Wednesday, February 28, 2007

-->> This slipped me by .. but we got it oi ..

Courtesy of 'Xboxic' ..confirming the rumor aforementioned.. (**Click for a original article and mini gallery).

Looks like Konami and Ubisoft are teamin' up !! ::

"TMNT confirmed for the Arcade"

"There were rumblings in our very own forum, but it has now been confirmed that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be coming to the Xbox Live Arcade. It isn’t a new game, it is the version released back in the arcades all those years ago, but with some screenshots and a video after the jump, you will soon remember the greatness that once was!

Originally unveiled over at 360Style, it was later confirmed by Xbox First that the game was up on PartnerNet, meaning it is fully playable with working achievements and everything else. The game promises four player co-op goodness, both online and offline.

For those that don’t know or remember, TMNT on the arcade is a side scrolling beat-em-up, in a similar vein to that of Streets of Rage. With four players joining up and battling against the mighty Shredder himself, it will be a retro game worthy of being on the Arcade. I doubt many people will complain about this one. To see the game in action, head over to InsideGamer, the ever reliable guys that always seem to have some footage! (**Click here for I.G.'s stellar video !! Classic !!)"

**Click for the bigger poster image..

-- Wal-mart's promo poster exclusive !!

A graphic they seem to be using alot on different Movie products. per Josh's aforementioned post from the official TMNT site .

" - Josh "Turtle Kid" Rotunda sent in this info:

Just wanted to let you know that Wal-Mart has a pallet that has TMNT toys on it as part of a special promotion. Two of the four sides have a Leo and a free poster that you can get if you buy any TMNT toy. The third side has the TMNT vs the General two packs. The last side has the regular figures and here is the best news: Karai, Max Winters, Aracknor & Jersey Devil, and Vampire Succubor are included so be on the look out for the 4 new figures. Oh and the poster is the image on the four turtles on the box.

.. all this is true .. and there are plenty of new figs hitting shoppes nationwide especially the bad guys.. with an influx starting NOW .. i still havn't seen any new T.V. related figs yet ..but that may change. However Baxter ,Mutated Don, ect. have been making the mixes on pegs with their 'Fast Forward' counterparts at some stores like Target.

- Rivex doesn't wanna grow up.. so he tipped me off to this.. ((thanx,Riv..))::


(**Click to view the ad..)

I found something in the Toys R Us catalog I got in the mail today ..:

You get the TMNT Gift Card with a Turtles-related purchase of 20 bucks or more. .. "

More news as i poke n'snap n' spike about the day .. i'll also try to catch up on last weekend's NYCs Comic-con stuff.. for ya. Stay tooned.


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

-->> K', groovie goulies ..

havin' yet another tough time' here.. but it's just the exact place the tOkKa-Haters out there want me to be .. but well i'll try to prick 'em off..

..more news thru' the day and as i go about the day..

..New TMNT toon,Retro .. and TMNT 4 movie tees abound.

Thanks to Roseangelo for this in.. from 'Giant' ..

..**Click here for a peek at a new slew of turtle tees,hoodies n' covers to slip on to keep ya shell warm when ya stand in line for the new movie !!

- Official news drives ya wild !! Danny B. ::

-Posted the rest of the TMNT movie figures that we currently have on hand (**Click).

-Brian Bennett sent in a calendar count-down image for the TMNT movie - its dimensions are 1280 X 809. **Click here to open it in a new browser window.

-Turtleguy556 sent in this info:

The disc packaged with the TMNT movie figures is not a demo of the Ubisoft game. It is simply a mini game and an activity center.

To corroborate that info, we received this from J:

There aren't any figures with the movie game's demo. It's an entirely different game created by Ubisoft and only available as a promotion for the toys, to the best of my knowledge.

(( ..J,Turtleguy .. it was an honest mistake. The discs ARE PACKED WITH THE UBISOFT LOGO ..i was deceived into thinking that it was the demo .. so sorry i ain' got keen eyes as you perfect people out there..My bad.. so please get the hell off my back. Serious !! Any one else feel the need to raise a tussle ?? God .. UGGHH !! ~ tOkK))

-Gorak wrote:

I found another web site that has the demo version of Ubisoft's new TMNT game for download. Thought I'd share the fun:

-The S sent in this snippet:

For the third consecutive issue (!), Tips & Tricks has TMNT info. Their April 2007 issue has a small snippet on the original arcade game.

