Saturday, December 28, 2002

-->> They Call me 'CRYIN HOUN'!!

..ok,kids.. if ya ripped yir new TMNTs outta the package X-mas morning
are hankering to wrassle.. may i suggest a slightly off-Turtle yet none
the less.. Compatible accesory that brings back YE ol' days of
..gooey ninja Turtles and odd ball slime times of play with ::

Hi..remember me?? I'm the Sh7t that turned 'Turtle pets into Turtle Teens'.. if it wasn't for me..those shell brains would now be more than 1/2 way flushed with all the other crocs n'  T.P. wads in NYC's stench ridden wasteland known as 'The Sewers'!! ..those ingrates..!!

..May i suggest JAKKS Pacific's WWE Ring Gear Series 8 'Septic Sludge'

YuMMY in a tummy!!

"Jakks Ring Gear line comes back with a
brand new look, feel, and smell? That's right figure fans, the newest
series of Ring Gear features an oozy slime, with it's own distinct
smell. Each slime and smell, are related to the name of the set they
come in.

Included in Ring Gear 8: Septic Sludge are "Stale Water: Messy
" (Toilet, sink and green slime), "Burnt Rubber: Oil
" (Toolbox, barrel, lid and black slime), "Body Odor: Lazy
" (trash container, broom and yellow slime), and "Dead
Fish: Gooey Garbage
" (Trash can, lid, pale, shovel and blue slime)

Look for this new, unique set to hit your local retailers .. street price of around $6.99."

..from Wrestling Figs..

..My Favorite is the 'Messy Bathroom'

O' come on..Lift the seat,boys!! has a break apart toilet..w/ working lid and busted sink.. the slime is green..
just like the Green Teen's 'OOZE'..and smells as rotten as the Turtle's attitudes..
.and it's alot of fun to mangle the 'F00t' or VICA-VERSA in tOkKa's case)
with a toilet seat..whatever ya wanna do.. this is just an odd suggestion.. cuz..
..i just got the 'Messy Bathroom' Set..n'..the Raphael i set ablaze a few
posts back is lookin' quite ill.. n' i don't think he's had quite enuf ' abuse..
.. >8} . . .. . >v<

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