartooning found an outlet with Dicks, a miniseries spinning off from For a Few Troubles More into more outrageous dialect, sexual and toilet humour, published by Caliber in 1997, with a sequel, Dicks II, from Avatar in 2002.

"Since Hitman finished he has drawn a variety of characters for DC, Marvel, Dark Horse Comics, 2000 AD and others." ..**Click for info and arwork !!

- Dug this offa Matsuda's old blog last week..

'Casey Jones' character design pencils for "TMNT" [4] by Jeff Matsuda..

- C.O.W. Boys merch at Cafe Press !! ..R.Brown::Strictly for promotional purposes, there's a bunch of C.O.W.-Boys stuff over at Cafe press.
So if you want to wear some Moo Mesa apparel or give a C.O.W.-Boys christmas present
check out this link:

** ((Click))

I don't make a dime, only Cafe Press does.
I think their prices are high but hey, it's the only
place to get official Moo Mesa merchandise right now.

-->> ..sorry i'm late,gang greens..been prepping for alot of art related thingies n' loosin' massive sleep (pretty much slept most of the holiday .. :[ ) ..

..hope ya had a good one .. >v<

.. ♥ ~tOkKa , Mikey ..and the staf @ Mikey's TMNT, ..

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hey All.

First, a Happy Thanksgiving to all, or a "hey, happy day off" to those who don't celebrate and being this is Mikey's TMNT... COWABUNGA.

I've made an effort to not post about D4K much on here anymore unless it's TMNT-related or unless I have an actual TMNT news item or thought, but... I am sorta excited and have sorta big news. I sorta owe a nod to Mikey for hosting it back when it was a humble skit-like article, so I'd like to say... I am proud to announce that DRIBBLE FOR KIDS: THE LORD OF THE SWEATERS is now available as a graphic novel thanks in part to LuLu Press.

While it's not available elsewhere beyond just yet, it will be available soon within the month (hopefully) on and other online retailers.

Dribble For Kids was never intended to be in print, but all the files have been looked over, inspected by multiple art-savvy people unlike myself, and let me say after reviewing several drafts or as the biz likes to call "proof copies" I can firmly say, this is the best that D4K: The Lord of the Sweaters will look without me having to completely redo the entire story, from scratch.

So what does the book have? Besides the entire six-issue storyline, it contains an introduction by myself, the three-page prologue (which only 2 pages can be seen within the archives) one old school D4K comic-strip, and an awesome introduction by Kevin J. Guhl, the creator and slueth-guru over at Detective Fork AND an awesome back and front cover by yours truly!

I am now offering a holiday special on Dribble For Kids. I print a book, you guys get away with the savings! The general manufacturing of the book is $12.76. That is it. But it only lasts until November 26th. That's a whole weekend at the original price.

That means that the book costs $12.76 to make, I get nothing from when you buy the book except the fact that I have a fan out there, somewhere. As of November 26th, the book goes up a bit for a limited time to $13.50. That is still a huge discount and barely any profit for my humble hobby of mine, and that'll last until the second day of 2008. So make sure you act now before it slowly goes up!

It makes a great stocking stuffer!

Okay, I'm done whoring my thing, and if anything, I do have some interesting news if Tokka hasn't gotten to it first (which if he hasn't, I'm surprised. tokka works his shell off around here and keeps the likes of you and me well informed on all TMNT news...)

And that is the JC Penny thing that happened and quickly was over as it began.

Until later, I wish you all a happy day off or happy Thanksgiving.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

..*sniff ~~ ..You Fart ??

-->> Danny B. has updated the offical TMNT home site with fresh pix of packaged "TMNT" Mini Mutants figures,Mini- Battle Shell and a special TMNT : Fast Forward 4 pack..((possible exclusive to Toys R' Us ?!)) ..hmm..

Check the lower section of the 2007 Toy releases ** here ** .. ..these should be available very soon..if not within' December.. if i know Playmates..they may very well come out on December 24 ..or very close to that date. KEEP A LOOK OUT !! ..>v<

Monday, November 19, 2007

-->> ..Courtesy of Ben and Roseangelo ..::" offers a service to etch a piece of art from a growing library onto your favorite electronic device. You can buy a new device from them and get the etching at the same time, or you can send them a device you already own to be etched.

The Etchstar art library now features a large selection of TMNT art..

Prices vary. **Click here for the TMNT etch library of classic and Y2K3 Turtle designs..

- Rosengelo ::TMNT Fast Forward Comic - "Ghost in the Shell"
"Ghost in the Shell" from TMNT Comic magazine #4. **Click here for the entire story !!

- Rose :: Most comic shops received Raphael: **Bad Moon Rising #4 this past Wednesday. I say most because mine didn't. Hopefully your shop is better than mine.

