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'A Journey to Boar's Town' by Peter Laird from "After the Bomb" - A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Supplement by Erick Wujcik ((1986))

-->> Courtesy of A.Modeen by way of Ivey ..::

" ..

From Ivey:


I remember when I first learned of the Mirage Turtles
many years ago going out and trying to find all of the
books on those turtles with the red mask, and running
into a book that was not a comic book though a game. I
never could figure out the game, too much reading for
me. Though the information I did figure out, like the
Turtles bios, were great. I would often refer back to
those books and seen it as the official information on
the Turtles, better than the toy packages, video games
or other books that came out. The Palladium RPG books
was my source for TMNT stats.

As I kept going in fandom I remember picking up the
book "Turtle Treasury" where I read the story of how
Palladium Books is the reason that Mark Freedman
(Surge) even got introduced to the Ninja Turtles. Many
of you have heard me talk highly of Palladium for
this, without them we don't know if there would of
ever been the cartoons, movies, toys, ect... or if any
of us would of ever even heard of Ninja Turtles. I
stress it often that I feel these guys are wonderful,
and deserve so much more credit in TMNT History.

The Writer of the book is Mr. Erick Wujcik. I got the
Honor to meet Erick for a few minutes at the Palladium
Books open house last May. At this event I thanked him
for his work on TMNT and got him to autograph my
T-Shirt. He was very nice, though also very busy since
he was doing panels and games. He was so alive, you
could just see it in his eyes. This is someone I had
hopes to meet again.

Today I got a message, one that deeply saddens me and
I was asked to pass this message along to others...


Kevin Siembieda wrote:
Erick Wujcik, the author of the TMNT RPG and various
sourcebooks, among many other books, is dying of
cancer. The time he probably has left is measured in

We started a blog to commorate his life while Erick
can enjoy reading all the well wishes. it is

Please feel free to pass this information along to
others, as well as make comments on the blog.


I have already made a post to the blog, and I hope
many others join in on this. Though I'm really sorry
that this news is here, it's never easy to see anyone
go. So let's all be support to a man who have helped
touch all of our lives, even if he didn't realize it. .."


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- Courtesy of Figures .com ::

INTERVIEW: NECA's Randy Falk Discusses 2008 Toy Plans

Revealing news on Alien, Predator, Resident Evil, TMNT, more...

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'The Forever War'   Unused TMNT Adventures #73 cover..((TMNTA story Never released)) [[courtesy of S. Murphy]]

'The Forever War' Unused TMNT Adventures #73 cover..((TMNTA story Never released)) [[courtesy of S. Murphy]]

Long time gone, long time coming (part 3)"

Thus were several forces at work, threads weaving together into a thickening darkness that I perceived (perhaps with a bit of paranoia) was being thrown over me: I was working alone, the Archie guys wanted me out, and Mirage Publishing was suddenly expanding into color.

But I suppose it’s a little more complicated than that, or at least less linear....

A few months earlier Mirage began the second volume of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book series, deciding, in an inverted Sisyphean logic, that the greatly added expense of printing in color would boost the sagging sales and increasing losses of the first volume series. This, of course, was new ground, a territory previously “owned” by the TMNT Adventures title, but more so by Archie Comics, who had the exclusive right to print in color for newsstand distribution.

Not that Mirage was going newsstand with volume two. But it was entering the direct-sales market with a color title. The big enchiladas at Archie Comics didn’t like this, as they too had their eye on the direct-sales market since they were going through an across the board decline in newsstand sales as the number of children reading comics plummeted with the increased competition from video games. They were secretly making plans for a more direct-sales oriented TMNTA comic. Plans that did not involve me or anyone else at Mirage.

Factor in where my head was at – unsupported by anyone else at Mirage (artists and owners alike), increasingly isolated by the actions and attitude of the publishing department, under attack by Archie – and, well, no wonder my depression – generally low level and manageable - worsened.

I was starting to give up the fight, as it were - something I rarely do.

To be continued….

(Pictured: the cover to the original TMNT Adventures #73, the third issue of The Forever War story arc. Pencils by Chris Allan. Inks by, um, Octavious Spore.)"

-- S.Murphy
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'The Forever War'   Unused TMNT Adventures #72 cover..((TMNTA story Never released)) [[courtesy of S. Murphy]]

S.Murphy ::

"Long time gone, long time coming (part 2)


And, worse, the Archie guys wanted me off the book at a time when I was at a low point in my depression (although at the time I didn’t realize it was depression).

Allow me to back up a bit.

