Sunday, February 29, 2004

-->>Casey was always sucha Blok-head!!
Today we got Brick buildin' blocks and Blok heads and Retr0-TMNT lore your sure to wanna click to your heart's delite!!

--The Mega Bloks 'TMNT:Extreme Battle 1/4 Pipe Fight' set is out now!!
..this set has Mikey skatin' the 1/4 gring and ollies around the Foot Soldier.. this is also the set with the Casey Jones Blok fig with 2 heads (1 masked.. one unmasked),weapons,stunt sticks,and the ooey gooey OOZE.. combine this set with all your Mega Bloks and Legos for some ultimate City-scapes!! 8)

--..sure.. Valentine's is over.. but tOkK's love for XE lasts if you missed..
MATT X-E's Valentine Special.. checkit now..
R2-D2,Mario,Luigi,Raisins,Link, and of coarse TMNT show your Heart a leap year of fun,funny,Valentine cards!!
('s 4 in the morning.. and i'm wide awake n' dippy.. what you want from me..something less stoopit??)

-- ..and in case ya can't get 'nuff of Matt XE..
UGO's Toy Fair Coverage starts here..
..yeh,by now we've shown ya just about everything.. but UGO has a nice click n' show slide show and some great close-ups of Toys you yet to see on the toy shelves until later this year!! ;)

-- Hate him,like him,adore him.. Peter Laird is a legeand in his own right .. & in case you missed it..(i did)..
**Laird's Blast ..83 takes a quick look at Mirage's Old studio..

** Blast 84 shows you the never before-scene of the clean cover of TMNT vol.1 #15..
and a bit on the process of how Mr.Laird created the classic cover!!
..anyway.. i'm gonna go sniff some chemicals er sumthin'.. anything to knock me out!! ;D


Saturday, February 28, 2004

-->>..Turtle babies.. we make our dreams come true.. turtle babies..we live in the sewer water and your poo..
---Checkout the official TMNT site for Minty Fresh n' on card images of the next wave of TMNTs..Baby Turtles to Turtle Monsters and Leatherhead.. it's all there!!

(all other of Mr.B's regualar Turtle updates and dreamscapes start here..!!)

NEIL V of the mightyNINJA TURTLES NET... does it again..

..mark this
#5 in his interviews with the man,myth, and co-creator of TMNT.. 'Peter Laird' !! 8)

.. golly gee,Neil.. i'd be lucky 'nuff to land a date with a llama.. gees!! w0w!!

Friday, February 27, 2004

-->>T-Drome's SPlint Reports::
It appears that the Fox Box schedule is changing beginning March 6th. TMNT will again lose the repeat slot at 8:30 AM, and will now air at 9:30 AM. I'm not that happy with the change myself. But atleast I don't have to wait through hours of awful cartoons to get my dose of Turtle Power.

NEW PROGRAM SCHEDULE (Effective March 6, 2004)
8:00 AM ET - Cubix
8:30 AM ET - Sonic X (Repeat Episodes) - New Time
9:00 AM ET - Kirby: Right Back at Ya! (New Episodes)
9:30 AM ET - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - New Time
10:00 AM ET - Sonic X (New Episodes)
10:30 AM ET - Shaman King New Time
11:00 AM ET - Ultimate Muscle: The Kinnikuman Legacy
11:30 AM ET - Kirby: Right Back at Ya! (Repeat Episodes) - New Time


..excellent New Toy pix and some suprises from the 2004 Toy Fair in N.Y. on the official site!!


Thursday, February 26, 2004

-->>..Cart00n Cart00n!!

--This off the Business Wire.. Cartoon Network's new show line-up.. reported before 'TMNT' is in there..however the date has been pushed back::

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo, four turtles trained in the Bushido code, use their skills to battle the evil Shredder and The Foot Clan in the 30-minute action-adventure comedy series that will air weekdays on Carton Network beginning Monday, April 19. "
.. ah well.."Things Change".. haha!! O' LORD..

