Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Hello everyone.

This Tuesday's strip is now available.

While I knew I wanted to do a gag/joke at a bar, my past weekend's events was partialy inspired by such.

Also, I was digging thru some stuff and found some old TMNT drawings I did. Some are sketches I did which would further lead me or help me write the fan fic novella “Clan of the Turtle” which is featured on this very site!

For those who are a bit in the dark on such, “Clan of the Turtle” is my bridge between Mirage and Image. Sort of a what if Image got their act together, and how, personally, I think they could of made good stories with the crap they sorta flung at us. (Again, this is my, one fan’s opinion, and yeah, I DO like Image to some degree so I’m not an Image Comics Version playa hata…) I clear up a few loose ends, and create all new ones, which will be taken care of eventually. (What can I say, I’m dramatic…) Learn who the Lady Shredder really is, what the cyborg Donatello really feels about his situation, and what the last brother of the so called “curse”, Michaelangelo, would expierence. (Raph got his face blasted, Leo lost a hand, Don a cyborg…)

Okay, enough plugging away there, and hope you enjoy the novella and the comic strip!

Until Friday! Later gang!


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