When I first joined the studio (at Pete’s kind invitation) in 1988 I immediately hit it off with Ryan Brown, so much so that we wound up being housemates for several years. It was Ryan who pulled me out of my, er, shell, and suggested that I work with him on developing ideas for TMNT Adventures (up until that point all my creative endeavors were focused on my collaboration with Michael Zulli on our book The Puma Blues). My partnership with Ryan would last for 30 or so issues of TMNTA, result in the creation of the Mutanimals and many other characters and concepts, and didn’t end until Ryan more or less left Mirage to focus on his intellectual property, the Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa. I would eventually develop a similar relationship with artist Chris Allan.

However, once Ryan left, there was no longer an “Archie team” at Mirage. Just me in my corner office: no assistants, no interns. Just a Rolodex and a substantial monthly phone bill (both Archie Comics and Chris Allan were based in New York). Even primary TMNTA inker Dan Berger would soon leave the book to work on the TMNT daily newspaper strip.

Parallel to this - during the early to mid 1990s – Mirage’s publishing division grew from a fun, haphazard and truly organic (and, I would argue, a direct sales market version of an “underground” comics company, something that would soon be labeled “independent”) animal run by Pete and Kevin, to something with a more traditional corporate structure: a publisher, publisher’s assistant, an assistant to the assistant, an editor, a graphic designer. A whole group of people were hired who – aside from the editor – not only had no experience working on comic books, but did not even read comic books as children. But they toiled away, with varying degrees of success, in making Mirage Publishing a more streamlined organization, and certainly a more serious place (for good or for ill, depending on one's point of view). But as a group they were also incredibly cliquey, somewhat insecure, at times malicious, often territorial. Very territorial.

To be continued….

(Pictured: the cover to the original TMNT Adventures #72, the second issue of The Forever War story arc. Pencils by Chris Allan. Inks by Eric Talbot.)" --Steve Murphy

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

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"Have you ever wondered why “The Forever War” 5-issue story arc was never printed in Archie Comics’ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures?

Let me tell you a story…
Long time gone, long time coming (part 1)  - - 'The Forever War'  ad  A & TMNT Adventures #71 cover..((story Never released)) [[courtesy of S. Murphy]]

Mirage Studios. Northampton, Massachusetts. Early 1995.

I had been working behind the scenes on “the Archie book” since issue #5 in two generally un-credited capacities: as Mirage’s in-house editor on the series (which fell under my job title of “Editor of Licensed Publications”) and as a developer of story lines, the latter a role I first shared with Ryan Brown (through issue #30 or so) and then later with Chris Allan (when I wasn’t doing it solo).

I had just finished work on “The Moon Eyes Saga” story arc (TMNTA #67-70), wherein Raphael travels to Alaska seeking the love of his life, Ninjara, only to romantically lose her to another. It was heavy stuff for a kids’ book – at least by the standards of the day – and I was once again at odds with the two bigwigs at Archie Comics: editor in chief Victor Gorelick and publisher Michael Silberkleit, both of whom thought we were “going too far” in terms of adult themes. Both men, as well as their distribution guy, Fred Mauser, had been on my ass about this several times before, most heatedly when we put out the first “future Turtles” story arc, wherein Chris and I developed the character of Hitler’s brain (but that’s another story).

Victor and Michael wanted to know where the book was going with issue 71, and when I told them we would be revisiting the future (the Greenhouse Earth future, another notion which freaked them out) for a 5-issue story arc featuring the return of the Shredder - a totalitarian Shredder (not the buffoon of the cartoon) – they popped their toupees. And said they wanted me off the book.

To be continued….

(Pictured: the cover to the original TMNT Adventures #71, the first issue of The Forever War story arc. Pencils by Chris Allan. Inks by Eric Talbot.)"

(( .. this story line has been rumoured to released as a collected volume or summin' for a few years now.

It may happen as the TMNT's 25th birthday approaches. Here we see Shredder Triumphant as he has taken control over the 'Future Donatello'.

..the mid- to late 1990s were an interesting time for TMNTs in the original cartoon and the Archie comic book as darker story lines and character development were introduced.

..We'll see.. ~t ))

** Update**

Murph ::"The Forever War WILL see print as a trade in May 2009, to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the TMNT. It will be immediately preceded by another trade, a reprint of TMNTA issues that relate to and precede the events of The Forever War.

This I swear. Come Hell or high water! "


= Kick A55 'Foot Bot' Ninja courtesy of FoxFoo !! ** Click here n' check'em out !! !!

