Sunday, October 30, 2005


-->> ..The tricks and treats are on the way. And if you have yet to carve a face on your favourite pumpkin..'Zombie Pumpkins' has more face carvin' ideas..ranging from all your fav' pop-culture heroes and villians like Mr.Incredible,Herman Munster,Shrek,Nemo,Rockettes and the punkiest pumpkins to make face of pre-pie squash.

What i'm trying to this place has some of the most wonderful Jack-o-lantern patterns i've ever seen !! Snoopy,Linus,Sally,Goulies & Ghosties alike can groove to these great pun'kins !!

There also happens to be a grinnin' Turtle Teen-stencil pokin' his glowin' beak !!

For a real small donation.. you can join Zombie Pumpkins and download n' print the cool pop-pals..**Starting here ..

***and the Turtle-O-Lantern stencil is printable here !!

It's worth it for hard core TMNT-Halloween fans for pumpkins on your fright night that are truly smashing !!

Happy hauntin' n' candy huntin' ..,tOkKie-toadies !! I really like your alligator snapper costumes !!


Thursday, October 27, 2005's tOkKa's Auntie Pearl in her mornin' facial mask !! We're doomed !!

Ghoul Hunters (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)#6
by by J-P Chanda, and awsome illustrations from the slick wrist of the wondeful Patrick Spaziante ..them's groovie ghosties,buster !!

"The Turtles are furious! A shrieking ghoul has been scaring people and robbing valuables from banks, stores, and museums -- and the mayor wants to cancel Halloween! No one messes with the Turtles' favorite holiday, so they decide to find out what's really going on. Can they get to the bottom of this mystery in time?"
*..the latest from the TMNT's Ready-to-read is at your favourite book stop right now !!

-- Mr.B's official TMNT comic previews are here for **TMNT #24 and **Tales.. #16]

--From my pal A.M. :
"Read the new interview with Gary Carlson, writer of
all 23 issues of the Image Comics' Volume 3 of
"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," here**

- Andrew"

-- ** Nice tips from Cjj and T-drome's forums A classic Turtle baddie : Savanti Romero ..finally gets the Plastic make over.. **check out his first ever toy here !!

Action-figure d0t com's entire TMNT Toy Fair photo-album is **here ..

..dino-pals,tricera-vehicles,new stretch powers and Splinter in a Flinstone Toga.. the TMNT's are pullin' out all the cave-man stops to kick Savanti in the Jurassic..( meh..ok..that was bad..i think my mornin' coffee was fossilized..)..

it' all relative..

..we'll have a grey ol time !!

..ok.. n.m.


Friday, October 21, 2005

..either the mousers are gettin' bigger.. or the Turtles are shrinking again ..

-->> ..Bigger Mousers,bigger Battles,Bigger Challenges,one of the biggest Shredder's the Turtles have ever faced,Bishop,four times the Turtle players, and "TURTLES IN TIME" ..TMNT 3 : Mutant Nightmare is nearin'..

..the past couple Turtle outings and games based on the newer Toon got trashed so bad by critics who refused to open their minds to a slightly more differant game play'd think TMNT 1 & 2 were worse than 'Super Hitler Bros.'..

-team Xbox gives yet another quick peek **starting here.. of the Turtle's worst dream ..and what may be an overall great game ..

..and whatcha know is gonna be one of many reviews that may go a billion differant ways.

TMNT 1 & 2 ..aren't bad games.. let's hope the third outing is even better !!
..guess we'll find out next month !!

- ** T-drome is back !!


Thursday, October 13, 2005

..who ya think taught Michelangelo to kick so low !?

-->> The bulk of updates come from the main man mister,Mr.B & his TMNT let's cet crackin' here,kids ..::

--The original TMNT toon ..season 3 info starts here ..(due out December 6) !!

-- Super Sexy and Mint on Card.. Karai .. (*startin' here ..)..
and every kids' dream (and contest winner).. the mishapen Minnetonka Mutant (**starts here!!)..!!

-- Two of the Turtle Teens are hittin' the road for some warm November hijinx at the Arizona State Fair with special character visits and fun.. (* Nov.14-16, check here for details ..)!!

-- 4Kids TV Frightmare month ..contests and info courtesy of Leonardo 15 (*article starts here ..big prizes n' fun ..checkit' out !!..)!!

--..a new newspaper ad campaign across the nation targeting 'READING & Literacy' features popular characters enjoying the local paper.. guess the TMNT enjoy the times just as much as any other Looney Toon !! Look for it in your local paper soon (*Click here for a sample of the ad !!)

-- **Click here for pix and info on the first (?!) of the TMNT Ornaments from Hallmark i provided Mr.B .. at most Hallmark stores and Hallmark license retailors (Mervyn's California,Walgreeens,Longs Drug, ect. ..)


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

..i never made stigging my tung out widout' biding !! AAAooww!!

-->> The toy gods are bein' a little kinder to tOkKie this month. Mystic fury Turtles are comin' out in droves and i managed to snag a Yoshi and Blanque ..tho' ..those were the only 2 i saw the day i hit a particular Wal-mart. No sign of Gen tho..and i dug into the Turtle pegs deep. Alas.. nada.. so the Rhino is still at large !!

But it's a little hopeful to see some really hard to find figs smackin' the sheleves locally (as well as the cool as h3ll M.Fury Turtles ..)!! Keep lookin', kid-ohs !!

-- Usagi Yojimbo and Stan Sakai head back to 'where it all began' Seattle for all the kids,teens,tweens, and kids at heart !! !! (-click here for more) !!

WHAT: Seattle Public LibraryTeen Read talk by the creator ofthe Usagi Yojimbo comics series

WHEN / WHERE: 4 p.m. Tuesday (Seattle,WA) at the Rainier Beach Branch,9125 Rainier Ave. S., and 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Central Library, 1000 Fourth Ave., Microsoft Auditorium, Level 1. Books will be available for purchase and signingat the Central Library event

-- Tales..Vol.2 #15 official preview (-click here !!)

-- Thanks to Leonardo 15 for ::.."
'TMNT return to Cartoon Network'

"..Unfortunely they are starting the series all over on Season 1 and it
will come on 6:00am in the morning.

Saturday, October 8, 2005 - "Things Change" - Time: 6:00 am

Sunday, October 9, 2005 - "A Better Mouse Trap" - Time: 6:00 am.."

--Info from and Leonardo 15 on TMNT vol.19 :Mutants and Monsters ..and we Bishop,The Entity,Idols,Demons,Monstros, and we have the Rat King !! (-click here for more !!)

.. be sure to drop a note to Mikey let him know how ta dig the fresh from the sewer look. (Now if we could do summin' about the smell..!!)