Friday, November 29, 2002

Last Friday's but because real life got in the way it's a week late so it's this Friday's Strip is now available.

It's a little piece I'd like to call The Blackout: Part 3 - Drew's Ingenious Plan. Intriuged? Well so am I, and I drew the darn thing!

Check it out!

Also tonight, for those in the states, I think ABC/NBC is having the Very Muppet Christmas on and is being talked about as something not to miss! Okay. Well... ::sighs::

Bit tired so... I'm off!


Thursday, November 28, 2002

-->> HAPPY DAY!!
..the quality you strive for in Ninja Turtle meat.. but only 1/3 the calories..
Your family will be delighted with the quality shell n' plastrominal flavour!!
..add stuffin' n' trimmings.. n' you got yourself a holiday feast yir family will
praise .. & you'll get more 'thank you's than you can shake a shuriken at !!
Carve into SHREDDI-0 Turtle Turkey Meat today !!

..after all .. during these festive times.. don't your loved ones deserve better than..Turtle soup??

.. Enjoy the day.. .. >v<

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

-->> .. ah .. lesee..where we at here??

uhh.. er..ok..hey.. g00d ol' buddy (only cuz i like to pretend that it's true)..MATT
at X-E is still goin' strong with this lil' peice that is so Stockmanable it must be seen to beleive..
CASE of The Killer Pizzas..Ep. review.. # 5005599501 ..or whatever.. vol.6's a killer.. and shows why Irma is so whorable .. hey.. don't..what?? What?? Why are you staring at the blog like that?? What..What i do?? O'.. happy turkies!! Ehhh.. 8{ ..
i Know!! ..ehh ..

.. >v<

Saturday, November 23, 2002

..grrrumbley mumbley.. t0Kk's super slippy sleepy.. t00 tired me am to be posting such silly willy monkey juice.. but the p00py fannies need to know such willy-sillies.. HERE IS A VERY NEAT OVERVEIW OF THE WHOLE DURN TMNT t00n fom the offish TMNT site!! ..the word "UTROMS" is mentioned..
..scuse me now.. ..yir buddy,tOkKa is gunna go hit the pill0w..n' luckily fer me.. the pillow is filled with BRICKS!! .. >v<

Friday, November 22, 2002

Hey Mike! THAT is the animation I saw!! AWESOME you found the link!

I just wanna say sorry about this post, but sadly Dribble for Kids: The blackout part 3 won't be up till Sunday. Real Life has hopped in the way of things and.... well... hope to see you then!

Thanks for understanding! Any complaints you may have, send to and i'll take em head on.


Thursday, November 21, 2002

Yes, TMNT fan art is heading to every venue imaginable... Here's an awesome 3D animation directed by Floyd Bishop and his production team at Ice Pond Studio. He had this to say about it: "Here you can see a quicktime of a test we did for Mirage Publishing and 4Kids Entertainment. The test was completed from start to finish under the unbelievable constraints of just two weeks."
-->> ..just thought i'd share with the fellow 'Harry Pot-heads' ..

.. older design i think by MIRAGE/TMNT Mainstay..
Mike Dooney..

. >v<

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Along with a brand new Dribble for Kids strip, there are some updates to the site as well... I have added pics from the new TMNT toon on its page located in the screens section. I've also cleaned up a few things, and even added a page specifically for Fan Comics. If you look in the Features section, you'll see it. There's also new banners and buttons that you can use to link to us. Also got a new cam pic up... At least I was productive on my sick day... ::returns to shelter of blanket::

Monday, November 18, 2002

Tuesday's Strip is now available.

All I'm gonna say is, I've always wanted to say Humpdahladi" alot. So... why not?

Wellll I know I shouldn't do this and this is unknown to Mike, this is more for my site, BUT... this is just a sample of what kind of stuff u get on the mailing list for my comic strip. Yeeup, I'm doing a contest. A contest I tell you, and I'm gonna offer it to all youse out there in TMNT land!

You can win an Interstate: Road Rage ash Grey T-Shirt if you can answer this question correctly.

The Question: “Despite never being directly said, which of the “Dribble for Kids” characters likes felines? "

Possible Answers:

Here’s how it works! Send me in the right answer to , and the first two will win a “Interstate: Road Rage” T-Shirt. Winners will be announced next Tuesday! The latest answers can be received by Friday!

IF there is a large outpour of correct answers, then I will place the correct answers, and your e-mail addresses in a bowl and choose two!

Good luck!

Now remember Mike had no knowledge of me doing this so no one bother poor Mike and go "How do I win a shirt" etc. I'll announce the winners as soon as I get them, so it will end the confusion! Now, not to sound egotistical, but you can even get them signed by moi! :-D ANYWAYS.....
(plug plug plug)
If you'd like to be open to great contests and bonus strips, sign up to the mailing list by contating me at if u wanna join.