- From Dannie B. and the official TMNT ::..

-**Bebop and Rocksteady's Tee is now up on the Hot Topic Merch web for purchase as well as ** other TMNT gear (click) !!

- "Posted pix of these Mini-Mutants from Playmates Toys: Moto-Slider Donatello, Moto-Slider Michelangelo, Moto-Cycle Leonardo, Moto-Cycle Raphael, Leo's Ninja Dojo playset and Raph's Iron Pumpin' Gym playset. ((**Click here, at the lower part of the 2007 Toy listings))

- Dan :: "Peter Laird is putting together the next issue of TMNT Volume 4. If anyone would like to write a "letter to the editor", now would be the time to do it!"

- ((Speecial thanks to Vaughn forthe reminder..))

Khalil spotted 4Kids' TMNT Season Two DVD season set on, currently scheduled for release on February 18. It's currently listed as a single disc, so if that's the case, I don't know how many are planned. There's no cover image yet, but you can pre-order it at Amazon via the following link:

** TMNT Season Two DVD

- "Tales of the TMNT" #41 is going to the printer today ((Dec.13 ~t ))and with any luck will be picked up by Diamond Comic Distributors on December 26... so it sadly won't make its December release date, but it should be out in early January. At the moment, #42, #43 and #44 are on schedule and should ship on time.

Ryan Brown::

Wanted to let you know there's more full-color, original art available from Peter and Steve. **You can email Steve for details.

.. more as i go .. .. >v<

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Bebop n' Rocksteady's rotten retro return!!

- On Sale at Hot Topic now !! ..


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S.Murphy ::

TMNT movie sequel sorta news.4

"You are not going to believe this but no decision was made at yesterday's meeting between Mirage and Imagi. Things are still 50-50 with regards to whether or not there will be a movie sequel. Not only that but the new "window" in which to make a decision has been extended four months.

While I can't go into details, I can say that Imagi showed up with one potential premise and that it was shot down by Pete (yeah, only one, hard to believe), and that the premise supplied by yours truly "did not lift my skirt" (in Pete's words). So... both sides have to come up with new, skirt-lifting premises, as well as work out a few other minor conceptual/design snags before a green light is given. Hearts seem to be in place but minds have yet to follow....

So, yeah, once again: stay tuned."

Larry Christmas's // Brown & Lavigne's 'TMNT Retro' April commissions ..ii [[Courtesy of S.Murphy]]((2007))

Murph:: "Even though I'm not making the calls on the Retro April style guide art I remain in the email loop... and just received this revised action pose (the right hand was reworked). I put my two cents in (again; I think I'm up to a dime now) and reiterated that the Retro April should not have any fight poses, that she needs her microphone in at least one pose, etc. No reaction yet. .. ..

* One of the Steve Lavigne-Ryan Brown retro April poses.

She needs a bit of padding in a couple of spots (and overall more filling out) but otherwise I thought this was pretty much right on in terms of style. .. " ..

- Following is courtesy of Ryan Brown ::

(TMNT Spinoff) ..Mutanimals The Animated Series! - MAN RAY ((Ray Fillet)) & 'The Den' ..[[Courtesy of Ryan Brown]] ((1992))

**Ryan Brown:: "Here we have Man Ray (officially named Ray Fillet for the Mutanimals cartoon pitch) and the "Den" - the floating fortress
of the Mutanimals. Quoting from the animation bible:
"The Den is the secret high-tech headquarters of the Mutanimals. Built by Donatello to be disguised as a volcanic island, The Den is both home and a mobile HQ for the team. Ocean-based, The Den can maneuver across all the earth's seas."

Of note the text reads that Ray is to be "modeled after Clint Eastwood for voice and personality."

Go ahead punk, make my day.

Can you see that ?" .. ..

(TMNT Spinoff) ..Mutanimals The Animated Series! - Dreadmon & Wyrm ..[[Courtesy of Ryan Brown]] ((1992))

.. .. Animation drawings of Dreadmon and the creepy villain Wyrm from the Mutanimals style guide." ..

Following 3 items ..courtesy of Rosemary and V.Michael ..::

Foottech's son has to use the stubby 'saftey swords'.

Rose::"The new Mini-Mutant 2-packs have been sighted at Toys R Us stores for $5.99. Pictured .. is the mini-Foot Tech Ninja with his larger counterpart."

