Thursday, November 14, 2002

Friday's Strip is now available.

Now maybe I'm alone in the world, but most people, at least un-sheltered people have HEARD of this movie, the LAst Starfighter. In Blackout, there is a reference, to an on-line friend of mine didn't get. Her stance on things is no one really knows of this movie. But go ahead and write her at this addy here and let's see what she says.

Now don't forget to say that I sent you to her so she can crucify me not you. LOL.

One more plug for the mailing list: Hit me at if u wanna join.

Apparently my little thing with Tokka in some small way helped! Even if it didn't and Tokka stayed and kept the KriB up for other reasons, let me just say I'm very glad. Glad you stayed, buddy! :-)

Okey dokey. I need to get to bed. I'm tired.


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