Wednesday, June 30, 2004

-->> ..o' you bast4rd..
while the Turtles take the center stage on the Ninja Action..Splinter,Foot Soldier, and Shredder are not gonna be outdone..
The Offical TMNT Web has previews and Quick-time movies(starting here) on how the up-and-coming..action Trio work.. !!'s not clear when these guys are gonna be released, but of coarse i'll let ya know when they are comin' down the Sewer Pipe (all poop jokes aside) !!

-- 'Coloralot Books'..founded by Mirage Studios vetrans ;Steve Lavigne and Ryan also the main license holder to alot of the TMNT Colour/activity books you find in the Crayon section of yir fave shoppes!!
Mr. B has uploaded the Diff' TMNT Colour Book Covers (starting here) as well as plenty of samble pages for ya to print out !! So Print,grab yir crayolas..all ya'lls lil' Ninjee Artists you ..start scribblin' !!

Monday, June 28, 2004

Since I finally figured out how to use my Creative recording software from SoundBlaster, I've created a few mp3s of music from the TMNT toon & Movie DVDs and a couple of dialogue clips as well.

The songs can be found here. They are as follows:

(From the TMNT 3 DVD)

(From the 2003 cartoon DVD "Meet Casey Jones")

Dialogue clips are here. They are as follows:


Sunday, June 27, 2004

-->>..hmph.. and Peter Laird said i'd never amount to nuthin' ..!!
The mysterious Dan K.. strikes again.. this time he hit tOkK with a blunt instrument and a message about the 'Photoshop Phriday' "Celebration of Turtles" continued from last week at Something Awful..

..a day late and a dollar short..but better late than never..
tOkK presents to you part 2 of S.A.s twisted & goonie (and fun as hell)..
'Celebration of Turtle Power'.. STARTING RIGHT HERE !!

Friday, June 25, 2004

-->> ..Nuh uh..
..the wonderful and wickit; Sanjuro Tsubaki has submitted
hi-quality,direct audio Mp3 tracks from TMNT movie 1.. not just the soundtrack..but really cool rips with the vocal audio from the actors..(like Judith Hoag doing April's report !!)
.. these tracks are highly recommended & are only available right here on Mikey's to Download to yir heart's content ::

Added to the Miscellaneous Music Library the tracks are::

-- Back to the Sewers
-- Opening Theme
-- Raphael's Anger Management
-- Raphael's Recovery
-- Silent Crime Wave
-- Splinter Speaks

..and you can find them all by clicking here !!

..thanks again.. SO MUCH , SANJ !!

--..oo mah back !!
..NOW HITTIN' n' jumpin' off the pegs :: Ninja Action TMNTs are in stores now !!
..and Ninja Turtle's cool pic archive of the new flippy figs..start here..,Thanks, Ninja Turtle !!

-- Mr. B's Official TMNT d0t com updates start here.. with comic strips and Bry Kat's pix (as reported earlier) of the TMNT ooze cans !! In the U.K. as well eesh!!

-->> SLIME TIME !!
This Thread .. T-drome reveals.. a lil' more about these 'OOZE CANS' leaking their radioactive way to stores near you..
(that is if your in Australia..and as i've found out.. CANADA !! .. look i'm slow.. sorry..)
..anyway.. still no U.S. sightings of the zlime..but still if your near the boarder ..make a northern run for it n' see what you can grab !!
Thanks go to Bry_Katz,Skabbz,JaffleMan for the blatant use of their photos !!

.. i am the devil..

Thursday, June 24, 2004

-->> !!
T-dromes TMNT gal sez::
..Playmates got back to me today on the Ooze cans. They're probably not available in the US, she told me she hasn't seen them either. you may be outta luck in the States if your wantin' to score some extra ooze and the real cool baby turtle that comes in the cans..(damm damm DAMM !!)
.. i'll keep checkin' on this.

-- !!
..Spaze Caze travels to Nevada .. the City that never sleeps & is larger than life..:: the newest 'Spaze Caze' (starting here) !!