-Josh "Turtle Kid" Rotunda sent in this info:

Just wanted to let you know that Wal-Mart has a pallet that has TMNT toys on it as part of a special promotion. Two of the four sides have a Leo and a free poster that you can get if you buy any TMNT toy. The third side has the TMNT vs the General two packs. The last side has the regular figures and here is the best news: Karai, Max Winters, Aracknor & Jersey Devil, and Vampire Succubor are included so be on the look out for the 4 new figures. Oh and the poster is the image on the four turtles on the box.

- From my higher up..yeh that's right , the one n' only Mikey "d'boss" Perez.. ::

"While I was in Austin this weekend, a couple of friends and I went windows shopping down South Congress (a very "hip" street full of eclectic shops, lofts, restaurants and hotels, bats... oh yeah, and it leads straight to the state capitol)..."

Anyway, this little shop (the name escapes me right now) has tons of strange novelty items and rare toys/hobbies/gifts.

After looking through this coffee table book that features 8-bit NES artwork from a bunch of different pop artists (Tokk, I know you've seen this one before), I picked up another book called the Magic Land of Toys.

It's a beautiful hard cover over-size book with hundreds of photographs of toy scenes. They've got action figures, Lego, Barbie, plush figures, etc.

And of course, there are a few pages featuring our Heroes in a Half-shell!! The cover price was $65 ((** This book is available via Amazon for a lower cover price of $40.95 - click is you are intrested..~tOkK), so I couldn't even hope to buy it, so you'll have to deal with the low quality mobile pics I took. Very Happy..

(Click the thumbs for a bigger view!!)

-Dierna tips on some more TMNT movie trailers via Youtube .. ,tOkKa (Thanks,D !! 8D

Earlier today I was excited that a new trailer had
aired on tv. There's possably THREE new trailers that
have aired on tv. However I have only seen 2. They
have also been placed on YouTube.

(**Click here !! )*

(**Click here !! )*

-Thanks to Wikk :: 'Rumor: TMNT (classic game) Coming Soon To XBLA' ..**Click here for the Xbox 360 Tidbit !!


- Thanks to my pal Leo in China for his TMNT game demo caps and wallpaper collections..

..**Click here for Leo's extensive eye candy collective and download info (In English and Chinese) !!

-Thanks to Leonardo Mystic's Quick Picks..of some new TMNT movie beddin' hittin' up stores right now ..

**Click for the big pics.. !!::

..more later.. please bear with me.. things are not goin' so good.. but i shall do the best i can..pendin' a storm shower of tOkKa tears n' prickle pears !! Guess there's only one snapper with enuff' muster to squeeze Turtle Limade outta life's lemons. The snapper's gonna try here.


Saturday, February 24, 2007

-->> Thanks to Virtual Wenrog .. ::


V.W. :"Hey tOkKa! ..I got some new TMNT movie news ..

theaters are now advertising, and soon to be selling, TMNT snack combos! Here's a picture I got from their website:"

-Thanks to Juggalo for this tip-off..

"saw The Number 23 tonight.. turns out they're selling a TMNT bucket, cup, and window hanger as a combo. 6.99 Canadian so u do the math.. my webcam outputs pics backwards... then i go to ipreview to change it, and then when I upload it it turns out the same as before. .." ::


Thanks to Ecto Jedi..for TMNT game demo reviews !! ::

E.J.:: I wrote up a tiny review of the demo, complete with screenshots, if you're interested (**Click here for blogg).

It's also got a link to IGN's hands-on preview of the game, which can be seen here (**Click).

- Many thanks to my pal Leo in China for more Demo caps and info.. !!::

Leo ::

..Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

Image 5

Image 6

Image 7

Image 8

Image 9

Image 10

Image 11

Image 12

Image 13

Image 14

Image 15

Image 16

Image 17

Image 18

Download the demo here!"

..thanks to Wikk for help on the edit !!


Friday, February 23, 2007

-->> ..sunsets..

tOkka takin' a beaky beating again.. n' when your lights are out and ya can't think it'd get any darker it does. Well whatever.. guess this snapper's hide was made for pricklin'.. as well as for being pricked. Hurts like h3ll ..but i still got a job to do for now so .. um.. onto the sloggy n' spikey trail n' the NEWWZZZZZZZz.. ::

..Slash makes a'hit.. a call from a certain cuz'in on the East Coast who hit up NYC's Comic-con and Ubisoft.. may have a report in from him (and others,we'll see)..


