Saturday, September 14, 2002

What'z inside the F0x Box..??
..gee,everbuddy..t0Kk does not ever seem to sleep ..but my loss is a gain the Fox Box LAUNCH is today & it ain' that bad!!
I Really hope by the time the new Turte's Show plops back on the air'll have enuf support n' fan base fer F0X to keep up TMNT for another 10 seasons!! w0w..can you imagine!! That'd be S0000ooo sweet!! But reality will kick in February..p00p i wish it was next year n0w!! As fer Now..'ULTRAMAN' is BACK.."Kirby" gives us Lolo & LALA as a suprise to t0Kk ..n' 'Muscle' is t00 funny.. i like the F0x Box.. i'm just still s0 very sad to say.. "WHERE THE H3ll ARE ALL THE F0xes!?" ..>v<

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