Monday, November 18, 2002

Tuesday's Strip is now available.

All I'm gonna say is, I've always wanted to say Humpdahladi" alot. So... why not?

Wellll I know I shouldn't do this and this is unknown to Mike, this is more for my site, BUT... this is just a sample of what kind of stuff u get on the mailing list for my comic strip. Yeeup, I'm doing a contest. A contest I tell you, and I'm gonna offer it to all youse out there in TMNT land!

You can win an Interstate: Road Rage ash Grey T-Shirt if you can answer this question correctly.

The Question: “Despite never being directly said, which of the “Dribble for Kids” characters likes felines? "

Possible Answers:

Here’s how it works! Send me in the right answer to , and the first two will win a “Interstate: Road Rage” T-Shirt. Winners will be announced next Tuesday! The latest answers can be received by Friday!

IF there is a large outpour of correct answers, then I will place the correct answers, and your e-mail addresses in a bowl and choose two!

Good luck!

Now remember Mike had no knowledge of me doing this so no one bother poor Mike and go "How do I win a shirt" etc. I'll announce the winners as soon as I get them, so it will end the confusion! Now, not to sound egotistical, but you can even get them signed by moi! :-D ANYWAYS.....
(plug plug plug)
If you'd like to be open to great contests and bonus strips, sign up to the mailing list by contating me at if u wanna join.

Okay enough plugs. Anyway, there is a cool link out there, i'm gonna try to find it and post it, but it's a 3-D TMNT movie, of Raph running from mousers! And it ROCKS!

Until then or until Friday...


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