Monday, September 30, 2002


'No Deposit..some Return' ..

.. Gizmo..Fluffy?? dat you?? ..
..Michael Dooney's squintey,shiney,cromey ..fuzzy,FUZZY duo return.. at least fer a quickey in December's TMNT # 7..checkit out for a 6 pager from Mr.Dooney..which marks Gizmo's first new story of any kind in near 10 years..
..on a related note..

..GUZZI LEMANS GN by Jim Lawson; cover by Michael Dooney The year 2046 is not the future that we would wish for out children and grandchildren. But rather it is a dark place. Where America's cities have been abandoned, in favor of a safer, more secure model of society –– on the government farms. However, all were not invited. The aftermath of the recent wars had left the country a barren wasteland. It is out there that the others live –– those deemed unworthy of civilization's new start. These are the deviants and bikers. This is the world of Guzzi Lemans. SC, 120pg, b&w $9.95 ..out in November!!

..hee hee.. >8)

Sunday, September 29, 2002


"..and the nightmare rides on with a december black psalm.."

Saturday, September 28, 2002

CBS Market Watch reports that "... some investors must like what they see on the Saturday morning tube. The 4Kids outfit has "Kirby," "Fighting Foodons" and other packages on the Fox Kids network. What's in the pipeline may be enticing new investors into the company's stock.

"On the spring schedule is "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," which 4Kids is co-producing. For those who see Turtles as a 15-year-old has-been, read my lips. Kids are digging the turtles today as much as they were when the concept debuted in the 1980s."

Basically, 4Kids stock is up... and for good reason. Yu-Gi-Oh, Fighting Foodons, Kirby, and TMNT are hot commodities for kids (especially this coming holiday season). The 4Kids team has video-game, licensing and toy pacts with Mattel, Konami, Nintendo and others.

"Terra Lycos, the operator of the Lycos Internet search engine, just reported the term 'Yu-Gi-Oh' was the ninth most popular across user searches for the week ending Sept. 21. The top one was - no, not Martha Stewart -- 'Dragonball.'" So, obviously, kids have a lot of power over this market. How much popularity (and profit) will it gain once the TMNT debut in the spring?!

Source: Kids have icons, too -- 4Kids shares perk up as Yu-Gi-Oh gains popularity
By Thom Calandra,

Friday, September 27, 2002

Word from Dan is that TMNT #6 is on it's way to the printers and with a bit of luck, it will be in stores by the third or fourth weeks of October!! Wooo, can't wait!

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

I got a double Whammy! I've been thinking of a normal schedule for comic strips, and it is either Monday, Wednesday, Friday; Monday, Wednesday, or Monday, Friday. But at any rate, here are two new strips.

In Part 1 of The Love Letter, someone is taking a nap and his secret 'love letter' is found.

In part 2 of The Love Letter, the same person really needs to get a life. Maybe they've been listening to "My Best Friend's Wedding" soundtrack a bit too much.

Monday, September 23, 2002

-->> t0Kka Ebay TOKKER..
..seein as how a new Star Trek movie will be pimpin' theaters pretty soon here.. TMNT/Star Trek geekies may not have had a chance to finish the collection they've always dreamed of.. d0n't lookit me..but you can bit on a cool set of all 4 M.O.C. S.T. /TMNT starting bid of $ 3..
@ THIS LINK ..right after this here semi-colon :

..welp..happy bidding & 'may the force be with .. ..' ..err.. 'Live Long and Force.. ' .. ..??
''Prosper in the Force so you Can Live Long with .. you.. ' .. .. .. >v<

Saturday, September 21, 2002

Well, hello there... I guess by now you've noticed something different about the site. Yup, the whole thing is different again. Welcome to Version 4.7!! I hope navigation is a bit simpler. There are still many bugs in it, but I hope to have these cleared up within the next couple of days. Lots of changes, but also lots of new material is coming soon! I'm working hard on adding much more to the site, to satisfy all your TMNT needs :D ... Take a look around and have fun.

Friday, September 20, 2002

-->> & ..on a weird related 'FOX BOX' note..
..about 2 hours ago i was in the local 'Toys R' Us' store..buyin' my neice her b-day present..i'd noticed a week or so prior they had some left-over 'Fox Box' i was able to pick up a few extra ..seein' as how the lady packed my bag with one & didn't even care that i picked up another..apperently there was some epidemic with a VHS video tape that was to be included as part of the promo & all over the U.S. were not gettin' the videos with the Promo Box. As I was checking out with my neice's Scooby Doo gift..i noticed all the registers had lil' red boxes stacked on them..bein' curious n' t00 tired ta give a flippin' fad00dle what the clerk thought..i picked up the box ..sh0' nuff.. it was the video from the promo.
So i snagged a few.. raced slow as a Turtle home (i'm tired ya know) ta fast forward to the less than 40 second TMNT cartoon ad..(the same one ya saw online) just a heads up to ya geeky TMNT completests.. yir local 'Toys R' Us' may have some videos on thier shelves just for you to complete yir 'Fox Box' set.. apperently n0 foxes were harmed in the filiming of the video. ..>v<
I know several of us have known about the video games for a while now, but finally, Dan at has posted the official press release:

4Kids Entertainment Signs Konami to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Video Game Pact Konami Back as Exclusive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Video Game Creator/Publisher Tuesday September 10, 9:07 am ET

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 10, 2002--4Kids Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: KDE - News), the exclusive worldwide agent and co-producer of the all-new TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES animated series, today announced that Mirage Licensing, Inc., the holder of the rights to TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, has licensed Konami Corporation as the exclusive worldwide developer and publisher of video games....
:: read the full press release ::
Thanks Dave!

