Saturday, December 28, 2002

-->>Not Actual cover.. the real cover will be ickier!!

..while i was busy p00ping this morning.. i was reading the January 2003 'Previews'

.. i was thrilled to see that in March 2003,'ToyFARE' #69.. the new TMNT Figs will be featured with all the particularsof the toys & the 'LATEST' pix..
..this issue will also feature an alternate TMNT cover you will want to pick up..(i will prolly pick up the issue simply to wipe my
bunghole with that cover). After i was finished readin' the specs of the upcoming issue.. i tore out the page and continued to
wipe t0Kkticular bungholes with said page. case you missed out the first time..look for 2nd printings of 'TMNT' Vol.4 # 1 & # 2 from 'Mirage'..(wiping optional there).

Ya know..i was thinkin'.. the cover of 'ToyFARE' is not as soft as the pages of

Charmin..CHARMIN?? Squeeze this,BeY0tch!! ..WHAAAAT.. come on,baby.. it's 'THE FORCE'!!

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