Saturday, July 31, 2004

-->>just call me:..turtle bob ninja pants..!!
..the sea weed is always greener on Mr.B's official TMNT site updates (aside from the weekly comic strip, and art contest..)..
..Mr.Berger also has packed and carded images of the Utrom and the Deep divin' TMNTs all set up and ready for your veiwing pleasure starting right here !!
..dive into the deep deep dippy dew dah..tOkK better start savin his green debloons in his Davey Jones's piggy bank.. cuz new TMNT toys are on the way and no new TMNT toys makes tOkKa crabby !!

Friday, July 30, 2004

-->> ..DIE!! news from UtromX::
"Got this over at the usagi yojimbo dojoboard and straight from the rabbits mouth. mr sakai said

"I made this announcement at Comic-Con International: San Diego--

Usagi will be back for next season's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' tv show. Not only Usagi, but Gen will be back and, for the first time, Tomoe, Lord Noriyuki, Lord Hebi, Chizu and the Neko Ninja clan, the bat ninja clan, the mole ninja clan and (in a cameo appearance) our two intrepid woodcutters. And that's all in one episode!

Usagi will also be in another episode, and make a cameo in their Christmas show".

..and from what we saw at comic-con.. the Bunny Boy battler took center stage.. !!
Usagi's 20th anniversary is so gonna Rock the Dojo !!

..thanks, Utrom X!!

--..damm bugs..get in mah eyes..!!
..Spaze Caze is back this week .. startin' here..!!

Monday, July 26, 2004

..guess who!!

--..back from the overwhelming Comic Con 2004
..give us a little bit to get our sea -farrin' legs..
..tOkK and Mikey gots lotsa pix..and cool turtle tid-bits..

..amidst gettin' to try Konami's new multiplatform TMNT 2 game..a very special rabbit ronin is featured in the game.. 'Usagi Yojimbo' is featured in the battle brawful sequal!!

..Tales of TMNT vol.2 'The Worms of Maddness' is set for animation on Fox Box..

--and be sure to check out all of Mr.B's new pix of the TMNT battle bikes on the official TMNT site starting here !!

-- Wes's Scary Crayon; takes Krang to hell n' back and some kinky dino action starting here !!

.. talk to you in a bit !!

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

San diego or burst !!
..Mikey and all his pals are hittin' the road for SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON!!
..hopin' to find a slew of new TMNT newsies and goodies just for you..
.. we'll post back in as soon as we can with all the Turtle news that IS news !!

Sunday, July 18, 2004

T-drome's,Splint gives us some more on the next TMNT DVD volumes (as reported earlier)::

And we finally have another release in the New TMNT Series to to announce.

On October 5th, TMNT Vol. 12 "Croc Attack" will be released for the usual MSRP of $14.98. It's expected to include the following 5 episodes, unless they decide to again leave the last episode off from a story arc to make it four episodes per disc. Expected episodes are: #38 - What a Croc!, #39 - Return to the Underground, #40 - City at War pt. 1, #41 City at War pt. 2, and #42 - City at War #43. Epsides and any extras have not been confirmed, so take that with a grain of salt.

And on October 19th, TMNT: "Michelangelo's Christmas Rescue" will street, this lower priced single DVD has a MSRP of only $12.98. No real details have been released about this either, though it sounds like it will be a 'special' that will adapt to animation the 'Klunk' issue of the classic Mirage TMNT comics. I'm suprised that they actually went with a direct to video DVD release for this 'mini-movie' but hopefully more info will surface soon. Again, no features for this have been announced either.

You can read all the news at
'TVShowsonDVD'.(..starting here!!)


Friday, July 16, 2004

-->>..ewww..i got worm guts on my turbo ginsu !!

..Out soon..a preview of Tales vol.2 #4 is up on Danny B's offical TMNT site..starting here!!

-- ..Leatherhead is gettin' his DVD debut & quite possible..Michelangelo rescues Klunk just in time for the holiday.. at least according to TV Shows on DVD..(article starts here)::
from: David Lambert

The next two DVD releases of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are up for pre-order at this morning. Here is the info shown for each title, and a link to pre-order them if you wish:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Croc Attack! arrives on Oct. 5 for a list price of $14.98. Obviously, this release features last February's episode that returns Leatherhead to the TMNT universe.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Michelangelo's Christmas Rescue seems to be a holiday-themed release which goes for a lower-than-normal SRP of $12.98, and arrives just in time for the wrong holiday (Halloween): it's street date is Oct. 19.

Both titles are on sale right now at DVDEmpire for 29% off (what an odd number!) if you pre-order them right away. No further details are available yet, but we'll keep an eye out for them, so stay tuned.


Thursday, July 15, 2004

-->> Munch Munch !!
..SPAZE CAZE's ..nickel-a-play arcade is a tiny little corner of terrible2z..i created the silly flash arcade to kind of fit the theme of Spaze Caze's video game origins.. great flash versions of arcade classics Frogger,Pac-Man. and Space Invaders are already on the arcade..but due to inspiration from a fan's suggestion on our forum..Fox Box's TMNT/Pac-Man parody game ::'Mutant Munchies' has been added to the arcade..starting here!!..

