Wednesday, March 31, 2004

-->> Quick note..
..from Mr.B of official TMNT web.. ..
TMNT #15 is at the printer and should be picked up by Diamond Comics Distributor this coming Tuesday, so hopefully it will be in the shops on April 14th or 21st.

We just got copies of "Tales of the TMNT" #2 - so hopefully it will be in shops within the next two-three weeks.

..baisic TMNT updates,avs,Mech rumblings, and Hun's own profile page start here..!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

-->> UGGH..Gah.. i never win!! I hate Pac-Man!!
..MATT XE's Krang Fetish leads to another Exposé on the Ravenous Brain Drain from the Utrom Train.. Krang
.. learn more on the mechanical magifecence of Krang's Android Body..and Jell-o Krang..
'Krang's Bahhadee' ..STARTS HERE!! ..
..ready n' waitin' to push your belly brain buttons!!

..the turtles are always somebody else's lake..

Splint from T-drome.. tips it off again..
--.. tha man with the plan brings wind .. and water..

"Ok, I'm trying to be creative with the titles. Don't hit me. But design sketches for the Upcoming Scuba Gear Turtles have been posted over at Action-Figure.Com. I'd have to say that they look pretty good, for being Turtle Variants. I still would prefer to see the Toon Accurate Space Hoppin' Turtles. Or Trench Coat Turtles. Or even Purple Dragon Turtles. But I'm always willing to get an intresting variation of the green teens. "

..the really cool and in my opinion ,stunning concept work starts RIGHT HERE..!! The TMNTs will come backed in with some 'finger-flick firables and some new -underwater pals.. checkit' while it's wet!!

.. in Arizona.. you can discover 'Turtles: Origins to World Domination'
..Reptiles have come along way in 200 million years.. there is a cool exhibit revealing so much of the treck..
..including the fossil facinating remains of a 'winged turtle'!! !!

Monday, March 29, 2004

-->> VID Figs!!
well i'm goin' here's your early Monday update::

--Good' ol' 'Splint' from T-drome reports in::

According to a post and pictures on Raving Toy Maniacs (..original report here..), it seems Wal-Mart is the place to be for Turtle Power.
The original report of the first four Turtle figures being reiussed with DVD's has turned into nearly the entire line being reissued with DVD's. It appears to be a Wal-Mart exclusive, similar to the Mattel Batman figures reissued with Comic Books that occured recently. All currently released figures appear to have been recarded with DVD's. The only exception appears to be 'April O'Neil' and the 'Fire Foot Mystic'. So get to your Wal-Mart's and start hunting the endcaps. Because they are showing up now in many areas.

-HERE is the original Photo as pictured above .. looks like the latest TMNT Wave..including Turtle Titan,Leatherhead and the gang will get the DVDs.. is the endcap..these particular figs were found on..
..the 2 DVDs is each pack are the eps.. Darkness on the Edge of Town ..and Garbageman ..
..prolly to celebrate the TMNTs coming up on 'Cartoon Network'..hence the packaging stickers.. oi..!!

--Well..scince we're in the habit of repeating updates and posts and stuff and we're kinda click n' trigger happy.. ..

..don't forget.. all the good new stuff Mr.B posted on the Official TMNT site.. like icons and wallpapers and comic strips..

--..o' yeh don't forget the Mp3 Downloads Mike made himself.. even tho he already posted about earlier.. might as well post about it again!!

--And ya know.. even tho' ..alls ya gots ta do is scroll down just an iddy biddy bit to get this up date on 'Gettin' Down in your Town Tour' Mp3s.. here i am posting about it.. agian !!

--O' and here's Nick's new Comic!!

--..o's a real important update of a Kid on a pony!!

--..and this pretty much covers the direction all of this clicking is driving me.. i bid you.. a fond farewell..


Sunday, March 28, 2004

Hey Everyone! Friday, the 26th, Dan updated the site... and here's what he gave us!

There are this week's TMNT comic strips..

There's also new icons and wallpapers, all made by fans! Rock on!

And last of the updates, the box cover from An Odd Piece of Video featuring the TMNT saving the Metro system in L.A. or sumptin? Weird but cool.

Also, Mike linked to some cool MP3's he sequenced himself... And some of the tracks from the "Getting Down In Your Town Tour." Note, They aren't the best audio, but it still rocks! Thanks Mike!