Of course, if all else fails you can always order it direct from

Saturday, November 17, 2007

-->> Tip courtesy of S.Murphy and Jake Black..::

Toy Fare and Wizard Entertainment's TOY OF THE DAY: TMNT ..**Click here for images and press release.

"Think Ninja Turtles is over? It’s not over. It’s never over. With the success of the theatrical movie and the tie-in toy line, the TMNT brand is stronger than ever, and Playmates has rewarded us for our support with more toys. Not only are there new 7-inch Alien Hunters and Global Mutant Missions Turtles toys, complete with new animal and alien foes to fight, there are also new Mini Mutants! These 3-inch figures get new, smaller vehicles (pull-back Cycles, Sliders and a new Battle Shell), new magnetic playsets (connect all four to form one big one!) and cute little bad guys to share their blister packs with."

..these images of 'alien Hunters' and Mini TMNTs have been seen earlier this year, but you may wanna check 'em out again. Also ..the image of the 'Mini-Mutant' playset combiner toy appears to be larger than prior images. ..>v<

Friday, November 16, 2007

- Two untold tales of the TMNT ((thanks to a tip from Roseangelo and courtesy of/ and by Tristan Jones))

"Thicker Than Water - The Sequel to Serve and Protect" **Full script and info ..**Click here..

"Black Magic - Untold Tales of the TMNT" ..**Click

- Murph shares the Mirage Holiday Card .. **here and **HERE !!

- S.Murph::"More non-retro retro art" ..The last of the new retro character art, at least for the moment. Again, the heads are right on but the bodies need de-muscling and the top of that left-most Don's plastron needs a bit of, uh, de-breasting. **CLICK here..

- China cellphone downloads info **Click here

- ** 'Total Carnage' Returns Tales of the TMNT 41..** CLICK HERE !!

- R.Brown .. :: Here is a promotional postcard Playmates mailed out to buyers to invite them to stop by showroom #711, 1107 Broadway and look at the new line of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys for 1989. It's 8" by 5" and signed Raphael. Everyone's FAVORITE TMNT!!

- Classic T shirt art **Click here.. !!

- Movie Mutations yip off courtesy of Dan Berger and Vaughn Michael ::

**Check the newly updated TMNT toy list for the last quarter of '07 here..

- Dan : **Posted the extended synopsis with screenshots for cartoon episode #136, "The Fall of Darius Dun"


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

climbing :: Ninja have it harder ..

-->> .. NECA's TMNT .. 'Climbing Claws' peek .. ((2008))

S.Murphy :: Climbing claws.'Nuff said

♥ ♥

Assuming these are interchangable hands for the Turtles.. ((like alot of other NECA's toys)) .. they may however be separate accessories that go in the Turtle's hands ..

NECA's TMNT :: interchangable [!?] 'Climbing Claws' peek .. ((2008))

- Courtesy of NinjaTiptup ::

"TMNT II wont be coming to the Virtual Console. At least any time soon.

** Click Here for info

I feel so betrayed. I bought TMNT 1, what more do they want from me? .."


"Muscle and Faith," .. 72-page graphic novel starring Casey Jones with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, by writer/artist Jeff "J.B." Bonivert. "Muscle and Faith" debuts May 1, exclusively web-published at, the web-site of Eisner Award-winning retailer Joe Field of Flying Colors Comics & Other Cool Stuff in Concord, CA.

**Update from S. Murphy..** :: "Sorry to report that there are no plans to publish Muscle and Faith." (..sorry,gang.. :( ~t) ..

"Turtles' fans will really get into this epic story featuring Casey Jones and the gang. Jeff will finally get the attention his unique line-work and amazing storytelling style deserves, and I hope to get more traffic to my web-site so fans can get a taste of what Flying Colors is all about," Field said. "It's a win-win for everyone."

"Muscle and Faith" was an early casualty of the downturn in the American comics' market in the mid-nineties, when it was originally due to be published. Since then, Bonivert has gone back to the story, embellishing it and tweaking it, while shopping it to publishers before striking the deal with Joe Field at Flying Colors.

.. " 2000, during a TMNT hiatus .. there was a lag in Turtle comics ..again, this story was meant to see publication, but instead Bonivert's story was hosted online by Flying Colors Comics out of California.

The story is still up .. even after 7 more years sans publication.

** Click here for the entire ' Muscle And Faith' by "Jeff Bonivert"

..while it's just a rumour, take it with a grain of salt. 'M and F' ..Casey's amazingly stylized adventure to save the city's orphan's from the evil n' larger than creepy:: Mother Drekk ..

..may actually see publication soon. We'll see.. it makes sence that it would.. and is a unique TMNT epic that deserves print after all these years. Casey fans will not be disapointed !!

- Let's check in with my pal, Rosenagelo ::"The Toys R Us exclusive 4-pack of TMNT Ninja Knights w/ gold armor will be on sale for a crazy 50% off on Black Friday and Saturday, November 23-24 (the days after Thanksgiving). That's a low, low price of only $12.99 for four figures!

