Saturday, July 22, 2006

-->> More suprises were in store on Wenday's big TMNT 4 teaser launch..pre-production sculpts were also on hand by Playmates for Turtle 4 toys !!

Click for larger view !!

Click for larger view !!

Click for larger view !!

Click !!

..tOkKa must say the as to some of the best sculpted figs yet !! Pix ain' perfect but they are cool as h3ll Thanks to Cyn for snappin' em' for the snapper !! I'm sure Mirage will have much better ones.. !!

..i'll also scan the Comic-con exclusive TMNT 4 movie peek book when i get back next week,ok !!

-- Official news & recaps ..

Posted the preview for Tales of Leonardo: Blind Sight #2

Tons of people have sent in the following links - thanks everyone!

To see the trailer for the TMNT computer animated film, go here:

To check out news about the movie that was given out at this year's San Diego Comic-Con International, go here: 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2

And finally, Virtual Wenrog was the first and alone person to spot this link about Ubisoft's upcoming video game based on the film:

-- From our amigo 'Nacho' ..::

There is an interview to Diego Jourdan in my spanish tmnt web site
( )... and if u were asking, yes, the interview is in spanish, but you can translate it with babelfish.
And next week there is an interview to Dario Brizuela (Star Wars comic, Tales of the tmnt, etc.)

-- More Con ferver from Amiga ; 'Dierna' ..

Check it out! OMG! I LOVE the way Karai looks!!
(April and some of the monsters)
(Karai, Leonardo(or is that Raph?), Casey, and some

The main plot deals with Leonardo, who's been gone for
a year training with the Ancient one. His family is
breaking apart. Raphael has become what's described as
a "violent vigilante" like Casey because he'd rather
be a "hero" than stay underground. Splinter's against
it but oddly, Leo is on Raph's side about this...

Meanwhile an industrialist is making a monster army
for Karai so she can take over the city and possibly
the world.

..luv ya..more later !!


Friday, July 21, 2006

TMNT Movie Teaser Trailer!

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

It's finally here.... the teaser trailer for the TMNT movie premiered at San Diego Comic Con yesterday! It was also released on

To download, visit


Monday, July 17, 2006

-->> ..gee..things been so busy ..i'm suprised i managaed to pull this round-up outta my prickly arse !! Yep.. tOkK's rearin' ta go n' representin' the Mikey's Krew @ Comic-con !! Oi.. bags are packed tighter than the colons at a Chili-dog Eatin' Contest !!

-- Official news is the easiest so i'll start there first..


Posted the extended synopsis (with screenshots) for Episode #86, "Bad Day"

Laterdayz13 sent in the following info about the TMNT CG flick:

"I was reading the June 2006 Licensing magazine (their web site is and they had a breakdown of some of the new films coming out next year, including Ninja Turtles. It's a brief synopsis but here is what they said:"

"Strange events are occurring in New York City, and the Turtles are needed more than ever, but Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo have become lost and directionless. With the city at stake, it's up to Leonardo and Zen Master Splinter to restore unity and ninja discipline to the Turtles."

Dan Wakerhauser sent in the following info:

"Just a heads up, has a couple of the Fast Forward toys listed already. Both the Hover HQ and Hyper Shell are listed. I just received a Hyper Shell today but the Hover HQ isn't listed as shipping until August."

Posted pix Playmates Toys' action figures Mutated Don and Baxter Robot.

Posted the extended synopsis (with screenshots) for Episode #87 "Aliens Among Us".

Marcos sent in the following info: has posted a quick update on the next TMNT DVD from the original show.-->>

(**Click here to go directly to Superhero Hype's Article ..complete with TMNT v.5 Menu previews ..n' yes this time.. WE HAVE USAGI !! !! ~tOkK )

The S sent in this info:

I recently found that the local Toys 'R Us has started carrying Fast Forward figures, and thought I'd share my bounty:

- Click to see **Cody .. & **Don

-- From our friend 'Dierna' ..

For those who haven't seen the TMNT FF commercial...I
downloaded it and put it in Photobucket for all to


-She also notes that TMNT.TV has the new 'Fast Forward' theme song directly on the main page ..whixh also has a whole new futuristic look.. **Click here..!!

!! Graaahhr ..

..well it's off to Sunny D ..SAN D again ..n' tOkK's got his PORTFOLIO all set for the ugh-nutt reveiws. Wish me luck. There will be alot of Turtle buzz this year (like the TMNT 4 Teaser).Thanks to some friendly prickle-pickle pals.. i should be somewhat wired. I'll do my best.. i really have some SAN D Comic-con updates least one !! Bare with yir puppy-brained snapper buddy.. he's on overload.. n' his heavy luggage is packed so heavy it's squshin' his spikeies !! We'll see ya soon as i can. Luv ya guys !! Bye bye fer now !! ~~ **


Thursday, July 06, 2006

-->> Now that we're into July..the final figs of the regular TMNT line should be leaking out of the factories n' headin' to the pegs. I've been very paranoid and discouraged the past few weeks as very little new stuff has been headin out to the stores other than new Paleo waves. Alot of talk on forums seems to surround 'Fast Forward' Figs.. my amigos TMNT Man & Slash say that TOY WIZ (*click here) has got the preorders down for the 'Dark Turtles',Sterling,Cody,TMNTs.. ect. ..alas..prices are pretty steep there. Tmnt Man also points to Target(click here **).. they are displaying the new 'HOVER HQ' and the 'Hyper Shell' vehicles already !!

TMNT MAN : "..If anyone is thinking about getting the Fast Forward items from, I just received a 10% off code. TCYLUJFS .."

..the snapper elite !!

-- own trip to Target last night for some supplies lead me to the TOY isle.. sure enuff' a lone Mutated Don (Gamera some are callin' him) was on the pegs. This could/should mean that the other figs in this last Reg- TMNT wave (Baxter,Purple Dragon..ect.)will be out on the pegs soon. They may already be out. Perhaps someone else snapped 'em up before this snapper could. But at least i got our pal DinoDon here!! He's not to scale.. but the figure is still very cool !! Donatello joins the snapper ELITE !!

-- Official site ::

"..extended synopsis (with screenshots) for Episode #84, "Grudge Match"..." **CLICK HERE !!

-- ..i'll check in later today with some more tid-bits if i can. Things are real buzy in tOkKa's Spiney-ville. Preppin' and gearin' up for Comic-con again is proving to be a challenge. Ya know your pokie-prickle pal is always infamous for his last-minute shennanigans n stress. It's a big year for TMNT at Con.. as the TMNT 4 teaser trailer will be on hand for sure to delight the sewer-savvy;Plastron lovin' public !! Recources in prior years prevented me from updatin'on the spot @ the con.. but i may be able to post a bit of TMNT news while i'm out in San D.. we'll see. (All the Star Wars n' AICN news gurus get all the good techo-gadgets.. maybe this year tOkKie can out-SPIKE 'em !! We'll see..!!) ..

Back later !!


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