--As,Promised.. here is the 'Toy Fare' TMNT Slide Show Comic
..from the MArch 2004 issue.. enjoy.. some point.. with Mikey's help..i hope to have a page of up of the odd and ends collection of some of the rarer TMNT short comic stories and some of their rare cross-over appearences in long gone books like 'Grim Jack' and 'Miami Mice'.. but..all in time..
..SO stay cool and stay..'EXTREME'..

..NOW 'scuse me.. i gotta program the TiVo!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

-->> ..thwak tw0k!!
--..kinda cool..
.. i'm a bit late with this, but it doesn't seem anyone noticed anyway so ..

Wizard's 'Toy Fare' magazine..for March 2004..
('s the one with either an 'Indiana Jones' Kermit the Frog toy on the front.. or a Mego Spider Man and Doc Ock on the's the same issue..2 differant covers..checkit out now while it's still may be on some stands)..
..err anyway.. their 'BEST OF 2003' features gives off the Toy Fare's staffs' best picks on Figures,DVDs,comics ect.. and..well..
'TMNT' made the Best Video Game for 2003 .. so there.. an added treat.. the 'Slide Show' comic feature in the back features a funny as h3ll Turtle comic romp..i'll scan it in tomorrow and post it.

-- Again..check Kurt'sThe Comind Out of Our Shells mp3s.. (yeh all nice n' legal ,feds.. so back off..)
..take a tune and take a listen ..take a CD n' burn it.. the ol' TMNT Pizza Hut Promo is back.. it's like 1990 all over again!! i guess that makes it really umm.. carry the 4.. 19902004 er..

.. yeh i'm tired.. go save n' burn.. g0g0g0g0..

Monday, February 23, 2004

Click here to download a special CD insert image!

Sometimes good just isn't good enough...... As Splinter would say, "All things change as time goes by..." And that's just what's happened. Thanks to the initiative of uber-fan Kurt, now has awesome high-quality MP3s of the entire Coming Out of Their Shells album! So, go ahead and download these instead of the ones you already have! They're much better than those (which I made back in 1998).

Click here to get 'em!

Kurt used Sonic Foundry Sound Forge 6 to record 24-bit/48KHz wav's with peaks at ~ -4dB and saved these original '1st play' files on 2 separate disks (His tape has been played exactly one time, and these files sound AWESOME- no distortion, great separation, etc.). Then he used SF to resample/lower the bitrate/normalize the files, and now has files very close to what a CD would sound like. He offers compressed MP3s versions to the audience of this site.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

-->> i posted a link to an article about the U.S. government cutting the funding for Close Captioning..
here is yet some further info on this bothering trend to keep the 'vocal' on T.V. programming Vocal and not Text for those in the deaf and hard of hearing community..
..from the 'Associated Press'::
'TV captions get cut'..
..The close captioning cut is being applyed to T.V. shows not considered 'educational'..shows like Ninja Turtles.. (yep..that's on "THE LIST" too,folks..)

.. these kind of shows help deaf children "learn about the trends, culture and society around them," said Nancy Bloch, executive director of the National Council on Disability.

..In addition to deaf viewers, captions are also used by people who are learning to speak English and on televisions in noisy places such as health clubs, said the National Council on Disability."

..disabled or not and simple or not,educational or not.. facts of the matter.. like stated before..
This is censorship .. whiel the networks will prolly end up fotting the bill.. thiseems as if the government not only thinks that the deaf are stupid and cannot make their own decisions on what they should and should not watch and comprehend.. but it seems.. the U.S. fedral government thinks everyone is stupid.

..This is

Friday, February 20, 2004

..T-Drome's most excellent & aptly titled 'NTurtle' returns with..
"Season 2 of the new show is going to be making the jump onto DVD immediately after Season 1's release. Some tentative release dates are: May 4th for Turtles in Space and June 8th for Secret Origins.

This would suggest they aren't splitting up the Turtles in Space series, which is possible, but not yet confirmed."