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

-->> !!
..IGN takes another look at October's multi-playform release of TMNT 2 ..some older info.. and a few new qualms and concerns..(always gotta grip about summin'..
The article starts here ..!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

-->>..SIMMAH DOWN ,NOW!!.. THERE's nuff OOZE to go 'round !! ok!! Ever'one ..step right up this way!!
..cruzin' and peekin' in on T-drome..
..seems as tho' the Utroms over at Playmates have been droppin' lil OOZ Canisters all over Australia..each with a mini-mutatable baby turtle for the slimin'!!

.. i'd like to thank Skabbz & JaffleMan
for the tip off!!

Sunday, June 20, 2004

-->> ??

.. the 'Spaze Caze' comic has been up for awhile now..however i'd not announced it just cuz i wanted to make sure he was working as well as he could ..well i think now we're ready..

.."during one of the great wars of the 'tanks vs. the invaders' (Commencing scince 1978 A.D.) .. a lone ship drops off a solitary invader well beyond Roswell and from any governments'and medias' knowledge of such supposed conspiracies..the schizophrenic alien known only as the 'Spaze Caze' abandoned amoungst the inhabitants of earth to fend for himself at his own devices. If left behind for his own protection or for something far more insidious, nothing is clear...for even Spaze does not know his true origins. One thing is's very difficult to adjust to the planet known as Earth. Despite his disposition in his new home..Spaze Caze tries to adjust. As if it wasn't hard enough being a schizo in the galaxy.. inner space and outter space,is there room on Earth for the 'Spaze Caze' ?? Interstellar schizophrenia.. --"

.. the invasion starts here !!..

.. i will try to make a comic as often as i can. Due to time constraints and demand on the web,Mikey's TMNT, and Real life ..i will announce new comics on !!terrible2z and on Mikey's TMNT as new episodes are produced.. ENJOY !! any feedback is welcome !!

.. >v<

Saturday, June 19, 2004

-->>..yep,mawr.. yir lookin' perdier ever'day.. now comeheee..i'm gonna flogg you wit' mah thar hokey stick..dun gon' beat th' ugly outta ya!!
..Cool as kool-aid..
Dan K reports in on 'Somthing Awful' ..and the Photoshop Phriday..
..A Celebration of Turtles !! (starts here) ..chock full of fun pics.. and the the TMNTs irrelevant impact on the history of the world..
all i can say is..i'm laffin' so hard i gots me a nose bleed!!

.. thanks ,Dan!!

Friday, June 18, 2004

-->>..Reagan Lives !!..errrr wait..
The new NES Game Boy Advance SP is new and really hot !!
Bein' may wanna go vote in this NES Game Boy A Port survey (Starts here) !!
..why ?? Why would you care?? .. your a TMNT got yir fancy shamncy X box.. and you already got yir handy dandy GBA TMNT game..why you worried ??

Well are 2 reasons ::
TMNT 1 - NES ..


and TMNT 2: The Arcade Game !! (You can even vote for TMNT 3:The Manhattan Project and TMNT: Tournament Fighters if you go down to the drop down menu that says 'other' !!)

BOTH NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM Classics are up for vote on this survey and will determine future releases of thr Classic NES Series for GBA !!
As well as many other Classy and Classic NES games from the '80s and early '90s that showed who the boss really was on the video game block 'back in the day'..
And with the new GBA- NES classic series'll introduce a whole new genration to the best games of the best..that led to today's hard core bang-em-ups n' beat-em-ups !!

..take the quick survey and Vote TMNT and yir other faves..
..and check out ..The official Classic NES Series site (starting here) for a spit load of Retro fun!!
Tell 'em tOkKa sent ya !! wait.. don't tell 'em that.. i owe Goomba 50 bucks from like 11 months ago n' havn't paid him yet..n' well he's pretty angry with me.. so yeh.. don't talk to him while he's on that high !!

Thursday, June 17, 2004

-->>..beleive it er not..we actually used to sell pizzas this way.. 'yir pizza delivered in 30 seconds or less..or it's free' ..we had to stop after we decapitated a guy with an extra cheese and anchovies .. 8( ..
..aside from MINI Turtle figure updates and some new pix from the TMNT battle gear role-play assortment
..the official TMNT dot c0m's has Mr.B updating the TMNT toys page (starting here) with cool pix from the SEWER LID LAUNCHER box..
which means.. ya should be seein' the mightiest sewer lid spiiter hittin' stores within' the month !!