All links are working now! It was a small snafu on my part! Darn the joys of copy and paste! I got so into posting everything I forgot to change the code from 'post image' to make it fit to an URL code. Anyrate: enjoy!

-->> AKK!! NICK.. it could just be me ..but i'm on 3 comps here & The links are breakin' us to SEE the comics!! .. ehh maybe it's just this netw0rk..
>v< ..
I updated again! Well I tried to. Some template error or something is going on, but don't worry, at least take comfort that I DID publish the strip, and when the template gets fixed, all shall be right in the world.

For those who can't see it cos of blogger being stupid, here is Strip 10. It's a sequel to Strip 8, called One of the Top Ten Ways To Piss a DJ Off

Also due to some small snafu's in my knowledge of posting, here are some of the past strips I tried to update, but didn't get a good chacne to mention.

Ten Years Later:
Erika Christensen is Inside the Actor's Studio

One Out of Ten Ways To Piss a DJ Off...

Tis' The Season

The Board of Directors

Hope you enjoy! And Also if you forgot, TMNT 2 and 3 is out on DVD! While I've not seen 3 at stores, 2 is coming in the nice plastic cases and not the flimsy cardboard snap cases most New Line/Warner Bros. DVDs come in! Go get it, out on DVD now!

Thursday, September 19, 2002

-->> Hiya.. not a real big deal by any stretch just to see this thing finally workin is great th0..
t0KkA'z SpYeKAM is up..ready fer peepin Tom Cats..n' just the slightliest curiousable may like.. see t0Kk's sninnanigans .. @
tOkKa'Z SpYeKAM..
..from the safty of yir own c0mp .. .. well, enjoy.. n0t that ya will but..i TRY.. 8{

Saturday, September 14, 2002

What'z inside the F0x Box..??
..gee,everbuddy..t0Kk does not ever seem to sleep ..but my loss is a gain the Fox Box LAUNCH is today & it ain' that bad!!
I Really hope by the time the new Turte's Show plops back on the air'll have enuf support n' fan base fer F0X to keep up TMNT for another 10 seasons!! w0w..can you imagine!! That'd be S0000ooo sweet!! But reality will kick in February..p00p i wish it was next year n0w!! As fer Now..'ULTRAMAN' is BACK.."Kirby" gives us Lolo & LALA as a suprise to t0Kk ..n' 'Muscle' is t00 funny.. i like the F0x Box.. i'm just still s0 very sad to say.. "WHERE THE H3ll ARE ALL THE F0xes!?" ..>v<

Thursday, September 12, 2002

w0w..Shredder is b3st toy ever.. hey everbuddy..did you know that Nick was once nice..but now he eats puppies?!
N0 i'm serious..what he does is he has this big Bucket..n' it sez.. 'Cute lil' Puppies'..then he dips his hand in there n' takes justa c00test wittle puppy youse ever seen..'baby pug..picture it' ..then he goes.. 'MMMMMMMM..puppies!! YUUMM!!'..
then he proceeds to ..bite the -- i mean..o' the h0rror.. jeez!! my ya see what inspires th0se wonderful cart00ns..puppies.. w4s a failed attempt at a j0ke folX.. s0 s0rry ,nich-0 .. >v<

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Whacha think about those new figures?

Cool beans, eh? I think so too.

I'm acutally pumped about a toy line for once, since like, I was 13 or so. Wow, I think that the new series will be great for our fab foursome! Well either way, I got another surprise! Another Dribble For Kids is here, and surprisingly enough, it's not three months between my last update!

This strip deals with my lack of focus, which we all aquire at some point, on our lack of reading through our stuff, such as resumes, or what not, before we send them out and about into the world.

Check it out here!

Monday, September 09, 2002

Sunday, September 08, 2002

Sorry I've been so late in posting this, but it looks like there are more pics of prototypes of the Brand new TMNT action figures!! Shredder over at managed to find out about's showcase of the new figures. Go there to see bigger pics, but here they are as well... Youll notice these guys are just really updated poses of their original models... they even have the same skin tones as before.






Foot Soldier

TMNT movies 2 and 3 are available on DVD NOW! Buy em!!

Thursday, September 05, 2002

In leiu (sp?) of me not being lazy for once, here is a dribble for kids comic strip! Hopefully... just hopefully... I can keep this up slowly but surely, eh?

The new TMNT show looks real kick ass, and I am proud to be a TMNT fan. Not to go on a tangent here, but let me just say, I've been saying do the Batman:TAS look for along time, and if you don't believe me, you can ask poor Mikey, (the charming fellow who runs this site) who I bug at around 3 to 5 in the morning, now granted this was a few years ago when Batman was still on with new episodes, but still, I grumbled, moaned and complained, this was the future of the TMNT in the cartoon world. And look! I was right! Yay! Dark, edgier, and yet, still our favorite fab four! Let's keep it green and I hope you enjoy the strip! Also, I think TMNT ish 5 came out, so enjoy that too!