Thursday, November 23, 2006

What are you thankful for ??

Mikey's TMNT and terrible2z ..i know for a fact is super-charged by all our friends and fans. For almost 8 years now we've seen some of the craziest Turtle times and the harshest spit n' spadoodle the Foot Clan could shell out!! We've survived Triceratons (weigh a ton),Alien Invasions, Time Travelin' Trivails, Next Mutations, runchabungas,Inflatable Raphael Chairs,Mad science, Dragon Lords,Cody Jones,Krang Bangs,Bebop n' Rock, fourth Turtles movie teasers , n' tOkKa's terrible coding skills !!

Somehow we've made it.. but couldn't be doin' it without our friends !! That's a deff' !! Mikey's TMNT friend base is global & galactic..reaching Turtle fans of all kinds !! We love you all.. and on behalf of terrible2z , MIKEY P.,Xipe, and the rest of the forum staff n' friends.. we all thank YOU !!
Yep ..that's what we're giving thanks for today !! Luv ya !! Have a good day everybody !! ..>v<

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

-->> Hi,Prickle pals..

..quick checkin' n' note::

People have been saying to me that they have been sending me messages for weeks now to .. only to have their message bounce back to them or totally disappear and have me not get it at all. I got a hold of my server and fixed the issue. You should be able to email me and not worry about bouncin' baby messages. Both addies :: and are the same.. all messages go to the same email box (just as long as both email addies are in sync ..) Sorry for the mix-up,guys.. i'm one snazzle-frazzled snapper.

Also Update for Mikey's TMNT and t2z real soon. Just let me catch up to the rest of my day. Thanks guys..luv ya !!


Thursday, November 09, 2006

-->>>Thanks to m'cuz ::Slash for pointing out to that Target is now taking pre-orders for the December 5th release of TMNT:The original series V.6 on DVD !! **(click here for info and ordering !!)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

-->> My good friend Leonardo would like to share with us.. ::

Hi, Tokka..
I have my own Web
the link:
thought the web is not complete now, but
I think it will more and more profect. I make the turtles room on it.

(*UPDATE - Leonardo sez:: ..'enter it, and you chose the "Enter(English)" button. then, you can see the English Version of turtles'room ..' So there is an English version of the site..also Leo indicates to me he is adding Raph's room real soon !!)


-Hey ,tOkKie-rochas !! I'm always happy to pimp your personal TMNT website right here as i can make the time !! Just email me your request @ and i'll include your site in my next update !!

--..From Previews NOV 2006 ..these books should be available January 2007 !!