Tuesday, June 15, 2004

-->>..autobots..decepticons..oi.. we're all mixed up !! well as cool comics and synopses updates.. the TMNT have a serious conection to this year's Bot Con !!
..this in from TMNT dot com's official web guru Danny B. ::

BotCon 2004 featuring David Wise, who developed the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series, creating most of the characterizations and trademarks that made the Turtles a cultural phenomenon.

BotCon Productions presents BotCon 2004 June 19th and 20th at the Pasadena Conference Center in Pasadena, California. A two day mega event celebrating the 20th anniversary of The Transformers, the highly successful transforming robot toy line featured in film, cartoon and comics. The event will include a dealer room, games and contests, panels and autograph sessions with the writers and voices behind the characters, art contest, exclusive merchandise and much more.

Come be a part of the Original Transformers Convention as we celebrate both the past and present success of The Transformers. Meet our guests who have also spent time working on other great series such as G I Joe, Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, Star Wars, Winnie the Pooh, Superfriends, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and many more. A spectacular time for kids of all ages.

Admission at the door for children under 10 is $5.00. Admission for ages 10 and up is $14.99. Weekend passes available at a discounted rate. Saturday's show runs from 9 AM - 5 PM and Sunday from 9 AM - 6 PM.

For further information please contact us at or visit our website at

Two Years... and 100 strips later...

When I started Dribble for Kids, or D4K for short, I never expected us to surpass comic number 50, let alone reach 100. I guess I didn't see my art being that good to continue, but, I had fun doing it. And with that fun, and thanks to the suggestion of my best friend Nate, (known to some of you D4K-readers as Kidsplinter...) I took some free-time and drew a comic, which soon evolved (and when I mean soon, I mean as in, very slowly...) into the basic three or "basic trio" of characters as you know them today. Nick, the loveable manchild (is there any better way to really discribe him?), Nate, the straight guy to Nick's antics, and the woman of the trio, Ashley. If you asked me back then, in the first ten strips or so, my "claim to fame" for D4K was the Road Rage joke, and the fact that the only big storyline is Nick likes Ashley. Soon, more as gags and comments on my friend, Drew's message boards and website, Drew was then added into the mix, adding a sarcastic brand of humor, that really snowballed what D4K soon became. The final "straw that broke the camel's back" in terms of the evolution of D4K, was a character I created in 6th or 7th grade, named Charlie the Dog. A rip of Mother Goose & Grimm's "Grimmy", Charlie was a character I debated adding in, but... I tried it out. And from there... the comic began to take form.

No longer was Nick just the loveable manchild. He was actually a pretty smart guy when he applied himself. Nate wasn't just the straight man anymore. His cynical views became very obvious, and despite being more of a pessimistic person, he was a very good and loyal friend. Ashley still hovered back and forth, trying to qualm whatever beef Nate had with Nick over lord knows what. Drew for some reason couldn't take the sweater off, Nate found he had a brother, Jimmy, who he tries to get fired but only gives himself the pink slip in the process, and I could go on and on. Dribble For Kids has grown tremendously, so much, that there are characters I didn't even mention that have played huge parts. So where does that leave us today? Two Years... and 100 Comic Strips Later... and yet...

Here we are.

While I know the 100th comic isn't really a comic per se, I loved the image too much to discard it as a voting image. And it really shows the direct progress of D4K over the last two years and 100 strips. I've had this under my belt for WAY too long(two months or so?), and yet, I'm still giddy about this image. When I drew it, I realized that while drawing Penny, Jimmy, and anyone else is.... nice I suppose, I also knew that, the characters that had shaped D4K during this process upto comic 100 was really the five principle characters, Nick, Nate, Drew, Ashley & Charlie.

And so... with the 100th comic strip, comes a bit of odd news. Usually when you hit a milestone (again, this depends on what you may yourself, refer, to as a milestone) you keep going. Me on the other hand, as I have mentioned before, I am taking a sebactical from Dribble For Kids for a few weeks or so. While really I am not completely taking time off, (I am actually using the time to get 3 pages ahead of everything, that way I am a page or so ahead every week) I will be posting some cool voting image stuff, that way you can really scope out SOMETHING for visiting the site. Which leads me to the new voting image! From the vaults of D4K, I thought I'd throw out a groovy image I did for Matt & Justin over at or, Reasons Why We Rule for those who don't know the title. ;-) If you check out the website and it's design, you might "get" the first panel's joke or so. But I digress. Check it out by voting at!!

