Thursday, March 31, 2005


--The !! terrible2z 5 1/6 Anniversary Gallery --starts here !!

..Remember the contest ends this weekend (April 1st)..i'll take entries until late into the early morning ..that's it. On April 2nd.. i gotta cut this thing off.

Some people still wanted more time but i gotta draw the line. I'm sorry. Hopefully by Monday or Tuesday .. April 3 and 4 .. i'll announce the winners. It's gonna be a crazy weekend so please allow me time to catch up with stuff ok !!

Thanks to all who entered !! It means so much !! 8)


Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Any new TMNT movie news can make yir head spin..'specially the past few years..

But via Mikey ..courtesy of Howard Ho..

This article from --Gamerz Edge(click here ) ..goes ::

" Can't get enough of the Turtles? Kevin Munroe is going to give you more.

Imagi Services President and CEO Tom Gray announces the signing of Kevin Munroe to write and direct a new CGI-animated feature-length Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will ramp-up their booming revival with an animated film that will take advantage of new technology developed since the last Turtles film was released in 1993. Now in pre-production, the film is targeted for U.S. release in spring 2007.

Kevin Munroe has done extensive animation work during the last decade including video games, television series, and original comic books. He has worked in developing both the writing and design of animated projects for companies such as Disney, Warner Bros., Cartoon Network, WWE, Fox Kids, The Henson Company, Kids WB, Dark Horse Entertainment, IDW Publishing and Nickelodeon. Besides working in all aspects of production design and storyboarding on shows such as Nickelodeon’s “Hey Arnold!,” Munroe also created, wrote, produced, designed, and directed the CGI Christmas special “Donner” for ABC. His projects have been optioned by Walt Disney Feature Animation, Stan Winston Studios, and Brett Ratner’s Rat Entertainment in addition to co-writing another Imagi feature, Cat Tale. Munroe’s writer/director deal was negotiated by Gray and Alan Grodin of Weissmann, Wolff, et al., and Brent Weinstein of UTA.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have enjoyed over 20 years of success in the U.S. and around the globe. Having shot to mainstream popularity with hit TV series, top grossing films, number one selling toys and enduring comic books, the property has generated over $6 billion in revenue. The first of the three live-action films grossed $135 million domestically, setting a seven-year box office record for independent releases. Today, the new hit TMNT TV series is in its third season with a fourth set to run through 2006 on 4Kids TV (formerly Fox Box) and the Cartoon Network in the U.S. In addition, the show is broadcast in major markets throughout Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Australia.

The new TMNT film will be produced by Tom Gray (who guided the first Turtles trilogy through production) and Galen Walker of Imagi. Executive Producers are Francis Kao, Gary Richardson, Frederick Fierst, and Peter Laird, who co-created the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with Kevin Eastman. The picture deal was conducted by Gray and Walker of Imagi, Grodin of Weissmann, Wolff, et al., Richardson of Mirage Licensing, and Fierst of Fierst, Pucci & Kinder.

We'll have more on the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film as it becomes available! Stay tuned to Gamerz-Edge.

--Steve Schardein

..really big thanks, Howard !! This could really be it,gang.. !!

Stay Tooned is right..!! oii!!


Monday, March 28, 2005


..Hope everyone had an AWSOME Easter !!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

-->>..hey watchit.. i just back from dah dentist !! OW!!

Tales of TMNT vol.2 #11 (Due in May !!)

by Murphy,Cohn, & Parsons::

'The Quick and the Dead'- Under normal circumstances,going up against a group of Foot Ninjas is no big deal for the team supreme. But what happens when the Foot's ninjitsu moves are faster than the eye can see ? Find out when Splinter and the four Turtles are attacked by three super-speed-enhanced Foot ninja in this take-no-prisnors, all-out action issoe in the now-monthly Tales of the TMNT !! (32 pgs. B/W,$3.25)
..nuff' hyphens in there ?? Gees..

