Monday, May 30, 2005

-->>..hey.. i can see ya now !!

..Kali reports in from T-drome ..:

"Got this from the 'Drome, have we posted this version of the movie poster here yet? You can see his eye in this one... "

.. This is a newer version of the TMNT -cgi poster (TMNT IMMORTAL ..reportrd title).. this time you can catch Leo's eye if ya look close to the upper right part of the pic !!

Thanks,Kal !!


Sunday, May 29, 2005

-->>volume 16  !!

Amazon's got listed for a June 9th release date of 'TMNT: Shredder's final Countdown' ..but i guess it's a uhh.. misprint. They put the wrong box pic up.

..the official TMNT site sez :

" The next DVD, Vol. 3.3 "Ways of the Warrior: Return of the Ultimate Ninja", is slated to come out in June 7. (The big one with animation debuts of Mirage Classics :Renet,Planet Racers,Super Hero Turtles,Savanti Romero, and the Return of Usagi !!~tOkK)

Vol. 3.4 "Shredder's Final Countdown" is scheduled for release on August 30. (The final fate of Saki !! ~tOkK"

..lookd like season three's video collection should all be caught up right as season 4 starts up !!

Wah-h00 .. (..nerdy whoopin' goin' on~~**)

-- Look closely at this strange Amazon DVD entry >> TMNT : Never before Seen (??) !! ??


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

-->> !!

..the insanely popular saga is now complete n' makin' big Moollah Returns back at the Jedi Temple !!

Now Join !! terrible2z and the KriB the story the Sith didn't want ya to see !! (Yeh..there's TMNT stuff in it !!)

-- click here for : "Rise n' Shine .. It's Breakfast with Lord Vader !!"


Tuesday, May 24, 2005

..whoa..i had this real bad dream where i was savin' the Fugitoid and the Triceratons were attackin'.. o wait..!!

TMNT 3: Mutant Nightmare is headin' to Consoles and the Nintendo DS later this year..and Konami's official sites are up with all the info you'll need to start yir plottin' against Shredder n' Bishop, cuz well THEY'RE plottin' against you and this is the stuff of Turtle phychology..(therapist not included) !!

--'TMNT 3 : Mutant Nightmare' (DS) site starts here !!

--'TMNT 3 : Mutant Nightmare' (Console) site starts here !!

..screen caps lookin' good and we could have another contraversial TMNT hit on our hands !! Third times a charm !!


Thursday, May 19, 2005


..Let's take a road trip to Portsmouth!!

'Seacoast Online' has a sweet set of interviews..with the big boss man with the shell :Peter Laird -- clickin' here !!

-- .."Click here to read the introduction to the Special PBBZ ComicCon & Small Press Fest limited edition of Eastman & Laird's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vol. 1 #1 Reprint .." (Enjoying his Turtle bragging rights )

-- Here's the main page n' stage to get the info on a special TMNT book (--click here)!!

..ok's the Lo' down,duder on the big event !! ::

What: PBBZ ComicCon & Small Press Fest featuring dozens of New England area comic book, toy, and collectible dealers as well as guest appearances by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle creator Peter Laird; Turtles artists Mike Dooney, Jim Lawson, Eric Talbot and Dan Berger; Marvel Comics premier artist Scott Eaton and more.

When: Sunday, May 22, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Where: Redhook Brewery, Portsmouth on the Pease International Tradeport

Cost: $5 admission to the show

Contact: (603) 742-2626 and

-- 'Digital Webbing Presents #24' will feature a new TMNT story this July --(click here)!!


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

..ah crap..W. teh eff !? .. who touched my tail !?

-->> --E3 : Reveals TMNT 3 (starting here)!!

..Ign has the Scoop direct from E3 of the third Turtle big battle..(amoung other web sites..eesh) !!

Lookin' at the 3rd season story line base and big Karai Robots ta boot !!

--..Here's Game Spot's Spot on TMNT 3 ..!!

..let's not forget the portable Turtles..
--Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Mutant Nightmare 'DS' images are here !!

X boxes doin' 360s on tOkK's less than Revolutionary brain n' heart strings.. PS3 .. gee whizz.. i hope i get TMNT 3 on my Coleco Vision.. 2600 ..

(Thanks to Wikka for the reminder !!)


Tuesday, May 17, 2005


.. a super select few Raphael Statues (3 of 4) have hit the warehouse at good ol' Mirage..

--..the official order form is seen by clickin' here !!

-- Cool thing about Mirage and TMNT ..still to this day.. super cool artists are introduced to the propery..that you may not even have ever seen or heard of before unless you were a super geekie-comic freekie ..!!

Makin' the rounds for comic and illustration on the current TMNT U.K. Mags and the current Tales of TMNT front peice is William Potter..

.. a super slick Turtle guy who's fun site is worth takin' a look at and gettin' some slick pix and cool info on the coolest Hero Turtle artist this side of London Bridge !!

-- Get the 411 on Mr.Potter ..sorta shaven not to Hairy,Harry.. William Potter ..err click here for his website !!

Saturday, May 14, 2005


been too long since I posted anything up here at Mikey's, and yet it seems I've not been working on any comics, BUT... I have been keeping up and staying on track. It's just I keep forgetting to mention it on here, as Dribble For Kids has moved onto Issue 5, which is the Season Finale to Season 2. Oooo the drama of it all! 


