Saturday, August 28, 2004

Another week has gone by. Being that the last month rewards us with two... not just two, nor Two or 2, but TWO D4K comics, and I forgot to mention here on the site.

Here on Page 2 you can see that the Vader fan is a bit more rutheless than it seems. Also, this is the first time I messed with something the guys at do, which is give the characters some depth in panel. Such as, a film camera does. It was very intersting to play around with the program I've had for so long and finally feeling comfortable enough to play around it to do cool stuff like that.

Following that is Page 3, interestingly enough with the first "real accesible joke" thus far. Also, I rarely impress myself on my own work, (I still think I suck really bad....) but I am pleased with the way the panels, (specially the last one) panned out. Any thoughts on such, post em on the board as I am trying to frequent them when I have the time! Until next week...

.. your friend 'Spaze Caze' is here to face the poo life flings in a new comic -starting here !!


Actor ;Ho Sung Pak (Raphael in TMNT II and III) one of the featured actors in a Chicaco Sun-Times article (starting here) about Asian and Asian-American actors triumphs and the challenges in a changing world of cinema.

..if you are in Tornonto this weekend (now thru' the 29yh of August); Jim Lawson, Eric Talbot and Michael Dooney and Peter Laird will be appearing live at the Canadian National Comic Book Expo ..tell 'em hi..gush and cheer..the Mirage Main Crew is there !!

--Checkin' in on Mr.B's Official TMNT site ..aside from cool comic strip rehashes,fun fan toys,and more neat-0 fan made Turtle icons..

.. - there is some cool shots of the new TMNT2: Battle Nexus video game boxes -starting here !!

- ..wonderful video and a few screen shots you may have seen before are -here on 'jeux-france' !!

..don't worry,Mikey ..we're keepin' it warm here for ya !!

(..yeh prolly is pretty warm and a lil' smelly..i think i just farted !!)

Friday, August 27, 2004

Sorry, I know I've been gone for a while now... But I'm just posting here as a test.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

-->>..Servo-robot under the sea..'fish n' chips'..or 'chips n' fish' ??
..More and more sightings of yet the next TMNT variations..
..the Deep Divin' TMNTs look a little funny.. but they are actually pretty cool..i nabbed the Donatello at super Target and found 1 Fugitoid ..Don has got some really rubbery gear and a little sea friend.. (Donnie get's a little sting ray..)

..swim ,little friend..!!

..i even took 'em for a little dip in the sink.. Donnie Floats ok and even blubs some bubbles.. but it looks like the little ray needs a little help to stay afloat.. so be sure to give him a hand if you take yir toys in the tub, Bub !!

..keep checkin' the pegs.. the summer's near over and as you go back to school..the TMNTs are headin' back to the stores.. !!

-- Mr.B's offical TMNT updates bring a slew of TMNT 2 game links with tons of Turtle Video info..::

- Game Informer's article starts here ..

- Worth Playing's article is here..

- ..good ol' Game Spy's info is here ..

- ..and more info from Game Spot.. (..who the h3ll is 'Slashuaa' ??)

-..and thanks to Hyper Metal Sonic for IGN's link info on the cool new Game Boy A. port of TMNT 2 (starting here) !!


Monday, August 23, 2004

-->>..ah f7ck!! Hun is fartin' explosives again !!
IGN gives ya some more details on the features of October's 'TMNT 2: Battle Nexus' video game release startin' here !!

And be sure to check the cool Trailers for TMNT 2 (if ya havn't already) on the IGN media page startin here !!

..GameSpot also reveals in some screen shots some extra players for ya if you don't just wanna battle the Shred-heads as just the Turtles.. pix start here !!

..neat little follow-up stories to the 'Totally Obsessed' Vh1 show on Tuesday ..the Detroit Free Press articles start here & HERE !!

Saturday, August 21, 2004

-->> ..HAPPY BIRFDAY,tOkKie!!

!! !! !!

..ahh ,shuckies.. gimmee pwesent o' me beat u up.. gimmee gimmee gimmee!!


Thursday, August 19, 2004

-->> ..obsessed or posessed ..the TMNT's have taken over Ivey's soul !!
..from VH1 (info here)..::

"Michelle Ivey is totally obsessed with The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In order to become the sixth hero in a half-shell, Michelle has spent over $5,000 in karate lessons and even bought the 'head' of Turtle Michaelangelo. In this episode you'll also meet Travis Bell, a Dukes of Hazzard fanatic who spent an entire year's salary to see the series signature automobile, The General Lee, fly again. Then you?ll be on pins and needles when you meet Brent Moffat, a man obsessed with piercing. Brent plans to set a world record by piercing himself three thousand times! Finally, you thought Mother Goose was just a fairytale? Nancy Townsend is the real deal who is raising her four geese and one duck as her daughters and traded in her house for a more duck friendly RV.".. be sure to check out VH1 11/10c PM.. August 24 (this coming Tuesday)..

