Saturday, March 29, 2003

-->> ..ok.. let's see..

1) ..Fox Box's TMNT Art Contest info is here::

2) .. the Flash banner on 'Dream Wave's Main Page.. shows a shadowy foursome..

3) ..also keep an eye out ..NTN..will be havin' a whopper of an interview with the 'Dream Wave' /TMNT creative crew.. i'll keep a close eye on this one.. and will give ya the skinny-fan-dango as soon as Neil gives me a little more headway.. anyway.. it's Saturday night.. do you know where yir henchmen are?? ..

..gee whizz,Star Scream..the way ya keep breathin' down my neck like that is like ya wanna betray me or somthing..


Friday, March 28, 2003

-->>.. Variant Cover fpr 'Dream Wave's' new TMNT Animation comic!!..

..Mikey's ego is only heightened n' fattened by his love of pizza.. damm he nearly takes up the whole damm wraparound cocer..sheesh!! Layoffa anchovies,buddy!!


Friday, March 21, 2003

-->>.. NEXT WAVE..'ll do a flipple ollie offa back rim into the gutter pile of the 4th quadrant of a tadpole.. 50 bucks says i'll make it??   Ya with me?? huh??  Are ya??

..EXTREME SPORTS TMNT's concept SKETCHES & Final Sculpts..

..see..we lied to you the whole time.. we're not really green.. WE'RE RUST !! HAHAHAAHAAAHA!! 'GET MEAN WITH THE RUST!!'.. ah..p00p.... you need 52 more variants of the Grusome Foursome.. but hey.. it keeps Mirage in the Green.. and the TMNTs in the rust (colour).. don't beleive me?? Check out the final sculpts. pretty tight!! 8)

..all other official TMNT Beger Boy Updates are click here.. ya right here.. where it sez 'here' at least 3 times.. yeah.. here.. no that's 4... .. ah ph00ey!!


Thursday, March 20, 2003

-->> ..this just stolen from an anonymous source..

'Diamond Comics' you a sneek peek from the next issue of 'Previews' .. due in JUNE..::

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ANIMATED #1
by David, LeSean, Sander, & Ruffolo


They move through the alleys and across the rooftops of the city--mysterious shadow warriors unique in the history of ninjas. In this first issue of their new adventures, tying in with the brand new animated series, learn the story of two men: Officer Ronnie Callahan, a rookie cop, and his old friend, Kenzo. Friends in their youth, they've gone their separate ways: Ronnie to the NYPD, and Kenzo to the fearsome criminal organization known as the Foot. Their paths will cross this night, intersecting with enigmatic, turtle-shelled denizens of sewers and darkness whose activities will result in the death of one of the friends...and the rise of an old menace in the heart of the city. NOTE: This issue will ship with two wraparound covers in equal ratio. One cover by LeSean and one variant cover by Pat Lee.
FC, 32pg..........$2.95

..also due in June..::

..the doctor showed me's either a healthy baby girl, or a very healthy watermelon !!..MMmm..i love watermelon !! Nancy Sumburm of Shawnee Mission,Kansas.. she is moving right along.. and her n' Mr.Sumburm are extremly excited.. as this marks a new venture in thier well as a new strain on thier 'SONY' payments..

.. >v<

Monday, March 17, 2003

-->> .. FORUMS are back up..

..pretend yir lucky..


Saturday, March 15, 2003

-->> ..O' p00p..

..the Forums are down ..Mike is workin' with the web company on the problem so take heed happy posters ..don't play any swan song's just yet..

..but if you want to learn about some cool TMNT show music bites..

Click here for 'NT NETWORK's Interview with ..'John Seigler'..

'4 Kids ' Productions Music director as well as producer/composer for Turtle toons on the new
show!! .. Way to go, Neil V.!!

-->> ..Nick-0 fer got to mention this..

..below is somethng we just got in yesterday -- one of four photos of the sculpt for the second in Playmates' series of limited-edition cold-cast TMNT sculptures; this time up: Michelangelo, master of the nunchaku! Pretty freakin' cool.. i also want all of you ta know i smell like rotten pork,i eat cut lil' fuzzy bunny rabbit feet n' i got an ego the size of Rhose Island X 10million!!* -Peter Laird

..Pizza Plaster P0wer!!..

*..that is an actual quote from Peter Laird.. honestly it really is!! Would i lie to you??

Friday, March 14, 2003

Mirage Studios Updated the official TMNT Page today.... with what I consider a pretty frickin cool update.

Check out Peter Laird's BLAST FROM THE PAST. It features the very cool pencils by Peter, of the original cover.

If you'd like to contrast and compare... then my my my, go right ahead.