But wait, what about the Prolouge Pages 1 and 3? Well, have no fret. You can see the the 3 pages via the links below, which will be up for a bit until page 1 of issue 3 begins, as it leads up to The Lord of the Sweaters!

I mentioned on the update for comic 99, I would do a contest, well, I decided that here on out, every paycheck I get, 25 bucks is going to a "contest" fund, which will procure DVDs, posters and other cool stuff, some D4K swag, others cool cartoon shows like Futurama, Simpsons, or Samauri Jack, etc, just so I can give them away!! Trust me, the grande prize pack will kick so much ass, you'll even be surprised. But no frets to the runner ups cos the prize packs for you guys will rock too!! ;-)

With everything that had to be said, said... I now leave you all with some parting words till 3 weeks or so. To my un-official writing staff who, while help me shape the comic strip, yet are never really in the same room together, Nate, Jimmy, and to Drew, Ashley and anyone else... thanks for being my muses and being good and dear friends, and supporting the comic, same goes to my mom and dad who also, while at times not verbally admit they read the comic, continue to let me use their pc and garble it's memory up with my comic strips. For Mikey, putting up with my comic when it at times and for a long period didn't have ANYTHING to do with the TMNT yet, he still let me host the updates on your site.... To all you reading this right now... I thank you as well. I wouldn't be anywhere without anyone reading it, supporting it, (even hating it) and commenting on it.

And last but not least... A big thank you to Nick, Nate, Ashley, Drew, Charlie and the rest of the D4K gang... thanks for being interesting enough in my mind to keep this comic going!! Until issue 3 and the Lord of the Sweaters gets a'goin....... ENJOY!

The Lord of the Sweaters Prolouge Pages 1 - 2 - 3 - Comic Strip 99 - Comic Strip 100

Monday, June 14, 2004 spin me right 'round,baby right a ninja,baby..
TMNT Mini-DVDs eps are headin' to Targets and 7-11 stores all around..
.. so sez TV Shows on DVD..!!

June 15 sees the release of 3" Mini-DVD Singles that are priced at $3.99 each, and are going to be sold at Target and 7-11 chain stores among others, according to a recent print issue of Video Business magazine. Funimation will release a first wave of 4 singles, each carrying an episode from one of the following: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003), Sonic X, DragonBall GT, or Yu-Gi-Oh! A second wave of four releases is reported to be coming next quarter, in the Fall.

None of the content will be unique: the pictured disc up there shows that the episode included is "Tales of Leo," an episode that can already be found on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Volume 6: Shredder Strikes Back. The other discs are similar, so if you already own the full-size edition, don't knock yourself out trying to track these down.

.. but still it's a neat little collectable if ya wanna shell near 4 bucks for the silly disc..
..but yeh.. odds are if you already have the big TMNT volumes.. don't sweat about it.. and if ya do sweat.. i recommend a 'Brain Freeze' from those ever so tastey 7-11 Slurpees !!

Friday, June 11, 2004

-->> ..add us to yir trolley !!
..followin' our forum's own ..Jarrah White and his lead:: is some more info on the U.K. release of NT: Next Mutation on DVD::
checkit here at Woolworth's !!
..way ta go ,Jarrah !!

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Being that I'm doing something on Drunk Duck with a contest in a way, it's made me realize I should do a contest now. So I'm gonna spend an extra wad of cash, and create the Dribble For Kids Prize Pack. Now, I'm not sure when I plan to... "unleash the contest" and list the prizes off, but when I do, it will be cool. I'll throw some DVDs of some cartoons in there, and some rad D4K stuff. With that said...

For those confused... about what he was dreaming about... go ahead, and click on "VOTE", with the BuzzComix logo on it, and you will see page 3 of 3 of the "Prolouge Pages". IF you'd like to see Prolouge Page 2 of 3, go ahead and go back to the archives and click on comic 88. Page 1 is lost forever to you out there, but no fret. I will restore the image online when comic strip 100 comes up, so you can get the full effects of the pages.

