Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Tuesday's Strip is now available. If you wanna join the mailing list, the way to join as of right now is to e-mail me at nick@dribbleforkids.com and give me a buzz.

If you join the list, hopefully by December 1rst, every update I make to the site, you'll get a letter chock full of creamy and pure dribble-ish goodness, such as special treats only for those on the mailing list, like comic strips, links of the week and behind the scenes poop on some of that stuff, then the mailing list is definately something you may wish to join. The addy again is nick@dribbleforkids.com. If you do join, please remember that this thing won't be up and going till the beginning of next month hopefully, so... ;-)

In other news... I'm not exactly sure what happened or is going to happen if it hasn't already, but go drop Tokka a line and tell him how much you love Tokka's KriB. Seriously. The guy mentioned taking it down for some reason. Come on, Tokka, don't take it down! we love yah, buddy!

Also, the fan-art section is way out there! Major props to Boxcutter and of course, Mikey for his fabulous fan-art, and anyone else I may of not seen their name attached to!

Okay, so a quick recap.

Save Tokka's KriB
Fan Art Page
Tuesday's Strip

Awesome. Go forth into the world, young ninja padwans and fulfill your quest!


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