Sunday, December 29, 2002

-->>"Ultimate Ninja Turtle Site" ?? HA!! ..I have'nt seen such a mockery of the green teen terrapins
scince the pre-collapse of the Komodo Empire in "TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES" volume 3..
#4 and 3/4ths.. ATTACK OF THE CLONES!!"

.. Worst Fan Site,EVER!!

Not Actual cover.. the real cover will be fatter,greesier,have 2 geeks,and more boobies fate would allow .. the upcoming issue of 'ToyFARE' #67 (srp.$4.99) will feature a..
'Special Price Guide Spotlight' and focus on the Classic TMNT series of toys..

..this issue is ToyFare's 'Best Toys of 2002' issue and will have a special alternate cover
featuring the toysfrom the upcoming film 'DAREDEVIL' starring

Ben Aflac!!

Yeah,kids!! Recreate the scene with your toys where i harrowingly save a blind man from his doom by bumpin' him outta the way of an out of control TCRI truck,go blind myself,and knock a kid's bowl of pet turtles into a sewer drain..Hey,WAAAIT.. i'm not 'Matt Murdock!!

WAIT..N0t 'BEN AFLAC' !! .. ya know.. the Other 'Ben'!!

Damm..i hate my 'REAL' Job.. .. ..AFLAC!!
AFLAC!! .. >v<

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