..Slash is is trekin' his exploits at con with Camera in hand .. check out his daily exploits thru' this weekend in the Big Apple .. ((**Click here!!))
<..i'll see what else i can dig up ..or maybe twist Slash's nipples for some more TURTLE dirt !! We'll see !!

- *Official site's Danny B. !! ::

- **You can now read TMNT volume one #5 on the site. (*Click !!)

NYC Comic con update ::

"Peter Laird and Dan Berger could not attend the New York Comic Con - but Mirage crew members Michael Dooney, Jim Lawson, Steve Murphy and Eric Tablot will be at the show, as will "Tales of the TMNT" artist Dave White. If you've got tickets, drop by and say "howdy" to 'em."

-Below is the latest press release regarding Ubisoft's TMNT video game - thanks to everyone who sent in the links:

MEDIA ALERT: FEBRUARY 21, 2007 – Today Ubisoft, one of the world's largest video game developers and publishers, announces that a free eight-minute PC demo for the all new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles® (TMNT™) video game is available for download at (**Click here).

This exciting demo provides just a taste of the look and feel of the new TMNT video game. In the demo, players embody Leonardo and can also control Donatello and Michelangelo in a ninja-tag sequence. Players perform acrobatic moves and experience over-the-top ninja action across the rooftops of New York City. Players will also engage in a battle with diverse enemies and see how the family bond and brotherly co-op actions can enhance the game and help combat evil. A tutorial provides instructions and information on how to navigate and complete certain co-op moves in the game.

The all new TMNT video game will be available at retail March 20, 2007 just days prior to the release of the CGI feature-length film in theaters March 23, 2007.

-The new TMNT video game uses the same dark and dangerous environments and adventurous themes featured in the new TMNT CGI film being developed by Imagi Animation Studios and Mirage Licensing. The TMNT movie takes place in a New York City plagued by secretive villains and strange, otherworldly creatures. Faced with these perils, the Turtles will experience their most trying time as heroes and as a family, as Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo lose their focus and struggle to maintain their unity and ninja discipline. In the movie and in the highly immersive video game adventure, it’s up to Leonardo and the faithful father figure Splinter to reunite the band of brothers and save New York City from a monstrous evil that lurks around every corner. Video game players will engage in over-the-top acrobatic navigation, collaborative combat and powerful fighting moves.

-Devin sent in the following info (as reported here prior ~tOkK.. ):

Major Promotional Campaign for 'TMNT' Movie
McDonald's, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Toys R Us
February 21, 2007
Warner Bros., 4Kids Entertainment, and Playmates Toys have fashioned a major promotional campaign for the CGI Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Movie, which opens on March 23rd. McDonald's is offering a major Happy Meal promotion featuring eight different TMNT premiums, which will be doled out one per Happy Meal.

-Anyone who buys $10 or more worth of Playmates TMNT Movie toys at K-Mart will receive four TMNT Movie cards, while 1,000 Wal-Mart stores are giving away a free movie poster with the purchase of a TMNT toy, and Toys R Us is providing customers who buy $20 worth of TMNT toys with a $5 gift card with a TMNT image on it.

-TV-Tokyo will begin airing the 4Kids TMNT cartoon in April. The series will kick off with the first episode from the 2003 season, "Things Change", and continue chronologically from there. Each will be dubbed in Japanese, o' course.

-Billy reports that there's a Wikepedia article stating that the TMNT series will begin airing on some Jetix stations in July. Jetix has stations all over the U.K. and Europe, so it looks like some of those channels that dropped the series previously may begin airing it again.

-Josh "Turtle Kid" Rotunda reported that he found the "Future Shellshock" DVD in Target. He also spotted some Movie figures that were packaged with a demo for the new TMNT video game.

- Thanks to Hero for this bit' ..

No photo just yet.. but Wal-mart has the 'TMNT' soundtrack listed n' listing !! **(Click here)..

