Friday, November 01, 2002

Greetings space cadets! Er Witches! Er, whatever you were for Halloween....
perhaps a turtle of the Mutant Ninja Variety? Hope so!

At any rate.  While I know this would of been a PERFECT time for this to
use my strip to promote my TMNT fandom, this strip was actually completed.... a
month or so ago when Kingdom Hearts
was released for PS2.  My obsession
with the game
completely took me over to the point that I didn't draw
anything for a week or so. (I try to draw all my strips like two weeks in
advance in case Real Life/RL gets the better of me... and I'm prepared.
;-)  )  So I've had this
, inked and everything waiting to be published.  And with
Halloween coming up, I thought what a perfect time to do such a thing!

In a perfect world, this Christmas, I'll be making a special edition
Christmas version of "Dribble for Kids" in which I'll tackle my TMNT
fandom head on.  cos I still get questions every once and awhile...
"Why doesn't your strip talk alot about the TMNT, or even, at
all?"  It will. It will my friends. Indeed it will. ::evily laughs::
er um, uh-hem. 


This week again really is a Video Game joke, based on whether or not you know
the designs for the Sora character from Kingdom
.  It's more a simple idea of, if you know what the original
design of Mickey Mouse looks like, and mix his clothes with a small boy, or if
you visit the Kingdom Hearts website,
it should all make sense. Hopefully.

Alright, enough of my blabbering, turtle-fans!  Let's get to the gravy,
shall we?  Here is this week's strip, "Firggin'
" Enjoy!

Can I say they look DARN AWESOME!!! (see below...)

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