.. now we're cookin'!! 8)


Wednesday, February 18, 2004

-->> that's a TOY!!
Hey guys. A day late and a dollar short, I apologize. Being I utilized the rents computer, I was, and still am very distraught as one of the parental units, who ironically is good with pcs, installed the new Norton and deleted a bunch of important program files. The computer is acting screwy. This is the comic I've had done since last saturday and it's sorta sad it's taken to today for me to bring it to you.

Thursday's comic upon the realization of whats going on with the computer, may be late. Hopefully not by much. Lately I've been getting a few comics ahead of myself and I'm goin batty not doing so.

-..Final box art!!
big update &..pretty much the "FINAL WORD" on the DVD of the original Turtles show..

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Volume One includes the first five episodes from the popular animated TV series, and the DVD features four additional never before seen bonus episodes. The first episodes introduce the turtles and their infamous foes, and explain how Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael became Ninjas.

DVD Special Features: The DVD features four additional never before seen bonus episodes including The Return of Dregg, The Beginning of the End, Mobster from Dimension X and The Day the Earth Disappeared.*

*..Note that those four episodes are the 1st, 2nd, 6th, and 7th parts of the 8-episode-long "Tenth Season" mini-series written by Jeffrey Scott to put the wraps on this 10-year-long show." is the full scoop from 'Tv shows on DVD'..

-..i shall rule the toy shelves with an iron fist!!
..Toy fair 2004 continues..
while i did note --Figures d0t Com's Toy Fair Coverage database..
..i didn't mention --American Dream Comic's Toy Fair database..for even more pix.. thing we won't see pix on just yet.. but it is..100% confirmed..
.. buggy boys and bunny boys can rest easy.. Usagi is deff making the toy line as a last minute fig thrown in for the 4th quarter or so of the year..

..and if you coudn't get enuff' of your favourite madman.. in some shape or form..
Baxter Stockman
..will return to plastic sometime this year.. it's all official.. so..warm up the labs.. n' make the Dojo presentable..2 of your faves are on the way!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

-->>..flip  me,spin me.. make me smash my noggin into a brick wall!!
Splint.. tips off yir toot-telling Tot here.. with info on..
New York's Toy Fair!! February 15-18.. is one of the biggest and best toy shows of the year in the states.. and when alot of secrets will be revealed about upcoming releases for the year's top toys!!

Figure's d0t com's TMNT coverage starts here..!!
Not much newer stuff that we've not seen before ..however some beter looks at some of the TMNT extra players like the Triceratons and the Shredder Clones.. and the real-deal with the 'Space Hoppin' TMNTs.
.. i'll be scouring the next few days for glimples of rumoured re-issues of the Sewer Lair w/ bonus figure,Scuba Turtles, and the mysterious Baxter Stockman..!!
This week ,your Turtle toy dreams come true..and rest assured i got Splinter by the tail.. n' i ain't lettin' go 'til i give ya good guys n' gals the good stuff!! ;)

Saturday, February 14, 2004

-->>Turtle Ding-Ding for your bling-bling,to go.. ding-dong..!!.. case ya missed it..
..or missed it the first time.. and the Post Man.. misses you.. well.. heck.. here at Mikey's TMNT.. we kinda know how ya feel.. so.. thanks to MATT XE
.. everyday is 1989.. ..and ya won't have to wait 6-8 weeks for delivery..

..Cuz, Concerned citizens..
your Turtle Force Membership is here..RIGHT NOW at X-E!!

Friday, February 13, 2004

-->>..silver turtle Century!!
It's been a good week to be a Turtle!!
Annapolis is home to the annual 'Terrapin Pride Day'.. where the 'university of Maryland show off shiney shell shinanigans to the whole city and to state officials..!!
With the University's marching band playing pride to the toon of TMNT!!

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Bring in da noise, and Nick brings in da funk. I do hafta say, you need to take caution, as the "for kids" part of the title isn't handy here. There is some ripe content not for the young of heart. But granted, with south Park, you kids prolly know whats going on. Now, if you read the comic and go... "what's going on? I'm sorta confused" or wanna know what they are talking about, vote for the comic strip and get comic strip 76 & 1/2, which is a bonus strip that only appears AFTER you vote for the comic!

