Sunday, November 10, 2002

-->> ..lil' gems..
TMNT hoops
Nick..what a sweet guy.. aww.. little small update.. but very cool.. on the "OFFISH TMNT" site..

..the TMNT handhelds..were some of the c00lest little d00-dads..
and i still pick 'em up now and then to see if i can kill Krang or save April. They just were goofy little LCD games.. but they were
actually pretty tuff.. and while.."DOO DEE DOO DEE DOO DOO".. ya kept tryin ta get past all the little repetative bad guys or basket balls.. these little games could bring you to your knees or get you so GAWDDAMM mad you's want to throw them across the room n' hope it'd hit yir head board on the bed n' shatter to a million..iddy bitty .. peices that you would maticulously pick up.. one by one and slowly proceed to the paper-shredder and make sure that every lil' last evident shard was totally destroyed cuz it was
just so durn frustrating to get thru the d4mm little things.. . . . . . .. hehheehheeh.. sh00t me.. >v<

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