Monday, September 29, 2003

..B is for BRAIN.. C is for Conquor!! .. can you say that?? Con-COUR!! .. ..
..sh7t,when your outta work.. and the new TMNT show ppl
won't hire a bubbly Brain being bent on bringin' down the Biosphere..
.. what ya gonna do??

Well for certain evil Utroms.."Krang Babysits.. at XE.." .. >v<

-->> ..quick tip from T-drome..'TMNT' DvD giftset and all 4 minis available
November 18 th..
..m0' info here at Amazon!!..>v<

Friday, September 26, 2003

..Mirth n' grrr.. ..

..DreamWave's..LeSean .. gave
..T-drome forumERS.. the dibs on DW..TMNT #7..

here's the preview up at DW's coming soon section on their website!!!

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles # 7

Written by Peter David & Penciled by LeSean
Cover Skottie Young!

Continuing the all-new story-arc! Things look grim for Dheeraj, a martial arts master and the Turtles’ newest companion. The Thungee street gang has given him an ultimatum: join their ranks…or suffer their wrath! It sounds like a little green-skinned intervention may be in order… don’t miss all the karate/ninjitsu action!!" -LeAean

.. there's the sc00p,dupes!! ..
..**special thanks to T-drome's 'NTurtle' .. who has just been really damm good to me with news and info regarding TMNT thingeys.. so..i'd like to give him a shout-out,thank you , and a pre-fight donut.. THANKS,NTURTLE!! 8) @@!!

..nuMMnumms!! .. ..

Thursday, September 25, 2003

..i'm also a nail biter..

..'QUARRY makes her plastic debut!!..' ..

.. plus if your a big desktop PICCY fan-0mites.. people have been submittin' some real cool lookin Wallpaper pix to the offiSH.. go see!! 8)

..'Officla fan TMNT DESKTOPS!!..' ..
.. ok,bepp0..!! .. >v<

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

..sunday..SUNDAY.. SUUNNDAAAYYY.. at the TECHNODROME!!!!! !! !!

-- err w0w..'TMNT MONSTER TRUCK.. fer real!! ..' 8D

..i'm gunna grow up ta be a Ninjee Hero Bloak.. just like Doneertello here cuz i'm takin' me flinstone VITT-a-MINS..i is!! !!
-- and..'TMNT's hero invasion of the UK is in full swing!! ..' ..

..g00d ol' IGN.. you can always count on them fer the goods on tirds and the Turtles..'speciffically on the gamin' front..
..see 'IGN's GAME BOY A. Preview..' ..

.. that is all fer now.. .. now go wash,quick.. your breakfast is in the dryer..

Monday, September 22, 2003

hey. While it's not exactly the gift I wanted, this is the only place I am publically letting everyone know of the newest strip, a thought I reserved for all you on Mikey's TMNT.

When Lord, When?! is a chilling tale of a man and a shirt. I hope you enjoy it.

Friday, September 19, 2003

-->>..Hmmpph mpph phhrrr!!
..almost time to thrill n' crank out the Jack-0-lantern buckets*.. n' get dressed up like freeks* n' wander aroud the block aimlessly in the hopes some feeble strangers will honour your candy bucket with wonderous presents n' sweet things hopefully not laiden with sharp objects and poison..'s almost HALLOWEEN ..!!

'Hollywood Costumes' has all the wares for ya online turtle wannabes and soon-to-BEs ..if anything..check out the links fer pirty pictures of the Turtle 'LEO'-tards..(wait that pun didn't sound right).. then head to your nearest super store ..(Kmart,Targets, ) so you can shell-AKK the competition on Ghost night with the coolest costumes on this side of the sewer..!!
..blow some bubbles..!!
*..all references to 'thrill-ers', 'Jack-0','freeks','strangers',and 'candy'.. are purly coincedental.. and should not hinder one from taking full advantage of the sweet-toothed opportunities of October the 31st.. but i sugest staying away from 'neverland' ..
TMNT Gets HEavy Applause By the Gaming Community at<

I was checking out my usual webhaunts, (such as ) Penny Arcade and I saw them discuss gamespy's most over-rated games.

And Battletoads, a game's concept I liked cos it did mirror the TMNT, was number 13 on the list and of course, all the gang pretty much agrees: Battletoads was nothing but hype and trying to gain success off the TMNT and their "awesomeness".

Nice reading. You should check it out.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

..o sh6t!! i forgot!! @
'GAME NOW' magazine was out on the stands at the store yesterday night.. i saw a little Raph in the corner of the cover..the article in the mag gave a one page preview of the game with some really good lookin' pix!!
..there is a little blurb-box on the side insisting that next month's (October) issue will be totally devoted to TMNT and that they will be on the cover and thru-out th whole ish.. so.
I'll give you the heads up now.. keep an eye out for 'Game Now' magazine..which is a damm swell gamin' mag in the first place.. well.. i'm off!! .. cU NEXT updatEE-0!! 8)
.. >v<

-->> .. guess i spoke too soon!!..
..Mikey's back in super Her0 toy garb.. go see..'Turtle Titan!!'

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

-->> g0t back.. just as long as i don't fall on it.. !! i'm a turtle.. it's hard to get back up..

..a little bit mo' info on the TMNT 'PLAYMATES/Konami' deal @
-Game spot &

-Planet Game Cube..

..and some cooli0 TMNT Armoured Toy pix outta the
-Review Journal

.. x-mas,xmas.. hurry fast!! 8)

.. >v<

Friday, September 12, 2003

..colour me!!

