Saturday, October 12, 2002

In a few days I actually got some e-mail. You have NO IDEA how happy this makes me to get e-mail from people who acknowledge that my strip exists, and further more, are fans of Mikey's Site, which Mike puts alot of hard work into. (it's nice to see yer friends get credit when it's due...)

But at any rate... I got some e-mails.

One asks me "Where the heck was Friday's strip?

Well it's late. Sorry about that. I was doing some networking which could help me secure a nice job. LOL it went well, but yeesh, i didn't forget about you guys.

And the second of of the two e-mails I recieved asked about, and this is a good question:

"you're a fan but yet it doesn't feature the turtles whats up with that"

Well to address this, as Mikey has it listed, it's the day in the life of a tmnt fan. But don't worry, I'm tryign to find a way to properly add it into the strip, but it's taking a bit long and hard to do so. ;-) And Sara, the name of the e-mailer, asks about the strip being late too.

Thanks to Sara, and 'Cheznut" for writing in to me.

And here it is, one day late. Sorry about that.
Interstate Road Rage is now available.

Also, Mike posted it on the mailing list, and in case anyone didn't see it, check it out: The 4kids Interview.

--peace out!


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