Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

T-drome snoopin' .. ..yir Spy Spike..;tOkK discovers yir VCRs' n' DVD plaers' are in a bit of trouble.. kind of ol' news.. but this time i got the evidence!!
TMNT vol.5..and TMNT Volume 6 at Z-store ..order early if you want to or can.. cuz the release date for store shelves is set for around Jan. 13-20 next month in that time frame.

..get ready.. Monsters Galore and.. Shredder's Revenge.. it's all the Foot Clans' mad plot to take over your household appliances!!
I'm gonna keep an eye on my toaster oven!! 8{

Monday, December 29, 2003

NT @T-drome.. gives a quick reminder!! ::
TMNT on CN --

Just want to remind you that the new TMNT show will be on Cartoon Network at 4:00 PM tomorrow, the 29th of December.

..Monday Monday Monday ~~
That's today.. and this starts the Cartoon Network Turtle ball rolling!! .. Tune in to the First 5 TMNT eps that started the new adventures of the that started the next generation of Turtle Fandom!! 8)

Saturday, December 27, 2003

-->>..and someday soon..very soon..WE HOOD ORNAMENTS WILL RULE THE EARTH!! BWAAAHAHAA!!
-My T-drome leaks.. mainly amoung them ;NTurtle..(welcome back,buddy!!) .. are tellin' me that DR.Malignus and Silver Sentry are showing up in stores.. so slowly and surly as the new year approaches.. new waves of TMNT figs are creepin' their way to the pegs.. and while ..when i went out to the stores on Friday..most of the TMNT figs were exhausted.. with mainy just some vehicles and shell-cells left on the shelf.. ..more new plasticies will pop up soon as well as ones you missed like the Mutations and the Fightin' Gear TMNTs.. so if Santa didn't cover all yir TMNT bases.. just wait a little bit.. all what's brand new and your favorites are sure to be restocked!!

- ..and from Nturtle ..
.. the new cartoon will remain in reruns it seems, with "Meet Casey Jones" at 8:30 and "Shredder Strikes pt.1" at 10:30 tomorrow. As well as "Nano" and "Shredder Strikes pt.2" on the 3rd of January.

..woo..well maybe you can take a break from your VCR's and just sit back and enjoy a show in yir jammies with a big bowl of Crunch Berries ..come Saturday morn !! 8)
.. >v<

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

-->> ..gee..i hope our first issue ain't our last!!
Dan B. has issued some regret .. ..on the official TMNT site.. regarding the 'Tales.. ' book..:
Cowabummer! We missed the deadline for getting Tales of the TMNT #2 into the proper issue of Diamond's "Previews" order book, so it will be appearing alongside the next solicitation of the regular TMNT comic. We are not smart!

Although we messed up and missed the solicitation deadline, the production of Tales of the TMNT is still on schedule! We're working with Diamond to get the issue on the stands at the end of March as planned! Here's the scoop on the issues that are already finished or well on their way:

Tales of the TMNT #2 - "Seeds of Destruction" by Steve Murphy (script), Jim Lawson (pencils) and Eric Talbot (inks). A solo story starring Splinter the rat with art by the regular TMNT creative team of Jim Lawson and Eric Talbot! In this, the second issue of the new bi-monthly Tales of the TMNT, it takes Splinter all of his wisdom and ninjitsu skills to ward off an attack by a powerful Foot sorcerer! Martial and mystical arts mayhem from Mirage!

Tales of the TMNT #3 - "The Worms of Madness" by Steve Murphy (script), Rick Remender (pencils), and John Beatty (inks). The return of the Shredder... but not the way you expect! A 48-page extravaganza!

Tales of the TMNT #4 - "Darkness Weaves" by Steve Murphy (script), Jim Lawson (pencils) and Eric Talbot (inks). Raphael and Shadow team-up against a pack of werewolves led by the deadly Lilith!

Tales of the TMNT #5 - "Scars" by Dean Clarrain (script) and Chris Allan (art). The fan-fave creative team behind Archie Comics' TMNT Adventures returns! A solo story starring Leonardo that focuses on the life of the Foot Soldier known as Cha Ocho!

So if all goes well and we don't screw up the solicitation again, all of these issue will ship on time! :)

.... i don't care..this book marks the return of some great artists and writers from the TMNT's past.. and fills in gaps in the new series .. (like the mysterious.. 'Cha Ocho') ..the first book hits sooner than you think here.. and maybe they are off schedule..but yeh.. "..if it's not's not Mirage." ..