Now, onto the comic. As you can tell, this leaves us all with an interesting twist in the overall relationship between Nick & Penny. If you'd like to really to guess how they ended up having... um... you know, look closely. I gave you one... simple hint. It's not... very.. upfront or straight forward, but... the last few strips may help further add to the hint of how it happened. Till next week....


Tuesday, June 08, 2004

-->>..i'd like to  thank  Mr.Washington,Mr.Lincoln,Mr.Jefferson..and all the Pesos and economies around the world who made this wonderful award possible and me n' my turtle brothers..the richest Ninjas in all the Sewers !!
..N.T.N. reports::

..the TMNT are up for 3 L.I.M.A. awards..being held in New York City from June 8-10 ..

This is an award showcase of the lateset and greatest licensees thru' all the industries!! stated at 'Toon Zone'.. ::

"The Teenage Mutant Ninja Trutles are nominated for three 2004 LIMA awards: Overall Best License of the Year, Best Character Brand License of the Year and Best Character Brand Licensee of the Year- Hard Goods for Playmates Toys' action figures. The series is now in its second season on 4Kids Entertainment's Fox Box. Additionally, Cartoon Network is airing the show weekdays during the afternoon block Miguzi. About 75% of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles licensees plan to launch their first products in 2004. Playmates, whose initial line became one of the top selling action figure brands in the U.S. in 2003, is now rolling out new toys for 2004. Upper Deck recently launched the TMNT trading card game. Konami, whose TMNT video game sucessfully launched in 2003, has set October 2004 for the release of Game 2."

..don't lookit me..i just report 'em.. but it sure looks like the TMNTs are just getting stronger and stronger..just shows they are a staple to kids ..young and old and fans everywhere!!


Monday, June 07, 2004

-->> ..and for my next trick, you'll watch this smile disappear as i scratch my arse with this claw!!

..i spaced this one bad... but o' well better way late than never at all..
..the art for TMNT vol. 11 'The Ultimate Ninja' (due August 17th)
.. volume 10 should be out very very soon !! ..
I'm already scannin' the Vids section at the stores.. stay tooned!!

Friday, June 04, 2004

-->> These pix in from Vaughn M.
..Buggy Baxter n' Bunny Usagi are gettin' into hi-gear for thier big plastic peg preview.. and here are the final paints,pals (Thanks,Vaughn)!! ::

..with this stance  ..we'll pick up the 'Food Newtwork' and 'Playboy' ..(mmm ..bunnies..!!) ..

..bah.. with all my technilogical pinchers,bombs and anteni ..I ..the 'Mighty' ,Baxter Stockman can pick up any channel in the world Bwahahaa!! (..i just can't pick up a date.. ~~**sob) .. ..

.. ~~** faints..

Thursday, June 03, 2004

-->> Welcome to planet 'Q' space hoppers.. might i recommend the KAWAZY ENERGY??

..Yep.. it's totally true!!
..Quisp the crazy alien from planet "Q" welcomes the 'Space Hoppin' turtles!!
.. the New Waves have landed !!
"Sunrise... Sunset, Sunrise, Sunset. Swiftly, fly the years...
One Season Following Another, Laden With Happiness And Tears.."

That statement means a lot to me right now, so much that, despite my dislike for Fiddler on the Roof, the song's statement rings true almost, too very much to NOT name the comic the title of the song of the same name.

As this being 1 more comic comic 100, plus a bonus page, as in Prolouge Page Number 3, When it came time to write the last few comics, This one was always in my mind. In a way, it is the epitome of my growth as an artist and as a guy who does the comic strip. And it's more for that for the characters. In 2 years, close to 100 strips, we've-

Well, I'm getting a head of myself. That's the Comic Strip 100 speech.

Anyway, I fought heavily for this to be comic strip 99, but with the storyline and what not... it was not to be. So... Comic 98 will always have a place in my heart. Last week's comic was cool to me in an artistic way, and this one is no exception....

With that said, I leave you all until next week. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

-->> space no one can read yir 'alt tags' fact most of them look like this '...' ..
..several reports confirming that the standard versions of the Space Hoppin' TMNTS are hitting Targets and pegs in store toy-isles across the stratosphere and across the nation. So be on the look out fer the 'little green men' in the ninja bandanas !!