Thursday, June 30, 2005 here for more..!!

"The Muddy Buddy® Ride & Run Series is a unique mud-inspired team event experience, which has brought a new dimension to the sport of adventure racing. The series creates a national integrated marketing communications plan in key cities throughout the year. Each one-of-a-kind event creates regional promotional opportunities where sponsors can reach thousands of individuals in each market.

In 1998, CM Sports created the concept of the Muddy Buddy® Ride & Run Series. The event series started with four events in 1999 and has continued to grow each year. In 2005, the series will expand to seven U.S. cities, two international countries including Australia and Canada.

The race consists of teams of two running and mountain biking through 10 kilometers of trails, challenging obstacles and the infamous Muddy Buddy® mud pit. Partners must start and finish the course together while encountering transition areas on the course where the team members make their way over, under and through challenging obstacles.


Mini Muddy Buddy® offers a chance for the little ones to get muddier than they ever have before! The race offers a short obstacle course before the kids enter the mud pit! The Mini Muddy Buddy® is free for kids, giving them a chance to come play in the mud with their friends, just like their parents in the race. Signups will be available onsite on race day. The Mini Muddy Buddy® is for kids 12 and under. All participants will receive their own Mini Muddy Buddy® T-shirt and custom finisher's medal!!"


June 12, 2005-San Jose, CA

June 26, 2005-Boston, MA

July 17, 2005-Richmond, VA

August 7, 2005-Austin, TX

August 21, 2005-Denver, CO

September 11, 2005-Chicago, IL

October 23, 2005-Los Angeles, CA


Wednesday, June 29, 2005

N1nJA ..

-->> ..Vanilla Ice frolliced in the frant franetice that was and now is the classicly campy "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II"..

..for obvious reasons..that movie's pretty special to me and you gotta give V.I. credit for his incredible independant streak..

--click here for a quick and intresting interview with the Ice Man !!

(Yes there is a ew version of 'Ninja Rap' ..!!) quick notes from Kali and N.Turtle of T-drome ..:

"First off it looks as though all the petitioning might have done some good as Cartoon Network finally returns the new TMNT show to the 5:00 PM timeslot on Miguzi starting July 4th."..

"Also, the TMNT will be making an appearence on Animal Planet in an episode featuring Comic Book creatures!!.. ( --click here for info ~tOkK)"

-- Looks like the upcoming conflict and TMNT toon story arc: 'Mutants and Monsters' has rstarted to raid the toy isle!!
Click here--to check the nifty new Mutant Copter on the official TMNT site..looks like the Turtles are gonna need all of Don's hi-powered gizmos to tackle Agent Bishop's nastiest !!


Monday, June 27, 2005


Heads up Leo Fans..Rick Remender returns..!!

..the pulp-pop artist pulls the pencils once again. Following up his work on last year's TALES of TMNT :'Worms of Madness' !!

..this issue is set to hit stands in August !!


Wednesday, June 22, 2005


I just wanted to thank everyone who donated...

Loolaa, Wes, Cynlee, Blue, Brendan Rogers, Leonardo Mystic, Kyabetsu, Gemma Canning, Heather Karm, Summer, Wikka Wikka, Xipe Totec, and everyone who offered their support and/or services. Even if you didn't donate, your well wishes and thoughts helped the morale around here. Thanks to your generosity, we've reached, surpassed and doubled our original goal... is here to stay!

Thank you!

P.S. Due to constant growth of this site, especially through our forums, we may need to purchase more web space at some point. The fact of the matter is, site maintenance does cost money, and we'd appreciate any help we can get. If you would like to contribrute at any time, you may click this button to offer your donation. Thanks!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

-->> !!

The past few days we've been having forum issues and banned members trying to hack in and cause trouble.

I'm crossing my fingers we didn't accidentally ban anyone that wasn't a hacker. If you think you may have been banned on accident..::

Please Email me right away !!

..hey.. i can see ya now !!

..past few weeks ..the TMNT toy drought has been lifting across the nation.
Slowly but surely !! Hang in there, kids.. if you haven't hit up the store and found the Robo-buntin' TMNTs and friends..give it a little bit more time !! I found all 4 Robo hunters..all i got was Don tho' & the very cool lookin' Feudal-Shredder early this morning !!


Thursday, June 16, 2005


..i'm speechless !! An incredible snappy SNAPPER thanks to all those who donated to the cause. !! Serious ..thanks.. that 90 bucks may have been a small chunk of change but things are hurtin' bad in the First-shell Piggy Bank n' Loan . To all those who couldn't donate..thanks for continued support as well. You can still donate --here !! Thanks again..i wish i could hug n' kiss ya all !! ..

(I'm not sure the total but if i am correct we've met the 90 $$ goal !! I'll call Mikey later and find out !!)

--..ah crap..not you guys 'AGAIN' !! Gaw..i gotta remember to rewind my Blockbuster tapes!!

This spot from Dierna..::

Everyone’s favorite anthropomorphic reptiles,
Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael and Donatello, return
to the funny books in Digital Webbing Presents #24.
While the Teenager Mutant Ninja Turtles are still
appearing in their own comic books from Mirage
Studios, namely TMNT and Tales of the TMNT, Kevin
Eastman and Peter Laird’s creations are making their
debut in Digital Webbing’s “Internet Collaborative”
anthology in the July issue of DWP.

“The story focuses on Raphael -- he's on his way to
deliver a mysterious package,” Ed Dukeshire, owner and
publisher of DWP explained. “Time is running out as
everyone is counting on him, but then he's ambushed
and outnumbered by Foot Soldiers.”