--Like Nick said TMNT: Mutant Melee has hit PC,Xbox,and Gamecube.. leavin' Ps2 TMNT fans livid and IGN offering mixed reviews.. --starting here !!

-- I kinda am late with news on UGO's funny-bunny interview with Usagi Yojimbo's main man and master.. :Stan Sakai -- starting here ..!!

--..n' if ya can't get enuff Bunny's fer yir money .. know that easter's around the corner and special thanks to Cynlee for pointing out on 4 Kids' sneek Peek at next weeks TMNT when LEO,Gen, and Usagi team-up yet again..this time in Usagi's world of Ninja Bats,Dojos and evil Snakes in Kimonos.. (sushi ??) --starting here !!

Friday, March 18, 2005

Just to note, check out TMNT: Mutant Melee. A typical action smashem bashem -Mortal Kombat-esqe arcade game, green team style and is decent. Check it out! And I bought mine for 19.99 at my local Toys-R-Us!!

In other news, yes dear friends, This is what happens where two guys are locked in a closet togehter.

Ooo the humanity of it all.
-->>'s ready..get the hot dogs!!

..m'kay..nuff cryin' much to report..tOkK's gotta job to do::

-- TMNT Co-guru ,Kevin Eastman will be stopping in at the Big Apple Con in NYC on April 1-2..(--info starts here) word on if he may be hooking up with four old compatriarcs from the underground.

-- Simon & Shuster has a couple more TMNT titles for 2005 on the docks..while they may be little kids fare.. any true TMNT fan may like em' ..the latest one i got is called 'Black Out' and is worth it just for the cool artwork by former Dream Waver Patrick Spaziante ..!!

New pix of the upcoming TMNT S.W.A.T. attack Pack start here.. including Raph,Bike and strange Foot Gunner variant..looks liek a Foot Tech in Foot Mech gear!!
--starting here..

--"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Return to Xbox and GameCube

Konami's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutant Melee has shipped to stores for Xbox, PC and GameCube.

Here's the publisher's description of this new party game --

Mutant Melee™ offers hours of bashing, crashing and trashing fun with more than 20 playable characters, a competitive Adventure mode, a ton of mini games and unlockable content. Gamers can play alone or with up to four friends and take on the role of their favorite Turtle, Casey Jones™, April O’Neil™, Master Splinter™ and even the villainous Shredder™ in one of two different modes – Adventure or Melee.

Turtle fans will find a shell full of mini games and extra content in TMNT™: Mutant Melee™. Gamers can team up with friends to play modes such as King of the Hill, where players defend a circle that appears randomly around a level; Knockout, where the object is to KO as many opponents as possible; and Last Man Standing, where gamers battle it out to see who is the toughest brawler of all. As gamers progress through TMNT™: Mutant Melee™, they’ll be able to unlock background information on the Turtles, character biographies, original TMNT™ comics, hilarious outtakes and enough artwork and video clips to satisfy even the most rabid Turtles enthusiasts."

-- Some of the newer TMNT variants have been poppin' up the past several days ..especially the Ninja Action Splinter,Shredder,Foot ..and the TMNT Easter Egg with the original Leo,2 mini TMNTs, Mini Ooze can, & stickers..slowly and surely..the new TMNT stuff is heading into stores as the we March on in April.. ahnd in there ,Turtle Troopers !!
It's been a ruff' year so far.. but better things abpund may make this your luckiest Turtle year yet !!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

-->>Note from tOkK:

The past several weeks i have been on overload. I can't pretend i don't have issues. In fact the more i pretend the less 'normal' i seem.

I post here the best i can updates about the newest TMNT stuff or intresting articles i hope you will enjoy. This page has the one of the lowest view counts. But still partly..i've made it my duty to keep on top of the latest stuff that i can.

My life isn't anyone else's problem really but my own. And my own battles and demons are mine.