So Read! Vote! And be merry!

-->>..very tentative!!
T-drome Tumblings.. ..this continues what Mikey reported a few days ago..

Splinter sez:
"It seems we may have mini-series' co-writer David Wise to thank, for making sure we got the full episodes of the classic Turtles. It seems Artisan/Lion's Gate was all set for to release the edited 72-minute Epic Begins, but the huge stink raised by fans got to David Wise and he helped convince them to release the full episodes. Knowing that fans would likely go ballistic over the edited versions.

If you don't know who David Wise is, he's one of the writers for the series. And also was responsible for The Transformers, He-Man, Isis, Buck Rogers, Wonder Woman, Star Trek: The Animated Series, and Batman: TAS, as well as a LOT of the '87 TMNT episodes. The DVD will supposedly feature all five episodes, without opening and closing credits, except at the start and end of the 5 episodes.

As for cover art, there's been some confusion. Originally the one that appeared on DVDEmpire was believed to be just a mock-up art done by DVDEmpire. But Artisan/Lion's Gate revealed their April cover-art, and it is very similar to what was originally shown. So it looks like that's what we're getting. Note that it's still not the final art. Since it's missing several necessary markings on the case. But it does appear to be what we may be getting.

You can read the full news about this, over at TVShowsOnDVD.Com:"

-Article 1
-Aricle 2

.. YAHHoo.. !! Stay tuned.. Turtle Tykes.. !! ..>v<

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

-->>..musical fruit..t00t t00t..!!
..freeky floppy donkey ding dong!!!!YAAAAA..!!
Mighty Beans featuring TMNT.. are finally here!!,tOkKa..not 'Pork n' Beans!!
..i picked up TMNT Mighty BEANZ at Super Target.. !!
..5 bucks for five crazy beans.. ya knock 'em over n' roll 'em around.. flippin' CAWAZY i tells ya!!

TMNT 'Mighty Beanz',again ..there are 18 'standard' Beanz of TMNT characters.. and 14 'Elite' of Shredder's meanest Bean Brains and Turtle rarities wearing beany clothing and such.
..the 'Elite' beanz are supposed to be rare.. but i only had enuff cash for 4 packs..
..i already have 6 of those rare Beanz either i'm real lucky.. or they aren't all that hard to find.
..well 'nuff from me.. i got some Porky beans to cram up my nostrils.. well.. SEE YA!!
8) ..>v<

Monday, February 09, 2004

-->>'s a disturbing article from the 'Palm Beach Post' ..
'Censor 'Scooby-Doo'? Words fail' ..
..if you are a deaf or hard of hearing television watcher.. or Turtle fan.. this effects you !!

This is an editorial article.. however.. many of my friends are deaf.. and Close Captioning is something we of the hearing world can take for granted or not even worry about.
What the article reveals.. is bothersome.. and delves very much into Censorship !!
..Censorship is extremly damaging ..and that effects all of us!! it and think !! 8
-- T-drome has a new spy Turtle News guy.. with a fairly 'ratty' name..hmm..i think you n' i know who he is..
Splinter!! ..he sez.. ::
"Friday is the start of the International Toy Fair in New York. And we'll try to keep you in the know for all the new stuff that is seen and announced at the Playmates Booth. I've got a couple favors out with some of the Toy Sites, to try to get an answer to the elusive 'Baxter Stockman' figure. gave us some hints at some of the things we could see though. Including Scuba Gear Turtles, and a retooled Sewer Lair w/ a new Sewer Trap accessory and Exclusive Figure. Could this be the Splinter that was originally intended to be included in the first release of the Sewer Lair? Stay tuned for Friday."

..there ya go,Bucky! ! This guy is great!! .. you guys are in for some of the 'toppest' news on TMNT!! ;)

Sunday, February 08, 2004 has some MORE news on the upcoming release of the Original TMNT Season 1 DVD....

