Monday, December 09, 2002

This from TMNT Web-dude Dan Berger:

Howdy gang! Well, we've been getting a ton of questions regarding the release of the TMNT toys. It seems that several web sites are already taking orders for the new Turtle action figures and that they might be shipping before Christmas (rather than in January, as was originally reported - d'oh!).

Mirage chief Gary Richardson contacted the dudes from Playmates and they told us:

"Goods will start hitting retail shelves in the second half of December, with different items hitting at different dates, due to availability. We are not releasing a general schedule."

So that's the scoop straight from the horse's (turtle's?) mouth... it seems like some stuff will be out in time for the Holidays, but the where and when of it is decidedly undecided. Call your local retailers if you're keenly interested in these, as ya never know when they might show up (or how long they may last!)

Two online sites taking orders now are:

There's prolly more, but those are the two that people have been telling us about.

Check out the Kaybee site to see the new cards! They rock!
Good luck and happy Holiday hunting!

Dan Berger

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