Click here to find a few new MP3s! I've sequenced some clips from the Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue video, featuring Michaelangelo... And the theme song from the MGM show in Orlando, FL is also up. Kinda weird....

Click here to find the tracks from the Gettin' Down in your Town Tour....... They aren't the best audio, but they're still pretty good considering.

Hope you like 'em!

Thursday, March 25, 2004

You know, I saw the Raphael shampoo... or was it Mikey's? Either or, it looks technically the same but with Mike on the top. It looks rad!

Well turtle-fans, I bring you a new D4K Comic! And being that I'm in a good mood, expect a 2nd comic this weekend! How sweet is that? Ooo creamy comic-goodness sweet? I think so!

Also... I fixed the forums on my own site as well. So if you'd like, come on by, post something and be cool!

Or, if you wanna be REALLY cool... check out and post on the new forums here at Mikey's TMNT!
(and check mine out too... :-) )

-->>..aahh..we're always camera shy..(we're always naked..!!)

-- 'MBZ Personal Care' ..has been pimpin' out 'TMNT' Bubble Bath..
(as pictured camera shy TMNT Bath Bottles..) cool character containers.. so far all i've seen is the TMNT group bottle.. with 'Apple OOZE' bubble bath.. and the 4 TMNTs each with their own colour and scented bubble bath.. 'Donatello' comes with Give 'em Shell Grapebubble bath ..
..Ninja Turtles strike dirt hard.. and make it fade away down the drain.. while you get scrubbly,bubbly clean!!
..(golly i'm tired..)

..the 'Poodle Toilet Paper Cozy' .. is available from your nearest gramma's house...

-- The following was in April 2004' s 'Previews' mag..
(remember ..this is for 2 months from now.. 'April' ..stuff appearing in this book will start hitting shoppes in June and later..)

- !!
..Trends International will be releasing a 16-month '2005' TMNT calender..(which is cool.. can use the calender for the remainder of 2004 all the way into 2005 !!)

- ..and.. TMNT vol.4 # 16
.."Leo fights for his life against the mysterious warrior; Mike & his new friend walk the Marginal way; Don and the Utroms learn more about their predicament; and Raph doesn't like it when you touch his food.."

.. and Mr.Zilch..the wacky neighbor.. hits his thigh on the fence post walkin' home from the post office..n' he twists his knee left n' sprains his ankle.. it's not satire.. it's the recipe for CAAWAAAAZZY Ninja Turtle Comedy..

..screwit..i'm fried.. i'm gonna go draw a bath n' drown myself in some of them 'ninja bubbles..'


Wednesday, March 24, 2004


Le Sean and Co.s' (Ed McGuiness,Keron Grant,Sanford Greene, and the Gamexilla)..


..clickit n' bookmark it.. everything clean n' Cool..Capcom,Nintendo,Konami,V-game .. n' TMNT.. and everything COMIK!!
..and (LeSean..)!!
(..i'm the devil..)

.. also .. there is their '5th TMNT' art-contest loomin' soon!!
..grab yir paints n' crayons now.. n' start thinkin'..

Fifth Ninja Turtle!! ..

.. i'll keep ya posted on that as we move along here..
..this is where it gets sick n' slick..

.. i told ya Le Sean had somethin' up his sleeve.. but did ya beleive me??
..huh.. did ya??

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

-->>..ooh.. not ANOTHER battle with them Toitles again.. uuggh.. so much pain.. my 'Feet' are killing me.. getit?? .. ehh..didn't think so..
-- For all ya Foot Fans.. and army builders.. the 'TMNT' Wave 1 Foot Soldier just drives everybody crazy.. and as if ya didn't notice..his Cross-bow is well.. a little 'restrictive'..sure..the arrow shoots.. but.. it's stuck on a string..
and so unless a Turtle Victim is standing right in front of the bow.. you might as well be shooting at sitting ducks.. cuz ya know.. them Ninja Ninnies are gonna move..and your poor Foot Feind is gonna get his big toe stomped!!
We don't want that!!
..give your Foot Fellahs a leg up..

++Click here for a funky Foot custom to add a bit better shootin' power in their bows..

..really cool trick.. but it involves X-acto knives and saws.. so little ninjas wanna get Mom and Dad's help..!!

