Tuesday, December 17, 2002

-->> ..Direct from TMNT-hell..the TMNT list..
the very Skeletonable ..and reliable ..Skeletoncrew..
who is just the nicest skeleton lady ever.. confirmed it..

100% offish..

(..gaw.. she's gunna kill me..this is from her private stash..her own photo)
..i'm sorry,i'm sorry,i'm sorry,Skeleton LADY..please o' please don't make me CHAFF!! PLEASE!!!!

.. she says the main 4 are out.apperently..and that
no Shredder or Foot soldiers yet.. (d4mm)..and she
found them at 'Wal-Mart' for around $$ 5..

..now for the love of crack-cocaine ..please..
PLEEEEAASE go visit her site

..it's about Skulls n' bones..n' a skeleton named..
Roger.. who is a real Chatter box..and
actually is fairly JOLLY..

tOkKa gives me a boner !!

..he's a bone head who likes to have adventures .
and is a lazy movie couch potao (chip)..
..who likes to meet Bruce Campbell..
..**whew....with that plug.. maybe now..
.. she won't cast one of those 'itching and chaffing'
voo-doo curses on me like the last time..GAWW..
.. you don' wanna know.. just know that Vaseline
works like a charm in that matter.. never steal
her pen.. i tell ya.. it's the worst..oop.. hey look
..all outta time fer this blog.. wh00~~~~**::

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