This unbeatable deal requires no coupon! Happy shopping! .."

**Click here fo the ad and info ..

- Interview with Steve Barron ((TMNT original movie director..podcast)) **Click here..

- [[the entire]] TMNT Fast Forward Comic - "Extreme Measures" **Click here .. very cool ..!!

- New TMNT Japanese CD Releases ..& purchaseing info **Click here..

- **Complete Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation Series on DVD ..and purchasing info ..

- Official notes from Danny B. ::

.."We found an old box full of the Mirage Mini Comics from 1989, so I posted a preview page of 'em **here and you can find mail order instructions to purchase a set **here.

- ** Posted the extended synopsis with screenshots for cartoon episode #135, "The Milk Run"

Monday, November 12, 2007

-->> .. November is in full scream, The News ROUND*up will be as i go about the day!! Sorry i'm late.. but been super buzy is takin' it's toll on my spikes and sleep schedule..!! :( ::

♥ ♥ ♥

- Controversy strikes now ..courtesy of Nacho !!

Nacho :: " on the following link to see some pages of the new artwork for tmnt vol 1, # i said b4, it has been published only in spain. .. "

** Click here for the images.. very disturbing revision..

- Kurt S. Adler TMNT holiday ornaments and stockings are slowly making it to the seasonal merchandise sections at your local Wal-mart stores..((**UPDATE** ..acording to Roseangelo..Turtle decor is also showing up at other stores like Toys R'Us. Thanks,Rose !! 8) .. ~t ..))

** Click here for Adler's online catalogue and images of the Turtle decorations to look for !!

- New TMNT related blogs revealing themselves to the Turtle-fan community.
Mr.Murphy's still leads the pack. I am gonna try to give you the imperative bits from his and some other blogs thru'out the day..



In case you didn't know:

Twelve animated movies have been submitted to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (A.M.P.A.S.) for consideration in the Animated Feature Film category for the 80th Academy Awards. With 12 animated movies currently qualifying for consideration, under A.M.P.A.S. rules for the category there can only be a total of 3 films ultimately nominated. In order for five movies to be nominated in the category, per the rules, had 16 animated movies qualified for consideration, there could potentially have been five nominees in the category. The 80th Academy Awards nominations will be announced Tuesday, January 22, 2008, as always at the crack of dawn. The Awards will be handed out Sunday, February 24, 2008 on ABC, live from the Kodak Theatre.

The 12 submitted features are:

Alvin and the Chipmunks

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters

Bee Movie


Meet the Robinsons



Shrek the Third

The Simpsons Movie

Surf's Up



♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

- TMNT movie sequel sorta news.2

While I can't give it a full thumbs-up (there remains one new and substantial issue to be resolved), I'm happy to report that Imagi has successfully renegotiated its distribution deal with Warner Brothers for the potential TMNT movie sequel, so at least that particular hurdle has been passed. The next meeting between Mirage and Imagi is scheduled for mid-December, at which point the new issue will be discussed and hopefully resolved to everyone's satisfaction. To be continued. Again.

Preliminary character designs of April and Casey for the 2K8 season. "A bit more movie," eh?

4Kids' in-house design group for the '08 season:

Roy Burdine (art director), Adrian Barrios (character design), Keith Conroy (layout supervisor), Edwin Nebres (props/storyboards), Andrew Bradshaw (prop design).

Murph's Retro Merch info and artwork ..

-Non-retro retro art in-progress((** Click for info and art..))

- Retro Quiz .. ((**Click))

- Mini Mutant'08 Sneek Peeks courtesy of Mr.Murphy !!

Mini Mutants 'Multi Arm Shredder' [[One of the Shredder Clones from 'Return to New York' ]] ((2008))

Mini Mutants Draco [[Splinter's other-dimensional enemy from the 'Battle Nexus']] ((2008))

- " ..Here are the first two (pre-lettered) pages by artist Steph Dumais for Tales of the TMNT #41. The story, featuring an older Leonardo, is my last scheduled issue of Tales. ((**Click))

- Now some real fun news !! ::

Commissioned TMNT art

Cowabunga capitalists Steve Lavigne and Ryan Brown have started a blog to sell commissioned TMNT art: ..((**Click Here))

( Mr.Lavigne told me that a price list should be up soon for commissions..~t )

- Courtesy of Neil ::.."..TMNT NES 1 Gameplay Walkthough, Part 2 is uploaded too youtube. As are parts 3,4, 5 and 6. Hope it helps you beat one of the hardest games ever made. .. " **CLICK here for the video guide.

- also from Neil ..:: "Finally, has confirmed via email that David Wise, writer of the ORIGINAL 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, will be at the convention at the Go!Comi booth, his new company that is dedicated too creating original anime. Check it out and hope too see you there."

.. >v<