"Though we've been unsuccessful in getting Lions Gate/Artisan to go on-the-record about this (so far, anyway), we do have some tentative word from a source connected with the production of the TMNT release. And good word it is, too! The word is, it seems, that the DVDs will contain the long version of the five episodes from the pilot mini-series, as originally aired. Not the seventy-minute "The Epic Begins" version that was previously planned for these DVDs."

Click here for the entire article.
-->>..sun yir shell 30 " x 70" ..(76 X152 cm)..,kiddos..

..NOW THAT's a TOWEL!! ..TMNT beach towels at Target now ($$9.99)!!

..8) .. >v<

Saturday, February 07, 2004

-->>..crappy T-shirt Preview!!
..crusty weekend filler..
--February's 2004 'Previews' mag ..shows some good stuff out for April 2004!! ..above is a crusty preview of some of the newer TMNT t-shirt designs from Changes..
..Retro is the key for Changes:Ninja kicks and Ninja Noggins..Splinter's Dojo.. it's stinkin' of 80s pride

.. but if you gotta ride the new wave of Turtle apperal,C.B. Clothing has some of hip n' trendy TMNT designs with yir Green Teens in their current 2000s form!!
.. all shirts go great with yir facy zut suits and the nerdy boys' zit suits.. errr.. moving on..

-- case ya missed it..Peter Laird's 'Blast..' 82 exposess ol' school inks on the original TMNT #7 !!

--'Tales of TMNT' volume 2 is hot.. already on stands.. Tales fills in the gaps of the Turtles past thru 15 years on Mirage continuity that has never been told..
TMNT Tales #2.. 'Seeds of Destruction" house duo ..Jawson/Talbot spotlights actually..
the master Splinter!! takes Splinter all of his wisdom & ninjitsu skills to ward off an attack by a powerful Foot sorcerer!!

--.. finally.. the TMNT statue ..# 4 'Rapahael ..should start shipping around June..with a price similar to the first two statues.. (Leo and Mikey) $126.00 srp. up is the final statue to complete your sculpture masterpeice.. Donatello .. stay tuned!! ;)

Thursday, February 05, 2004

-->>! ! ?!? is what i am assuming is final box art for "Artisian's" release of the classic 5 parter of the original 'TMNT' cartoon due in April.

..this far is the only art work i could find.. i tryed to blow it up a little..but well for all the good it did me(uugghh!!).
..Looks familier,huh..the ol' Toei TMNT classic art from the old Turtle Vhs boxes!! 8)

This may be tentative work.. but we'll see.
..i'll keep an eye out for better pix.

Side Note::**
..Hey,Nick.. there was no inside joke.. about the 'Sex Toys' .. as soon as you click the link Mikey sent here for the TMNT Game Trainer afew days ago.. there is a banner add at the top of the page advertising said 'toys'.
I was only kidding with Mike.. but i guess it backfired.

I apologise to anyone offended by the comment. I do get pretty Loud with my comments sometimes.. but i didn't intend to hurt anyone..
..i especially apologise to Mike.. for it weren't for him..i'd not be here right now in any copacity..
Hey TMNT fans. Greetings and Salutations.

For those who missed the update before, I'll post it here in a bit smaller glory. I am really proud of this image, as I worked REALLY REALLY hard on it. I am a HUGE fan of the TMNT even with lack of funds to buy everything they put out, so this is really great that I can pay homage to the fab four. Click on the image and go to the large image. And remember this is a sneak preview for only you guys, of Mikey's TMNT. :-)

Around Strip 100... check out the secrets behind Drew's sweater, and much more in the epic 6-issue Lord of the Sweater storyline!

A new comic for you all. Actually two.
Here's today's, aka Thursday's. Note of caution, there is reference to the half-time show. And for good reason. I just couldn't pass this one up.

And Tuesday's comic, which I posted on time mind you, but I've been busy as of late, but yea, it is up as well.