But i owe so much to the people that love me and support me online. You guys get on terrible2z, Mikey's, Deviantart,emails and even the phone and the support and love is there. Yet sometimes i'm so lost in the fog of my mind to even see that.

..i crack alot. The weight of all this stuff i'm facing seems to just effect every tiny little corner of my days. Even here on Mikey's.

When i took this 'update' roll on ..i got a little better at it as time went on. Yes , i can't keep on top of 'it all' but i try.

Yesterday like alot of the other days i've been speeding thru' the past few years.. i stumbled again. Flat on my face and my words and my illness.

Ultimatly i hurt the guy that made this whole place happen. My best friend..and often my mentor. Odds are i prolly hurt alot of you.

Maybe i am dragging my tail between my legs. Maybe i am beating myself up. I think i deserve it.

I'll make my decisions on how things are gonna go down in a little while. the mean time .. i owe everyone an apology guys and especially Mikey. He can't possibly understand what i'm facing and he's got more than enough sh7t on his plate to figure it out. He shouldn't have to.

Still he's my friend. And it wouldn't matter what i owe to him or not. If it wasn't for him i wouldn't be here. If it wasn't for you all i wouldn't be here.

I know sometimes it's seems like i don't appreciate or read what you guys say. Ultimatly know i do. The past 5 + years of my life have been so incredible. And sometimes the biggest things and kindest things are the support you guys have given me.

I'm sorry i don't always see things.

You always hurt the ones you love. ..i seem to be the epidomy of that.

I make miatakes. But still i have to hold up to them and face them. Noone will ..noone can but me.

I'm sorry you guys.. and i'm sorry to Mikey..he really is the best friend anyone could have. And sometimes i let the negative things cloud that so bad that i hold our friendship in content. He's family .. to me.. as much as all of you are.And i don't deserve any of it.

Some big decisions are being made today and in the coming weeks. and i'm falling under the pressure of it all. I better get it together right now or i just won't make it huh.

again i'm sorry, guys.. i don't know what else to say.


Saturday, March 12, 2005

-->> !!

!! terrible2z - 5 1/6 Anniversary coloring Contest --click here for info!!

..well the past month hasn't been kind to yir prickly pal n' has been kickin' my arse..

.. so the deadline for the big contest has been extended to April 1,2005 !!

..more time for you.. more time for me.. and anyone who misses the new deadline is treatin' me like a fool !!


Friday, March 11, 2005

-->> ..there he goes again.. loomin' in the background.. eesh !! GET yir head checked,Saki !!

..grr ..durn Blogger kept crashin' the otherday so i couldn't update.. gee whizz!!

--Jarrah and TMNT d0t com share with us the next UK 'Next Mutation' Pack art!!

-- Mr.Berger ::

"We're doing what we can to convince Cartoon Network to move the TMNT show back to a later time slot. It may be beneficial for you to contact Cartoon Network and let them know that you want to see the show airing at 5:30 or later:

Cartoon Network

Attn: Programming Department

1050 Techwood Dr.

Atlanta, GA


You can also try this e-mail address:

-- Mr.B:: "We've been getting questions regarding episode 73, "Same As It Never Was" asking whether or not it's been based on the Image Comics TMNT universe. Peter Laird assures me, quite emphatically, that this episode is not based on the Image story line, nor are any future episodes."

..gee whizz !!


Wednesday, March 09, 2005

D4K Updates. Giant Monsters. Mutagen. A Killer Sweater. Love Children. All this and lies.


.. a quick scoop from Dierna on the really beeg shew usually is good news.. n' better than a scoop of Boogerberries and Ratstails ice cream i tells ya !!::

"Next week on Cartoon Network starting Tuesday March 15
- Friday March 18th they will be airing the AU 2:30pm: (Note: I checked Yahoo for sure and
they have the times and everything)

Tuesday: Reality Check (Michelangelo meets the Super

Wednesday: Across the Universe (This Saturday's ep...
Raphael becomes Speed Racer in a crossover with
"Planet Racers")

Thursday: "Same As It Never Was" (Donatello hangs out
in the Image universe for a bit)

Friday: "The Real World pt 1" (Leonardo and Usagi do not sure)

So 2 days before it airs on the 19th we'll be able to
see Donatello's ep.