--'TMNT' volumes 9 and 10 ('Secret Origins' and 'Turtles in Space') are looking to be released separately ..
..nearly a month apart..

-- Word from Playmates Toys..
is that we're looking for Baxter Stockman's Figure to be the Spider body.. so once again..
Bax goes buggy..

..i know there we're people hoping for somthing more deluxe.. but.. time will tell..
..Usagi and Baxter Pix ..should be out soon.. so i'll keep my Foot in the door..
oii.. too much Foot action here..

.. i told my mawm i grew an extra foot yesterday.. she knit me 3 socks..

.. ok..i'll stop .. 8P ..

Monday, March 22, 2004

-->> ..Forum-bungle-boing0-bongo!!

--Register Here Now!!

--The original Forums are still please continue main discussions here!!

..thanks !! 8)

Saturday, March 20, 2004

From Mikey::
'Okay... After a couple of weeks of buggy forums, I think it's only fair to explain myself.

See, along with the site redesign -- which still isn't complete -- I have been working on a complete overhaul of the forums. Since the server transfer last year, the current forums have been buggy and I thought a fresh install of the latest version would be the best choice.

However, I also wanted to import all the current stuff into the new ones. That way, we could just a seemless transition.

It didn't work.

MISTAKE 1: The new forums were up and running when I decided to import the current data into them. Unfortunately, all the new data was killed out and some of the current data wasn't imported. This is because the amount of forum posts was just way too much. The server cannot import a file larger than 1MB at a time -- our posts took up 13 MB.

Luckily, I had a backup of the new database that would get everything back to how it should have been. Then came....

MISTAKE 2: When the old data was imported into the new forums, several unmodified tables were making the new forum reference links located at the current forum's database. I don't know how to simplify this more than by saying... when you clicked on the admin control panel in the new forum, it would go to the current forum's admin control panel.

Unfortunately, I didn't realize this until it was too late. I overwrote the entire current forum's database with the information from the new one.

Again, I was lucky that I made a backup of the current forums as well. But when I tried to restore it, the same problem that occured in Mistake 1 happened all over again.

Everything was back EXCEPT the posts -- because the file was just too large to import by the server.

MISTAKE 3: Not realizing that it hadn't uploaded, I logged out of the current forums and focused all my time on the new ones. Had I realized then and there that none of the posts had come back, I would have put an UNDER CONSTRUCTION sign or blocked people from registering and posting. But I didn't and so everyone who logged in, couldn't do anything but post new topics.

It wasn't until two days later that Brinatello and Tokka contacted me saying that there was some weird stuff happening at the forums. I thought that they had just caught it at the time I was updating, but when I logged in, I saw that there was nothing there.

I tried round-the-clock to bring back everything I could. But all I ended up restoring was about 2/3 of the forums -- with some sacrifices... During the downtime, some people registered and even posted. But when I started the restoration process, these newbies were deleted.

I assume that any phpBB2 savvy person could do what I aimed to do within minutes.... Unfortunately, I'm not phpBB2 savvy. And everything has been trial and error...... more error than anything.

I know there are things that I should have done or should NOT have done that would have saved me a migraine or two and everyone else from getting pissed at their lost ranks, posts and topics. Of course, it probably would have helped if members experiencing difficulties would have come to me directly instead of the other moderators -- at least I would have had an explanation.

But at this point, I'm through with editing this worn out database and as many good times we had there, I never want to deal with its intricacies again.

As you know, the new forums are ready and waiting until the launch of the redesign. What I have decided to do is allow everyone to sign up at the new forums. Posting will be allowed, BUT I WOULD PREFER that main discussion continue at the current forums until a specific launch is set. At that point, we'll switch over to the new site.

Thanks for all your continued patience, everyone.


Click here for the New Forums..!!


Friday, March 19, 2004

-->> Artxilla's forums.. not Mikey's just yet.. 8)
..LeSean and Co.s' 'ARTXILLA' is set to debut online the 23rd of this month..but they do have their forums up and running!!

And this from LeSean himself ::
..REALLY cool contest happening at my studio's forums, my studio will launch next week and we're doing a REALLY cool TMNT art contest!!! anyone can enter and its sponsored by KONAMI! ART PRIZES! GAME PRIZES!!!! original art by me..

Contest info starts here.. it's YOUR turn to take a stab at the '5th Turtle' !!