“Basically, I asked a buddy (Dan Berger) who worked at
Mirage Studios to hook me up. I've known Dan for close
to 10 years now. Dan used to write the syndicated TMNT
comic strip, so he's no stranger to the Turtles and
was my only choice to write this tale. He had some
ideas floating around, showed them to Peter for
approval and magic started happening. We wanted the
original Turtles and were fortunate enough that Peter
allowed it.

“My #1 choice for an artist was Andie Tong, who also
illustrated the Khenan feature in Digital Webbing
Presents #14. Andie is a huge TMNT fan and was very
excited to work on this story. I've known Andie for a
while now, and even worked with him on Masters of the
Universe. He's very professional, nails deadlines and
excellent to work with.

“Andie hooked me up with Darren Close to ink and
Jeremy Roberts to color/paint. The creative team
knocked this one out of the park -- you could tell
they were doing this for the love of the characters.”

“For me, it was a fun project that gave me a break
from my other gigs,” Tong added. “Further more, I can
now cross off another favorite 80s title on my list of
dream projects I'd like to work on. But hopefully, in
the future, I'll get an opportunity to pencil a
longer, more in depth storyline for these green
fighting machines. That would be grand."

The original black and white Eastman and Laird’s
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles first debuted in 1984 and
proved successful enough to inspire a Saturday morning
cartoon in 1987, a live-action feature film and its
two sequels, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The
Secret of the Ooze and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
III: Turtles in Time, many video games and most
recently, a new animated series and the short-lived
Dreamwave comic by Peter David and LeSean Thomas in

For the record, TMNT co-creator Peter Laird even
previously lettered and edited the Gutwallow: Fury of
the Furry mini-series, also published by Digital
Webbing Press.

According to Dukeshire, the publisher is celebrating
the fifth year of publishing the anthology this year.
“DWP has been around since December 2001… time flies!”

--the full article is here..

Digital Webbing Presents #24
should hit stands in July !!


Monday, June 13, 2005


Mikey's TMNT is a fun and crazy place ..doing our best to provide a cool and safe place for Ninja Turtle talk,fandom,artwork,multi-media, and fun from all walks o'life.
This in from the main man Mikey QM, tho' ::

"The bulk of the site is the forum database ..

The account is past due for renewal, as I don't have enough money in paypal to give my payment NOR have I been able to change my payment options from paypal to a debit card. It's a mess.

So, even though I don't want to, I'm going to start asking for donations.

If anyone is interested, you can donate to .." my personal experience..Mikey's TMNT has been a major source of community and friendship. Alot of the growth i've had..not just as a TMNT fan but as a person has been incredible & in some cases crucial for my survival. And on lighter notes it's just a fun alternative to sqwak,get TMNT news, and chit-chat with fellow creators,writers,artists and weirdos. A real grassroots website imperfect and goofy as it can get..we couldn't have continued without our friends.And even tOkKa here has to bite the bullet andthank you all so much..for this labour of love !!

You guy's help keep this place alive ..and i don't know how Mikey or me could have done it without your support.

Your donations help keep us goin' and are always appreciated..but we're kind of in a bind here. I know money is so crazy tight nowadays.. but even a dollar or two helps put us tword our $90 goal. We're lookin' to out pals to help us out (tOkK's gonna try to muster up some cash to 'shell' out as well).

Please consider donating ..and thanks from the bottom of our hearts !!


Wednesday, June 08, 2005

-->>..Boogah Boogah !!

..this cool bit in from my good pal : 'Nacho' !!

The people at dancing diablo studio, the ones who do the Color Styling, Background & Color Key for the new TMNT cartoon have answered some of my questions and now you can read the short interview in my spanish TMNT web site.

I have the spanish and english version.

(--click here for Naco's nice TMNT site !!)

-- The D.D. interview is here ::..- En EspaƱol and English here !!

-- Blast from the Past ..Peter Laird's Treasure vault of classic TMNT concepts and art.. is back..

an update with never before seen roughs for the ol' Leo and Usagi story :"The Crossing"..--click here !!

-- Mr.Berger's Offical TMNT site has a cool ring tone from 'Raka' :

"I had entirely too much time on my hands at lunch today, and after some wrong notes, had put this little ringtone into my Nokia cell phone:

4d#2 4d#2 4d#2 4d#2 8d#2 8c2 8a1 8a1 8c2 8a1 8g1 8a1 8d#2 8c2 8d#2 8d2 8d#2 8f2 4d#2 8d#2 8c2 8.a1 8.a2 8.a1 8.a2 8.a1 8d#2 8c2 8a1 8a1 8a1 8a#1 8c2 8a2 4d#2 4d#2 4d#2 4d#2 4f2 4f2 4f2 4f2 8a1 8a1 8c2 8d2 8d#2 8c2 8a2 4a2

Tempo needs to be set at 140 BPM. What is it, you ask? Why, it's the theme song to the current cartoon series. :) "

..amoung other need to KNOW TMNT shtuffs !!


Friday, June 03, 2005

..howz'a bout a nice Hawaiian ninja drop kick !?

-->>..Hungry ?? .. New TMNT Fruitsnacks are out now ..super charged n' super juicey with 100 % real fruit juice know what's at the top of tOkKa'z shoppin' list !! Available at grocers' all over the nation ..NOW ~!!

-- Still hungry ??Check out a new Kd's mean/TMNT promotion in France on Mr.B's offical site !!

-- This tip in from our good pal 'Slash' !!

My friend, Zetenna, sent me here: for the TMNT previews...WICKED!

--.. click here for the TMNT 3 Video game preview !!
..thanks, Slash !!