Track Listing ::

1. Rip It Up - Jet

2. Shell Shock - Gym Class Heroes

3. Bebop V. Rocksteady - Cobra Starship

4. Roses - Meg And Dia

5. This Will End With A Promise - Amber Pacific

6. Black Betty - Big City Rock

7. Lights Out - P.O.D.

8. Walking On Water - This Providence

9. Youth Like Tigers - Ever We Fall

10. Bring Me Along - Pepper

11. Red Flag - Billy Talent

12. There's A Class For This - Cute Is What We Aim For

- Toy hoppin' n' forum Llurkin' is showing TMNT Movie figs far as Vampire S.,Karai,Winters,J,Devil and Spider, (and maybe Splinter v. Bigfoot?!)..showing on either West or East coasts of the lower 48 U.S. states ..while i haven't been mentally able to ask alotta of questions and delve deeper into research .. tOkK does get out in the 'field' so to speak. MY own toy hunts and case fresh boxes kind Wal-mart toy isle workers open for me show a negative on Karai and pals and just the standard Casey,April,Splinter,Foot Ninja and Turtles,..

..but i do anticipate that will change very soon here.. cuz Winters and them are already on pegs in places like California and Washington. Hang tight if you haven't found em' ..and liek i said before if ya can't.. there's Ebay .. oi ..

- Dan B. from official TMNT ::

-Finally posted the previews for..

**Tales of the TMNT #30, ..

- **Tales of the TMNT #31 and the..

- **Soul's Winter trade paperback.

- -Posted the extended synopsis (with screenshots) for Episode #99, "The Return of Savanti Romero" Part 2 (**Click)

Jorhan sent in the following info:

-The latest poll at Toy News International asks readers to vote for their fav upcoming figures... and the TMNT are losing! I did what I could but it will only let me vote once! Thought u might want the heads up... and fix those numbers. haha.

(**Click for poll!!)

-Jorhan also found the following item - we've been trying to get info on 'em with no luck - but they're out there in some areas:

Robo Hunters return !!

..again .. i ammend only the most imperative TMNT news ..or what hasn't been reported here on this blog in days prior. Full contest,catalogue,vendor, and fan submits ..ect. are available here.. **

- Desktop paper bits ..(in case ya missed it earlier) from Roseangelo ::

The wallpapers she recently showed me on **her excellent flickR photo stream..::.."are exclusive to an email that WB sent (you can subscribe at ). .. ..

Here is the link to IGN.(Where the Splinter W.P. above orininates ~tOkK )

@ ** "

- Sadly the gigantic Movie premier looms at what should be an exciting time of year. tOkKa here is numb and blank. Unread Turtle comics are piling up.. and the entropy and decision making that has made me so outcast and supposedly 'controversial' over the years has reached a new peak.

I am very flat-line to many things i used to cherish ..even TMNT. I am just not caring.. not because i don't want to.. or am not trying. I just can't.. i cannot connect to anything.

i have not been this dark in a very long time. Alienated by fandom,industry and the art fields in general ..i'm afraid things may have come to a broiling point for your snapper friend here. While i thru and thru' love & appreciate all my supporters, fans, friends, and fools that have backed me up thru' thick and thinner. I'm also backed into a very lone and dark corner. I have to say ..darker things are winning and i am loosing,crashing and sinking fast.

The schizo snapper is nearing the very end. Cross yir claws n' fingers.. n' bite your lower beak. Things are not lookin' to bright for my future with Turtles.. tOkKa and *t2z are nearin' a close. We'll see what happens .. - - -


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What is the fate of TMNT: Fast Forward featuring Usagi?!


Hey everyone, Nitro here reporting back from a fun but tiring week at Megacon 2007 in Orlando! I've have had a wonderful expierence and the first person I met when I first arrived at the Gigcast booth (where I occasionally help do silly voices and skits, etc) was Stan Sakai! Not only did he sketch in my Usagi books, I informed him how proud I was that he allowed Usagi to return in the 2003 TMNT series and he then quipped that Usagi is returning in the new show!

Usagi's decendent, Space Usagi is coming! He has approved the script and supposedly it is a go.

Also, while the rights are always tired up on Usagi for the past 10 years or so with a movie constantly 'in the works'... apparently a CGI-fare is going to depend on our green friends possibly...

Nitro out!

Monday, February 19, 2007

There's also a Sunday March 18 showing, which I'll be attending.

This event is for the Alamo Drafthouse Downtown, Austin, Texas location.