--WIKK W. shares info that..
The Next Ep of Mutant Ninja Turtles is out at 'New Grounds' ..
.. the 100 % fan-based flash project is getting alot of praise as really hard-edge.. and it's alot of fun.. click the link now for Episode II !!

--Attention Forum Goers..
I've been getting alot of comments on the forums.. missing ranks,post counts and some other bugs driving everyone crazy.
..AGAIN..i can only beg you guys for your continued patience..

.. Mikey's work schedule and my school/work schedule has been making maintaining the forums a bit blurry..

.. the new forums are up and Mikey's still working out the wrinkles.. but for now..the curent forums are what we gotta work with.

Mikey told me late last night that he does have the old database stored and saved.. he can restore it to the old forums here..
..but if he does..
any new posts you guys have made the past 2 weeks will be deleted it's a double edge sword..i suggested he keep it the way it is,so we can keep the forums as current as possible.
I'm sorry it sems like i'm coming up with excuses..but you need to understand there is alot going on right now.. have patience and it'll pay off in the long run..Cross my Pinchers ..hope to die.. stick a lobster in my eye!!

..o' to be a Jumbo shrimp ..right about now..

Thursday, March 18, 2004

hey everyone.

I hope everyone is having a good week, and for those living in the Ohio region or regions with a lot of snow, I hope you're careful. I slipped and sprained my ankle while at work, so... I've been home since yesterday! The good news is, that means I can get this week's comic out to you guys, hot off the presses!!!

I hope you enjoy.

And... if you could do me a huge favor, all of you, fill out this survey for my comic strip. I'm trying to figure out what works, what doesn't, etc. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

-->>.. who farted in here??.. it wasn't me.. honest.. it was err.. the DVD!! yeh!!
Mr.B updates the official site..the original 4 TMNTs from the new line with DVDs ..this has been doezens of times before to push action figure sales.. and as T-drome's Splint put's it..::

"Hopefully the final versions will feature four different episodes. It is likely these are just mockups, as the DVD slipcase for Donny's is blue instead of purple and Mikey's is red instead of Orange. After all, it makes little sense to issue the same two episodes twice. But it would not suprise me if this is the case. Either way, it's good for you variation collectors. And it's good for those new collectors that missed the Wave 1 TMNT figures" if your a Die-hard and ya got the green.. GO FOR IT!! ..or if you are a TMNT're in for a real Treat!! 8)

-- In an effort to keep upi with all the TMNT licensees and products just being dropped out of nowheres..
DAN' Berger's "Merch Hype" a special space on the offical site fot the Turtle Ware gurus to display their goods and give you the lo-down on what's new!!

--volume 7..volume 8..
..gee..that dude looks like a Turtle..
..har har har..
..while Mikey was eye spyin Turtle Tots.. tOkkey spotted..and scraped up enuff' for Volumes 7 and 8 of the DVDs..

T-drome's Splint gives us a little word of warning on the DVD vids..::
"..And there is some missing sections of 3 of the episodes. Just want to get a small word of warning out to those of you that purchase the show on DVD. I don't know if the VHS releases have the same problem. But it's likely.

On TMNT: Volume 7, Return to New York pt. 2 and Return to New York 3 are missing the opening narration and recap of the previous episode before the opening credits. And on Volume 8, Search for Splinter pt. 2 is missing the opening narration and recap of the previous episode before the opening credits.

I suggest that everyone contact Funimation about this, and request that the DVD's be redone to include the openings. Remember to not be rude or insulting in your E-Mails, Calls, or Snail Mail. Just remember to tell them, that even if they are just recaps of the previous episode, they are important to the story."

..there is also a small little flyer in there about TMNT-Box set 1 ..with volumes 1-4.. but that was info on any future box sets.. oii..


Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Howdy, just a quick update to add to Tokk's post about the new series of toys being out....

Tonight I spied the Turtlebot and Turtle Titan at Wal-Mart, but broke down when I found the one and only package of Toddler Turtles...

There was also a reallllly awesome looking sticker album that came with like hundreds of stickers..... But the price tag was a little high -- $9.82. But if you've got the cash, pick it up because it looks like a great way to tag the world with Turtles!