- TMNT Nominated For Annie Award

"TMNT has been nominated for an Annie Award in the category of Storyboarding in an Animated Feature Production

Storyboarding in an Animated Feature Production

Don Hall – ‘Meet The Robinsons’ – Walt Disney Feature Animation

Denise Koyama – “Surf’s Up” – Sony Pictures Animation

Ted Mathot – “Ratatouille” – Pixar Animation Studios

Sean Song – “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” – IMAGI Animation Studios

Nassos Vakalis – “Bee Movie” – DreamWorks Animation

Good luck to Sean and the entire Imagi crew!

Thanks to Andrew for the heads-up. .."

- [[ATTN. Karai Fans !!]] Tales of the TMNT #44 Preview Pages

"Dario Brizuela has posted some previews of the pencils for Tales of the TMNT #44 on his blog.

You can check out the preview pages here.**

You can check out the pencils and final version of the cover here.***

Tales of the TMNT #44 will be on sale in March."


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

-->> N E C A has officially announced the Classic TMNT toy line..

**Click here **

..same Leo image from before..still it's news straight from the horse's mouth !!

"NECA Releases the First Image of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo Action Figure


"In 2008, NECA presents collectibles from one of the most popular comic book properties of all time: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This spring, Series 1 of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures hits stores. Based on the original Mirage Studios comic created by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, NECA's new action figures maintain the gritty look comic book fans fell in love with over twenty years ago. Today, NECAonline presents the first figure in this highly anticipated new license: Leonardo! The leader of the Turtles, Leonardo has two deadly katana, multiple points of articulation, and his original red facemask. In the coming weeks, NECA will be releasing details, photos, and more of the entire Series 1 line-up. For now, check out our first official image of Leonardo and keep checking back at NECAonline for the latest updates on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collectibles and more!"


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- Hand-made TMNT beanies and 3-fingered Mittens !!
Check out Big Apple's awsome TMNT headgear and and mittens !!

B.Apple::"They're crocheted by me, turnaround time will probably be a week or so. You can't tell in the photo, but the masks have tails in the back that tie, and everything.

They're made-to-order, $25 per set or $80 for all four. I'll also consider trades, I'm looking to accumulate the DVDs of the original cartoon.

The colors may not be exactly as shown, because I've run out of those particular yarns, so let me know if you have a preference as to shade of green. Otherwise I'll probably go with the general shades they are in the 2003 cartoon."

**Click here @ T-drome for more information and to hlp ya keep Turtley Warm this winter !!

Following info Courtesy of Ryan Brown ::

(TMNT Spinoff) ..Mutanimals The Animated Series! -  Jagwar & Executor ..[[Courtesy of Ryan Brown]]  ((1992))

Mutanimals The Animated Series!

Ryan Brown::Back in 1992 the Mutanimals were being shopped around by Mirage as a spin-off of the turtles. Ruby-Spears showed some interest, so an animation bible was produced along with a style guide of all the characters, environs and vehicles by some Hollywood animator (I forget who). Plot synopses for the first season were completed, with the 13 episodes centered around the Mutanimals' efforts to combat an invasion by Maligna.

All the regular cast of the Mutanimals make the transition, although they were redesigned - streamlined you might say - to accommodate budgetary restrictions in the animation process.

Krang makes the jump from the TMNT universe to become the main villain and friend of Maligna. A host of villains both new and old are on board to help keep the Mutanimals on their toes.

Of note, you will be pleased to hear, the Mutanimals get a new member: Ninjara joins the group.

The Turtles guest star in the first 4 episodes.

In Episode 9 the Mutanimals go to Dimension X to meet Cudley the Cowlick. How's that for cool?

Above you'll find the animation drawings from the show's style guide of Jagwar and the villain, Executor.

(TMNT Spinoff) ..Mutanimals The Animated Series! - ..Ship Arkwind & Ninjara ..[[Courtesy of Ryan Brown]] ((1992))

Ryan Brown::" More from the Mutanimals animation style guide. The Arkwind is the team's flagship. Ninjara is, well, Ninjara. The text from her page reads: "When time permits Ninjara has been training Mondo Gecko in the martial art of ninjitsu." Cool! .."

- you may want to check on on ebay as S.Lavigne and Peter Laird's hand painted works have become really hot items !! **Click here

- Leatherhead 8 page story info !!..((**Click Here))

- ..check out Lavigne's classic ink work on Tales volume 1 ** Here and **Here .. ((Complete Carnage and Leatherhead's first nemesis !! !!))

- Got 3000 bucks ?? ..A nice investment if you can 'shell out' ..

Simon Bisley & Kevin Eastman's 'Body Count' #4 Cover art.. by BIZ ..  ((1994)) // i need a 3000 $$ loan ..;( PHHOOEY !!

