Tuesday, December 31, 2002

-->> ..take enough Ex-Lax after all these Holiday Festivities ..Food-ings and Gorging.. & you'll start the New Year off with a bang!!

WELP,folks.. ..it's that time of year again..where we end 'IT' !!
Gee..where did the time fly..?? Well let me tall ya.. it flew right down
my throat..out my p00 hole & down the crapper..
~~ !!

But i'm not complaining ..(but i am).. we all had a great year..right??
Well NEW TMNTs are moving thier way back on to the little screen
and onto the pokey pegs at the toy isle of your nearest Kmart.. plus ..
by this time in 2003.. there'll be some new Vid games as Konami relaunches
thier Shtick with the Turtes.. yeah..it's gunna be swell.. ..now excuse me..
i'm gunna go drown my WhoAs ..in a quart of Mickey's Malt Liquor..
.. see ya later.. in 2003!! .. .. .. eeehhh.. w00ppee d00.. >*{
.. >v<

Sunday, December 29, 2002

-->>"Ultimate Ninja Turtle Site" ?? HA!! ..I have'nt seen such a mockery of the green teen terrapins
scince the pre-collapse of the Komodo Empire in "TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES" volume 3..
#4 and 3/4ths.. ATTACK OF THE CLONES!!"

.. Worst Fan Site,EVER!!

Not Actual cover.. the real cover will be fatter,greesier,have 2 geeks,and more boobies

..as fate would allow .. the upcoming issue of 'ToyFARE' #67 (srp.$4.99) will feature a..
'Special Price Guide Spotlight' and focus on the Classic TMNT series of toys..

..this issue is ToyFare's 'Best Toys of 2002' issue and will have a special alternate cover
featuring the toysfrom the upcoming film 'DAREDEVIL' starring

Ben Aflac!!

Yeah,kids!! Recreate the scene with your toys where i harrowingly save a blind man from his doom by bumpin' him outta the way of an out of control TCRI truck,go blind myself,and knock a kid's bowl of pet turtles into a sewer drain..Hey,WAAAIT.. i'm not 'Matt Murdock!!

WAIT..N0t 'BEN AFLAC' !! .. ya know.. the Other 'Ben'!!

Damm..i hate my 'REAL' Job.. .. ..AFLAC!!
AFLAC!! .. >v<

Saturday, December 28, 2002

-->>Not Actual cover.. the real cover will be ickier!!

..while i was busy p00ping this morning.. i was reading the January 2003 'Previews'

.. i was thrilled to see that in March 2003,'ToyFARE' #69.. the new TMNT Figs will be featured with all the particularsof the toys & the 'LATEST' pix..
..this issue will also feature an alternate TMNT cover you will want to pick up..(i will prolly pick up the issue simply to wipe my
bunghole with that cover). After i was finished readin' the specs of the upcoming issue.. i tore out the page and continued to
wipe t0Kkticular bungholes with said page.

Also..in case you missed out the first time..look for 2nd printings of 'TMNT' Vol.4 # 1 & # 2 from 'Mirage'..(wiping optional there).

Ya know..i was thinkin'.. the cover of 'ToyFARE' is not as soft as the pages of

Charmin..CHARMIN?? Squeeze this,BeY0tch!! ..WHAAAAT.. come on,baby.. it's 'THE FORCE'!!
-->> They Call me 'CRYIN HOUN'!!

..ok,kids.. if ya ripped yir new TMNTs outta the package X-mas morning
are hankering to wrassle.. may i suggest a slightly off-Turtle yet none
the less.. Compatible accesory that brings back YE ol' days of
..gooey ninja Turtles and odd ball slime times of play with ::

Hi..remember me?? I'm the Sh7t that turned 'Turtle pets into Turtle Teens'.. if it wasn't for me..those shell brains would now be more than 1/2 way flushed with all the other crocs n'  T.P. wads in NYC's stench ridden wasteland known as 'The Sewers'!! ..those ingrates..!!

..May i suggest JAKKS Pacific's WWE Ring Gear Series 8 'Septic Sludge'

YuMMY in a tummy!!

"Jakks Ring Gear line comes back with a
brand new look, feel, and smell? That's right figure fans, the newest
series of Ring Gear features an oozy slime, with it's own distinct
smell. Each slime and smell, are related to the name of the set they
come in.

Included in Ring Gear 8: Septic Sludge are "Stale Water: Messy
" (Toilet, sink and green slime), "Burnt Rubber: Oil
" (Toolbox, barrel, lid and black slime), "Body Odor: Lazy
" (trash container, broom and yellow slime), and "Dead
Fish: Gooey Garbage
" (Trash can, lid, pale, shovel and blue slime)

Look for this new, unique set to hit your local retailers .. street price of around $6.99."