PS... I saw Aerosmith last night.... FOUR ROWS FROM THE FRONT! Woo!
-->>Hey,LeSean Fans !!::

Scopin' out T-drome..i've run amuk of some cool & quick news..
..from the amazing LeSean himself.. ::
".. its convention/signing season again....starting
swing on by Acme Comics in Greensoro, NC Saturday , March 27th to purchase some TMNT pages, sketches, commisions, or get those precious TMNT Animated TPBs and other DW issues signed. or just to say hi!

see y'all soon!

LeS-" yeh..if your NC native and nearby.. or just passin' thru ..this is a wonderful oppurtunity to meet a master animator and artist.. and just an all around nice guy and TMNT fan-supreme !!

..tell 'im tOkKa sent ya.. !!

.. n' while your at it..pick me up a Veggie Trio at Subways.. i'm hungry..

Monday, March 15, 2004

-->>..we're new n' here fer you!!

.. the next wave of TMNTs are slippin' onto the pegs now,kids!!

I found 3 of 'em (pictured) at Targets late last night ..::

Turtle Titan,Quarry,Stone Biter,Leatherhead,Giant Mouser,Turtle Toddler 4-pack ,Foot Fire Mystic, and Turtlebot (T-4),and Razor Fist ..
are in the mix.. so have patience and all your new Turtle pals will be fightin' the good fight for what's right in your toy box soon 'enuff !! 8D


Sunday, March 14, 2004


-SykoGRAFIX's own Trans-ninja,Trans-fan,Trans-manga,Trans-metal..
..he's everything Trans..'cept for a 'vestite..and odds are he listens to TRANCE.. ::
..shares a bit of info with this Trans-tOkKa --

"At TransformersCon in Toronto, Ontario on March 13th, I asked Dreamwave Prez Pat Lee about the future of TMNT comics with his company. He said that TMNT didn't perform to a high enough standard, which we knew already, and thus if (and I stress IF) there are to be more TMNT Animated comics, they would probably not be through Dreamwave.

Now, what does that mean, exactly? It could mean that at any time, another company could swoop in and take the rights, OR it could mean that it would have to wait until the licence expires. Or it could mean nothing and in 3 months time he'll change his mind. Either way, it seemed like Pat wished things had worked out better, and if new TMNT comics came out via another company, he'd be keeping an eye on it as a fan.

HOWEVER, I do have some very cool unrelated news. I'm not sure how much I should say, but I'll mention that Dreamwave seems to have obtained a very exciting new licence. It's a very popular and enduring franchise. In fact, you might just say that it's "Legendary".

..blah blah blah

.. i can't top that this morning so.. there a go!! 8)


Friday, March 12, 2004

-->> ..Klunkity Klunker..!!
..lots of stuffs today!!

--News from Storm Turtle and Kali::
TMNT novels.. seem to be on the horizon, and some possibly familier fuzzies and "Klunk"-ies.. radical enough to make it on Oprah's Book club.. 

-- T-drome's Splinter fills us in on Rick Remender's truly wonderful and Retro styled Artwork previews..from the upcoming 'Tales ..' #3 .due in a few months.. !!

::Preview 1 !!

::Preview 2 !!

::Preview 3 !!

::Preview 4 !!

::Preview 5!!

::Preview 6!!

::Preview 7!!

--'GAME Boy Advance users will be able to scope out TMNT eps courtesy of a new Video capable technoledgy!!

-- From the official TMNT site'GAME Boy Advance users will be able to scope out TMNT eps courtesy of a new Video capable technology !!
..From the official TMNT site..and all of Mr. Berger's regular TMNT for Friday are here!

-- ..and still.. the data base on the FORUMS ..have been giving Mikey problems.. so.. again..thanks for the patience .. we're workin' on it the best we can.. the code is really complex so.. oii !!


Thursday, March 11, 2004

-->> ..runnin' round here like Road Runers with our heads cut off.. 3 of the Forum Bugs continue..

..again.. you can still use them.. and i know Mike was working on the database cuz the post i made about this whole issue is gone now.

.. i'll be talking to Mikey later tonight to see what's going on.

Maybe if we're really lucky.. our new ACME brand forums will be up and running..

.. thanks again for the patience!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

-->> ..wide wide world of tofu n' buggah-boos..
Forum bugs persist.. but the good news is..
.. but until Mikey gets to his work later today to backup the system..the posts more than a day old will not show up if you open them..