..looks like C.N. Turkeys still has the Turtes on a tricky time slot.. hang in there, kids ..n' get them VCRs n' DVD recorders fired up.. just in case !!


Saturday, March 05, 2005

..O' sh6t.. i forgot my keys in my other shell.. and d4mm i have to pee.. it smell funny in here to you ??

..9 0ut of 8 1/2 scientists beleive that a Mikey's TMNT site redesign may not happen in your lifetime !!

A real fun update on the offical TMNT site !! (kinda dizzy tonight so i'm gona cut n' paste.. ')

-- New MOC pix of Ninja Action Splinter, Ninja Action Shredder, Ninja Action Foot Soldier and the TMNT Egg start here !!

-- Fun TMNT Fashion Show pix from the 2005 Barcelona Licensing Show !!

-- More TMNT personal appearance costume pix are here from Toy Fair!!

-- "Ignacio Dragonetti sent in the following link that features more pix from the recent Toy Fair: ASM Productions' Toy Fair pix.."

-- Again ..::

"We're doing what we can to convince Cartoon Network to move the TMNT show back to a later time slot. It may be beneficial for you to contact Cartoon Network and let them know that you want to see the show airing at 5:30 or later":

Cartoon Network

Attn: Programming Department

1050 Techwood Dr.

Atlanta, GA


.. w0w w0w w0w ..~~THUDD **

Friday, March 04, 2005


'The Goonies' Cult Following Prompts 20th Anniversary Celebration in Astoria, Ore.; Fans Get Chance to Visit Film Sites, Meet Actors ..

--Checkit here.. to see how you can join the celebration !!

..for your info.. Astoria also happens to be ..amoung other films..where TMNT III was silmed !!

-Dan B. and Mirage have posted a few goodies on Ebay.. rare TMNT toys just ripe for the pickin' ..get there quick n' bid away,bubble bombers ::

-- ..bidding starts here !!

-- Mr. B and Deathalso report that TMNT Mutant Melee has a street date for Xbox,GameCube, and PC on about March 15th .. and that i have less than three weeks to live..(kidding)..


Tuesday, March 01, 2005

-->>Gary Richardson,Save the Children Exec & TMNT !!

"4Kids Entertainment and Mirage Studios donated $40,000.00 to the tsunami releif fund and 'Save the Children'."

..some cool news an official request from the main man Mr.Dan B of the official TMNT d0t com ::

"The TMNT suits shown above debuted at Toy Fair and were made by the Australian company Promotechnics. We're currently working out the details with a US management company regarding how the costumes will be utilized. It's possible that you'll be able to "rent" the TMNT to appear at events (meaning that you'll be able to hire an actor/s in the suit/s to make appearances. The costumes themselves will not be for rent). The negotiations will be ongoing for the next several months, so it will be quite some time before we know for sure what's up with the suits, but many folks have been asking about TMNT appearances at birthday parties, so we're one step closer to that being a reality.

Also of note for TMNT parties, we're working with a licensee that plans to produce TMNT inflatable structures called "Ninja Jump" that are scheduled to be available for the US market this summer. The structures will be available at local rental centers like Party City or Taylor Rental."

-- .."We're doing what we can to convince Cartoon Network to move the TMNT show back to a later time slot. It may be beneficial for you to contact Cartoon Network and let them know that you want to see the show airing at 5:30 or later:

Cartoon Network

Attn: Programming Department

1050 Techwood Dr.

Atlanta, GA 30318"

-- there you go ..put pen to paper .. and we can get TMNT moved to a better time !!

-- ..News from C21 Media ..looks like the TMNT are headin' to Germany & Eastern Europe !!

--:: C 21's Article starts here !!