..Biz's classic work from Body Count #4 ..and one of the greatest Raph paintings ever made..

** is here.. ..

TMNT movie sequel sorta news.3

- S.Murphy::

Well, tomorrow's the big day. The three top executives of Imagi Animation are visiting Mirage for a meeting with Peter Laird and CEO Gary in order to decide once and for all whether or not we will be going forward with a movie sequel.

Movie info isn't always easy to come by around here and as a result I ask a lot of nosy questions. One of the few things that I've learned about this whole sequel topic is that if Imagi were to go forward, they would like to see the story set in Japan, or elsewhere in Asia. Another thing is that there exists the possibility that Imagi wants to attach a "name" screenwriter or "name" writer-director to the project.

However, amongst my other weasel-like qualities is a healthy if sometimes self-delusional assertiveness... and thus I have just thrown my hat into the ring (otherwise defined as "begging") and submitted a plot for the second movie, one that has no strings attached, meaning that if I don't get hired to write the screenplay (a long shot by any standard), my ideas could be used, without my being used.

At any rate, I should have more news on the movie front by Wednesday. Friend and fellow TMNT scribe Jake Black is coincidentally visiting Mirage Tuesday... and I don't imagine I'll have much time to post tomorrow.

Yeah, stay tuned...

Larry Christmas's 'TMNT Retro' April commissions [[Courtesy of  S.Murphy]]((2007))

Larry Christmas's 'TMNT Retro' April commissions [[Courtesy of  S.Murphy]]((2007))

"Well, the Powers That Be weren't very pleased with the four Retro April pieces that I commissioned from Steve Lavigne and Ryan Brown, and so had the 4Kids art director hire artist Larry Christmas to design new poses (the 4-shot) which were later revised, minus the peace/victory sign and a few other changes (the 3-shot). While these are undoubtedly great drawings of April, they still ain't exactly retro. I'm beginning to feel that I'm the only one around here who views "retro" as meaning "original to the past," or at least in the exact same style as what had existed in the past (and by the original artists).

At the very least I'm going to try to get all eight pieces into the style guide...."

- News and notes from Dan B. and the official TMNT site :: ..

*NECA's TMNT Leonardo action figure is listed for pre-order in the December 2007 issue of Diamond Comic Distributors catalog "Previews" on page 420. Below is a picture of the final paint deco, which, if you'll pardon my enthusiasm, is totally killer!

*Speaking of Diamond, you can also pre-order "Tales of the TMNT" #43 and "Tales of the TMNT Collected Books Volume 5", which are listed on page 303 of the December 2007 issue of "Previews". "Previews" is available via comic book shops and participating hobby stores.

Below is information taken from the latest press release from 4Kids Entertainment:

TV News

*Fall ’07: Fast Forward is 4Kids TV’s top rated show! On November 10, 2007 the show received a 2.6 for Boys 6-11 and a 2.8 for Boys 2-5 which were the highest ratings in the block!

*Spring ’08: 4Kids TV will be airing a series of 12 never before seen ‘lost episodes’ called “Ninja Tribunals."

*Fall ’08: 13 new episodes and a brand new toy line are in development for Season 7:

When the Turtles return from the future to their present time, Viral interferes causing Master Splinter to get trapped in cyberspace, bits of his data code scattered all throughout the digital domain. The Turtles must find a way to access the virtual realm so they can gather Splinter’s code and save their beloved father before he is lost to them forever...

*4Kids TV On Demand: TMNT was one of 4Kids' top viewed shows available on-demand, with over 560,000 views in October!

Toy News

*Spring ’08: New toy lines being launched in Spring ’08 include Mini-Mutants, Alien Escape, Turtle Action Gear, and brand new action vehicles including the Sewer-Slider and Mini Battle Shell! These lines have been well-received and the toy line has even gained additional shelf space at Target and K-Mart! There will be 4-5 feet of TMNT toys in Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and Target!

*Spring '08 - TMNT Code Green Sweepstakes: TMNT collectible cards are included in over 270,000 TMNT toys from Playmates for Spring 2008. There are 8 cards to collect, each one with a code. Kids can enter the codes at a **** where they can get access to amazing TMNT games, puzzles, and more! In addition, kids can enter to win turtle-tastic prizes including a trip to New York City to record a voice in a Turtles episode plus the entire TMNT Spring toy line from Playmates. There are also great runner-up and second place prizes to win!