Last we left on Page 19 of Issue 4: Fellowship of the Sweater, The Masked 1 has attacked the D4K gang and is tearing the bar in the mall up, looking for them, but more importantly, looking for the sweater!! Find out what happens at the end of Issue 4's... "shocking" conclusion, as it heads to the Season Finale of Season 2, which is Lord of the Sweaters Chapter 3: Betrayal of the Sweater, which is already on Page 5.

In Chapter
3 of Lord of the Sweaters
, Charlie, Jimmy and a slowly mentally
unstable Penny must fend off the Masked 1 and his new co-hort Denny!  It
seems SAPS Incorporated is gaining the upperhand... if only Nick and Nate were
still alive to rescue them!  Ah, but there is something else, no-- SOMEONE
else at work here, which will throw the odds back in our heroes' favor... or it
will be the ruin of them....


further Adieu'.....

Issue 4:

Page 20    Page 21    Page 22


Cover To Issue 5 By Guest Artist Kidsplitner


Page 1    Page 2    Page 3    Page 4    Page 5


with all that said....







Friday, May 13, 2005

-->>'d scoul too if ya smelt the 'ench reekin' up in here !!

WELL FINALLY.. --GEN is on a card on the official TMNT site (--click here..)!!

Usagi's Rhino boy-bounty pal is due out within' the next couple o' weeks or so !!

..also on card are the rest of the weird and wonderful bunch of TMNT benbags on new Backer cards !! ::

--Master Yoshi is here !!

--General Blanque is here !!

--Feudal Shredder is here !!

--Robo Huntin' Don is here !!

--Robo Huntin' Mikey is here !!

--Robo Huntin' Ralph is here !!

--Robo Huntin' Leonard is here !!

..get ready, kids.. it's the fall of the Shredder n' Rise of the machines !! New TMNT toys are gonna hit the pegs soon.. n' new Turtle adventures are on the way !!


Thursday, May 12, 2005

..guess who !?

-->>Special thanx to our forum's 'Vember'& Bry Kotyk for this cool tip ::

"..full props go to a "Bry Kotyk (goldeneyed)" of Livejournal for posting in the TMNT community there.

I really liked the original comments, so:
Bry Kotyk (goldeneyed) wrote:
Considering the way the franchise has been handled recently, I guess it's safe to assume the new movie will be based far more strongly on the original comic books than previous efforts. Based on what little can be seen of Leonardo himself, the Turtles seem based visually on their initial appearances - small bodies, big hands/forearms, "sharper" facial features... The focus on that sharp, shining blade doesn't exactly make me foresee the guys playing football with cans of ooze or fighting off ninjas with a set of cymbals, either. I was sort of hoping they'd go all out and put all four Turtles in the red headbands, but I wasn't really expecting it. Looks good, though. Very good.
Here's a link to the discussions there. "


..Fo' sheezzIE.. Happy Birt'day,BiZZwitCH..dat's BELATED,BOYYEEE!!
(Happy late Birthday to Mikey !!)

-- ..good ol' Neil V. at NTN follows up his fancy James Avery (the orignal TMNT 'toon Shredder voice-actor ) ..

..with Splinter's orginal Voice Actor (and Vernon amoung others) :.. Peter Reneday (--click here for the 'veiw ) !!

-- ..Mirage has also apperantly put me up for bid..(?!)


Sunday, May 08, 2005

24th June 2005 • £7.99 • 1-84576-092-1

The world famous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back, once more bringing their brand of mutated mayhem to aspiring young ninjas across the land! This collection of brand new material brings the Turtles bang up to date with a darker twist and jaw-dropping, all-action storytelling!
They hail from the New York City sewers, mutated from unwanted pets into wise-cracking Ninja masters by a mysterious ooze…

Taught Knowledge and Ninjitsu by the wise Master Splinter, it’s time for the world to get re-acquainted with the shellsome foursome: Leonardo, Raphael, Michaelangelo and Donatello — the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Emerging from the sewers, the Turtles hit the city streets just as the evil Dr Baxter Stockman prepares to unleash an army of robotic ‘mousers’ – steel mouths on legs ready to devastate everything in their path!

But who is the mysterious villain behind Stockman’s plans - and the leader of the vicious Purple Dragons street gang? Could it be… the Shredder? An all-new series by fan-favourite writer Peter David (Supergirl, The Incredible Hulk, Star Trek), dynamically illustrated by talented newcomer LeSean Thomas!

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were the major breakout comics success of the 1990s, spawning the longest-running cartoon series of the time, three movies, two chart-topping songs, and hundreds of arcade and home computer games, toys and merchandising items.
  • A new Ninja Turtles cartoon is currently showing on GMTV and Jetix!
  • A new CGI movie directed by Kevin Munroe is currently in development, to debut in 2007!
  • As well as writing Supergirl and the longest consecutive run of issues on The Incredible Hulk, Peter David has scripted episodes and tie-in novels for the Star Trek franchise.
  • Newcomer LeSean Thomas first brought his energetic, manga-influenced style to the independent fantasy comic Arkanium, before hitting the big time with TMNT.

    Thanks to Andrew James
    Web and Publicity Assistant
    Titan Books

Monday, May 02, 2005


Toys R' Us NYC had the Shellrific in-store event over the weekend.

And our Forum's own shutter bug :LCKFF.. took to Times Square like a hard-brazened Ninja-Blazer n' nabbed a slew of photos and info on the big show !!

--Click here to see Pix n' Flix n' low-down dirty info on the coolest Turtles to take Toy's R Us , n' on their home-turf of all places !!"

..Thanks a heap,Lckff!!


Sunday, May 01, 2005

Please check back later. :)