In other news:

TMNT Promo & Merchandising Partners
Source: 4Kids Entertainment, Inc. February 19, 2007

In anticipation of the March 23 release of the all-new CGI action adventure TMNT, 4Kids Entertainment, Inc. and Warner Bros. Pictures have announced promotional and merchandising partners for the movie, based on the world-renowned Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise.

McDonald's, Airheads, Hot Topic and other retailers, including Wal-Mart, Kmart and Toys "R" Us will put promotional muscle behind the new movie starring the heroes in a half shell.

"The impressive lineup of promotional partners supporting 'TMNT' reflects the quality of the movie," said Alfred R. Kahn, chairman and CEO of 4Kids Entertainment, which is the licensing agent for the Turtles franchise. "This is a movie for everybody -- from today's kids to adults who were fans of the original television series almost 20 years ago."

Click here for more!

Thanks to Alamo Drafthouse, and thanks to Roseangelo for posting the link to the above story.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

-->> Thanks to Slash for the tipoff..

Karai,Max and the monsters are out.. least on Ebay anyway .. **Click here for the auction start!! ..

..this is a good sign that Karai and Company should be out within' the week.

..unless you are desperate for MAX's evil crew ..they should be hitting your favourite store pegs very soon ((Slash said maybe even as early as this Tursday ..Feb.15 !! ))

..we'll keep ya posted !!


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

-->>4kids' 1ST EVER.. NinjAcademy Awards is on .. cast your vote now for the best of in categories.. ::Strongest Ally , Cooest Invention, Coolest Alt-Universe,Best Side Kick, Most Favourite Turtle, Most Evil Villain, and my favourite categorty SCARIEST MONSTER !!

.. vote often.. the winners will be announced in MARCH on 4Kids T.V.!!

**Click here to vote **!!

Good luck to all the freeks,geeks,mutants n' monsters in all categories.. yir gonna need it !! Cuz the winnerz get to take on tOkKa in a no-holds-barred match to th' finish in the 'PIZZA PIT OF DOOM' GRAAHAHAHAHAAAA!!


Monday, February 12, 2007


..Pokin' Spikes ..n' 2 smokin' willow's .. Round-up time!!

- Official site 1st.. Danny Berger ::

We got a bunch of toys in - today I've posted Fast Forward Triple Strike Don, Triple Strike Leo, Triple Strike Mike and Triple Strike Raph - they're linked on the 2006 section of the Toys page.**Click

**A mobile phone game based on "TMNT Fast Forward" is available now in the US. Click here for more info.

Leif Jørgensen sent in the following info:

In Denmark, DR1 will apparently begin airing the Fast Forward season. According to the TV-programme, the episodes are shown on Tuesdays at 16.35 (4.35 pm) beginning February 13th. There is nothing noted about the first episode (which is replacing a "Lucky Luke" episode), but the next two read:

16.35 Ninja Turtles: Tidsrejsen
Amerikansk tegnefilm med dansk tale.
I den helt nye Turtles-serie er de fire pizza-spisende helte rejst ud i fremtiden til år 2105, hvor nye udfordringer venter.

In english this would mean:
16.35 Ninja Turtles: The Time Travel
American cartoon with Danish speak.
In this whole new Turtles series, the four pizza-eating heroes travel to the future to year 2105, where new challenges await.

To date we have only seen Season One and Two. I hope we will get Season Three, Four and Ninja Tribunal later!

The other news is the publication of new DVDs featuring the current cartoon in Denmark and Norway. In both nations, DVD 7 and 8 are announced for March 12th. Which episodes are contained is still unknown, but DVD 7 will have five episodes and be titled "Padder i rummet" (Turtles In Space). DVD 8 will have four episodes and the title "Den hemmelige oprindelse" (The Secret Origin).

The price for a DVD will be 99,00 DKK ($17.28 US) or 99,00 NOK ($15.84 US).

Furthermore, in both nations DVD 9 and 10 are planned. Both will contain four episodes each but release dates are still unknown.

In Norway, DVD 11 and 12 are planned but there is no further information about them.

- Posted info about the "Fast Forward" DVD release. **Click ..