Here's Issue 1, from 84...

And now check out the pencils of Issue 50, part 1 of City at War.

Thursday, March 13, 2003

It's Teenage Ninja Turtles Day At Toys "R" Us Times Square!

Saturday, March 22, 1-4pm
Toys "R" Us Times Square,
The Center of the Toy Universe·
1514 Broadway (at 44th Street)
New York City

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) fans can stop by Toys "R" Us Times Square, The Center of the Toy Universe· to get the first glimpse of the new trading card series by Fleer.

Guests will get to:
    Meet the artist who created Fleer's TMNT trading cards
    Enter the Turtle Card Flipping Challenge
    WIN a number of cool TMNT prizes
    Register to WIN a limited edition 9" figure of Leonardo by PlaymatesToys

PLUS... the first 200 guests will get a TMNT Sourcebook!

Everyone will get a chance to chat with Fleer's product experts who will be on hand to share tips for collecting and preserving your trading card collection.

Available exclusively now ONLY at...
Toys "R" Us Times Square
Don't miss it!

For more information, please call the Toys "R" Us Times Square Special Events Hotline at (646) 366-8855

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

-->> FLEER CARDS out MARCH 28 th!!

..i get the bubble gum..   ::NO ..i do..i called it first!!   ::  N0 way fodder face ..i get it.. ::Aw yir muther rides a vacumm cleaner.. ..:: I never knew my mother.. **Waaahhaaaa.

..Fleer/SkyBox's TMNT 2003 Trading Cards..~~!! the link for the 'Fleer' site.. the skinny on the cards.. and a store locator...

.. to shell out the clams & add to yir ol' dusty collection of Garbage Pail Kids & PokEmon cards..

..lookit me!! i', cool.. i'm jumping out of a can of 'oooze'.. yeah.. really..  cool..    yeh.. sure..   kill me..

..Green OOZE Cards?? .. a dream come true!! WOWOWOWOW!! 8D


Saturday, March 08, 2003

-->> Whoopee freekin' scooby doo!!

TMNT official fishy updates..

..look i'm a turtle logo.. n' i AM cleaver..look.. see.. my legs are actually swords.. isn't that cleaver.. n' my shell is a ying-yang.. i am so SOOOOOO  cool..        kill me..

(1)NEW yin/yan.. TMNT wallpaer desktop stuff.-click here..

(2>Updates to the TMNT vol. 1 there..

(3)any OTHER TMNT updates.. i'm just way to freekin' fried to post here are at this link right here....not HERE ..there!!..

..and this announcement from DAN 'B-I-N-G-O n' Bingo was his NAME-o' Berger..TMNT web dude..::for you people heading North -east or livin' up there..

Peter Laird and most of the Mirage crew will be doing a rare signing at That's Entertainment in Worcester, Massachusetts on Saturday March 22 from 1 PM to 5 PM. Joining Peter will be Michael Dooney (TMNT cover painter and style guide artist), Jim Lawson (TMNT penciler), Eric Talbot (TMNT inker) and Dan Berger (TMNT gopher and web dude). For those of you in the area or willing ot make the trek, here's TE!'s address:

That's Entertainment
244 Park Avenue (Route 9)
Worcester, MA 01609
Fax: 508-754-3882

.. >v<

Thursday, March 06, 2003

..!! ..

..NEW 'BLAST Featuring 'Splinter'!!
..Click here for 'BLAST' !!.. get the low down on the new Halmark Movie ,A 'Toys R' Us' Exclusive TMNT source book and TMNT Toy Box sets!! 8D
....damm ,Now i got to share a box with you Putrid Turtles..GAAAH..!!   Heeeyy.. which of you ninjas ripped one.?! reeks in here!!

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

-->>00ps!!.. guess i missed this..

..!! .. looks like i missed a few of Figures d0t com's continued Toy Fair pix.. the link ..

to see some more images of the upcomind TMNT Lair Playset ..including the box..& the RAPH AND MIKEY Role Play toys .. no big deal..

..i'll see what else i can dig up..


Saturday, March 01, 2003

-->>AAUGGHH!!. Sometimes i f8ckin' hate fandom!!

Why should i have to "UPDATE" the 'UPDATES" on the official Ninja Turtle site?? ::
Sh8t!! Look!!

..'TurtleSkins got Baked Turtle appeal.. cuz thar made with Turtles n' Skins that're real!! ..

(1)-Click here to see Mirage's CEO Trade Show pix ..of some cool new TMNT art supply,backpacks,and TMNT skins to drape on you next halloween..amoung other things..

(2)-Look,Click here for all the official updates that matter..cuz i'm typing this at 4 in the A.M. .. my skull is killin me n' my head is