*Fall ’08: Two new Playmates toy lines are in development for Fall 2008 in support of the new episodes. The Sub-Sewer line features the Turtles and their underground gear while the Iron Mutant line has the Turtles armed and ready for battle with Shredder!

Video Game News

*Following the highly successful TMNT movie video game release this year, Ubisoft is creating a TMNT Video Game for release in 2009! Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Leonardo engage in a new series of adventures!

New Licensees:

*A & A Global Industries - Cell phone danglers, buildable characters, balloon shooters, character tops, grow your own characters, stickers, temporary tattoos!

*Etchstar - Laser images etched onto iPods and laptops. Fans can purchase brand new Apple products directly from, an authorized Apple dealer and Apple Specialist and have it customized 'on-demand,' or send in their already- owned iPod or other device to have it customized. Etchstar is offering TMNT fans free shipping during the month of December! The coupon code for that is SHPFE12.

*Good Stuff - Plush, rubber inflatable balls, soft stuffed novelties, pillows, towels, headwear and mirrors.

*Infinity Headwear and Apparel - Boys' juniors and young men's headwear (caps, baseball hats and beanies) & cold weather accessories (gloves, scarves and mittens).

*Sketchers - Cali-bits (shoe charms) for Sketchers.

TMNT Retro Licensing Program

*TMNT goes Retro! We are in the midst of developing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles retro campaign based on the look from the hugely successful 1980s TV series. The Retro campaign offers nostalgic product for the 20-something fans of the original lean, green, ninja machines that are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Below is a list of the licensees that are on board!

*Bio World - Men’s & women’s headwear, bags, wallets, wristbands, belts & buckles

*Hot Topic - Terry wrist cuffs, wallets, metal pins, metal key chains, key caps, and vinyl cut stickers, sketchbooks

*Briefly Stated - Loungewear, Underwear Sets & Sleepwear

*Giant - T-shirts, Track Jackets, Woven Shirts, Board Shorts, Jr./Tween T-Shirts, Belts & Belt Buckles, boys’ and young men’s t-shirts, fashion tops and fleece

*NECA - Collector action figures, statues, busts, weapon prop replicas, collector bobbleheads

*Disguise - Halloween Costumes

*NKOK, Inc - Vehicle race sets, battery operated vehicles, remote control operated vehicles

25th Anniversary Celebration

*2009 is the 25th anniversary for TMNT (the first comic book was published in May 1984)! 4Kids is developing a year-long celebration for our green heroes! Watch out for more details in the coming months!

*The "Tales of the TMNT Volume 1 Series Treasury Edition" was delivered to Diamond Comic Distributors yesterday, so it should hit store shelves over the next two weeks or so.

*"Tales of the TMNT" #41 is still in production, but it will hopefully be done soon and be out before the end of the month.


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image round up ..

Images ourtesy of TNI , Nacho, and S.Murphy.. ..

NECA's TMNT: Bases Sumbmitted for approval //  HydrantWood3

..bases .. W . I . P . ..

NECA's TMNT: Bases Submitted for approval //  LampSewer3

NECA's TMNT: Bases Submitted for approval //  LampSewer2

..sorry, Shellheads.. tOkKie's machien was on the fritz again i was wrasslin' with that for a few days. I am a bit behind,

Kinda a lot to cover.. so i'll do that in a round-up on my next update. ..>v<

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** CLICK HERE For the Krib Story :: 'Frames' .. **

-->> ..a trip tOkKA's KriB is more than some bargain ..

over the years .. the one and only schizo-snapper has a personality the nations have grown to loath.

Yeh like that ever stopped him.

The 'FRAME' of mind the Toddler's been in lately recently made him "snap" once again.

Tokka went so crazy that he was slahsing prices all over the store !!


The long 'unreadable' ..and LOST Krib Klassic:: 'Frames' has gotten an overhaul.

Recent revisions to the mad-cap,money savings adventure gave Cawazy Tokka's Frame Emporium a nice coat of paint and some fresh clean code.

VoilĂ !!

Now Tokka's ready for your buisiness in and the Slap-stick-spikey Snapper is ready to save ya big time so you can go blow the stack of money ya saved on cheap bourbon and donuts !!

** CLICK HERE For The 'GRANDE RE-OPENING' of Cawazy Tokka's Frame Emporium **

Serving the Frame Snapping Community since 1999 !! Picture yourself at terrible2z and in one of Tokka's Frames..

..then picture yourself regurgitating your bacon n' bean-burrito lunch all over your gramma's wedding photos !! ..>v<

** ** **