-Some added 'TMNT' toon info.. will cover some more of the global TMNT televised spectrum.. 'specially when TMNT get's daily pimp-AGE on Cartoon Network starting in March.. the TMNTs are popping up everywhere.. so.. yeh.. i'm guessin' the TMNTs are bigger than Jesus..
HEY..!! Watchit.. !! You wanna go to the place with the guy with the red suit?? huh.. do ya ,TOKKA?? huh .. no.. i ain't talkin' about Sannie Clause neither.. i mean..the other guy in the red suit..the OTHER GUY !!.. don't push me,TOKKA!! ..i've been in a bad mood the past 85 Christmas seasons or so.. and don't even get me started on the whole 'Rudolph' thing!! GRRRRRRR!!

.. gee whizz.. testy little savior ..isn't he!! ..sheesh.. that's gratitude for ya..
.. no skin off my back..i don't even worship you anymore.. gaaww..

.. well, happy birthday..


Monday, December 22, 2003

..well rumours.. but no 100% confirmation ..that 'Turtle Titan' Mike has been showing up in the latest batches of the 'Fighting Gear' TMNTs.. this is pretty believable.. it wouldn't suprise me if Playmates did start shipping him out.. there are some last Minute X-mas bucks from late Mom and Dads who didn't have the time to shop for their kids earlier.. and Playmates prolly is really targeting that this time of year.. well whatever.. TMNTs in general have been selling like mad all month long. 'Silver Sentry and Dr.Malignus' also part of the super hero assortment are on the box.. but were not seen on the pegs.. prolly a lone offering for now.

.. but if your out and about the next couple days before the big 'X-mess' .. go check the TMNT pegs at the store may get lucky.. and if you have any X-mas dinero left over.. ya may get a new Super Hero to add to your collection !!

- snoozed.. you loosed-ED!!
Official TMNt site's Leo Statue contest is over.. ..contest winner and the answers to all the trivial trivia questions are here.. !! Lucky Devilette.. !!

Sunday, December 21, 2003

Here's my Christmas present to all you Turtle fans out there...

Download We Wish You a Turtle Christmas ... It's one CRAZY holiday album from the TMNT that dates back nearly a decade.

The songs may be a little ... uh, how should I put this... insane? But you HAVE to listen.

Songs include:
01 - We're the Turtles (located in the Turtle Tunes directory)
02 - Deck the Halls
03 - Up from the Sewer
04 - Gotta Get a Gift
05 - Oh Little City of New York
06 - Wrap Rap
07 - Twelve Days of Christmas
08 - Sentimental (Splinter's "magical" Christmas lesson to the Turtles)
09 - We Wish You a Turtles Christmas

I hope you enjoy! Happy Holidays!!

Saturday, December 20, 2003


First, I checked out the new UK TMNT Movie website and it TOTALLY kicks shell.

Also just to re-iterate some of the TMNT website updates:
We have some new contest winners for the Art Contest.
More TMNT Daily Strips
Cool Contest for a Leo Statue!
And Last but not least... a wicked sweet preview of the Justice Force to soon be in a TMNT episode near you! Speaking of new TMNT eps, did anyone get a new episode at your local fox box? Due to saturday mornings with commitments, I've missed almost the ENTIRE TMNT in Space storyline minus the first two episodes of it, and tuned in this morning and was bummed out at the repeat.

Onto Dribble for Kids Stuff:
Part 1 of the Two Part Christmas Strips are Here. A new gag has entered the fray, aka, Nick's Mind late yesterday or so, (or was it Thursday??) either way, the ending of part 2, or part 2 of the strip in general has changed drastically. I enjoyed doing the page as a long comic book-like page, but it did take quite a bit of time. I've been working on the strip any chance I had from the 14th to today, where upon I finished it.

Being a good natured fellow tho, I decided to release this one TODAY and then release the new one, part 2, the day of Christmas, or how about right at the stroke of 12?? I think it sounds like a keen ideas, sorta like Santa Claus coming and dropping off your present early...

Now onto today's strip. Labeled "How The Grinch Got His Brother Fired" and labeled as such properly so, is more or less homage to one of the GREATEST christmas cartoon programs every released into the media, and that is naturally of course, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". :-) For a while we've watched the "O Brother" storyline un-fold, which still doesn't truly make a lot of sense why Nate dislikes his brother so, but... we do think that it is safe to say we are observing a whole new low for Nate.