..variable comic,desktop, and Playmates Toys updates are on.. @ The OAFISH-ul TMNT site....including a special preview of a certain Turtle guy with a really rotten chip on his shoulder n' a certain sway in his step with various prongable 'sai' things.. CHECKIT!! 8)

.. >v<

-->> ..quick pick-up update.. from the g00d ol' T.Drome....quick and fuzzy pick from 'Playmates' on the new TMNT video game toys.. (this was the same Poster featured at the San D con at the Playmates booth!! 8D !! ..>v<

Thursday, September 11, 2003


..looks like Dan Berger has the scoop on the DVD 4 pack.. at least one of them..(??)..
"4Kids is releasing a box set that contains the first four TMNT DVDs plus the four 2" tall mini-Turtles from Playmates Toys. I don't have any more info, but you can see a picture of the set at Best Buy's web site." ..
.. h00- boy..i think that's the expensive set i'd discovered..
"$69.99" !! ..yep!! >8\ ..least ya get 4 tmnt minis.. >v<

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Hey everyone.

If you've not purchased TMNT Vol. 1 and 2, it's definately worth the money, even tho I regret buying them just yet with the box set coming out very soon! Argh, the temptation of buying Vol. 3 and 4 and buying the box set too!

If anything, check out the interviews with Peter Laird. I REALLY wish they would release TMNT: THe Movie the DVD tho, you know? Well, as a special edition, anyways. An interview session, unedited almost, and a commentary by Peter Laird would be s-s-s-s-uper.

Welpers, This Week's Comic is Up...

Also, Lately, I've been really working on some different things here and there, and one of them is doing a parody, one with love, of course, to the TMNT, with my own comic strip. So, soon expect an image by the end of November, done entirely by me, just for you guys here at Mikey's TMNT. Mike's been really nice to allow me to still post my thoughts of the TMNT and link my site up still AND you all come out and give the site a shout out too, so consider it a nice little payback just for you TMNT fans. ;-) With that said, check out the new comic, and have a good day gang! Ciao!


Tuesday, September 09, 2003

..take away my credit card..!!

..'member.. Go Vote in Rhino's Votee thingy for classic TMNT animation.. ..
.. and ..while yir at it..
..yum yum ??

..put in a vote fer good ol' Slimer too!! 8)
.. >v<

BOX SET,Shredduh,ya big meanie.. i'm gunna pop yir head orfe,puddin' .. errrr..?? ..i love you..nooo,wait..err..

..wel i was right.. even tho'..i'm late with this.. about the time November hits.. a 'TMNT' DVD box Set is do.. but at a SRP of $$69.95.. you'll wanna duke it out with yir folks to give ya your allowence sooner to purchase the set.. best but now.. but well .. oii.. **p0p..!! ....'dats gotta hoit!!..HACHA CHA-CHA!!

Saturday, September 06, 2003

I know you wanted the original TMNT cartoon on DVD... If you really want to see that dream come true, I suggest you go to Rhino's website and vote for it.

In addition, reports that "... Volume 3: The Way of Invisibility and Volume 4: The Shredder Strikes are now both scheduled to hit on October 14th. TVShowsOnDVD partner e-tailers like Amazon and DVDPlanet agree that this is the new date."

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Khary Randolph's website
I don't know if any recognition has gone his way since the debut of the Fox Box's TMNT show, but here's a shoutout to Khary Randolph -- who was the illustrator for the 4Kids TMNT style guide. The way I understand it, this guy's illustrations have kept the animators of the new show in check with Michael Dooney's original artwork.

He's got some great artwork posted in his Art section, and an outstanding pic of the four turtles in his original TMNT post from almost a year ago. That pic is just begging to become desktop wallpaper. Anyway, check it out... You won't be disappointed. This is one talented guy! Great job, Khary!
..grrr.. i love curling my mean ol' hand like this and hovering EVILISHLY in the back ground.. grrr..i'm so mean..ooOOO..boogah boogah!!

..i peeked at my issue of 'Previews' for September 2003..
..and in the vids section it is offering a DVD/TMNT box set with all 4 volumes..i'll check out more & post when i get home .. even tho' the next 2 volumes don't hit until next month.. it'll be cool to get a whole set of 4 if you miss out the first time.. more as it revelopes.. ..>v<

Monday, September 01, 2003

Tokka posted about the Rick Remender project... which looks awesome from that interview he gave. But if you want to know just how talented this guy is, visit ... I think SOMEONE enjoys drawing ninja turtles...

Sketch by Rick Remender
.. Mous-ISH..

..hey,Mikey.. you get 'em??
..i guess the Target ad was right..(what the h3ll do i know??) ..Volumes 1 & 2.. of the DVD/VHS.. 4-kids 'TMNT' release are out now.. the SRP is like $$16.95 ..but my ticket shows 12.99.. so 13 is the lucky number for both discs..(VHS was $$9.99) ..i would imagine that price range will remain consistant at most stores..
the features alone are worth it tho.. gah.. DVD Features:

".. interview with TMNT co-creater Peter Laird (really vocal guy..>8] ..), The Making of the New Turtles, Behind the Scenes Footage, Totally made-up News Team skits from the Fox Box promos, Konami Video Game Previews".. and even the Animatic process and toy commercial spots i'd not's ch0K full o' goods. The cartoons themselves are nice and clean..actually..they look even more 'Bright' and crisp than when they are delivered to ya on Saturday morning.. so.. these Vids come with t0kK's highest -tardPr00f recommendation.. i give it 4 AND 3/4 SPIKES!!

^ ^ ^ ^ *