..from Wrestling Figs..

..My Favorite is the 'Messy Bathroom'

O' come on..Lift the seat,boys!!

..it has a break apart toilet..w/ working lid and busted sink.. the slime is green..
just like the Green Teen's 'OOZE'..and smells as rotten as the Turtle's attitudes..
.and it's alot of fun to mangle the 'F00t' or VICA-VERSA in tOkKa's case)
with a toilet seat..whatever ya wanna do.. this is just an odd suggestion.. cuz..
..i just got the 'Messy Bathroom' Set..n'..the Raphael i set ablaze a few
posts back is lookin' quite ill.. n' i don't think he's had quite enuf ' abuse..
.. >8} . . .. . >v<

Wednesday, December 25, 2002

I just wanted to say, besides sorry that this is late... (but then again, it seems to be my style, no?) that I hope you had a Merry Christmas, or a very Merry Holiday in fashion you celebrate it as.

If that didn't make sense, happy holidays! :-)

-->> We'll see ya there!!
.. >v<

Monday, December 23, 2002

The newest strip has been posted!

Also called by myself, "It's about friggin time", I hope you enjoy the new strip!

This goes outside the continunity for a brief second and once this puppy is taken down it's down!! So.. enjoy the strip while you can! Ciao!!!


(drooling over the new TMNT toys he wants...)

Sunday, December 22, 2002

Happy holidays,everyone..when i get out of this package ,I am going to mame you ..one and ALL!!..
..if you are still searching for that perfect gift.. which for me is the tight new
SHREDDER figure.... WELL.. YOU STILL CAN!! If you haven't been
able to hook up with the latest TMNTs..it is not to late..!! !! !! !! !! !! !! !!
..i am now in possesion of the entire line thus far.. thanks to one real cool
guy who told me to pass on this great EXCLUSIVE deal to you folks
right here on Mikey's!!
.. the Fellah will gladly sell you the entire new TMNT set:instantly.. vehicles n' all..

Hey,KIDS!! Baby Jesus wants YOU to have all the latest Ninja Turtles..don't make him cry..call me!!
The guy's name is Beezle Bob..and his offer is awsome!!
..IT is a great deal.. imagine the entire..ENTIRE..
New TMNT set.. i mean you will be the First on your block!!


.. an eternity of hellfire,brimstone and..DAMNATION..is so
worth new TMNT.. don't you agree..?? ?? ?? ??
.. sure..i'm goin' ta hell but . .. . ...

Vr00m Vr0000m!!
..at least i can i can die sayin' i played with the new BATTLE SHEll ..n' you didn't,bey0tches..
..0OOoooo..it has Fire Sever Shreddin' Missiles ***Boooo00mm..~~*** ~~!!

Thursday, December 19, 2002

-->> I'm a J0lly Green giant..!! And i'm only 12 inches..Kill me!!

..Azure Turtle..this Mikey forum's own water bread wonder..
has spotted and purchased a big 12 incher mike toy at
..and it looks like K*B is getting the share of new
Turtle crap..as for Azure Turtle and his big 'MIKE' .. the 2 of them
are doing fine and are expected home by the end of the week
with a bubbly baby girl.. they have decided to name hame her..

.. no more comments from me .. >v<

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

-->> ..Direct from TMNT-hell..the TMNT list..
the very Skeletonable ..and reliable ..Skeletoncrew..
who is just the nicest skeleton lady ever.. confirmed it..

100% offish..

(..gaw.. she's gunna kill me..this is from her private stash..her own photo)
..i'm sorry,i'm sorry,i'm sorry,Skeleton LADY..please o' please don't make me CHAFF!! PLEASE!!!!

.. she says the main 4 are out.apperently..and that
no Shredder or Foot soldiers yet.. (d4mm)..and she
found them at 'Wal-Mart' for around $$ 5..

..now for the love of crack-cocaine ..please..
PLEEEEAASE go visit her site

..it's about Skulls n' bones..n' a skeleton named..
Roger.. who is a real Chatter box..and
actually is fairly JOLLY..

tOkKa gives me a boner !!

..he's a bone head who likes to have adventures .
and is a lazy movie couch potao (chip)..
..who likes to meet Bruce Campbell..
..**whew....with that plug.. maybe now..
.. she won't cast one of those 'itching and chaffing'
voo-doo curses on me like the last time..GAWW..
.. you don' wanna know.. just know that Vaseline
works like a charm in that matter.. never steal
her pen.. i tell ya.. it's the worst..oop.. hey look
..all outta time fer this blog.. wh00~~~~**::

Monday, December 16, 2002

-->> EAT ME!!