..Mike has been bustin' his arse to get the new forums to work just right.. so in the mean time..there are some bugs in the old system.. so again.. THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE!! In the long run.. once the new forums are up.. it'll be worth it.
but rememeber..
YOU CAN STILL USE THE FORUM and start new threads!! just can't access threads more than a day old..
.. oooiii.. we'll keep ya posted right here as further developments..err.. develope..

..Zaaap..zaaap.. who knew interstelar Bug control could be so much fun.. we're the 'Orkin' turtles!!'s a peek at the TMNT volume 9 "Turtles in Space"..cover..with volume 10 "SECRET ORIGINS"..due soon after ..
checkit out at AMAZON now!!


Tuesday, March 09, 2004

-->> ..gee whizz..good thing i gots all dis protective armor here.. as much blade-ery as i carry around.. golly, i could really hoit myse'f !!
TMNT Trading Card fans are really gonna wanna check "Upper Decks" official TMNT game site..
..a wonderful gallery,overview,news, and soon.. game advice from R n' D lead :'Kevin Tewart' .. !! Checkit now..real cool!!

--o' don't worry.. your monitors just sleeping.. Ha.. i lied.. YOU KILLED HIM,lil' devil worshipers !!
THE FORUMS .. are buggin' Bad!!

Mikey's switching over to a new system.. so Mikey's Forum goes.. be warned.. things aren't working right..

.. hopefully before days end ..Mike will have the New Forums up and running..

..thanks for your patience and sorry for any problems this causes.. 8(
.. Please hang tight!!

--..o my god!! Michelangelo put Sally Struthers on his pizza !!
MATT XE covers the contraviersial TMNT Cookie Kookie!!
Complete with downloads,sedative, and diet pills!! ;)

Monday, March 08, 2004

-->>..out from the shadows came an awsome site..
..Peter Laird's 'Blast From the Past ..hit's hard..
Mr.Laird digs thru his files for ol' school TMNT goodies that are just so wondeful..
they are timeless!! These babies are reeking' of '80s charm!! 8)

-::'Blast 85' starts here..
as the TMNTs tackle a mad an Eastman/Laird drawing dating from 1984 !!

-::Blast 86' starts here..
..when the conventions loomed for the Mirage Studio crew.. fans were cravin' the Turtle sketches pronto.. Mr.Laird shares one of the drawings..some memories..

..and a very quick and special preview of the next 'Tales..'

..eerie and elite things are looming in the Turtles future.. i can sence it!!

-- this from 'Krang'::
Don't know if any of you watch Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO, but on
the episode tonight Barry Gordon, who provided Donnie's voice on the
original cartoon, was guest-starring as a rabbi. I didn't realize it
til halfway through, when he started getting riled up and his
trademark voice came out.

Just thought I'd mention it in case you want to catch it on repeats.



Saturday, March 06, 2004

It's been a while, but here yah go.

And in case you missed it... Ashley has left the builin- er I mean, comic strip.

Friday, March 05, 2004

..slice n' dice!!
-->>More Awsome U.K. News starting here on the official TMNT d0t com.. ..
..The 'TMNT' mag is back::
"..A new TMNT Magazine will be launched in the U.K. on Mar 24th (it will only be released in the U.K. - but we hope other countries will produce their own Turtle mags soon)..."..

Wow!! Ya lucky ,bloaks!! 8) ..

--..we know what a crumpet is!!

Dan Berger of official TMNT's site reported some info on the UK release of TMNT 1.. the original and un-cut show..that was in a short re-release in the cinemas.. soon on DVD.

The Associates media has some cool info and excellent Hi-res TMNT photo downloads for publication.. but you gotta sign up if you wanna get 'em.. if you don't want to bother with the sign-up.. here is the press release..(nothin' you didn't know..) ;]


Get ready for a new wave of Turtlemania! Currently enjoying renewed success on TV, and with their new action figures among the hottest-selling toys of the moment, the biggest phenomenon of the late 1980s, the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES are most definitely back.
Now, thanks to Medusa Pictures, the pizza munching, wisecracking, butt-kicking "Heroes in a Half Shell" can be seen on DVD for the first time in the original, live-action TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES movie. Boasting the fully restored nunchaku action that was cut from the original release, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES ? THE MOVIE looks set to introduce the awesome effect of Turtle Power to a whole new generation.