And he does it on Christmas no-less! But don't worry folks. After New Years... a whole new storyline will begin... and so will will be Nate's reckoning! So until then... enjoy Part 1 of the 2 Christmas Strips from the Dribble For Kids Gang!

Friday, December 19, 2003

-->>..Turtle Ghosts of X-mas PAST!!
..crap.. so much happens on a Friday..
..MATT XE has put up a smidge of a download.. THE TMNT Christmas Mobile..
..Matt's all nice n' pi55y about it..Like he normally is on XE.. and that's the way we like it..
Clickit' now to reload all the Turtle Ghosts of X-mas past.. and for more Turtle skeletons that leak out of the closet..'s Matts ol' article on the flap-jaw Turtle's X-mas special.. !!..
..oi ..ya know.. i think i'm gonna go hit the eggnog right about now.. >v<

~~~~~~~~~ of the classic TMNT books .. vol.1 # 15 ..the Turtles run into a bunch of vetran super heroes..known as the The Justice Force ..playing on some of the classics Super Hero Mythos some the 1930s-1940s and such.

- Mr.B of Official TMNT fame give ya a quick and cool glimpse in..TMNT Episode 48 preview ..
..again some classic TNNT characters are given new life.. and finally you'll get to see the real Metal Head in anime form!!
..too cool..!!

-..Danny B's standard TMNT updates start here..Contests,Comics and more!! ..


..and it's pi55ing off the Brit critics .. but//
TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: Directors Cut is taking cinemas all over UK and all over.. Turtle Lovers tho' are estatic.. .. you know who your 'Heroes' are ,kids.. go out n' give the Critics Shell!! >8)
..the Official TMNT 2004 site is here!! ..


Wednesday, December 17, 2003

-->> ..!!
..looks like U.K. is the place to be.. all ninjafied and on the streets and on the teli- .. the Hero Turtles.. reign on x-mas eve.. 'FOX KIDS' is having a 'NINJA TURTLE DAY' .. you can catch 14 episodes's a marathon you might consider as you wait for all the goodies under the tree on the day after.. !!

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

-..Mutant Ninja Turtles unauthorized.. but cool as hell fan TMNT flash movie is available at New Grounds.. it's pretty much 100 % fan.. even the voices are all Tdrome and MikeysTMNT forum pretty cool.. Leonardo fans will get a kick out of the use of Swords.. it's a pretty hi- download.. maybe selecting a lower running quality and you'll be set!!

-Danny B. of the official TMNT site ..has a cool TMNT LEO trivia contest for ya..
.. if you answer the questions.. the prize is scratch and dent.. but just the box.. the actual loot.. well a prestine one of these (speakin' of Leo fans!!):: ..
 ..hey look ..i found a can of 'sghetti o's fer only a nickel!!
..enter with all the right answers and follow the rules and good luck!! 8)

Monday, December 15, 2003

-TMNT :Mutations .. make their re-debut..redesigned.. just a bit to match the new Turtle look.. and packed in with the icky,sticky,radioactive 00ze..that made the Turtle pets into Turtle Teens.. the Mutations Turtles hit the baddies and pegs at stores everywhere !! They are about 10 bucks.. as i kinda had to shell out my last 20 clams to pick up the 2 Turtles shown here.. there is a Foot Soldier and Shredder Mutation figure.. but if they are out.. i'm not sure.. all i saw were the main 4 TMNTs.. happy hunting.. and maybe be nice.. maybe the big Fat man that comes down yir chimney can pull you a favour!! 8)

..another cool little find .. TMNT:Bubble Gum bank machines..
.. really cool little quarter minchers that give ya gooey chewies in a spherical;pre-gooie,hard gum form ..
(o' lord.. just speak the English ,tOkK) .. the machine gives out gum balls.. >;}

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Mega thanks to Stanley Armstrong for this awesome new desktop! Major props. Click the thumbnail above to go to the desktop gallery.

Friday, December 12, 2003

TMNT Daily Strips are below, follow Tokka's link. Speaking of strips, I got a new one up. Everyone has "limits." Check it out to see what the D4K gang's is. Heh. :-)

I wanted to point something out that he forgot to mention tho.

Dan Berger on the official TMNT Site Added #41, #42, #43 and #44 to the TMNT Adventures page! This is the point in the series of the TMNT Adventures where the writing really found it's own voice. Or showed it, it had it's voice ever since around issue 12 or so, but it had to wait till now to show us how deep and involved the TMNT gang at Archie were!