.. checkin and see what TMNT super-geekdom is all about (and why it's just so damm c00l..)!!

--..S.W.A.T. !!
..scannin' this thread at T-drome..
..tOkKie's learned of a really cool (and what appears to be a Toys R' Us Exclusive)..TMNT Toy set..'S.W.A.T. Battle Pack'
..some very strange and cool re-hashes of some older figs and stuff.. but very cool !!
.. this set includes::
- 8 figures !! (6 Mousers and 1; S.W.A.T Repaint of 'Fighting Gear Donatello' and 1; repaint of 'Leonardo') !!

- 1 S.W.A.T. Copter.. (which seems as a really odd but cool amalgam of the 'Shell Sub' and 'Pogo Coptor' looks really slick!!)

- 1 S.W.A.T. Repaint of the Battle Shell .. (and what's really fun is the coptor can attach to the top of the Truck as the Turtles drive into battle !!)
.. boy ..the green teens get all decked out when the mousers attack.. gee whizz!!
I'd hate to see how they handle the cockroach problem in the Sewer Lair !!

-- ..Komodo Comandos!! ..
..the Elite Commando TMNTs seem to be smashin' up things and feets and Foots in The U.K. !! These are the really sweet looking 'Fighting Gear' repaints reported a few months back !!

.. a giant super big keen THANK YOU to Avervisal for all the info involving these really cool toy tip-offs !!


Wednesday, August 18, 2004

A New D4K has arrived for your viewing pleasure.

I do admit it's a bit much dialouge wise, but this is an issue of exposition.
I hope you think highly of the new format as well. We'd have comic covers, but the images themselves were HARDLY full blown pages.

But we fixed that. At least, I think so.

-->>..ok..i give me!!
..gaw..this latest 'Spaze Caze'..(starting here..) comic took me 2 and 1/2 weeks to finish.. i'm glad it's over.. on to the next one.. oii..

Monday, August 16, 2004

-->> ..tee-hee hee-hee.. my pony tail tickles my backside.. tee-hee hee..
..August 17 is tommorow and 'TMNT vol.11- The Ultimate Ninja' will be hittin' the shelves on DVD and VHS !! ..and if your lucky..they may even put it out today (Monday)..!!
.. g0 ninja g0 ninja g0 .. !!
.. (yet another one of tOkKa's tired attempts to recycle a pointless n' equally tired catch-phrase..)

Friday, August 13, 2004

-->> ..i am THE FLY..said the spider to the fly !!
Tons of Turtle toy updates;Buggy Baxter,Claw Shredder,Mini Fightin' Gear Turtles,Gizmo and the Fugitoid,ol' school TMNT toy updates..and so much more ::

Uber cool,Dan Berger's official TMNT updates start right here

-- And Congrats,Nicky!!
..and thanks for all your support thru' these past few years , it means alot, dawggy!!


Thursday, August 12, 2004

Hey Mikey's TMNT fans.

It's been a while. I know. But while Tokka has been keeping you busy with the well done Spaze Craze. Nice to have you back on the comic scene, Dave! I really enjoyed the PoP you used to do!

So on to some D4K news. For some you not knowing, August 19th is my 23rd birthday. When better to relaunch the comic from it's hiatus of summer break? Why THEN of course! But, because I'm trying to get a couple pages ahead (full blown pages are cool but hard work...) I have a few pages completed. Which also means... I am sitting atop of all this stuff, and promised I wouldn't even release a cover until then. Heh. Yeah, well...

Screw It...

While I WILL be keeping my promise to get Dribble For Kids back into the swing of things on August 19th, being that
this is ONLY a cover for Issue 3, I decided to go ahead and throw this sucker up. That way when Page 1 hits Aug. 19th, we can just get right into it. Since, I'm getting anxious anyway.

D**n you, antsy anxiousness of being anxious!!!

Umm.... Right. Anyway, as you can see, Dribble For Kids/D4K begins it's first big 'official' story arc, which takes place in more than one issue. And the
"issue" isn't just a bunch of 4 or 6 panel "comic strips." No sir, D4K is now full blown comic book pages. And while the writing skills, what little I had, seem to be slowly waking from hibernation, which sucks such due to the fact that issue one is almost nothing BUT exposition.... Oh well.

I digress.