Nothing more than that to really talk about. I'm really excited about this storyline and of course, the one mentioned above. :-) I hope you enjoy it, and for all those who read my updates from here, I want to thank you all, and thanks to Tokka and Mike for allowing me to post on here continuiously with my bad speeling errors too. :-) (oo and... they have TMNT sex toys? or is this an inside joke??? )

Ciao gang!

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

-->> ..look,ma.. i'm a star!!'s been quite a wait.. but..T-drome hoppin' .. and a little Blue Bird named Roseangelo..

The Shredder Strikes series 2..of the Fleer standard trading cards..
(not to be confused with the upcoming 'Upper Deck' Trading Card Came of TMNT)'s the lo-down.. ::

100 - cards
100- gold parallel set..(the pain in the arse cards are the same as ser.1 ..the same cars with gold hi-lites.. eesh..)
36- puzzle cards
10- stand up cards
4 - Ninja Masks cards
7 - 'Raising Shell' chase cards

..257 cards total..

..people are nabbing these off Ebay now .. but they should be leeking into stores as i type this.. keep yir eyes peeled.. and when 'Shredder Strikes'.. be careful so he doesn't poke out yir eyeballs !!

!! 8o ..

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

-->> ..DVDVDVDVD!!
.. sorry to interupt Mikey's update on
P.C. TMNT game trainer and Erotic Glass Sex Toys..

..but some more info on the month of April's Classic TMNT DVD Release..

.. the 'UNAIRED EPS'.. actually were aired in some markets.. in fact..
they are 4 eps from the final 10th season of the original TMNT toon on CBS before they retired the show and went onto 'Next Mutation' ..
Season 1 (original 5-part miniseries aired December 1987):

"Turtle Tracks" (a.k.a. "Heroes in a Halfshell")
"Enter the Shredder"
"A Thing About Rats"
"Hot Rodding Teenagers from Dimension X"
"Shredder and Splintered"

4 'Unaired' Episodes:

"The Return of Dregg"
"Beginning of the End"
"The Monster From Dimension X"
"The Day the Earth Disappeared"

..these were the 'Red Sky' Episodes featuring the ultimate and Final TMNT villian 'Dregg'.. voiced by V.A. and stage/screen legend.. Tony Jay..
....some more of the scoop is her on ::'Tv Shows on DVD'.. ..
.. come on ,Peter Cotton Tail..hop down the bunny trail.. n' fill tOkK's Easter Basket with new TMNT classic DVDs !!

..o' yeh,Mike.. i havn't tryed those glass sex toys either.. lemee know how they work out for ya.. >8)
Check out the following link...

NFOrce Entertainment

I haven't tried it, but it looks AWESOME!

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Wal-Mart's got TMNT sheet sets and pillowcases and window treatments and bath sets. If you wanna do a little TMNT decorating, hit up your local wally mart, but be prepared to spend over 50 bucks for all this cool stuff.

Khol's also has a watch set on sale for $14.99 ... Looks cool...

-->>?!!? month.. (yeh.. happy February..)..
March 23 ..we're lookin' at VHS and DVD vids::

"TMNT - Volume 7: Return to New York
Episode 20 - Monster Hunter
Episode 21 - Return to New York pt. 1
Episode 22 - Return to New York pt. 2
Episode 23 - Return to New York pt. 3

TMNT - Volume 8: Search for Splinter
Episode 24 - Lone Raph and Cub
Episode 25 - Search for Splinter pt. 1
Episode 26 - Search for Splinter pt. 2

My T-drome snoops also mention another Box set of Volumes 5-8.. so.. oii.. we're apperantly looking at 5-6 months between original air dates and DVD releases..

.. so a volumes 9 and 10 release will prolly be set for May or June.. also..the artwork shown there may be tentative..the actual cover art may differ.. we'll see..

..'scuse me.. i need to go shoot some Coke..
..i've had a stray can runnin' around the yard all night ,barking like the dickens.. gonna shoot it n' put it out of it's misery..