..oiii..ok.. start scrimping the bottom of the barrels
n' asking mummy and daddy fer oodles of TMNT googles..
cuz the reports are coming in.. these things have shipped..
.. as of the last Ebay post there.. it should be sometime
this week..but....seeing is beleiving.. and the holidays are gunna
turn to all the more 'hell-ish'.... in my experience..K*B
amoung the Wal-marts,Kmarts and TARGET Marts....will prolly be the best
place to hit.. but keep the eyes peeled as much as you can..i will be spying
amoung the stores the best i can amoung the tight a55 schedule i do not seem to keep..
.. if you see anything..let me know:: tOkKAb2@mybluelight.com
.. i will let Mike and you know 1st break of wind i catch of NEW TMNT sh7t stuff as well..

.. o' wait..that last break of wind .. wait.. what was that??

.. waaaaait.. what did i eat fer din-din last night??

YO QUIERO WHAT??.. don't lookit me,buddy..!! ??

Saturday, December 14, 2002

-->> ..ebay t0Kker..
..all this talk of new TMNT toys is makin ya desprate??
..as my experience with Star Wars toys..
.. the new stuff hits Ebay before
anything else.. so.. again.. if yir freakin' out.. :: ::
NEW! Playmates 2002 TMNT 4 Figure Set! LOOK!
..but if you can hang tight a liitle while longer.. i'm pretty sure
your patience will be rewarded.. these auctions go crazy..and
the prolly is more where that came from.. oiivey..
The release date of the new cartoon is posted on the FOXBOX's TMNT site. The new toon is set to debut on February 8, 2003.

Thursday, December 12, 2002

-->> Knucklehead
..has made the official update to thier site..
t0KkA'z Mouth.. what it is all about..

..all the new TMNT toy fun stuff starts here with
some things you haven't seen.. @ PLAYMATES Official TMNT Page
.. and hopefully it'll get yir Turtle hormones goin' enuf
for you to shell out the clams for more Turtle crap to
stuff yir room with.. cuz these guys are out s00n it looks like..enjoy.. .. ..


Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Wow! That is awesome! I can't wait. I may actually buy all the fab four! If not, just Raphael! ;-)

I had written a fan-fic novella a while back and I completed the novella and here it is, in all it's glory.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Clan of the Turtle The first half is featured here on Mike's site, the other half is on my site. I haven't worked up an actual set-up of a menu on the chapter pages on my site, but... that'll eventually happen. Make sure to keep your back button ready to go! LOL.

The novella takes place after the events in Ish 23 of Image Comics...
Does Raph rejoin the Foot? Why Did Donatello Run Away from home? How does Leo get his hand back? How does our beloved Michaelangel get 'maimed'?!!? Why is the FBI looking into April O'Neil's past? And more importantly... who is THE LADY SHREDDER?!?!

All these questions, and a twist ending and MORE in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Clan of the Turtle

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the project in general... write me at Nick@dribbleforkids.com

We now schedule back to our normal broadcast...!


..while no confirmed reports i can find anywhere.. it is looking official.. the toys should be popping up real,REAL soon.. keep your eyes peeled ..
.. >v<

Monday, December 09, 2002

This from TMNT Web-dude Dan Berger:

Howdy gang! Well, we've been getting a ton of questions regarding the release of the TMNT toys. It seems that several web sites are already taking orders for the new Turtle action figures and that they might be shipping before Christmas (rather than in January, as was originally reported - d'oh!).

Mirage chief Gary Richardson contacted the dudes from Playmates and they told us:

"Goods will start hitting retail shelves in the second half of December, with different items hitting at different dates, due to availability. We are not releasing a general schedule."

So that's the scoop straight from the horse's (turtle's?) mouth... it seems like some stuff will be out in time for the Holidays, but the where and when of it is decidedly undecided. Call your local retailers if you're keenly interested in these, as ya never know when they might show up (or how long they may last!)

Two online sites taking orders now are:

There's prolly more, but those are the two that people have been telling us about.

Check out the Kaybee site to see the new cards! They rock!
Good luck and happy Holiday hunting!

Dan Berger

Sunday, December 08, 2002



.. the most wonderful X-mas special from hell....good ol' MATT at
good ol' X-E ..presents to you the flippy flappy fl0p
jaw maddness of the TMNT special only the purest Ninja Turtle Purists could loath..

..TMNT Holiday Special hijinx
await upon the pressin'
of this link.. p00r you,p00r Matt ,p00r.. tOkKa.. .. heh >8}

.. >v<

Friday, December 06, 2002

-->> K*b Toys is taking preorders for new TMNTs figures if ya wanna get on the band wagon early n' have 'em before anyone else..