"The Lord of the Sweaters" finally begins with Chapter One: The Two Wheatons. You might notice the guy above. Wil Wheaton. Has a website. I just want you all to know that I'm a huge fan of Wheaton's. Granted, I don't own "Stand By Me", but I did rush out and bought a movie he's barely in but is great ( and also own both of his books, "Just A Geek" and "Dancing Barefoot." He is one of those guys who is all shades of cool to me. Actually the idea of having Wil vs. himself came from a short story I wrote and then quickly scrapped around a year and a half ago. It all involved a blog entry he written, (featured exclusively in "Just A Geek") where Wil is talking and almost fighting a smaller toy-version of himself, a 'Cadet Wesley Crusher' figure, to be more precise. The short story was scrapped, but in the end, I liked the idea so much, I jokingly told one of my friends (Kidsplinter is the name, for all you who read the strip regularly...) and we joked lightly about it being added into the very young Dribble For Kids.

But joking aside, I loved the idea being intertwined with D4K. So much in fact, that originally this whole storyline wasn't going to be apart of the
Lord of the Sweaters storyline. Heavens no, this was a follow up to the episode. But the journey to fight the evil SAPs Inc wasn't laden with difficulty enough. So in the storyline went, and it kept well with the basis of the titles of the chapters. "The Two Wheatons." "The Two Towers." See what I mean? It works.At least I think it does. And I hope you do too. Buckle your seatbelts, kids... this is gonna be a bumpy ride!


.. i'm not sure if this shirt has been at other shoppes and stores.. but if you hit your local Kohl's department store you may find this really cool tee. This particular Tee is the second TMNT 'Represent' shirt.. but it's especially cool cuz of the classic comic artwork on it!! If you hit Kohl's before the weeks end can get the shirt on sale for $12.99 .. which beats the regular price of $18 ..if ya wait til' next week.. yir gonna have to shell out !!

Sunday, August 08, 2004

-->> ..!!
..i wanted to touch base on this a few months back but kept putting it off. Tales of the TMNT
.. has been featuring a little wood turtle in real need of our help for a radio transmitter.. her name is F-104. She was found in the Conneticut Valley of Massachusetts!! It is guessed she is 20 - 30 years old. She lives in a small,fast-flowing brook surrounded by hayfield and hemlock forest. The Turtle nested in June and supposedly wandering the fields and roads and woodlands. In the fall she is supposed to return to the river she hibernates in.

Steve Murphy and his Turtle-live crew at 'Tales..'is asking for everyone's help. The radio transmitter is important in this effort for trackingF-104.. wood turtles are endangered !!

Mirage Studios & Playmates Toys are supporting this important project and you can too !!

Steve Murphy is encouraging everyone who can to send donations made to ::

The University of Massachusetts
and sent to ::

Paul Sievert,Assistant Unit Leader-
Wildlife.USGS,Massachusetts Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit

Department of of Natural Resources Conservation
319 Holdsworth Hall.University of Massachusetts Amherst

..i know money is real tight nowadays.. but every little bit helps in the form of a check or money order ..even if it's a few dollars !!

And still ..even if it's just your support and awareness in this effort .. that's good too!!

.. the TMNT have been a long-time supporter of the conservation of our home the Earth.. !! .. you can bet tOkK here will keep ya updated as he can on F-104's progress.. also check the 'Tales of the TMNT' book for further info,updates and even contest info involving F-104 and the wood turtle conservation !! COWABUNGA !!


Thursday, August 05, 2004

-->> ..ya know..ya see this type o' surgery in the movies all the time..and no matter what.. ya just aren't really ever prepared for it in real life..ya know..

..from Diamond Comics's Previews ::
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (volume 4) #18
by Peter Laird & Jim Lawson

This issue: the Fugitoid has some work done; Raphael receives a phone call; Michelangelo does the lifegaurd thing;Leonardo gets creeped out; and Donatello witnesses a bizarre revalation !

32 pages.. $2.95


-- Toy reports are spewing out all over.. including from Mikey and CJJ .. most of the new baisics including General Mozar,Siver Sentury,Fugitoid,Gaurdian Ninja,Triceraton Warrior,the Battle Bikes TMNTs, and even Utrom (!?!?) i have seen Leo v' T-rex Box set,the Ninja Action TMNTs and the Sewer Lid Launcher myself.. .. the mystery of Quarry is still ..that she just isn't out yet..and i have not heard anything about the Clone Shredders (Claws and Multi- arms..)or Malignus.. but this may change very soon .. !!
One little guy messaged me really anxious about all the new TMNTs toys.. all i can say is ::'have patience,buddy' !!
..they are rolling out the TMNT figures and stuff in equal numbers for the most part.. so..even if you don't get the TMNT toys right when they come out.. wait a little while..they should be available for you to buy in just a little bit of time ..!!