When a young boy's four pet turtles accidentally end up in the sewers of New York, they come into contact with a radioactive ooze that miraculously increases their size, enables them to walk upright and gives them the power of speech. Over the years, they make regular forays into New York, disguised by sunglasses, hats and trench coats, learning the ways of the humans, visiting the cinema and developing a taste for pizza. Under the guidance of a wise, similarly mutated rat named Splinter, the turtles ? Raphael, Leonardo, Michaelangelo and Donatello ? are trained in the ancient art of Ninjitsu. Using their skills to fight crime, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles find themselves up against The Foot, a gang of teenage thieves led by an aging ninja assassin known as The Shredder. Aided in their struggle against The Foot by beautiful, young TV reporter April O'Neil and self-appointed vigilante Casey Jones, the Turtles must battle to save New York from an evil nemesis bent on world domination.

Directed by Steve Barron (Mike Bassett: England Manager; The Adventures Of Pinocchio; Coneheads; Electric Dreams) and starring Judith Hoag (Armageddon), Elias Koteas (Collateral Damage), Josh Pais (Phone Booth; A Beautiful Mind) and Sam Rockwell (Matchstick Men; Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind), on its original release TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES became the highest-grossing independent film of all time, taking over $133 million at the box office. The film also features the vocal talents of Kevin Clash (the voice of Elmo from Sesame Street!) as Splinter and Corey Feldman as Donatello.

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (PG) will be released on DVD (?15.99) by Medusa Pictures on 5th April 2004.

..the turtles are all digital any more.. and the real Hero Turtles are the Ninja ones.. 8D !!


Thursday, March 04, 2004

From March 2004 'Previews'..
..skip ahead an issue of 'Tales of The TMNT vol.2 ..#3..(due out in May).. after an all SPLINTER issue of Tales # 2..
..Tales #3 ..::
by Steve Murphy,Rick Remender ('Ruule'),& John Beatty
"The Worms of Madness" PART 1: THE FIRST 2-PARTER! Featuring the dynamic artwork of penciller Rick Remnder & legendary inker John Beatty (and Mirage Main-man and Main-stay Steve Murphy)!!
The Shredder returns from the dead! Ninja Weaponry,foot sorcery, a a shambling Lovecraftian monstrosity--a tale of twisted blood,guts, and revenge !

.. and perhaps a Shredder Clone or two..or three.. or .. .. ?? Palm Pilot is on the fritz..  i forgot my bruncheon engagement with Shredder,Cobra Commander,Bill Gates, and Satan.. damm.. this is all April's fault..let me mark it in my Palm Pilot to kill april.. o' wait..DAAAAAAMM!!
T-drome's Splint..mentions::
"We have some good news for all you fans of the eccentric scientist Dr. Baxter Stockman. Rumored to be in the works thanks to fan demand, we've had a couple confirmations that the figure was on the way. Playmates at Toy Fair told several Toy Websites that Baxter Stockman was on the slate for this year.

And according to an E-Mail from Playmates Customer Service, he should be available in July/August of 2004. That is subject to change however, so don't consider it written in stone. No word on which of the numerous versions of Baxter will be tapped for the toy. Since he's had so many unique looks.

Normal, Eyepatch, Wheelchair w/ Neckbrace and Robohand, Eyepiece w/ Exo-Suit, Spider Body, and Utrom Body Suit. Hopefully we'll get some word soon. I'm hoping just for a normal version myself, maybe with interchangable normal and eyepatch heads. Now let's all hope that this doesn't go to Baxter's head."

..Bax is back.. but hhmm.. in which form?? I prefer' 70s Cuff-disco Duck Baxter w/ hep 'fro.. n' 18" spectacle frame n' pincher beakers bell-bottoms..

Hmmmm.. Hmmm.. Hmmmmmm.. 8)

..i don't know what the f6ck i'm talking about.. i suck..

Monday, March 01, 2004

-->> ..the master!!
T-Drome's super uber; Nturtle ..makes note of ..
Silver Bullet's LeSean interview..

..the Future holds good things for the awe-inspiring comic artist and animator.. as well as a stint with another super-teen group.. while his TMNT days may be on hold for now.. LeSean's is one of the most animated artists out there expect great things!! READ ON,LeSean Fans!!

..Be sure to check LeSean's Personal site.. for awsome sketch book shots,artistic instruction & phat artwork for sale!! ..Best of the best!!