Okay enough plugs. Anyway, there is a cool link out there, i'm gonna try to find it and post it, but it's a 3-D TMNT movie, of Raph running from mousers! And it ROCKS!

Until then or until Friday...


Saturday, November 16, 2002

I just want to say to whoever hacked the site and changed the index page... That was really rude. I don't like you.

Thursday, November 14, 2002

Friday's Strip is now available.

Now maybe I'm alone in the world, but most people, at least un-sheltered people have HEARD of this movie, the LAst Starfighter. In Blackout, there is a reference, to an on-line friend of mine didn't get. Her stance on things is no one really knows of this movie. But go ahead and write her at this addy here and let's see what she says.

Now don't forget to say that I sent you to her so she can crucify me not you. LOL.

One more plug for the mailing list: Hit me at if u wanna join.

Apparently my little thing with Tokka in some small way helped! Even if it didn't and Tokka stayed and kept the KriB up for other reasons, let me just say I'm very glad. Glad you stayed, buddy! :-)

Okey dokey. I need to get to bed. I'm tired.

-->>..hey,MIKE.. ..location..

..see the new TMNT headquarter hub..n' Vr00m Vr00mz..
@offish..TMNT sneek peak page

.. >v<

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Howdy... Just wanted to let everyone know there have been a few TMNT sightings in magazines these past few days. The article in Toyfare is fairly detailed about the new toys!! If you are interested in seeing the articles or whatever, check out the forum here. Discuss if you'd like. :D

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Tuesday's Strip is now available. If you wanna join the mailing list, the way to join as of right now is to e-mail me at and give me a buzz.

If you join the list, hopefully by December 1rst, every update I make to the site, you'll get a letter chock full of creamy and pure dribble-ish goodness, such as special treats only for those on the mailing list, like comic strips, links of the week and behind the scenes poop on some of that stuff, then the mailing list is definately something you may wish to join. The addy again is If you do join, please remember that this thing won't be up and going till the beginning of next month hopefully, so... ;-)

In other news... I'm not exactly sure what happened or is going to happen if it hasn't already, but go drop Tokka a line and tell him how much you love Tokka's KriB. Seriously. The guy mentioned taking it down for some reason. Come on, Tokka, don't take it down! we love yah, buddy!

Also, the fan-art section is way out there! Major props to Boxcutter and of course, Mikey for his fabulous fan-art, and anyone else I may of not seen their name attached to!

Okay, so a quick recap.

Save Tokka's KriB
Fan Art Page
Tuesday's Strip

Awesome. Go forth into the world, young ninja padwans and fulfill your quest!


Monday, November 11, 2002

Hi all! I just wanted to let you all know that I've updated some pages on the site. Specifically, the Fan Art Page is now up and running. Considering the nominations for the Fan Art Awards are going on, I thought it best to make it easy to find the art work. It's filed under Fun Stuff. I've dissolved the Media page as that name was pretty misleading. From now on, the stuff you are looking for most will be on the Fun Stuff page, ie. galleries, music, games, computer stuff...

That's about it for now... have fun!

Sunday, November 10, 2002

-->> ..lil' gems..
TMNT hoops
Nick..what a sweet guy.. aww.. little small update.. but very cool.. on the "OFFISH TMNT" site..

..the TMNT handhelds..were some of the c00lest little d00-dads..
and i still pick 'em up now and then to see if i can kill Krang or save April. They just were goofy little LCD games.. but they were
actually pretty tuff.. and while.."DOO DEE DOO DEE DOO DOO".. ya kept tryin ta get past all the little repetative bad guys or basket balls.. these little games could bring you to your knees or get you so GAWDDAMM mad you's want to throw them across the room n' hope it'd hit yir head board on the bed n' shatter to a million..iddy bitty .. peices that you would maticulously pick up.. one by one and slowly proceed to the paper-shredder and make sure that every lil' last evident shard was totally destroyed cuz it was
just so durn frustrating to get thru the d4mm little things.. . . . . . .. hehheehheeh.. sh00t me.. >v<

Thursday, November 07, 2002

Friday's strip is now available.

Before I continue, thanks for the many kind words tokka! Also, I love the KriB, tokka. Can't wait till it's completely refinished.

Um, the link escapes me as of right now, but they published the new look of Baxter, Saki, Shredder and the Purple dragons on the TMNT website.

I've been so busy saying thanks and tellin yah of stuff, my main thing is... this week's strip, features a TMNT! Finally! So head over and give it a view. It starts a cool storyline I think, and it will be neat!