One of the most... interesting characters I've ever read, and could continue to read, and actually was mad about the cancellation of the TMNTA, is more background on Armaggon the Mutant Land Shark. Personally, one of the most deadliest TMNT foes, even more so than Shredder and Verminator or Krang or anyone else, Armaggon is also the most intriguing. Check out the synopsis and pictures from the issues of "The Future Shark Trilogy" and be amazed at the awesomeness of the story.

Not to go on a soapbox, but this is what cemented the Archie comics adventures of the TMNT in my mind forever, and it was the first time i ever read a comic book, and was literally touched by what I read in the finale, where Leo says... "I don't know what to say."

"there's nothing TO say... that the rain can't say better."

Definately worth a read. With that said, I'm done rambling. Check it out!

..'Dancing Diablo Studio'..
.. is a creative animation fun house.. they also handle the digital colouring on the current 'TMNT' show for 4-kids and Fox Box.
....'Digital Producer MAGAZINE'..has a great article on D.Diablo and their process of colouring the TMNT's world.. it's ready for masses in eye candy in candy land on Saturday morning.

If your intrested and inspired to delve into the the world of modern animation.. or are just a curious fan.. take a look at article and the studio.
Alot of hard work goes into your favorite Green Team.. and that work is actually global. Checkit out..!! 8D .. >v<

Thursday, December 11, 2003

-->> ..ya know..i'm gettin' a lil' p1ssed.. ya turtles.. ya come in here.. run around kickin' all the foot clans.. then ya waltz on into here expectin' ta get free drinks cuz yir 'celebriteis.. ya know..j-j- just get outta here..before i shoot ya!!'\..
-..TMNT #13 of the regular turtle book hits the stands
..Danny B. of the..official TMNT's site..provides a quick peek ....with a striking cover of a somebody who looks really REALLY mean!!

-..Y0.. U.K. fans..Jannuary issue of NOM UK: Nintendo's official mag-U.K. features pack-ins this month of (for the first time):: ..a playable demo disc. Readers will receive a three-level playable demo of Sega's Billy Hatcher & the Giant Egg (with single and multiplayer options), an official inflatable Nintendo toy (Bullet Bill, Bowser or Ganondorf); PLUS a free pack of Pokémon STAKS, previews of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mario Golf, Pac-Man Vs. and F-Zero 2 on Game Boy Advance. Reviews include Mario & Luigi, Medal of Honor: Rising Sun..and more..!!
- ..'Silver Bullet' gives a real quick scoop from P.David about the whole crusty Dreamwave announcement.. 8(

-..kinda underscored.. but really worth a look ,the TMNT comic strip ..most everyone knows about it..(unless you've been livin' under a manhole cover all these years)..but DAN B. has been doin' a daily update of the strip.. just so damm cool!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

-->> ..punch my lights out why doncha'..
..things are a little fuzzy on the whole Dreamwave announcement to drop the TMNT book.. but here's some info courtesy of 'Brianatello'::

..let Dreamwave know how ya feel.. can shoot a quick message to:

..and even in this day n' age of the quick n' speedy
..good ol' snail mail letters have alot of clout :

Dreamwave Productions
II Allstate Parkway Suite 200
Markham, Ontario
L3R9T8 Canada

..whatever the case.. be polite.. but let your voice be heard..if anything'll show Dreamwave your support.. & that's the heart of makin' things work..your support.. it can happen..and maybe the book can be reconsidered.. who knows!! .. i guess i better drop D.W. a line myself!! 8)
.. >v<

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

-->>'s the first big blow to the new TMNT far as i'm concerned..the news sucks..

T-drome's ..N turtle sez..:
Dreamwave has cancelled the TMNT comic book series. Issue #7 will be the last one to ship for an indefinite amount of time. The withdrawl was said to be mainly due to a lack of profit from the series. There is possibility however that the series will return in the summer, but LeSean has said he will most likely not be involved.
.. more from " cqb101"..
.."Just saw this posted on the dreamwave message board.