- Kevin McGill sent in the ad below for Lionsgate's next DVD release of the original TMNT cartoon series:

Neil V sent in the following info about the **New York Comic Con:

Kevin Munroe will be at the show for a TMNT Video Game panel with UBISOFT (booth #115): "TMNT: The Video Game" presents an exclusive signing with Kevin Munroe, Director of TMNT movie on Saturday, 2/24 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

LionsGate (original TMNT cartoon DVDs), 4Kids (current TMNT licensing agent) and Funimation (current TMNT cartoon DVDs) will have booths there as well. updates on the official TMNT site are of the basic importance for further updates like Dan's ebay listings and contest winners..ect. **Click here..

- Thanks to Roseangelo ..for this tip on Comic 2 film's exclusive set of TMNT movie wallpapers for your comp !! **Click for the set !!

.. There are also 10 more Wallpapers on their main TMNT movie page ..**Click here!!


-..Uploaded the TMNT - game article from March 2007 issue of Nintendo Power ..for you.. (**Click for the big picture !!)

..more soon.

.. >v<

Monday, February 05, 2007

Dreamwave TMNT returns !!
-->> Peter David's and LeSean Thomas's take on the TMNT return !!

Listed on February '07 Previews .. this solicitation should be out by April !! Published by 'Titan' ..!!

Countdown to Turtlegeddeon !!

- I totally spaced.. Playmates has upgraded their TMNT site gettin' ready for the big Movie debut !! Complete with Countdown to the new move ..**CLICK HERE FOR THE JUMP !!


Saturday, February 03, 2007

Ghostbusters 3 confirmed!!

** ..from Slashfilm..**(click for article)
(Apparently on the heels of TMNT CGI and in the same reasoning..)

Dan Aykroyd::

" “Ghostbusters 3 lives today. A year ago it didn’t.”

“I wrote a script called Hell Bent, Ghostbusters go to hell basically. The premise is that it’s Manhellton. There’s Manhattan and ManHELLton. And if you can build an inter-dimensional phase system so that you can go from one dimension to another. We’ve succeeded doing that and we go to the hell side.

Downtown, Folley Square - where the cops are, they’re all blue minotaurs. Central Park is this huge deep mine, green demons there, surrounded by black onyx thousand foot high apartment buildings with classic red devils. Very wealthy. And we go visit a Donald Trump like character - Mr. Siffler. Lou Siffler, Lucifer. So I will say we meet the devil in it.

It won’t happen as a live action because Billy [Murray] won’t come on to the live action but he will voice his part, as a CGI animated project.

With CGI, and animation, the way these cartoons are done, we can do everything I wrote in that script for a lot less money.”

(~~** faint..-tOkK)

-- Thanks to Cyn for the heads up n' keepin' this snapper in the loop !!

Official TMNT movie site !! **

Cyn:: YAY!! They've finally turned the site into something! It's rather neat, though they still don't have the cast listed, but in the picture gallery there are a few that haven't been seen before, including a WICKED one of Raph and Leo in close combat!!!!!

OH, and you can download AIM icons and the backgrounds look cool and woohoo!!! "


-- Thanks to 'Roseangelo'.. .. ::

"A screencap of a screensaver included on the PC disc included with the action figures.

"For this one I took a screenshot of the PC disc included with the new movie action figures.. .."


Friday, February 02, 2007

-->> A few weeks back i requested to my friend Leo or anything in the way of 'TMNT' movie posters on the China side of the planet. He sent me the above.

Regarding the pronouncement of the Chinese characters in the poster ..

'Leo': (ren zhe gui) ren zhe is ninja.. ninja from RenZhe .. Gui is turtle so Gui like the sound 'gv'.. haha so it's "Ren Zhe Gui"

He also shared with me this PUBLIC image gallery with big TMNT movie posters and an interesting mix of images ..a few i'd not seen.

** Click here for a Chinese 'TMNT' movie image gallery.


- Official Turtle Big Pimpin..

Dan Berger.. ::

-** "Posted the extended synopsis (with screenshots) for Episode #98, "The Return of Savanti Romero" Part 1 ..

-Jack sent in two more links from featuring info about the new movie:

-Part one **Click here..

-Part two **Click here..

Billy sent in the following link with a scoop regarding the release of a Season One DVD set for the 2003 TMNT toon:

** (click)

-David sent in the following info:

The new season of "Fast Forward" will premiere tomorrow on February 3rd. It seems they may be airing the rest of the series before the movie opens. .. .. "