Okay, I need to get back to chattin away with Amandatello before I have to go to bed... so enjoy the strip and I'll see you Tuesday! COWABUNGA!

..say hull0 to Mike's ..lil' friend..
..he wants to show you his pussy.. >v<
-->> ..ooii ... .. .. ..Nick's story..Clan of..Turtle .. w0w.. Nick.. it's wonderful.. had to stop n' read again..!! fiction is hard for me.. but c00l stories like that do make things quite bearable..// ... . hochie...
K.I.S.S. nuthin as comlex as G. Simmons' make up .. .. my p0p always said..K.I.S.S...
"Keep It Simple,Stupid" . t0kK never really did.. the KriB is a good example of a Web site out of control.. ..and i'm fried.. 'tOkKa'Z KriB.. started out as a possible alternative 'Ninja Turtles' fan site from a character I greatly admired..
..that was all i guess..
..but over the past 3 years it grew into a monster and n0w it is it's own beast..
..i'm afraid the prior is no longer applicable.
If i can make it.. the KriB will be cleaning up.. the next few days are the first step.. .. while the 'Ninja Turtles' are at the heart of the KriB and t0KkA is the soul.. it's more than a fan site's all i've really had as far as exposure to TMNT fans and just wonderful people in general. tOkK's KriB is what it is..& i will do the best i can to keep things central to the KriB and far site navigation ..but will keep with whatever chaotic things folks fer some reason get drawn to I can no longer maintain the pure insanity of Homestead's server and the b8ll sh2t of shotty service with a smile. I pay fer KriB with what few $$ i make.. i've not ever asked for handouts from people to support it.. .. n0t that it's a super issue ,for KriB hardly ever recieved the traffic of here at and the wondeful folks at X-E. I will focus on all the things that i have at KriB before.. but i will do my best to implore for assistance from some very special people. t0kK is extremly dark right n0w.. 3 years ago..this week..t0KkA'z KriB.. came into some sort of exsistance.. and things for me & t0KkA have not really been the same.. simple my ar5e .. >v<

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Hello everyone.

This Tuesday's strip is now available.

While I knew I wanted to do a gag/joke at a bar, my past weekend's events was partialy inspired by such.

Also, I was digging thru some stuff and found some old TMNT drawings I did. Some are sketches I did which would further lead me or help me write the fan fic novella “Clan of the Turtle” which is featured on this very site!

For those who are a bit in the dark on such, “Clan of the Turtle” is my bridge between Mirage and Image. Sort of a what if Image got their act together, and how, personally, I think they could of made good stories with the crap they sorta flung at us. (Again, this is my, one fan’s opinion, and yeah, I DO like Image to some degree so I’m not an Image Comics Version playa hata…) I clear up a few loose ends, and create all new ones, which will be taken care of eventually. (What can I say, I’m dramatic…) Learn who the Lady Shredder really is, what the cyborg Donatello really feels about his situation, and what the last brother of the so called “curse”, Michaelangelo, would expierence. (Raph got his face blasted, Leo lost a hand, Don a cyborg…)

Okay, enough plugging away there, and hope you enjoy the novella and the comic strip!

Until Friday! Later gang!


Friday, November 01, 2002

Greetings space cadets! Er Witches! Er, whatever you were for Halloween....
perhaps a turtle of the Mutant Ninja Variety? Hope so!

At any rate.  While I know this would of been a PERFECT time for this to
use my strip to promote my TMNT fandom, this strip was actually completed.... a
month or so ago when Kingdom Hearts
was released for PS2.  My obsession
with the game
completely took me over to the point that I didn't draw
anything for a week or so. (I try to draw all my strips like two weeks in
advance in case Real Life/RL gets the better of me... and I'm prepared.
;-)  )  So I've had this
, inked and everything waiting to be published.  And with
Halloween coming up, I thought what a perfect time to do such a thing!

In a perfect world, this Christmas, I'll be making a special edition
Christmas version of "Dribble for Kids" in which I'll tackle my TMNT
fandom head on.  cos I still get questions every once and awhile...
"Why doesn't your strip talk alot about the TMNT, or even, at
all?"  It will. It will my friends. Indeed it will. ::evily laughs::
er um, uh-hem. 


This week again really is a Video Game joke, based on whether or not you know
the designs for the Sora character from Kingdom
.  It's more a simple idea of, if you know what the original
design of Mickey Mouse looks like, and mix his clothes with a small boy, or if
you visit the Kingdom Hearts website,
it should all make sense. Hopefully.

Alright, enough of my blabbering, turtle-fans!  Let's get to the gravy,
shall we?  Here is this week's strip, "Firggin'
" Enjoy!

Can I say they look DARN AWESOME!!! (see below...)