From Peter David's site (

"I have been informed by the fine folks at Dreamwave that they are suspending publishing on the animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, with issue #7 (the second half of a two-parter) being the last one to ship. Issue #8 was to have kicked off the four part "T4: The Turtlenator," which Dreamwave has been advertising. Instead that storyline, currently being written and drawn, is being halted halfway completed with an eye towards possibly relaunching in the summer.

As fun as the series has been to produce, writing the first four issues under the constraint that they had to be based on the first four animated episodes resulted in issues that were, I think, not representative of what the series could have been. Plus, of course, one runs the risk of seeming superfluous since you're just rehashing stories people can see animated and for free. Issue #5, starting the run of wholly original stories, was the first issue I was completely happy with, and it was very well received...but not by enough readers. Particularly when one considers that Dreamwave has to pay licensing fees and thus has to sell a lot more copies than a creator-owned title in order to turn a profit.

I suppose sales on issues 6 and 7 will help determine whether we'll be seeing another run at the Dreamwave TMNT during the summer.
.. so.. i dunno.. i'll see what else i can dig up.. but well.. as a famous duck once said..
"Ahh..Phooey!!" .. >v<

Sha-weet on the TMNT news on Cartoon Network.

I have a new comic updated everyone... and i'm gonna tell yah ahead of time, don't expect a new comic strip until this weekend, around saturday at the latest. I am getting busy with christmas and possibly buying a new car.

And speaking of which... send some internet mojo my way for the new car, will yah? I really need some... :-)

Monday, December 08, 2003

T-drome info swap w/ N turtle..:

.. And some new Cartoon Network related news: episodes 1-5 of the new TMNT toon are scheduled to run on Cartoon Network, at 4:00 PM from December the 29th to January 4th! If enough people tune in, CN may consider airing the other 40 episodes earlier!

.. it's happening!! 8D

Sunday, December 07, 2003

TMNT Boxers,Kiddos..!!'s kinda been TMNT Fan-girls' all over Turtle fandom to have nice snuggly TMNT boxers to wear with their favorite pairs of jeans.. and this schiz0 loves the Joe Boxer Turtle types..

.. i got these 2 pair at 'Wal-mart' .. and hopefully some other stores will be gettin' 'em in. They'll prolly be in the Boy's section,kiddos.. so..if yir a big kid like me your gonna want the XL..!! tOkKey's got his boxers on!!


Friday, December 05, 2003

-->>..Woody !! MY GAWD..YOUR PANTS ARE DOWN.. MY GAWD.. is that Woody's woo-  -d d d--??..
This Just in From New Mexico's 'Clovis News Journal'..!!
2 prominant 'Parental Watch-dog' groups.. have listed Playmates Toys' 'Casey Jones action-figure' ..and Mikey's Role Play 'chucks as 2 of Most VIOLENT AND DANGEROUS TOYS NEVER EVER NEVER EVVER NEVEREVER to Buy your children 'NEVER' !!
What could be worse than that??

"Clyde Davis's List of Doomed toys"....these are the Wost of the worst.. the 'Doomed' toys.. buying even 1// just one.. hell just rippin' off the limb of one and shopplifting in yir pocket ensures your place in Hell,the fact that you absolutly hate your children,you are on Dr.Laura's :"TO BE TERMINATED" list.. and you seal Saddam Heusen's victory over the United States.. and when they bury you 50 feet under.. W.Bush and Bin Laden will be doin' the two-step and throwin' rose petals on yir head stone and while drinkin' Coronas.. and your children will file papers to try to get adopted by wolves.. o' will be a nightmare.. DO NOT BUY THOSE TOYS. DO NOT.. you better check the list to see what toys not to buy and save your soul!! o' Agony..AAAA-GGOOO-NNNYY!! ..>v<


-->> yir back..
Hey you X-box Ninjas..Ryu is back!!
..and this time.. the Gaiden's got more..even 'Chucks!! N.G. #1 !! least 2.1.. next to TMNT!!

Thursday, December 04, 2003

It's late BUT a new comic is up. AND we're back on my actual domain name for the time being. While I am trying to find a way to get everything cleaned up a bit, website wise.. (not exactly doing a great job tho, it feels like..)