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

-->> !!
..King Leatherhead !!
..Frederick B. Owens. (the snappin' Gator voice of one of the Turtle's biggest,sanppiest.. allies:: Leatherhead.. is featured in a really cool about his stage work,his roots, and 'The King & I',as well as TMNT in an article in North Carolina's Henderson Dispatch (starting here) !!

'TV Shows on DVD' provides some more info on the current TMNT 3 inch mini-DVDs out now and some mystery ..these are the ones advertised on 'TMNT vol .10'(starting here ) !! can fit a whole pizz in here !! No really !!
..i know it's the middle of summer.. School is the last thing ya wanna think about..
.. but Thermos has a cool secection of Lunch Kits including TMNT ones to help make lunch-time more bearable durin' those hard studyin' seasons..
Checkit starting here !!
These lunch kits are showing up in stores RIGHT NOW !!

..happy Hump day !!

Friday, July 09, 2004

-->> ..yir mother know yir that ugly ?? .. or does she just wear a paper bag over her head when yir around ??
..Leo Vs. T-rex (??),Fugitoid, Silver Sentry, Commander Mozar, Triceraton Warrior, Guardian Ninja, Multi Arm Shredder ..
all carded and ready for preview on Mr. B's offical TMNT toy page ..Starting here !!

-- i forgot to mention on Wednesday..Mr B. also posted info and scans of the very important and absolute final TMNT book for Archie from 1996

.."Year of the Turtle" starts here.. !!

-- ..don't i look happy??
..a very happy 'SPAZE CAZE' comic ,starts right here !!



Tuesday, July 06, 2004

-->> ..hang on..jus' lemmee lick this pizza sauce off yir glove there.. ah yeh..~~**sluuurrp.. the Winter of 1998 the unimaginable happened..the unthinkable.. and most unnerving the impossible.
It split the TMNT and P.R. communites in 53 million uneven and un-equal factions!!

While most would have dismissed it as pure politics..or perhaps burying of the hatchet..or a mere ruse to soften the fact that FOX KIDS had canceled the highly contraversial and extremly popular 'Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation .. nothing is known for sure..

..however WES ,of the Highly acclaimed Scary-Crayon ..takes a deeper look into the most insane,confusing tale of Turn-coat Turtles.. and and a weird alliance of some very 'Powerful' Rangers

..Read.. Wes's 'Shell Shocked' (starting here)'s all out mayhem,really big Turtles, and really big robots,Alpha,and the sexiest Power Rangers ever..

..TMNT vs. Powere Rangers.. !! It's offical.. better get a sedative !!
..GO GO COWABUNGA !! ..ok i'll shut up, ..Thanks ,WES !!

-- ..the secret is..:we're actually frogs..
..turtles hit the 10 mark..

..more and more TMNT volume 10: Secret Origins is poppin' up at the shoppes,stores n' mom n' pop video stops.. !!

.. i spotted the vid last week at Media Play & odds are it's been out at a few other places. Anyway.. keep your eyes peeled if ya haven't yet hooked up with the Turtles #10 and the shockin' revalations that turned the TMNTs' lives upside down n' on it's back !!



Saturday, July 03, 2004

-->> !!
.. here's a cool pic of some of tOkK's TMNT pals from Neil V. from good ol' NTN on their recent trip to 'Anime Next'-con !!::

NV:: From left to right. Marc Thompson, Mike Polluck, Mike S. and Veronica Taylor. Casey Jones, Garbageman, Leonardo and April respectivley..

.. sweeett !!


Friday, July 02, 2004

-->> owe!!
A new Spaze Caze comic ..starts right here !! ..and a puppet..!?

-- !!
Diamond Comic's Previews mag has hit the stands.. remember ..(generally) books and items in this catolouge don't go on sale for 2 months after the cover date on the magazine..(this is from the July 2004 book.. so most items won't be out until September 2004 or later.
Here is the Listing for September's issue of ..
Tales of the TMNT # 5.

by Jim Lawson w/ Peter Laird

"Blind Faith" - A Leonardo solo story ! Leonardo is blinded by an Elite Foot Ninja out for revenge and is forced to rely on his remaining four senses in this issue long battle! Most intriguing of all is story teller Jim Lawson's approach to the art - this entire issue is told in stark black and white silhouette images - a visually stunning approach that captures the essence of Leonardo's blindness !

..b & w 32 pages - $ 2.95 srp .. due September 2004

--..Keep it real, fer sure !!
..i would imagine that this T-shirt design in the same issue will be available by September (or sooner !!)

--..babies got 'shell-back' ..
The elisive, word that Matt X-E has fallen in love with a rag-tag group of pre-puberty and tiny-shelled toddlers his new article starting here !! ..than6,Javv!!