Wednesday, October 02, 2002

-->> ..the Quarky..Mc Porkies at N.T. Network.. chime in with this.. a juicy little rumor from 'Mikey Forum's' own .. ..n' TMNT-helL's ..G.W. (a.k.a. Major Mc P00fie)
****************** *** ******** ***P0000FFIEeeeSS
G4, is apparently an all Video Game Channel, basically showing previews of upcoming releases, demos, and major interviews with game creators.

Here's the skinny directly from the TMNT-L list...

~Ok, I didn't see this myself but Michael (who rarely actually hallucinates) claims to have seen a sneak preview of the new Konami TMNT game on "G4"-- an all games channel.
Anyone else get this channel?

Anyone who gets this channel able to confirm this for us?

-->> ..Yeah that would be nice.. t0kk will keep an eye out fer stuff.. .. i may not be in the l00p as NT Network's 'Shreder' ..but t0kK has connections too..i'll see what i can would be cool to see some real TMNT vid game screen shots.. but every thing is speculative right now..s0 we'll leave it at that. C U l8R ,AllY G8Rz !~!
.. >v<

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