You might fight it a bit simpler perhaps. Or more confusing. I hope it's not the latter. Either or... The Jimmy storyline is picking up steam and also giving me the chance to branch out a bit, and do some more current jokes if I do deem to do so. :-)

Oh and while you're at it, if you could please, I'd appreciate it, remember to vote once every day this month for Dribble For Kids, by CLICKING HERE. It'd mean alot. :-)

With all that said, check out the Monster Truck, Inlike Skate Set and much much more thanks to Dan Berger and the gang by clicking right HERE.
--..ok.. i'm gonna do a flopple-back flip flooey off the side pool bar.. triple it up with a nine foot double on my head and totally jabb these sais in my eye sockets!!

- 'TMNT' Inline Skate sets are hittin' sporting good isles at your fave stores.. just for you kidd0s.. knee & elbow pads,cool bread bucket helmet,and hi-tech skates chock full of awsome TMNT graphX.. it's a little over $$30 ..but i'll double check for ya..

- the 'Hot Wheels' TMNT Monster Truck 64 scale (just a little larger than the regular Hot Wheels cars) are hitting the pegs.. they are nice and cheap at a little over $2..!! Real cool to run over yir ol' Matchbox collection!!

-DANNY B.'s official TMNT updates and now Daily Re-hash Comic Strip updates..start here !!

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

-->> Heads up from Nturtle from t-drome ..(ya know.. i owe the guy a limb.. damm..he's good to me..): :
"A bit of new info regarding the DVDs, Volume 5 and 6 from Animated Bliss:

Title: TMNT - v. 5 - Notes from Underground
Label: 4Kids
Type: Uncut
Medium: DVD
Rating: ALL
Street: January 13, 2004
SRP: $16.98
EPS #: 13-15

Title: TMNT - v. 6 - Shredder Strikes Back
Label: 4Kids
Type: Uncut
Medium: DVD
Rating: ALL
Street: January 13, 2004
SRP: $16.98
EPS #: 16-19

The release date for the uncut first TMNT movie in the UK is December 19th, 2003. Back in theatres for a sceond time, with nunchucks and all.

Issue 13 of Volume 4 is at the printer and scheduled for release soon!

And once again, another effort to get Artisan Entertainment to release an old TMNT DVD set, write to them at this address:

Artisan Entertainment
Attn: DVD Releases
2700 Colorado Avenue, 2nd Floor
Santa Monica, CA. 90404"



-->> infinity and BEEYYOOONDD-d-d THE FAR GATE!!..sh6t i'm screwed..
..dippin' n' divin' around the web.. ya learn things!!
..Fox Box announces the Return of 'Stargate' Infinities!!

..kidding..kidding !!
-..while the news is a little dated.. Season 3 for TMNT is planned and in the works.. so it's lookin' like the powers that be got a winner when FOX BOX kicked in the TMNTs.. prolly also due to the whole 'Cartoon Network' deal..hopefully we'll get another 10 years of TMNT toons!! 8)

-..Nick forgot ta mention that TMNT vol.4 #13 is off to the printers and will prolly roll into shoppes in the next few weeks.. but it's ok..Nick's on drugs so..

.. kidding.. kidding..

..i am.. >8)
// ..>v<

Monday, December 01, 2003

If you could, make sure you "read between the lines". But not the same way Drew is meaning. I was just trying to be clever and getting you to click on my comic strip link. If you go
there, and you find you were tricked by such witty sayings such as "read
between the lines"
as you find out what it -- oh okay, I'll stop. My agent is telling me I'm digging a hole.   As if I had an agent. Um.. right. Moving along.

Dan and Co updated at the TMNT website. And with such brings much stuff for us to

If you're a fan of the fan-made desktops and icons, it seems the thanksgiving break
seemed to give people time to do more! Check out the new Desktop pictures or go down the other road by checking out the fan-made icons!


Also... apparently, well I'll just quote Dan on this one.
Take it, Dan-o!

"Someone wrote and is interested in starting a letter writing campaign to Artisan Home Entertainment to encourage them to release Season Sets of the original TMNT cartoon. If you'd like to joing the crusade, you can write to Artisan at this


Attn: DVD Releases

2700 Colorado Avenue, 2nd Floor

Santa Monica, CA. 90404"


So there you have. Let's recap, shall we?

New comic

New Fan-made Desktop pics

New Fan-made Icons

Write to Artisan!!

Btw.. did anyone check out the comic-con in Columbus OH yesterday? I got deathly sick with the new stomach flu. Drop me a line at
and tell me how it went!